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  1. Andy - Just seen a poster about a public consulation. Do you know anything about this?
  2. The only route change is the 1a uses Worrall Road towards High Green whereas the 75 used to use School Road.
  3. This petition is to the council. Surely it should be to TSY, SBP or SYPTE?
  4. (Wadsley Bridge WMC Bonfire) Brilliant last year. Does anyone know the date and time it is this time? Thanks.
  5. [/color]Incidentally TM Travel have launched some brand new buses on route 6 Millhouses-Hallamshire Hospital-City-Darnall today. This morning the 85 was operating on the buses that First advertised as not to operate after 31st Oct.
  6. According to the TSY website, service 76 will replace 47/48 between Shiregreen and Sheffield, the 1a and 56 will replace 47/48 between Sheffield and Herdings.
  7. The 20a will no longer operate. I do agree that the logic behind these changes is ridiculous: Between Hillsborough and Ecclesfield, the 97/98 will be replaced by current service 20, and vice versa. Probably just promoting this 'joined up service' thing they are obsessed with
  8. http://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/futurechanges/ You can download your booklet here.
  9. They said they would stop printing them a while back -along with closing smaller information centres.
  10. This year SBP have done quite well with advertising the changes - information had been available on their site for quite a while, signs had been going up at every bus stop. They have also delivered leaflets to every house - the only thing they haven't done too well is signs on buses. All they say is 'We're joining up your bus network from 1st November' or something like that.
  11. From the end of October there will be two buses running between Foxhill and Hillsborough interchange. These will be the 35, running hourly from Meadowhall, and 33, replacing service M92, running hourly from Ecclesfield Village. Services 36 and 37 will be removed, as well as 85. Other buses operating to Owlerton stadium are 78 and 79. Download the north Sheffield map at travelsouthyorkshire.com/sbp.
  12. Is there any place for a 14 year old to get a Saturday job apart from a paper round? Thanks
  13. I am deliviring the star gazette. Does anybody know where i can find the route? Route number is 0038. Thanks
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