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  1. Husky type on Margetson crescent about 5 o’clock this afternoon.
  2. I’ve just been listening to him.RIP
  3. The lockdown has some wonderful side effects, for me anyway. While members of the family were watching endless reality tv none sense. I put my headphones on and sat like a sulky teenager listening to my favourite sublime rock.Music I listened to as a teenage brought back memories of rebellion, and music I had heard but, not listened to as an older woman.Here goes Canned Heat Creedence Clearwater Revival Emerson Lake and Palmer King Crimson Pink Floyd Cream Deep Purple Led Zeppelin Incubus Faith No More Tool Oasis Verve the Cure the Cult Rush Mike Oldfield Genesis Arctic Monkeys Metallica Korn Reverend and the Makers Royal Blood Black Sabbath Pantera ACDC Stranglers Sex Pistols Journey Eagles Fleetwood Mac Lynryd Skynryd Boston Paul Weller Peter Green Dire Straits Slipknot Phew
  4. I saw a male Staffie running loose on Buchanan Road near Derbyshires about lunchtime .It was mostly black with small white patches.I thought at first he was with someone but sadly no.
  5. I remember a large toy shop in Fitzalan Square.This was in the 1960’s and it was near the Marples. What was it called?
  6. I’m not sure how to post them to here.PM me if you know how.
  7. I think it was still a cornfield in 1976 or at the very least not built upon.
  8. My female dog is aggressive.Shes lovely with close family but she’s very unpredictable.Can anyone recommend a dog trainer or similar who isn’t expensive?
  9. Hi Nellsie My mum worked at Taylor’s Eye Witness for years, so did my aunt and sister. She passed away last month and I have some photos somewhere. I’ll find them out.
  10. I have never had an unspayed bitch before so I’m unsure what is natural.Do they resume spotting after apparently having stopped? She’s 10 months and it’s her first season.
  11. It's the length of the process I was curious about.Is it weeks, months...
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