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  1. Personally I really can't see how 10 minutes on a train is going to make the slightest bit of difference to those of us that have to do the London commute, and I'm sure the prices won't come down!
  2. Hi Does anyone know if HS2 will affect Swinston Hill? It's an area that we're looking at to potentially move and there seems to be quite a few going up for sale. I just wondered if it was beceause of this. Thanks in advance.
  3. I used a UK based VA for a little while but it just didn't work out. I spent more time explaining and correcting than it was worth. She was a highly rated VA so perhaps it depends on what kind of work you're wanting to hand over.
  4. I always add a tablespoon of tomato puree or a dash of passata
  5. Yorkshire Fettle - https://www.shepherdspurse.co.uk/our-cheeses/soft-white/yorkshire-fettle.html
  6. I work in the sector. I don't know one CEO that sets their own salary. The board of trustees set these salaries together with the senior management teams. So what would you prefer - a CEO on £30k that generates £90k income through fundraising or one on £147k that generates £2.1m per year for good causes? Certainly at my place we get paid on results otherwise it's redundancies or salary cuts
  7. Hi Any recommendations for a lazy lunch with the girls on Friday? Looking for nice food, preferably a fizz offer and a relaxed venue.
  8. Hmmmm Maybe you should look at your own 'user experience'. If effectively you're asking people to work on your behalf, go and eat out, submit a report by noon the next day, follow up if need be and get paid 3-4 weeks later it's not a great experience for the 'worker' is it???
  9. Yep free luggage from Thomas Cook I've been to Cuba many times so I'm aware of the sensitivities
  10. I'm off to Cuba soon. It's a third world country and it's people are still on rations. I'm planning to go and buy stuff to take to a school (crayons, toys etc) as well as make up (women have to wear it for work despite not bring able to buy it). Can anyone recommend where I can buy this stuff in bulk to take over with me?
  11. I found I had variable results using dried yeast so switched to fresh around 2 years ago - have never had a problem since. I also use a stand mixer with dough hook, i just don't have the strength to kneed for the length of time it needs to give a good result.
  12. Does anyone know if its up for sale? I visited with a view to possible purchase a little while ago as it's got the potential to be a little gold mine if you get the offer right.
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