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  1. Ive got a dvd rw disc and i want to get tne content off it. My laptop is indesposed at the moment so all ive got is a wi fi blu ray player and a samsung galaxy android tablet. Is there any leads or chesp software i can use to copy from the disc? Thanks in advance
  2. For the last few nights ,cars have been speeding around the streets at night to go into the asda car park at parson cross.. They are modified cars and they make a tremendous racket. The cars always seem to come from the same direction of yew lane. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or even killed crossing the road. As these are travelling at a fair speed They then go into the asda and and race to park in the top corner. I don't know if the Management are aware of this? If not i will be making them aware. Surely the car park has cctv? It needs speed humps like Morrisons at Hillsboro.
  3. All it needs is the taxi and bus boss's to get together and tell the council no we're not agreeing to it. 18 mths notice is a joke to be fair . A new electric bus isnt cheap. A few days strikes on Bus ,taxis and hgv deliveries will bring the city centre to its knees. This isnt London and yet they want to charge London congestion prices. And most phv and taxi ,buses etc are low polluting diesels anyway
  4. Every driver might end up scrapping their current diesel hackney carriage and switch over to private hire.
  5. The police reacted correctly imo. Also a couple of slaps to the trouble causers wouldnt go amiss either.
  6. When you agree to subcontract for a firm. It can be any firm any job. You agree to be bound by their terms and conditions. It can be not working for a rival company as one of them. Common sense really. Now if lets say a driver only works for city mon to fri. Then uber sat and sun then thats a different and more complicated story. I dont know how that would work?
  7. Im all for it. I bet at least 50% of commuting parents live within a 1.5 mile radius of school. WALK!
  8. Pulling out on yew lane is dangerous. Grass is obscuring a clear view
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