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  1. Thriving city centreπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Its the council whats killed it.
  2. My Girlfriend cant access her yahoo email account. A .co.uk address She just got a new phone because her old one screen has gone yellow and blank . It was smashed anyway. She put old sim into new phone. Tried to login to y mail, password fine etc. Then it req 2 digits from phone number to sign in. It was her old number from yrs ago. She never updated it.We eventually found that number but without access to that number we cant sign in. Then i found out she has no recovery method set up. We have tried yahoo chat assistant but no help. Rung tech support but as we are outside the U.S. dont have access to details. Tried a few support numbers but arnt recognised. Can anyone on here help please??. Thanks
  3. I know a few what use the term "half cast" myself included occasionaly. If a person is black then i use the term black, not coloured!
  4. 19 and 20 are downstairs to the right. Both are small screens and screen 20 has the door at the side of the s reen on the same wall
  5. Thank you Mr Tony Blair for open border policy. These Eastern european are the root of what is wrong with fir vale and page hall. Fat, lazy and live like slobs. Thought it was "When in Rome....." not when in roma...
  6. Saw a deer on middlewood rd this morning next to the railings opp them few shops. It was trying to get into the park. Had to look twice when i drove past , but yep it was a deer
  7. I played on kettlebridge in the mid 1970s as a youngster. Also used to sit on the bridge on the corner of ribston rd and watch the trains go by. In them days you could walk over the bridge from darnall and halfway along turn left and go down a ramp towards the train sheds if k remember correctly?? Spent many an hr down there under the bridge playing
  8. You need to ring sheffield council parking services to complain then they will come out in their little white van and dish out parking fines
  9. Thanks peeps But i need the drip tray opening and oil cleaning off the sub frame and underneath
  10. Is there anyone that does car steam cleaning. Not too fussed about the engine but the underbody and sub frame need cleaning. Couple places i ve used in the past are now closed. Any help appreciated? Thanks
  11. I know todays catch at wadsley bridge charge 4 quid plus for fish. Large chips is Β£3 a bag but its enough for 3 or 4 people
  12. Yes, kids need a bloody good hiding at times
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