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  1. On the road from owler bar to Holmesfield just after five ways pub there is a place to park with a view over Sheffield.
  2. Try garden equipment services or Dibco at Shalesmoor.
  3. Sorry for late reply no It's talk talk for my sin's.
  4. Yep pretty good internet speed as I'm on fibre broadband and the router is right next to the TV.Not impressed won't be renewing with Now.
  5. Just started giving Now a go, signed up for the sky package to watch the footy and all I get is four balls going round and around buffering does anyone have the same.
  6. Hi Sheffield dog rescue are appealing for old towels and blankets.
  7. Hi I use an Olympus 4/3rds system and love it, you can use mainly their own lenses or Panasonic.As Euclid said go in Harrison's their advice is good and if its second hand it comes with 12mths warranty.
  8. The details that they got anyone could have got of the internet no compromising information was hacked.Since then companies like Facebook and some banks have been hacked, I'd me more worried if I used these than talk talk.
  9. In your account on the billing page there is a tab which I think say's my upgrades, if you go into that I'm sure there is another tab that says renew contract.If you click on that and it says that you can renew then you are out of contract.The only problem is if you are still in contract it doesn't tell you how long you have left.
  10. If you are not quite sure what type of camera you want go into Harrison cameras they have new and 2nd hand.They will offer you help and advice, but it is also what feels comfortable to hold and what looks good to you.They can probably tell you about what clubs and groups are in the area.
  11. Some good deals on used Sony's in Harrison cameras at the mo.
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