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  1. They are still dealing with this situation. At first they we’re going to have it sorted in a day.
  2. Hello, did anyone hear the loud music and shouting this morning. I heard it at about 1am until about 4am .It seemed to be coming from Holmhirst road area. Sounded like they were having a party.
  3. Hello does anyone know if there is a Meteor shower tonight?
  4. Greenwood’s DIY Abbeylane reasonably priced repairs
  5. Does anyone know why the Norfolk arms at the bottom of Dixon lane it was a nice pub always people in.It is boarded up now.
  6. Driving back from Meadowhall there is a bump in the road just before the railway bridge at Darnal. It as been there along time now.It can pass as a speed bump.Anymore on unusual bumps on the roads
  7. Anybody knows why Meadowhead is blocked of with the Police?
  8. Please can anyone tell me the name of the aquatic shop on nunnery drive.I need some black sealant for garden pond or any other shop to go for it thanks.
  9. You can get a suit from tesco.They look good only about £30.
  10. The gym staff have all been told today they are loosing their jobs.It will open as a new gym and the new owners don't want to keep any staff on. It will close at the end of June.An email or a letter will be sent out soon.
  11. Is there anywhere in or around Sheffield for quad biking.
  12. Is there a fairground at cliffe park Dronfield ????? ta
  13. Hello, whats the latest regarding the GF selection,ie chip shops best supermarkets in sheffield and eating out.
  14. We are thinking of getting an L,P,G car.As any one got any knowledge on where to get this fuel from in or around Wooodseats.Also how long does the L,P,G system last before it needs replacing.
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