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  1. Headlines of the Sheffield Star today is Sheffield council £47.7 million pounds of cuts. I just can’t see it being possible cutting any more funds from care packages amongst other things that will probably effect everyone.
  2. I was talking to my neighbour today. And she mentioned why don’t people grit their path outside their house. It will make it a lot easier for everyone. There are grit bins everywhere for the posties and elderly people with prams everyone will be very grateful.
  3. Hello, anyone out there from Gleadless valley. Who lived on the estate or went to Hemsworth school 1979-1984or Gleadless valley 1984-1989?. I used to live on Ironside road then moved onto Gaunt road. Now liv at Woodseats. Just wondering what people are upto I’m not on Facebook.
  4. The Star says a deadly smog is to return. Meersbrook been the worst on Valley road. Due to energy prices rising and people burning any rubbish on there fires they can find. Not good for Asthma sufferers. Obviously people need to keep warm and they can’t afford the heating. What else can they do?. Go to Library or Museum to keep warm.
  5. That will be good to see our local authority matching the BBC £8 million pounds. We supposed to have got no money where will it come from?.
  6. It’s been announced Sheffield is in the final few for Eurovision shortlist. There’s a lot of work to do on this. We can offer shipping containers and empty shops. What else is Sheffield got to offer?.
  7. If you want some real McCoy made in Sheffield. Better off going on eBay and buying old Sheffield cutlery.
  8. Could we have some in Woodseats please. It needs brightening up.
  9. Hello Steve, I was in your brothers class your Paul. 1984-1989.How’s he doing?.
  10. It is in the Star Brit box was going to release this film. It looks like it is not going to be shown now.I don’t know why. We had to watch it in Hummanities at Gleadless valley school in 1988. Its about 40yrs since it’s release and got 4 BAFTAs . Anyone else remember this film?.
  11. Yeah it was 10 years ago now. I don’t know the prices now. We go to Mr and Mrs codd on a Monday or Tuesday at Greenhill for Gluten free.👍
  12. Could we have some Snowy pictures of Sheffield today thanks.
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