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  1. I see what you did there! Maybe it's the end of the line? Anyone else getting mixed signals about the future of this project? Has the project run out of steam?
  2. He's now been suspended by the Labour Party. Anyone care to guess the date of The By-election?
  3. That website for those crime figures is a load of rubbish! A quick search on a official crime statistics site shows there were 23 bike thefts in the city centre just in July this year! https://www.police.uk/south-yorkshire/KD/crime/bicycle-theft/
  4. Just had some repairs done to a leaking toilet that also wouldn't flush. Sam from Dearne Plumbing & Bathrooms was able to call on his way home (same day I called him) from another job. Reasonable prices and good work so I would recommend him if your looking for someone to sort out any plumbing problems.
  5. How brazen are these criminals to ram raid somewhere in the city centre? For all they know there might have been a cop car just turning round the corner!
  6. I'm guessing these icons are website links that you've saved to desktop? If so mine does that from time to time. I think it may have something to do with either clearing your internet history from the device or the webpage itself changing from when it was last saved. Mine normally go back to the correct icon after I've visited the website it relates to.
  7. If you are seeing small pools of liquid under your car when the air on is on that is nothing to worry about. What that is it just condensation build up being expelled from the refrigerator unit and it is designed to do that. The stuff that makes aircon work is actually a gas so if that leaks it won't leave any trace.
  8. Watch this clip and see if it works for you. It worked for me when one of my work phones had the same issue.
  9. If it's a type of dance music you can hear it will be from the small rave that is taking place on the grassed area of Rippon Street at Attercliffe. There is usually one most weekend evenings throughout the summer at various locations around Attercliffe. They do tend to finish around lunchtime on a Sunday. Because it's situated at one of the lowest parts of the city, the sound does travel far and wide around the area. They have been taking place there for a number of years now.
  10. Can you describe what you saw in more detail please?
  11. Another poor soul failed by the shockingly inadequate mental health care system that we have. Admitted to hospital on the 28/03 then someone deemed him fit to be released on the morning of the 29/03, then later that afternoon he jumps of the bridge. Will the person or persons who agreed it was ok for him to be released face any consequences? I doubt it very much! R.I.P.
  12. Well I've had my FTTC broadband for a year now via Sky and I'm very pleased about it. No problems at all so far. It would be great to get FTTP broadband to my house but I imagine this is going to be quite a few years in the future. Good luck with your connection Goooooogle!
  13. What is it with Yorkshire Water and their obsession with digging up newly resurfaced roads? Yesterday they had a team digging up the stretch from Brook Hill roundabout up the the Children's Hospital. This was only resurfaced 2 weeks ago!! I've seen this happen a lot round Sheffield and it is always Yorkshire Water ruining the new road surface. The repair is nearly always substandard so in a few years time it will turn into a pothole! Anyone else noticed this or is it just me?
  14. Excellent work! Now what about the 3 massage parlours (yeah right!) on Worksop Road - all of which are within a short stones throw of the Oasis Academy school.
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