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  1. I liked Wok2Work too, and I've been in there a few times since it became Wagon Rasoi, an Indian street food place. The food is great, and the helpings are really generous - I'd recommend it to anyone who likes curry. As with the previous Wagon 1871 place and Wok2Work it never seems to be very busy in there, though: on one occasion I was their only customer when I first got there! Unfortunately I think in that kind of location it can be rather difficult to run a cafe or restaurant and really make a success of it unless you put a lot of effort into marketing it and it has a unique selling point. It's not slap bang in the city centre, and there are plenty of other places in town in more convenient and more prominent locations that offer something similar. It's a great place to go before or after seeing a film at the Showroom if you fancy a change from the Showroom cafe-bar or if the Showroom cafe-bar is too busy. I fear that this one could turn out to be yet another short-lived use-it-or-lose-it place, though.
  2. UPDATE: I am told that the for sale sign is indeed on the property next door to "V and V", thank goodness.
  3. I was recently on Kelham Island and I noticed that "V or V", which I mentioned in entry #32 in this thread, appeared to have a for sale sign up, or it might have been on the property next door. Does anyone know if this means that "V or V" has closed or will be closing shortly, and if so how soon it is closing? Their website still appears to be accepting bookings for the next few months, and there doesn't appear to be anything on there about it closing.
  4. Yes, it now has signs up saying Indian street food. I haven't had a chance to make use of it yet but I hope to do so at some point. About ten years ago, before it became the 1871 Wagon Bistro, it was a kind of noodle bar type place called Wok2Work. I've been in there a few times both when it was Wok2Work and when it was the 1871 Wagon Bistro. I really liked both establishments but it was never very busy despite being one of the nearest (if not THE nearest) places to the station where you could get a proper sit-down meal. Let's hope the new Indian street food place does better!
  5. The 1pm siren in the city centre - not sure if any other UK towns or cities have a time signal (other than a striking clock) apart from the one o' clock gun in Edinburgh. There is a separate thread on this at
  6. I'm fairly sure that it has restarted now. Does anyone know if any other towns or cities in the UK have a time signal of some kind (other than a striking clock)? Offhand the only other one that I know of is Edinburgh which has the one o' clock gun. In fact, when I first saw the device on the wall outside HL Browns, with a sign next to it saying 1pm time signal, I presumed it was a one o' clock gun sound like the one in Edinburgh.
  7. With the one at Leicester University having gone I thought that meant Sheffield was the last remaining UK university with a paternoster, but apparently the Albert Sloman Library at the University of Essex in Colchester also still has one. I believe that it was out of action for refurbishment for a while but has recently reopened. The library web page even tells you what hours the paternoster is in operation today: https://library.essex.ac.uk/home So I think that means Essex and Sheffield are the only two remaining UK universities with working paternosters. Several others that were built in the 1950s and 60s had them when built, but they gradually fell out of favour from the 1970s and 80s onwards because of concerns about their safety and their unsuitability for disabled people or for carrying anything heavy or bulky. There is a separate thread on the Sheffield University Arts Tower paternoster at
  8. Ah yes, I see that the Veolia Sheffield website does indeed ask you to empty bottles, rinse and replace tops, and it says tops can be recycled. Until now I had always assumed that you had to remove lids from bottles and jars before putting them in your recycling bin or a bottle bank (which I think you do in some other areas - it varies from council to council). I have sometimes put the lids in the same recycling banks as plastics, tins and cans, though, but I'm not sure if you're supposed to do that. Obviously it would be difficult to put lids back on bottles that you remove with a bottle opener, such as those on most beer and cider bottles.
  9. "V or V", a new vegetarian restaurant in Neepsend, is good for gluten-free options. https://vorvsheffield.co.uk/
  10. Does anyone know if the Wagon 1871 bistro opposite the railway station has closed down permanently? I haven't seen it open for quite some time now whenever I've gone past it. I have occasionally seen a light on in there but never any sign of life.
  11. Unfortunately there are now fewer local recycling sites than there were a few years ago. That means that I no longer have anywhere to recycle plastics other than plastic bottles anywhere within walking distance, although I do occasionally go near some of the remaining sites (less often at the moment as I'm working from home, though). It's not just plastics that ought to be recyclable but aren't always, although luckily some Co-op supermarkets now have a bin for soft plastics. I've also often wondered what the position is with metal lids of glass bottles and jars. Some people have told me that it's OK to put glass bottles and jars in your recycling bin or a bottle bank with their lids on, some people have told me that you must remove the lids but you can put them in the same bins at recycling sites as tins and cans, and some people have told me that metal lids aren't recyclable and you have to put them in with your non-recyclable waste. In Germany you can usually put metal bottle and jar lids (and aluminium foil) in with other metals (i.e. tins and cans), so if they can do that, surely so could we.
  12. What can you think of that Sheffield has that no other UK city has (or that no other city anywhere in Europe or indeed anywhere in the entire world has)?
  13. A few new vegetarian and vegan cafes and restaurants have opened in Sheffield in the last few years, such as Dina (https://www.dinavenue.com/) in Fitzalan Square (which has recently moved there from its previous location on Cambridge Street), "V or V" (https://vorvsheffield.co.uk/) and Church - Temple of Fun (https://templeof.fun/) (both quite close to each other in Neepsend). I can certainly recommend "V or V". Church - Temple of Fun is a vegan burger bar type place - great if you like that kind of food. It's also full of church artefacts, hence its name. The Blue Moon Cafe next to the cathedral and Heeley City Farm cafe are also still going strong. The Blue Moon is still only open from 11am to 4pm according to the website, though (it was open from 8am to 8pm before the pandemic). Dana in Crookes is also still open, but I think it may only be doing takeaways at present. Unfortunately the Rude Shipyard and BurgerLolz mentioned above have now closed and the Wild Leaf Cafe didn't last long I don't think. The original "Make no Bones" cafe on Chesterfield Road has also closed, but they have moved to new premises at The Old Workshop in Neepsend: https://www.makenobones.co.uk/
  14. Does anyone know what has become of La Fonda Mexican vegan restaurant on Chesterfield Road, part of the Make No Bones group of vegan food outlets? When I went past it recently the La Fonda sign seemed to have disappeared and instead what I thought had been La Fonda appeared to be called the Tramshed. The La Fonda premises did already have a way through to the Tramshed bar next door, as I believe that they were both under the same owner. The La Fonda website at https://www.lafonda.co.uk/ would appear to suggest that they are still in business.
  15. I've only just come across this thread (if you can call it a thread as no-one has replied to it until now). I hope they make it an annual event from now on: it certainly seemed quite popular especially with families with kids. At first I thought the idea was to try to visit as many of the signing on points across the city as possible, but I think the idea was just to get people to take more exercise by walking and cycling more.
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