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  1. I noticed last night clarkson street, linking western bank and glossop road, incidentally the only entrances and disabled parking for the children's hospital now they have stopped evening parking and entry via western bank and A&E respectively, is now closed between 19:00 and 07:00 , not sure how long for but this is going to cause havoc for parents and visitors alike, I think it may be surfacing so shouldn't take long. anyone shed any more light on this?
  2. There was a KFC in broomhill mid to late 80's, one of the first in sheffield to rival Wimpy.
  3. I'd like to bet, "very little of worth" will be found therefore the council has no alternative but to begin building more apartments to try and regress the balance sheets because of the huge loss incurred during the sheffield castle dig, of course the apartments won't be owned or run by SCC, we will just sell the land and end up out of pocket (well sheffield will, the councillors responsible will end up very much in pocket). Thank you for your backing people of sheffield.
  4. It's week 7 of the new Redtooth poker season tonight at Club Baize and as it's the halfway mark, it's DEEP STACK NIGHT! Buy-in TBC dependant on numbers, 16-20,000 starting stacks (depending on numbers again) and no chips at the break. Once you're out - you're out! Like and share this status for 500 bonus chips, plus 500 for signing in below with a comment and a further 500 for arriving and signing in with me before 7.30pm. Hopefully see you later! so it is open on Wednesday nights for sure, Paul is a friend so if anyone fancies a poker night 🙂
  5. I'm pretty sure they do poker nights on a Wednesday, I'll post any details I find
  6. Touché cyclone, except for the fact government agencies can access in seconds the dvla data base telling them tax, test, insurance AND home address of the car, so pretty easily I'd guess, but I take your point, I have photos of fox street, pitsmoor and some vehicles are parked so far on the kerb a relatively average sized person would have to turn sideways to pass, not just one car/van but several. the double buggy test would fail several times in a 20 yard stretch, the most galling part is, a little further up fox street are several places where these people could park, incomoding no one, but would mean an extra 30 yard walk round the corner to the building site the people "parking" need to get to. laziness as opposed to actual need.
  7. No minx in point of fact I park in a off road car park, what I'm complaining about is barely being able to get in through my front gate, outside my house and the fact that as I stated just down from me a disabled guys motorised wheel chair had been "boxed in" outside his house, so please don't think you know everyone's circumstances or decide that other people's problems have no merit because they don't apply to you, these are real problems, some on my road have regular ambulance visits because of health issues, but the ambulances have to park perhaps 50-100 yards away before running to the house in question. Perhaps you think the ambulance men should just get on with it and not moan about valuable seconds lost because some lazy individual doesn't want to walk an extra 50 feet to get to work or the shop or whatever,. check out disabled and mother and toddler parking at supermarkets, cars, work vans even taxis using them and hardly ever with a blue badge or child on board, am I moaning because some mother has to park halfway across a busy car park because of lazy, ignorent jackasses for my benefit, no I just believe something should be done to halt the decline of laziness and ignorance that seems to be aimed at law abiding people that for one reason or another need parking not taken by lazy cretins.
  8. Agreed sometimes but every weekday, outside elderly and disabled persons bungalows, even a car either side of a guys disability scooter on the pavement.
  9. Call me scrooge or any other name but am i the ONLY person sick of inconsiderate parking outside their own homes? i live in pitsmoor, close to where the new school is being built, across from the old Pyebank school, and the roads around are choked from 8am till around 4pm monday to friday, outside my house the entire side of the quite narrow road is covered in pavement parkers, to add to the chaos and difficulty with resident parking, one end of Fox street is closed for unspecified road works but nottingham street has lights, on top of the terrible parking we also have HUGE lorries spreading mud and other crap all over the roads causing residents cars to need cleaning almost daily. when is sheffield council going to crack down on these inconsiderate people parking where they please without a thought for the peoples properties they are making life difficult for, there are quite a few disabled and elderly on my street which compounds the problem. though not unique, pitsmoor and burngreave have a massive amount of parked vehicles on yellow lines, bus stops, blocking pavements and a whole host of other parking indescretions . the council really needs to rethink its policy of ignoring parking and other problems in areas like pitsmoor for fear of upsetting certain parts of the community therein.
  10. University's finest minds don't make me laugh, outside the university they made 2 pedestrian crossing, causing more trouble in an already terrible area for traffic, holding up ambulances to the 5 hospitals in the area, because these great minds come out and walk 6 abreast causing the possibility of these extremely intelligent people to step of the pavement and be hit by a car, so now they have 2 crossings in a 75 gap and what do these super brains STILL do? They cross the road between the crossings causing cars to brake abruptly and without doubt multiple accidents if not yet, very soon.
  11. The start of ellsemere road junction of tower street, has double yellows both sides and a bus stop with double thick yellow line and stripes on the kerb, they re surfaced recently and re painted the lines, before the lines were dry locals including taxis were parked both sides blocking fragile and bus routes, they even park on the little roundabout. The whole lower burngreave and spital hill area is the same, people think double yellow lines mean no parking except for them. I would question why nothing is done on a regular basis, I've seen the parking enforcement cars drive through many times and never stop even being held up by said inconsiderate parking. Is this more of the same turning a blind eye to certain communities like we recently had in Rotherham or is this just lazy parking management. I challenge anyone to drive round that area at any time and not see at least 3 cars parked not just illegally but in a lot of cases dangerously.
  12. People seem intent on pointing out the negatives of extra traffic etc, but considering the traffic and SCC dismal ideas for improving congestion (see any morning getting into town or the acclaimed Derek Dooley way congestion relief ring road) their inability to understand that blocking off routes in and out of the city centre to all but taxi's and buses has had a huge detrimental effect on the city centre in sheffield and in turn the economic growth of it, simple example bottom of Dixon lane, they close a car park and build offices and hotels, where prey tell are the people coming to work at the offices going to park or visitors using all these many hotels parking, multi story car parks are hated by many drivers and on the whole a moneymaker for the SCC, But I digress, sheffield has allegedly had billions invested from various sources to improve roads in our fair city and to lose our unenviable nick name of "pothole city", has anyone seen any vast improvement except the Tour de France route? Why not use this investment to improve not only the actual road surfaces, but the infrastructure as a whole, which In turn brings in investment to improve sheffield's economy and our national and international profile, who wants to invest in a city where the roads are so bad? Just my thoughts on the situation.
  13. I have amputated arm high at the shoulder, twisted spine caused by my body compensating for it, arthritis in my shoulder of "good" arm, tinisinvitus in my wrist and beginnings of arthritis in both knees, I was told by DWP after 2 assessments by "health care professionals" I was fit for limited work, even though my doctor had just signed me unfit for work for at least six months, still fighting it. On the grow back arm thing, my brother lost an eye in childhood, has limited vision in the other and was told by a doctor at an assessment and I quote" perhaps some form of glasses would improve the patients vision" I sh*t you not.
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