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  1. Police closed off Burngreave road last night 29th march and it was still closed at 06:00 this morning at the traffic lights around the car wash. Police are or were diverting traffic down side roads though I have no idea of how bus routes are affected. i also only have rumours of what the incident was so ill not speculate unless I have more concrete information. if you know, feel free to inform the forum.
  2. It's been pointed out that the Parking Services are supposed to patrol and enforce on prime bus routes etc, so is the that saying spital hill, Burngreave road and ellesmere road are not major bus routes? Spital hill/Burngreave road are prime routes to and from the northern general hospital, which of course has the adult A&E department, and several major bus routes, often half blocked by double parked vehicles, vehicles parked in bus stops and delivery vehicles that basically just pull up and start unloading. on a similar note, I've heard parking services, entered the upper car park of the saville street Tesco and were happily ticketing non blue badge holding vehicles parked in disabled bays, let's hope that's the start of clamping down on those that ignore parking regulations just through sheer laziness.
  3. hard to avoid if you live in the area and to the person saying "its only middle aged cyclists and mums that complain" sorry to disappoint but im a 56 year old disabled man.
  4. Can anyone tell me when parking restrictions were cancelled around the spital hill, ellesmere road and gower street areas? Double yellows not only ignored, but now people are double parking blocking one side of the road, backing up traffic and will eventually cause more accidents. Bus stops are now car parking bays, many pavements almost impassible by a pedestrian let alone pushchairs or wheel chairs. The small piece of gower street between the small roundabout and the traffic lights onto Burngreave road are often partially blocked on one or both sides and a lot of the people parking illegally and dangerously seem to be taxis. outside the cafes are the worst, cars and taxis, parking almost on the little roundabout outside the Red Sea cafe, some just pull up, no indication then throw open the cars door often causing people exiting said roundabout to either swerve erratically or brake hard. something needs to be done, and first thing is get rid of the covid test tent town on the car park on gower street.
  5. I would like to ask people to post A. If they visit town at least once a week. B. How they get into town i.e. Public transport, car, walk or bike/motorcycle. C. Business or pleasure , work or shopping. D. Do you think the Clean Air Zone is a good or bad idea. im not trying to start arguments, I will delete any posts trolling others, I just want a simple thread of discussion and what sheffield people, not the people that are migrant or non perminent residents think to this SCC idea and possibly if they believe it will make a difference to quality of life here in this once great city. please keep it civil.
  6. First of all the closure of that junction/road was I believe at a different time, i.e. Before said accident. secondly when the accident occurred, the road AND junction were both open. third the road was closed so a company could safely work on and allow their workers and vehicles temporary access without public being endangered on what was basically a building site. Forth these types of vehicles tend to have signs on the rear warning of blind spots etc, specifically for cyclists and motorcyclists not to come down their left (near side), which as any regular motorist will tell you, is a favourite "pastime" of many cyclists. has anyone, as yet been proven liable, as I haven't looked through the other back pages.
  7. Ok I get the paying extra, but that does not explain the parking services driving through areas and even, in my experience being held up by inconsiderate and illegally parked vehicles yet doing nothing about it. these areas should be targeted as bad areas and be treated as such, not ignored.
  8. So you take an alternate route because of parking yet ironically say my post should be closed when I point it out? rutland is extremely busy during peak times because many people use that very same idea as you to avoid spital, even if it may be quicker or simpler. my point is parking in all areas need equal time, not just the permit holding areas, the laws should be upheld regardless of any other factors.
  9. So essentially what your saying is the laws of the road and parking only apply to those that pay a premium for them? if that's the case why bother having the restrictive lines, parking restrictions etc anywhere other than in permit zones? maybe only convict drunk drivers if they can't afford a levy that allows them to drive drunk? speeding allowed if you pay for the extra miles per hour your can can achieve? the list is endless. but I digress, I was originally asking if the laws should be applied to ALL in ALL areas regardless of affluence in that area or any other factors.
  10. Mods can close this just because you claim to have seen in 2 areas enough to contradict me? jog on mate, round here burngreave and pitsmoor heading up from the wicker, they park in no parking, loading only and bus stops, both sides of the road, blocking traffic often including many ambulances with blue lights on coming from NGH , speak to any regular bus driver that does any of the routes that pass through spital hill and burngreave road they will all tell you, it's insane and at times dangerous. as for other areas, look at the parking up from western park hospital, the parking services patrol that and are there several times a day handing out tickets, contradict that old boy. there are areas that get a blind eye and others that are blanketed with parking services. so mods you can ignore the joker as he obviously is speaking from a point of ignorance of the facts.
  11. I travel around pitsmoor and Burngreave daily, from spital hill around the shops, outside Red Sea cafe/Supermarket and all surrounding roads, just pull up, double park, park on double yellows with kerb marks, in restricted bus stops even on the roundabout at the junction of gower street and ellesmere road, the area between that roundabout and the lights on Burngreave road are a particular favourite all on double yellows yet parking services pass through often stop occasionally, hand out tickets , never to my knowledge yet if I park on double yellows in town or anywhere else, tickets would shower on me like confetti. is there a legitimate reason , taxis especially "abandoning" there vehicles in a often dangerous parking situation are often ignored, and yes I've seen it happen , even actively by passed in this area? Is this another "don't cause a scene" for the sake of integration in this massively diverse area but shouldn't the law apply no matter what or who is breaking it? this is not looking for arguments, I'm looking for a simple reason the law is not being applied evenly in different areas of Sheffield.
  12. Yet another hole opened, this time on Buckingham Street Burngreave. opened up Monday around 08:00, no one been seen there since, 4 days and counting. any other time wasting holes elsewhere around Sheffield's already potholed road system?
  13. Firstly it's been since just after xmas 2020 this small stretch has been closed, I pass it almost daily and various times and have not seen a single person working or even inspecting, the traffic lights in question are just above as you leave Tesco headed towards penistone road, atop Albert terrace. the Same insanity is the traffic lights exiting Tesco on spital hill, no cars allowed into Tesco top car park (another piece of fantastic management) yet traffic is stopped on occasion for absolutely no reason. Ive noticed recently Amey and SCC open up road works, put up diversions and/or temporary traffic lights, then ignore them for several days or even weeks before popping back and finishing said works in an hour or less and then opening traffic again. My question is why don't they just do the works all in a single day, and avoid annoying locals and passing motorists.
  14. Maybe free because council tenants pay the council via rents etc and the waste disposal, run by third parties is usually paid from council budgets. as for social housing equates to low income, I didn't make that distinction just mentioned some people no matter their housing can barely afford second hand furniture so paying for removal of old furniture maybe out of their budget.
  15. Fly tipping is a real problem, compounded more now due to recycle site restrictions and the massive queues, e.g. Normal households don't want to wait 1-2 hours to dump a few items or even a car full, so pay cheap and unscrupulous traders that don't want to pay for licensing etc so fly tip. a simple solution would be local councils drop large skips around the city, then empty when full, cost of course would be railed against but several plus points including extra jobs created, less fly tipping which the councils regularly have to pick up any way. as for large items, the council run a large items pick up service, cheaper than some services. free for council tenants. less queues at the recycle sites. someone mentioned "you bought it, you pay for its removal " a little cynical I think, there are people that have to save many months just to buy such as charity shop furniture so would have difficulty paying for removal of any old furniture being replaced i.e. Elderly or disabled.
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