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  1. There are defibs in Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe Side now thanks to local fund raising.
  2. I wonder what effect this will have on response times for emergency vehicles, to say residents who live around Morehall and the few houses along Manchester Rd.
  3. Vote with your wallet and shop out of the city centre. They don't want car owners throwing their money away in the city, just cyclists and the homeless.
  4. So if you live in Wharncliffe Side and work at Fox Valley? How long a journey would that employee be facing on public transport?
  5. I think planner1 needs to look up the definition of Civil Servant. If we don't pay for our services that we allow civil servants to oversee, who does? Do you think they print their own money.
  6. The buses are the first sign of bad weather because they stop running on the hilly side streets.
  7. Surely if they built and made Sheffield great, they won't be requiring a council house.
  8. A good rule of thumb is to check if the buses are still running, or if they're staying on the main road. It wasn't very good at 2pm and has gone downhill since then.
  9. You seem to already know all the answers, if your trying to find out what PTE are going to do about it, ask them, because you obviously don't want anyone elses replies.
  10. Bring back Roxy grab-a-granny night and a mankykebaby from Options!
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