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  1. Isn't Arsene Wenger knocking about deciding whether to return to football management? He's a purist, what could be better than working his way up from the championship... That's a bit of a joke of course.
  2. Gooner here in peace. I'm a Londoner who moved to Sheffield 16 years ago (love it). Chose The Blades as my local team after some of the performances you put in against us around that time . Now I've seen the Blades more than I've seen Arsenal in recent years so I've become quite fond of you lot. Last week I was in a pub down south and next to me in the urinals was, of all things, a Leeds United fan! Singing his head off, he was, after their win against Wednesday. I think he thought that they were promoted already. It spoiled my evening a little lol. Can't help smirking today. But you guys are right - it really is squeaky bum time at the top of the Championship and could go either way - good luck!
  3. I'm sure you've all heard about the 'Revoke Article 50' petition that's attracted over 4 million signatures in a few days. I've just found out that you can view the signatures by constituency. When I last looked Sheffield Central was the leading Sheffield constituency, ranked 54th with 11,153 signatures (14% of electorate), while Sheffield Hallam was close behind, ranked 60th with 10,646 signatures https://www.livefrombrexit.com/petitions/241584?fbclid=IwAR3WkTeqd8lpAF0IEV4YWa8sjZDv4UKURuFpDwdJsFfDqYQkmYAnhHFuWPY The petition itself is here if any of you fancy changing those numbers 😉 https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/241584
  4. Some extremely tasty lo-fi hip-hop by Jack CC: https://soundcloud.com/jackcc/84-bpm-1
  5. He had the same look on his face when he won as did Boris Johnson and Michael Gove the year before. "Whoops... That wasn't meant to happen"
  6. Might possibly be the Hallam University Afro-Caribbean Society. This sounds like good marketing to me. If I ran a shop selling running shoes, I might offer a special discount to Sheffield Running Club members as they'll be a large part of my target market. Similarly students interested in afro-caribbean culture might be particularly into the food of that region. Therefore the discount effectively says 'come spend your cash here'. Now are you folks gonna be angry because you're not able to join the society because you're not students, and therefore unable to get the extra discount?
  7. Where's the like button? Go get 'em Cyclone :-)
  8. Hey Tzijlstra (I've always wondered how you pronounce that...) I'm afraid I'm going to disagree with you on this. I'm an idealist I guess, which informs my thinking on this but many hugely respected figures from the past did not do their great works because they were paid a high salary (e.g. Einstein, Charlie Parker, Chomsky, Jenny Diski, Charlotte Bronté), rather it's because they were driven and passionate about the things they did. Yes some of them ended their days reasonably well off, but that was effect rather than cause and is often utterly irreverent in terms of their biographies. I would suggest that for someone taking a role in civic leadership, doing the job well, being passionate about civic matters, and being a servant to the people should be a much higher concern than the salary. If it is purely salary that people are after there are excellent career opportunities in banking (providing one has the competency and the appetite for *really* hard work). So an alternative aphorism might be: "pay peanuts, get someone who's passionate - pay huge amounts get money-grabbing thoughtless see-you-next-tuesdays'' Just some food for thought...
  9. Bradway is niche. Less obvious than S10. Some quality local places to eat & drink (S17/SummerHouses/Peppercorn) fab transport links close by, i.e. Dore Station. I shouldn't be bigging it up because it's niche and lovely and it'd be nice to keep it that way.
  10. I can help you with this: delete * from contraventions where contra_date >= year(getdate()) + '-12-25 00:00:00' and contra_date < year(getdate()) + '-12-26 00:00:00' Estimated time: a number of milliseconds. Obviously if the systems are based on PL-SQL, mySQL or PostrgreSQL the code might be different. However, if the ticketing system used by SCC is based on punched card or manual processing of dot-matrix printouts, then I agree - it would be more time consuming. But this might also provide some clues about potential efficiency savings within the organisation...
  11. Looking for a keyboard player who can do jazz but is funky and likes hip-hop beats, funky stuff, and has a soulful groove going on etc. I'm sure you're out there - please get in touch. Pete
  12. I've been impressed by Autohaus Dolby. They get the thumbs up from me!
  13. Great, considered and intelligent response (as usual I must say) Annie. These are very good points. In terms of road junctions the whole idea of UX may present interesting challenges, and the answers may not be technical (my degrees are in psychology, so I'm at home with that stuff). What might be needed is something to do with communication perhaps? Nevertheless I remain firm in my view that the UX issues should be faced and dealt with, I think we might have a better city as a result. But I really like the points you raise in your post. They have got me thinking. Thanks :-)
  14. This is a good response planner but as someone who has been involved in software design for a good 30+ years, I know, and am sure you too are aware, of the discipline user experience design. The questioner is simply a non-expert user. And no matter how great the designer thinks he or she is, if it doesn't work for the user, it doesn't work. Many online services (of complexity arguably much greater than a set of traffic lights) have learned this the hard way. Indeed I was a meeting at the Home Office last year discussing all the UX-related enhancements to gov.uk. As we like to say, "the user is king".
  15. Planner1, I know you get a lot of grief on here and often respond with admirable restraint. I also sense that you have the right motives at least regarding transport, in that you see public transport as the way forward. I do too - as a Londoner I grew up never even thinking about driving anywhere and would love Sheffield to be the same. I think we can both agree that it's not. Question is, how can we improve things? I spend a lot of time every year in Montpellier, France and I have marvelled at the way they've built up their tram system recently. It's amazing, and in the same time Sheffield has done nothing at all. So what can we do? Focusing on the negative "no money" is defeatist in my book. Let's get out there, selling the pros of Sheffield seeking investment from anyone with a bit of cash (but on our terms - no re-run of Streets Ahead please!). You'll probably laugh at me I know, but we need optimism and pro-activity to make our city even better, not down-trodden defeatism. I like the workplace levy - it's a good idea - more like that please!
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