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  1. He will be a top top keeper ....... in about 5-6 years. His decision making still needs to be honed, he doesn't command his area very well and as people have already mentioned kicking the ball out of his hands causes him lots of issues. Saying that he is a good shot stopper which is what you want in a keeper and he has his size on his size, Chelsea don't sign bad players. He will be a good backup keeper to Moore but he's not ready for a championship first team yet.
  2. Have you ever seen the telegraph give a bad review?
  3. Only had a refurb a couple of years ago and always seems to be fairly busy whenever i drive past, I haven't been so i can't comment on what its like but any pub shutting is a shame.
  4. Yes because its just as easy as giving them a colouring book and telling them to be quiet isn't it :rolleyes: You admit yourself that you don't know what this kids area is like, why don't you wait and see what the pub is like before you criticise? Parents of young children have the right to eat nice meals too you know
  5. :o:o How DARE they try to give children something to do whilst they are out for a meal with their parents. They should sit in absolute silence like we all used to as children. Shocking.
  6. Went last week and really enjoyed it, will go back there again without a second though. Yes the add-ons are pricey but they all are nowadays, I love the little tables to rest your feed and drinks on and the chairs are so much comfier than curzon, i'm 6foot 2 and couldn't reach the chair infront of me even if i stretched my legs out- now that's some legroom! Once the building work is complete and the place has more footfall i can see it going from strength to strength.
  7. i use LS fitness and he is brilliant. Have a search for him on facebook.
  8. Lou Reed signed for Chesterfield- should do a job for them in league 2.
  9. It may have been already mentioned on this thread but i still can't believe it's not a legal requirement to wear a helmet.
  10. Apart from naming the obvious (B+Q) where is the best place to go for decorative stones and gravel in Sheffield/Chesterfield? Thanks
  11. We moved to Dronfield just over 2 years ago from central Sheffield and haven't looked back since. Great for our 2 small kids, lots of decent pubs and restaurants, good bus and train connections to Sheffield and Chesterfield and the schools seem great (our eldest starts at Dronfield infants in September). The house prices are increasing rapidly so if your going to go for it then id try to buy ASAP as most places are going up £10-£25k per year from our experience.
  12. We did something like this and hired the green at Rother Valley Park, we had to BYO though.
  13. I must admit im a blade and i don't think he will do as well next year, the defences are too switched on and I think we will play a different system that won't suit him as much. That season you mention was over 5 years ago which is a long time for a striker. Saying that i hope he proves me wrong and bangs in 30 goals
  14. I think we will do fairly well if we can adapt to the pace and power of the championship. We need a few new signings, striker, full back, centre half- but i trust wilder to get it right. Lower mid-table i think.
  15. On the contrary I think your the one getting a little wound up, Robbie is making his argument pretty clear and your ......... struggling to make your point. (Nice avoidance of my question too btw)
  16. Why do you have a better idea than him? Because your an owl and he's a blade? utter rubbish. Or do you 'know' someone and your not allowed to say?
  17. I hear they are putting a new one on the new retail part that is being built near the norton roundabout, its a bit close to the Dronfield store but I think it would still do well.
  18. Well go into the common room or any bar on west street on Saturday and ask to watch the match, i bet you can't.
  19. I don't think pubs in Town are allowed to show any Sheffield United OR Wednesday matches, certainly the larger bars won't show it.
  20. I would say that stamp duty would still be payable?
  21. I think you can register for a LIFE card, and that costs £5 and lasts for a year. Certainly helps us when we book tennis there, saves us a fortune!!
  22. I think it will sell out before the end of the week, its a great race. This will be my 3rd time doing it.
  23. We did something very similar to you and ended up in dronfield, we love it. lovely houses, good parks, only 9 minutes to Sheffield on the train if you need to get in frequently.
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