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  1. Hi, Can anyone recommend someone to replace our lead pipe for MDPE - its about a 7m run. thanks, Dave
  2. Can anyone recommend anywhere where I can hire out a micro digger with operator? Thanks! Dave
  3. Can anyone recommend a builder for a side extension (to be built over an existing garage) and a rear kitchen / diner extension. Ideally by someone who has had similar work done. thanks!
  4. Can anyone recommend someone to install a new foul waste pipe underground from the side of the house into the main carrier line (approx 6 meters) In preperation for a new soil stack? Thanks Dave
  5. Just want to recommend Andy (rudplast). He has done a great job boarding and plastering our sons soon-to-be bedroom! Gave loads of great advice as well. Thanks Andy!
  6. Can anyone recommend an architect to draw up plans for a double story side extension and a rear single story kitchen diner extension? thanks, Dave
  7. Hi, Is anyone able to recommend an electrician for a rewire of a 3 bedroom detached house? Thanks Dave
  8. So the simplest thing to do is excavate around the affected area? thanks
  9. Also, i think the guttering and some of the roof tiles need sorting so that might be a good place for me to start!
  10. thanks for the replies! I guess if the DPC is being bridged it does need sorting though?
  11. Hi, We have had a house survey come back with damp issues, he has recommended we replace the DPC around most of the house for long term protection (instead of just lowering the ground level as the original DPC is from the 1930s), there is also re-rendering / re-pointing needed around the house and especially the chimney stacks. Should we get specialist companies like Timberwise/Peter Cox/Precision to come out and do a survey (which they will charge for) or do we just need a decent builder? thanks, Dave
  12. Hi, We are looking at properties in Totley but wondered where is the nicest part? Is most of Totley decent? Any bad areas? thanks, Dave
  13. Thanks guys, good to hear positive stuff! Can you recommend any good primary schools in the area? It looks like St Andrews CE Methodist Primary School has the highest score of kids meeting expected standards but no idea how good the school actually is! thanks!
  14. Nope, I'm just trying to get people's opinions of both. Thanks! Dave
  15. Hi, I'm after some recent opinions on Dronfield. We are thinking of moving from S6 to somewhere bigger and for good Primary and Secondary schools. Are there any areas to avoid? What's the better side Dronfield Woodhouse vs Coal Aston? many thanks! Dave ---------- Post added 23-05-2017 at 17:09 ---------- Sorry posted in the wrong section - could someone move this thread to Sheffield Property & Housing please!
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