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  1. Mods i think this guy needs some anti depressants. They cant get over their play off loss.
  2. Glad they have kept him Seriously He cant change a fish into bread-whatever he said But he cant change play offs into promotion Hope he cant change derbies into wins too
  3. Brilliant Absolutely brilliant. Owls fans happy and not upset about losing in play offs and united smashing a poor L1 Yet cant stop posting to tell us. Get over it. New season coming up. Owls massive favs to finish higher than the blades so whats up with them biting at us blades. And yes you are biting. Like dogs with a bone
  4. You know what im saying. Spending stupid money has got him nowhere. Maybe its the manager that is not as good as the successfull ones
  5. Joseph has overspent but in the same division as blades/burton etc So no comment
  6. Dont go Dont pay the club your money It would be pointless Wilder is a bad manager Sharp might not score 30 goals Full backs might not score double figures Crowds will only average 25000 :hihi:
  7. I wouldnt tell anyone which games to go to.So my owls friend can go to whichever game he chooses. As they work etc etc so how can anybody tell them when to go. If fans only go to the odd game then they wouldnt members card
  8. He only spoke of that 1 game. Is he lying then? Wasnt there tickets at £47
  9. Correct i dont Cant watch semi pro football and the blades. Both ko at same time You wont have paid that figure cos you are in a position to get a season ticket Dave at work went to a one off owls game last season with his son-cat A Cost him £47/£27 for one game in the second division
  10. We are doomed Hang wilder and his team Bring in carlos Spend millions Still be in championship Oh And put tickets up from £25 to £49
  11. Reading or Huddersfield Maybe i should get an opinion off their fans:hihi: They have good managers
  12. Why is it about the owls? Stop thinking everything is wednesday cos it aint. There will be 24 teams starting off on a level field.
  13. So your saying loads of cash but with a good manager? Huddersfield 1 game away from prem and their budget was lower than rotherhams who finished rock bottom So my view is a great manager is more important than just blowing cash and having a team thats not together
  14. How much should a manager need to get to the premiership? Or is a good manager who knows english football best? Millions needed? Or just a great manager?
  15. Joseph deserves another chance i my eyes
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