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  1. First of all, WOW, greta new form look. Its been a while so its new to me Does anyone know if the time on my Lyceum Theatre tickets is the time of the show starting or the doors opening to enter? I cannot find any information on the Lyceum Theatre's site and the tickets just have a time. I vaguely remember other shows having a time but this was doors opening and not the time of the show. UPDATE: I've managed to get through to the Theatre and they say the show starts at the time on the ticket.
  2. This popped up on Reddit only recently. There was a photo published of the foil top of a container that had text telling the user to remove it.
  3. Does anyone know where I might find a Sheffield made end grain chopping board? Closest I can find is someone on Etsy in Rotherham.
  4. Why is do you say If you read what I wrote you would see I mentioned Primary (meant to say Lower), Middle and Upper schools and how the first two of my schools had pools and taught swimming. This would roughly cover the equivalent Junior school age range as seen in most authorities. In addition, I was speaking from experience of when I was at school and if things have changed, I know my old Upper school still does not teach swimming.
  5. No but you do understand what on average means right? If you do, you must, in turn understand when the ONS or IFS say "on average" people in the public sector are paid more than the private, it's pretty hard for people to get too agitated about public sector pay rises being only 1%. Oh and your signature appears to be misleading. The Tories attacked the then Labour government on the Deficit, not the Debt. It was this they pledged to reduce, which they have. Unless you have a source for your "quote".
  6. Schools can't afford to maintain swimming pools. My primary and middle schools both had pools but the Upper school (I lived in a part of the country with a 3 school system instead of 2) had no provision and swimming was not part of the curriculum. However, there are plenty of public swimming pools that provide lessons and many are free.
  7. Most companies now give you a 100 day guarantee, but I would definitely go to the shops and try a few out first. We switched to a hard foam mattress about 9 months ago and my back is a lot better. It has a 25 year guarantee too, so no problems with it becoming faulty within the 8 years before you are meant to replace them. The Simba mattresses are meant to be very comfortable and they also give a 100 Night Sleep Trial. One thing we considered is how long you will use it for. If you divide the cost by 8 years, its really not that expensive a purchase that you are going to use daily.
  8. I would have loved to go along but the first I heard about it was on my way to work on Friday reported on BBC Radio 4. I saw no advertising of this in or around town.
  9. If it sounded anything like this: Check no one has bought an odd board game from a car boot sale
  10. I have the feeling someone needs to chipper these trees straight through the council front doors if they don't want to listen to the opinions of the public. Maybe throw in a few dirty nappies too so the council really know how people feel.
  11. I'm sure Fagin is glad of this however fixed penalty notices were decriminalised a long time ago so your criminal responsibility angle is invalid I suspect.
  12. In my experience, most NHS dentists have private patients too.
  13. Issued with a fine and then the council cancelled it. Someone was doing their job to the letter. Someone above who has the power to adjudicate saw sense and cancelled the fine. Silly season news report.
  14. I can recommend My Dentist in Walkley - https://www.mydentist.co.uk/dentists
  15. It wasn't at my school so back then 80's/90's it wasnt a national requirement.
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