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  1. DerbyTup

    My dogs paw cut on broken glass

    😃 Exactly that! "Jusoda" eh? That brings back memories. Used to the "Fanta orange" of it's day. Many a time we've had an empty Jusoda bottle, filled with water, for picnics down in the woods. (It paid to get first swags, or there'd be bits of bread off someone else's teeth floating about in it later).
  2. DerbyTup

    Knee surgery

    No doubt. But developing an infection is something over and above the knee surgery, which frankly, shouldn't have happened. Infection is a risk of any surgery, but with adequate prophylaxis it shouldn't occur. What I'm saying is, it's a bit harsh to judge how successful knee surgery is when you bring the infection into the equation. It distorts the question somewhat. My understanding is that knee surgery is very successful and can massively improve someone's mobility - and is usually free of complications. I guess your other mate will have to decide whether he is going to be more comfortable and mobile with his knee as it is, or whether he wants to have the op. To me, it's a no-brainer - I'd take the op every time if my knee was knackered. I wouldn't let the possibility of an infection put me off because it's unlikely to happen and it's easily treatable if it does. But, we are all different I suppose. As to the OP's question: I think it sounds like he is doing everything right. He's diligently following his physio exercise routine, and doing other beneficial things such as swimming and walking. The first thing though is that this is a question he should be asking of his doctor. They will be able to check that things are healing as they should. I know that may sound obvious, but, it doesn't always get done. My wife had an operation a few months ago - on the NHS - but it was done at Thornbury. They should have followed up with her a few weeks later - but they didn't. They "forgot" somehow! (We got a letter several weeks later saying there'd been a fire and they'd lost her records!). Anyhow... When she phoned up to try and get the follow up appointment she was told it would be several weeks before she could be seen, even though she was already overdue for the check-up due to no fault of her own. We eventually resolved this and got a quicker appointment. Point is: Richard15: you need to get yourself back in front of the specialist that treated you. You don't say whether you still have pain or swelling, but if you do then I'd suggest that's a bit unusual after 6 months. It could be that there is nothing wrong at all and you are just taking a bit longer to heal. But, for your peace of mind, they could do a few checks to make sure things are progressing as normal.
  3. DerbyTup

    My dogs paw cut on broken glass

    When I was a kid, glass bottles, pop bottles especially, were worth something. They had a refundable deposit on them. We used to go searching the hedgerows for them, rinse them out, and take them back to the shop to get the deposit. It was usually 3d, which I guess is about 1 and a bit new pence. But that would buy us loads of Black Jacks, Mojo's and Fruit Salad chews. If we don't want people to just dump stuff, whatever it is, give it a value.
  4. I'm glad someone mentioned "skipping". It was a game with a whole industry of rhymes behind it. I remember it mainly being seen as a girl's thing when I was at junior school, but quite often the girls would shout to us boys to come and join in. They'd usually have a length of washing line with one end tied to a drainpipe in the school playground - and they'd start whipping the thing around really fast. The girls just used to wander with ease into the rapidly spinning rope with perfect timing and start to dance and weave whilst the rope got faster and faster. There'd be the chanting of skipping rhymes - which were almost mesmeric in nature - and I remember one that finished with..."and O. U. T. spells OUT" and at this point the person skipping would jump out from beneath the rope and a new person would enter. Us boys thought we were better at everything than girls, of course. But the skipping games were a great leveller. The times I've jumped into the skipping game and managed just a few revolutions of the rope until it came crashing down on my head and made my ears light up! I think the girls quite liked inviting us boys to come and skip - most of us were pretty poor at it compared to them - and you can guarantee that if we were doing well at it - they'd speed the rope up and chant louder and louder until it caught us out! "I like coffee, I like tea, I like (name of person) to jump with me" then that person would enter the ring. "Down by the river, down by the sea, Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me, I told ma, ma told pa, Johnny got a spanking, so ha, ha, ha" Then they'd ask, "How many spankings did Johnny get?" And the counting would be begin - and the person in the ring would have to keep jumping as they counted, until they couldn't jump no more! It was cheap, inclusive, good for fitness, good for laughs, and something that gave us kids a lot of fun and enjoyment.
  5. DerbyTup

    Kommune - anyone been?

    😃 Totally agree with you! My comments were meant tongue in cheek. Yes, count me in for "nice things", I like the sound of that. If there were more of them I wouldn't be traipsing off to Leeds and Manchester so often. I am a self-made man from N Derbyshire after all.
  6. I wish I'd have put a few quid on that! ☚ī¸ Alas, I'm not a gambling man! I am a Blade though, so that makes me feel happy at least. Although, to be fair, I would have preferred for Rotherham to stay up - and in truth, I'd have preferred for Wednesday and United to go up. I think it would be fantastic for this city and it's two wonderfully supported football clubs. Maybe end of next season we'll be seeing them both in the Prem? I tell you what, I'll wait until we see what kind of a squad the local teams put together before I make any predictions on it. But here's my initial thoughts... If United can sort out their ownership problem to allow Wilder to bring in 4 or 5 "quality" additions then I think United will hold their own. There's a top 6 or 8 that I wouldn't expect them to break into, but beyond that I think it's much of a muchness and with his leadership and style of play United will be competitive - but - they will need additions. I think the big issue for Wednesday is the FFP restrictions. Luckily they have some high earning low contributors coming to the end of their contracts. They will need to jettison them asap to create some room for new players. Can Bruce find those new players, cheaply? If he can, and if he can retain a few of their better players, I'd fancy them to be pushing at the top end of the table. As for Rotherham - I think their efforts this season have been tremendous and they should be confident of performing well at the level below. But I think they are a club currently stuck in a situation where they are maybe too good for League 1 but not quite good enough for the Championship. Depending on how he keeps the squad together, they may push for an automatic return, but somehow I don't think it will be.
  7. DerbyTup

    The Blades are going up!

    Well, allow me to put it in perspectivefor Pettytom. It's never happened before in the history of football. But if anyone thinks it's a reason to be cautious now, I'd suggest they seek help. The Blades are UP! Get used to it!😄
  8. Well, I don't know about chicken's heads, but chicken's feet definitely are something you see on sale in the Far East. First time we went to Thailand and Malaysia, we saw these little street vendors trolleys and they had loads of cooked chicken feet and plenty of folks (non-Westerners) were snacking on them.
  9. DerbyTup

    Outdoor venue for a party

    Cricket Inn, Totley Bents.
  10. DerbyTup

    Napoli Centro Pizzeria, Glossop Rd

    You are a mine of information Sir (or Madam). Very interesting. Have you acquired this knowledge from working in the food or catering industry, or is it something you've gained through travel?
  11. DerbyTup

    Kommune - anyone been?

    Is the overall concept, "offer quality food and drink, and variety, and people will pay for it"? If so, it will be doomed in Sheffield won't it?
  12. DerbyTup

    Where is this village?

    That's actually a very good guess. If by "has a railway line", the OP includes not a mainline railway, but a little tourist thing, then yes, I'd say it's more likely to be Matlock than any other place suggested thus far.
  13. DerbyTup

    Where is this village?

    I actually think the OP has confused memories of more than one place. I don't think there's anywhere, either Barnsley way, or out this way in Derbyshire that has all those features. The easy ones to identify are those that have railway lines. Going from Sheffield into Derbyshire, that's Dore, Grindleford, Hathersage, Bamford, Eyam. Or possibly Dronfield. But none of these have "up market" shops although Dore, Grindleford, Hathersage, Bamford and Eyam may be considered "affluent".
  14. DerbyTup

    Rules for smoking in sheffield

    It's compulsory to smoke in some areas of Sheffield. (at least it seems like it). I know what you mean though. I don't like it either, but I take the view that, providing it is outdoors, it's o.k. for them to smoke. They have to have somewhere they can smoke I think. Apart from the front door of the hospital.
  15. I don't know the Dev but I remember this dilemma when our children were young. Which pubs can we take them where we and they will be welcomed? It usually ended up with us going to pubs with a big beer garden, or pubs with one of those kiddies indoor soft-play areas. They latter are generally such dreadful places for anything else except the kiddies soft play area! Poor food. Poor drinks etc. It was easier to take them out on a long walk through the Derbyshire dales and tire the little devils out then stay outside with them. Of course, there are some pubs that allow kids in and the kids aren't a problem. It's the parents, who allow them to run riot as someone has said. I can think of one pub that I used to go in fairly regularly (without kids) where the parents were there like clockwork every night, with their two young kids (about 8 and 5). They'd be there from 6pm till about 10pm. They'd get the kids some crisps or chips and that would be their evening, whilst they got smashed. If you want to do that you should question why you had children in the first place maybe?

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