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  1. I walked down Pinstone Street the other day. Just about every other shop there is closed down/boarded up. This is not some little backwater on the fringes of the city centre, it is right there, in the heart of the city, opposite the splendid Peace gardens and Winter gardens and the lovely development they've done in that area. What an absolute shame to see this. One of the shops has re-opened as a....cafe. That's about the only type of business that seems sustainable in Sheffield city centre, food and drink, or nail-bars and charity shops. It's a far cry from the days when I used to buy my brogues from Lennards. I then walked along Charles street and took a left on Cambridge street, down through the new shopping centre part, passing "Grosvenor House". Construction is still going on there obviously but I could see the HSBC sign illuminated inside Grosvenor House. HSBC eh? I wondered where they had gone to! I opened a business account with them because they had a little sub-branch in our village and I'd seen their adverts about being a world-class bank every time I got on a plane. Then they started closing several branches locally and they were no longer convenient and neither have I found them very business-friendly to bank with either. Never mind. I know now where I might find a branch, when this new shopping centre opens. Although it's not certain they will have a counter service, obviously. It's more likely it's staff with clipboards, showing you how to use the machines. 😯 I gazed in through the windows at this huge retail building. A sign read, "retail units to let from 2,000 sq ft to 22,000 sq ft". There was no sign of retail life yet. I pondered..."what type of businesses will come here?" Will we see this place fill up with the likes of Harvey Nicholls, Selfridge's, Karen Millen, Mulberry, Louis Vitton, etc.? Or will it be more, "H&M", "Primark", "WH Smith", "Boots the Chemist", "Watch repairs", etc.? I think I know the answer, but I will wait to be pleasantly surprised maybe? You ask "what" would I like to see change in our city? This. I'd like to see the city attract some top end retailers to set up here. Why? Well not because I'm wanting to buy something from them every day of the week, but it's wonderful to have such quality and variety on offer. It's a reason to come into the city centre, even if one is only window-shopping. It's one of the reasons we go to Manchester or Leeds. And I'm sorry if these comparisons are "tiresome" but that's probably because folks are fed up of hearing about it because nothing gets done about it. The new Victoria shopping centre in Leeds - it's beautiful. And wonderfully restored Victorian arcades - the likes of which Sheffield got rid of years ago. It's just a lovely place to wander around. And so we go there, we may not buy a Mulberry handbag every week (although we did buy one on a recent visit) but we'll have lunch there and find some reason to empty money from our purse and wallet which is boosting their local economy. The sad fact is, there is really no need to go into Sheffield City centre to shop. There's only one shop that's worth going in, and that's John Lewis. And that place is falling down and in desperate need of repair. I worked there in the 1970's, my first job on leaving school. It was a flagship store for Sheffield back then, with it's wonderfully artistic window displays and spic and span interior design. It saddens me to see it like it is - but that's Sheffield for you. Here's what the John Lewis in Leeds looks like... And here's a Victorian arcade in Leeds... I would love to see this in Sheffield. I think it's beautiful and a reason to come into the city centre. Some of us are "tiresome" with our comparisons with neighbouring cities because we want the best for Sheffield. But seemingly, Sheffield does not want the best for itself or us? Or simply hasn't got a clue how to go about getting it? Regrettably, I don't see this changing much in the near future. It will take a generation of old Sheffielder's to die out and younger people with brighter ideas and ambition, to take over - and that is going to take time. (At least we've got one good football team that is putting the city on the map at last!😉)
  2. Probably lurking in the bushes I'd guess. It would be a bit dangerous to lurk in a tree and be throwing stones, one may fall out. I think this is bad form - but I've done it myself, years ago, when I was a kid. Reason..."boredom". Summat to do with me mates. Lob a few stones at passing cars and then run off. It provided a bit of excitement at the time. It never occurred to me or my mates how dangerous it could be. It was just high-jinx without any consideration for the consequences. I'm not proud of it, but I thought I'd mention it and get it out of the way now before I become famous and somebody tries to ruin my career over it.
  3. People who break into garden sheds eh? Vermin that's what they are. Not exactly a "bank-heist" is it? But it's annoying and frustrating for those on the receiving end. When our kids were younger they had a little wooden house at the back of our garden. They never played in it much and so I started to keep the lawnmower and a few garden tools in there. It wasn't lockable, but this is a "nice" area, a "posh" area, so, I didn't think it was necessary. One morning I woke up to find the wooden house door open and the lawnmower and garden tools gone. A few hundred quids worth of tools as well, petrol strimmer and hedge-trimmer included. From then on I've kept anything of remote value locked up in the garage (apart from my wife, who I keep in the coal-shed). I have been contemplating buying a garden shed as the garage is filling up with garden tools and numerous bicycles (cycling being a favourite hobby of mine). I'd probably go for a log-cabin as I like the appearance of those better than a shed and they are more robust - still not infallible though. Another option I saw was something called a "secure shed" on the internet a while ago. This looks like an ordinary garden shed but it has an inner metal cage - so even if folks break the wooden outside they still can't get to the contents. It's a pity that we have to go to such lengths to secure our valuables but thankfully it's still o.k. to speak badly of those who steal from others - in a few years time we'll be criticised for calling them names, like "vermin", and be encouraged to understand and embrace them.
  4. Why not sleep in the shed instead and save yourself the trouble?
  5. We're not very good at play-off finals, I have to agree with you. That's why we've given up on doing it that way and got promoted via the more traditional route of finishing as Champions or runners-up. But we were talking about the other Sheffield club.
  6. Does this count? It's "Derbyshire" - the best reason for visiting Sheffield.
  7. Could we replace the majority of the residents with folks who like nice things and are willing to pay for them? This way we could have top quality shops, bars, restaurants, hotels and they would thrive and Sheffield would be a wonderful place to visit. If this is a project too far, then here are some other ideas... Stop building "out of town" shopping areas and retail parks - and make the city centre the retail hub for the area. Do whatever is needed to the rent/rates/parking facilities/parking fees to encourage businesses and shoppers to come into the city centre and spend their money. Decide what it is that Sheffield "stands for" and market it globally to attract more visitors and commerce. Use the increased wealth coming into the city, as a result of my suggestions above, to fill in 't oles in t' road, to keep the locals happy.
  8. The good news in what you said there is "according to Twitter". That's about as reliable as those click-bait football sites that infest the internet. A platform for wannabe journo's to strut their stuff, even if it is the fabric of their own imagination. It will be interesting to see what type of manager your megalomaniac Chairman opts for next? Another "big-name"? or another "who the devil is that?" Big-names bring "experience" and some reassurance that they may know what they are doing. Although few big name managers go through a career without having been sacked for perceived failure at some point. Good manager? Bad manager? It's hard to tell based on their ability to remain in work. It depends at what point in time you stop the clock to make such an assessment. But, you've seen what can be done, with a big-name manager, in Steve Bruce. My conclusion is this was an excellent signing and he made a huge difference to the club in no time at all. But, the downside is, despite all the history and tradition and delusions of grandeur that Wednesday hold dearly, the prospect of breathing life back into Sheffield Wednesday is not one that many big-name managers, with a proud reputation, will rush to sully with a club that has underachieved for the best part of the past 20 years. I think this is the problem with Hughton. He's failed at better places than Sheffield Wednesday, so why would he want to tarnish his CV further by going there and grasping the poisoned chalice? You're more likely to get a Pulis or a Mowbray, some "journeyman" manager, than a young innovative, guy who's stock is still rising. So the alternatives then are to cast the net wider - maybe bring in some talent from the continent...well...you tried that before but got it badly wrong, but look at the likes of Farke at Norwich and Wagner (ex) Huddersfield. There are guys out there that are chomping at the bit to try their hand in English league football. It helps though if you choose one with a bit of personality, who can converse clearly in English and has a feint idea what he's doing. That's where you went wrong last time imo. The other option is..."grow your own". And you've got the perfect organic material there, already in place, with Lee Bullen. Knows the club inside out, loves the club, wants to be the manager (well..."Coach" is a more appropriate term - because the "managing" is done by the Thai guy upstairs). A few weeks and a few wins ago, 99% of Owls fans seemed to want Bullen. Now, a few defeats later, he's still a nice guy but suddenly not good enough. I think a little patience is needed. You've achieved nothing in the past 20 years, so waiting a little bit longer to see what Bully can do, given a run of 10 or 12 games, would be no hardship.
  9. I think they got confused and were looking for Spongebob Squarepants.
  10. Not long ago my wife was out in her car with her elderly mother and they had an argument. It's not unusual for my wife to become exasperated with her mother, but they don't usually have a barney in public, in the car. But on this occasion they did. Much ado about nothing - but it didn't go unnoticed by one observant and conscientious member of the public who saw/heard them arguing in the car, took the registration number and reported it. A few hours later and the police arrived at our house, to question my wife. She was rather taken aback by it to say the least! She invited the officer to come inside and no doubt she made him a cup of tea, whilst explaining that her mother is a cantankerous old boiler who drives everyone nuts. My wife provided her mother's address to the officer so he could go and check her out as well, but it seems like he didn't bother. And that was the end of that. So police can be mobilised to investigate non-events, before any crime is committed. Motorcycle theft...not so much perhaps, but two ladies arguing in a Ford Focus...yes...get on that case right away!
  11. I don't know the guy and I'm not sure I'd want to! I think your assessment of him is probably accurate. There's something about "anger management" going on there and unless he's had therapy for that and is in recovery then it's not a great idea for him personally, or others around him, to be in a stressful situation, which is what football management is.
  12. The mood is changing then as regards Bullen for manager? A few weeks ago it was broadly two camps... "Give him the job - permanently" and "Give him the job, for a while, and let's see how he goes" But now we have a third camp... "Get someone else in quick" And all because of a couple of defeats. For what it's worth, I think you do need an experienced manager to get you out of the Championship, and I don't think that's Lee Bullen, good guy though he is. I think you saw, last season, what a good experienced manager can do with a squad in no time at all - and equally, what a clueless inexperienced manager can do with a squad before that. One thing I've heard a lot of Owls fans saying is that they don't want Bully to get the job, because at some point all managers fail, and they don't want him to get the sack. They'd rather him stay in his current supporting role and have another manager come in over the top of him, so that Bully remains part of the club. To fans with this point of view I'd say, "that's nice" but the reality could be somewhat different. There is no guarantee whatsoever that if they brought in a new management team there would still be a job for Bully. I know it worked out that way under Bruce and his entourage, but the next incoming management team may not see any need for his services. So, it's lovely, but naive, to think, "don't give him the job because we don't want him to get the sack eventually". I wouldn't worry too much about personalities or sentiments tbh. I think the club just needs to take an objective view of what is needed to get them promoted to the Prem - then look at how far short of that they are currently. A good manager can make huge differences - look no further than S2 for a prime example of that.
  13. It took Warnock 8 seasons and a lot of money to get United back there. Some folks conveniently overlook that little point. There's no denying his track record for promotions though, but you'd have to contend also with the fact that he's a self-appointed expert at most things and has previously said how he'd love to be Wednesday's manager and take them down. I'd avoid him like the plague if I were you.
  14. Not exactly "in Sheffield" but not too far away and a place, I believe, that may be well-known to those from this area that appreciate really good Chinese food. With the ever-changing number of eateries along London Road, we were pondering where we could go and have a really top quality Chinese meal, without venturing off to Manchester as is commonly the case for us. I remembered the China Rose at Bawtry from years ago. It used to be very popular back in the day and I can remember taking professional clients there, from this area, such was its reputation. It must be 10 years since I last ate there, so I was interested to look at a few reviews and see if it was still one of the most highly rated places within a 25 mile radius of here. It is still getting good reviews - so our minds were made up and we paid a visit the other night. It's a 40 minute drive to get there, but it was worth it. The place itself is luxurious inside, it feels really special. And the food was excellent, every dish, from freshly caught mussels in black bean sauce, sticky barbecue ribs with loads of meat that just falls off the bone and the softest, most succulent crispy duck I think I've ever tasted. The portions were surprisingly large too. It's a pity that there were only two of us because this is the kind of place where you could order a selection of things and one dish would easily serve 2 people. I really like this place. They have kept their standards very high, unusually high tbh for this day and age. They still operate a strict dress code and they enforce it too. When you phone up for a table they will reiterate the dress code to you, "smart casual - no torn jeans, no trainers, no shorts". And on arrival at reception in the restaurant there are signs reinforcing the same. I like that. If you are looking for something a bit different, or maybe for a special occasion, then it's a beautiful dining experience and well worth the trip. https://www.chinarose.co.uk/our-restaurant/#all/1
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