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  1. DerbyTup

    Toilet roll man - why no statement

    He was hoodwinked mate, that's what I think. I think, as always, McCabe's intentions are decent and honourable. That bloke, I think, genuinely wants the best for this club. But...make no mistake...he also wants OUT of it and has done for years. So he's been looking for "suitors" for some while - but not any old "suitor" - he's been looking for a "suitor" with loads of dosh who can not just buy him out, but take the club onto a different level. In the Prince, McCabe thought he'd struck gold. It may have looked like gold, it may have sparkled, but it wasn't gold. The Royal connection, I think, is tenuous. I've spent a lot of time in the Middle East on business and there are hundreds of "Prince's" out there. It's almost like a title that is given to folks, it means very little - it certainly doesn't mean you are one of the Royal family like here - or mean that you are very rich. I could have told McCabe that years ago. I'm not doubting that our "Prince" is connected in some way, or that he doesn't have money - but this wasn't the financial saviour McCabe thought it was. The reason why McCabe needed him in the first place was because he wanted to reduce the amount of his own money that he was pumping in to the club to keep it afloat. That bill was about £8M a year if I recall correctly. So, offering to carve up the club 50/50 on paper, and reducing his outlay by 50%, seems reasonable to me - especially when the longer term plan is to pass it over 100% to the other party and extricate oneself from it entirely. However, it seems to me like there's the club running costs - and then there's "other business" which is further investment in the club and/or the playing staff, which wasn't agreed between them at the time. The stories we hear is that McCabe has wanted to put more money in to help push on for promotion, but this isn't matched by the Prince. However, I don't know if that's the case for certain - it could even be the other way round. It's really not so clear. The only thing that's clear is it can't carry on like this for much longer. One or the other needs to put up or shut up essentially. I think it would be best for all if a completely new owner took over - and I suspect that's what will happen in due course - but the club may need to pass back to one or other of the present incumbents for that to happen first.
  2. DerbyTup

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    There is a problem in setting a chronological age limit for anything - whether that be age of consent, age at which one can drink alcohol, age at which one should retire or age at which one should need to re-take a driving test. Although people may share the same chronological age, they may be very different in terms of their biological age. In consideration of driving a car, if we were to set an age limit beyond which regular testing is required to retain a licence, we'd have to set that limit low to catch those who are starting to deteriorate mentally before it becomes a problem. I'm afraid there's no definite age for that - but 85 would definitely be too much on the high side. A lot of people start to deteriorate much before then. I suspect somewhere in the 70's would be reasonable, hence I suggest 75, however, a GP should have the power to refer people for such a test if he/she is concerned. I think that would be the most fail-safe way. For not wearing a what? seat belt? condom? Blades hat?
  3. DerbyTup

    Tuna Mans statement ...why the lack of interest?

    Indeed you do Sir! I thought you were from the dark side! I was just trying to give you some bad advice!😏
  4. DerbyTup

    The Crow

    That's your opinion, and that's fine. I gave my opinion based on my recent visit. And I think that's fine also. Or do you want to tell me my opinion is wrong, based on your opinion? I'm sure like many pubs, the clientele varies from time to time - but some of these places which attract real ale drinkers and vegans and such like do have a rather scruffy crowd imo. It doesn't bother me, I just go in for the beer.
  5. DerbyTup

    Best charcoal grill take-away

    Wasn't this the one you recommended to me Lil-Minx? https://www.thestar.co.uk/news/this-sheffield-takeaway-on-london-road-has-been-given-a-zero-star-food-hygiene-rating-1-9542438 To be fair, I've only heard good reports about the food there, and I've heard that from lots of folks. Let's hope they get a kick in the pants to sort out their hygiene issues and continue with a clean bill of health.
  6. DerbyTup

    Toilet roll man - why no statement

    Did he shout, "Shoot!" out of frustration at all this passing we keep doing in the box? Did they buy a rug?
  7. I think you mean the "Dacia" Duster btw. It's made under licence from Renault, in Romania. If you thought you couldn't get much worse than Renault, try Dacia. It takes crappability to new depths.
  8. DerbyTup

    Tuna Mans statement ...why the lack of interest?

    I think Wilder's limitation, is also the club's limitation. We don't really have much of a scouting network outside of the UK. It's not surprising Wilder seems to favour UK and Irish players really. I just think when a team gets to the Prem it's a whole different ball game. The club will need to be fishing in a much bigger, more international pond, for players. Given the support though I'd be confident that Wilder could do it.
  9. They were just angry that their Citroen 2CV's could not go fast enough to make them flash.
  10. DerbyTup

    Sitting in doctors surgeries

    Also, a railway station is good for that. Not quite. If you are exposed to small amounts of bacteria you can build up an immunity. This is indisputable medical evidence. Back in the day kids did get exposed to less healthy conditions and perhaps that was part of it. I worked in a medical capacity for many years. When I first started I was ill just about every other week. Then after a few months I never picked up anything again for years. Passive smoking is harmful. No one is disputing that. Whether preservatives lower our immune systems I do not know, but I do think that preservatives, antibiotics and other things in the food chain are causing harmful effects.
  11. DerbyTup

    Prince Phils driving exploits.

    Agree. But it was a 1 ton Land Rover Freelander. It wasn't a Discovery. It was a Freelander. Half the size and weight of a Discovery. It should be compulsory for those aged 75 years and over to have an annual test to see if they are still capable of driving safely. There...I answered your question!
  12. DerbyTup

    Mustard pot

    I knew the bloke who owned it. I nearly bought a barn conversion from him, above Ewden Dam. Until I realised there was more than one catch in it. He owned the Flouch at one time as well. He was a likeable rogue for sure and the Mustard Pot used to be an eclectic and interesting pub.
  13. DerbyTup

    The Crow

    Will it attract a scruffy, hippy, new age, crowd like the Rutland?
  14. DerbyTup

    Sentinel brewhouse and eatery

    I just find Abbeydale very "mainstream". I go in the Rising Sun and gaze along the bar at 12 hand pumps. The majority of the beers will be around 4.5% - why? With such a huge number of pumps I would love to see a big range - from the "Driver Friendly" 2.9% to the "Ambulance Friendly" 7% or more! I must go in 2/3 times most weeks and I'm looking for a strong pale ale, or IPA. The host beer, Absolution, isn't bad, at 5.2% (or similar). Voyager is usually on, a bit stronger, but it's not great in taste. Then there's...nothing much really. I do like the Revolution Brewery beer that they have on there sometimes, but it's quite rare to find a strong IPA other than their own stuff. There's a brewery up the road at Wakefied, called Five Towns. They are making some really inspirational beers, flavoured with mango, passion fruit, all sorts of things. I had one of their "passion fruit" IPA's a while ago down the Kelham Island Tavern. 8% or similar - and it drank like a session ale. Beautiful! You can't get that from Abbeydale I'm afraid. The majority of their beers sit right bang in the middle of the strength range and are totally unremarkable imo.
  15. DerbyTup

    Tuna Mans statement ...why the lack of interest?

    Agree mate. Look at United. Look at how many untried, inexperienced managers we appointed over the past God knows how many years. Martin Peters Billy McEwan Steve Thompson Adrian Heath Phil Thompson Nigel Spackman Kevin Blackwell Gary Speed John Carver David Weir Some of these had a little dabble in management before, but none were experienced managers. We paid the price. United have found a gem in Wilder. He's probably one of the most experienced managers in the country, because he's being doing it successfully for years from grass roots up. That carries a lot of weight for me.

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