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  1. DerbyTup

    Watch repairs.

    There's quite a trade in second-hand quality watches. For whatever reasons, people get fed up of certain watches after a while and want to trade them for something else. I have kept the original boxes that my watches came in and this includes the warranties as well. It's a bit like it used to be with cars...if you have them serviced or repaired anywhere other than the main dealer, you risk invalidating the warranty. So, for me, for the type of watches I'm talking about, I don't really have much option but to send them back to the manufacturer. But if this wasn't the case then the suggestions by Nankypoo above sound really good. It is a dying art but it's good to know that a few still exist.
  2. DerbyTup

    Best Pork pies - Where from?

    Can't say I've ever been fond of re-heated pork pies with gravy. I like pork pies, I like them fresh and warm from the shop, but I wouldn't take a cold one and re-heat it and serve it with gravy. I see them more as a thing to be eaten with salad and pickles than a main meal. Your story isn't unfamiliar though. A lot of "substantial" meals were made from staples back in the day - corned beef being a good example. I still love a traditional corned beef hash even now. Cheap and easy to make - and delicious. The dried peas you mention are still available and I buy them regularly. I make my own pies fairly regularly - especially meat and potato - which I make with ox tail (and stewing meat) to give it a really special flavour. I always buy the dried peas that are soaked overnight with bicarbonate of soda tablets that come in the pack. They make excellent "mushy" peas - and don't contain half the additives and salt that come with tinned peas. We also had Henderson's relish on the table. (We had Fussell's condensed milk on the table as well, but not for putting on pies). It was only when I left home years later that I realised what a poor imitation Henderson's is, compared to the original Lea & Perrin's Worcestershire sauce. So, I'd substitute Hendo's for Lea & Perrin's, but otherwise agree this is a combination for a very tasty meal. I still use Oxo cubes now when making the gravy for a meat and potato pie. Only 1 though. I usually add a little gravy salt as well. Back in the day it used to be "Burdall's Gray Salt". I'm pretty sure that was made in Sheffield as well, but I haven't seen it for years. The nearest thing I've seen is "Compton's Gravy Salt" which you can buy in Waitrose. This adds a little bit of flavour. The main flavour for the gravy though comes from the ox tail. That makes an immensely flavoursome gravy. It is a lot of faffing about though. The ox tail needs slow cooking for several hours till it comes away from the bone. Then the bones need to be removed from the pot altogether. Then the pot needs to be left to cool and put into a fridge when cool enough, for several hours. This allows all the fat to settle on the surface and form a hard crust so you can skim it off. You can either throw it away, or use it in place of lard, for making your own short-crust pastry for the pie. That's what I tend to do. I am usually "busy" and don't seek labour-intensive tasks to do in the kitchen, on top of everything else. But the time and effort that goes into making a meat and potato pie is well rewarded by the result.
  3. DerbyTup

    Best Pork pies - Where from?

    yer what serry? still warm? I bet you were boiling?
  4. DerbyTup

    Best roast pork sandwich shop ?

    Let us know what you think? They do hot pork and chicken from about 11.30 onwards. Oh and btw - their home-made pies are excellent! Full of meat and lovely pastry. (I occasionally make my own pies but theirs are so good it's hardly worth the trouble!)
  5. DerbyTup

    Best roast pork sandwich shop ?

    This is my experience as well. I'd heard from a number of people that Bere's do a very good pork sandwich. I found myself in Hillsboro a few weeks ago - trying to kill time whilst I had the tracking done on my car up at Hawley's. It's a pretty desperate place to try and kill time is Hillsborough, but it was lunchtime and I remembered hearing about Bere's, so I popped in for a pork sandwich. I thought it was poor. For a start they sliced the meat wafer thin on one of those electric slicers - then they sprinkle it with crackling dust! Seriously, if anyone is advocating that this is "the best" pork sandwich in Sheffield then I'd encourage them to try a few more and compare. Some branches of Rose's the Bakers do a hot roast pork sandwich, with chunks of hot pork and crackling on top quality bread rolls. My favourite though, by far actually, are the ones from Banner Crust - which is a small shop near the top of the hill at Banner Cross on Ecclesall Road (more or less opposite the Banner Cross Inn, a bit higher up on the other side). They hand carve lovely thick juicy slices of hot pork and hot home-made stuffing, and chunks of crackling and apple sauce if desired. I'd probably say you get 3 times as much pork on your sandwich as those from Bere's - and it's hot and it tastes delicious. They do small ones for £2.85 or, if you're really hungry, they do a large one on a submarine type roll - I don't know how much that is tbh as the small ones are usually enough for me!
  6. You're still contradicting yourself, whether you say "rates" or "levels" - because on one hand you are saying all kids are different (develop at different "rates" or "levels") and then in the next sentence you're saying they should all be treated the same (no tuition till secondary school age). Yes children do develop at different "rates" or "levels" and no one is disputing that. What we are talking about here, are children who would clearly benefit from a bit of extra help. And this is usually a discussion between parents and teachers. At least it was in our case. There's a limit to how much time a teacher can spend with an individual child when class sizes are of 30 or more kids. I think you'e got a negative view on tuition tbh. I'm pretty sure our youngest was about 8 or 9 when we got him some extra help with Maths. He was definitely still in Primary School. It was never a case of "making him study when he didn't want to". The tutor, a middle-aged lady, came to our home and spent an hour with him once a week. She made it fun and exciting and he really looked forward to it. We had her for about a year and it made a huge difference to his understanding and enjoyment of the subject. My own personal experience was that I started to fall behind in Maths in primary school and I never really recovered from that. I almost developed a phobia about the subject and hated it all the way through school. Yes I became better at it as I got older and more mature, but I'd have loved to have had some help with it in my younger years, I'm certain I'd have enjoyed it more and done better at it later on.
  7. DerbyTup

    Watch repairs.

    There are many places that offer watch repairs, like Timpson's, the watch hospital at Meadowhall, and similar places in many shopping malls. Essentially, if it's anything more than just replacing a watch strap or battery they are not of much use. In fact, depending on the type of watch you have, they may not be much use even for replacing the battery. I took one of my watches in to H. L. Brown in the last couple of weeks actually. It just needs a new battery. But they can't do it in house. It has to go back to the manufacturers, to have it fitted, and the watch will be re-sealed. It's a Breitling watch - so quite expensive. And the cost of a new battery is £120 and it will take 4-6 weeks. When I was living and working in Switzerland a few years ago I had a new battery put in it. They charged me 30 Euro's and it took about half an hour. So, if you're going to Switzerland anytime then... Sounds like the OP has a potentially valuable watch? 1960's auto. It's unfortunate that the days of watch repairs being a lifetime's art for some has gone. If the watch is worth something, and it sounds like it probably is, I'd bite the bullet and take it into a proper jewellers.
  8. DerbyTup

    Stolen bird feeders

    could have been Magpies or Jackdaws - apparently they steal things! 😏 More likely some scroat though! Pathetic isn't it? I've got a couple in my garden. (Not yours btw!). It's great to see different varieties of birds coming to feed. Had some lesser spotted woodpecker's last year.
  9. Hmm! good point actually, never thought of that.
  10. DerbyTup

    The derby!

    I must say, Steve Bruce reminds me a lot of our own "Captain Blade". You don't suppose....do you?
  11. DerbyTup

    New business advice

    I would be very suspicious of someone knocking my door and offering me a service that I never considered I needed! It's unfortunate, but door-knocking has become the hallmark of undesirables in our society. It would be a big negative for me. He needs to set up a page on Facebook, Twitter, maybe also Instagram first of all. Get himself a business email domain. And consider advertising or mailing within a specific area. This could be a postcard in the local shop window - or it could be a small ad in the local parish magazine (if there is such a thing) or free press. One word about mailings...they usually fail - the success rate is less than 5% - most end up in the bin. But they are a cheap way of raising awareness. A mate of mine lives out the other side of Rotherham. He retired early from the Fire Service and wanted to earn some additional money. He bought a patio-cleaning kit. He targeted affluent areas of Sheffield, where many people have big gardens and patios, by putting a post card in the local post office window and also advertising in the local Parish magazine. Within no time he'd got lots of repeat business.
  12. I heard about a firm in Sheffield from a neighbour, who's son had just qualified on leaving University having studied computer studies/web design, and been offered jobs at several places computer/web design firms in Sheffield. The one he'd chosen was a firm called Evoluted - who, in his opinion, were one of the best in Sheffield. I've used them for my business website. They were very good, but also quite expensive. As someone has said, it depends what you want your website to do. Is it just a business card online? i.e. a place where people can find you, find out a little bit about what you do, and how to contact you? Or do you want it to be much more than that? Do you want to have interactive features, demonstrating your work, like video and audio, or maybe even open it up for others to comment and post stuff and link it to other sites? My wife set up a business last year. I just purchased an email domain and website builder package. This is a cheap way of doing it. They give you all the templates you need to build it in Wordpress and it's actually not difficult at all. My wife is no techie and neither his her business partner, but between them they worked it out themselves. They only need a basic website, like a business card online, and so this is what they did.
  13. I'd forgotten about the Wentworth brewery, glad to see they are still going. Bradfield brewery "micro"? No mate, I don't think so. Bradfield Brewery is no micro brewery. It's got huge brewing capacity and supplies pubs all around the country with its beer. By "micro" we are talking about some bloke in his garden shed, or similar. Small capacity. I think Sheffield has a number of these micro breweries Junction 33, Blue Bee, Neepsend, to name but a few. There's a very good one up the road too near Wakefield called " Five Towns" as well. This is the type of operation defined as a micro brew. I'll see if I can post a link to it. http://www.fivetownsbrewery.com/
  14. DerbyTup

    Advice regarding redundancy

    The advice given by Cyclone above is correct. But, check out ACAS as well, as someone has suggested. You can find a lot of information there which is written in simple language and is easy to understand. It will help you understand this from both the employer and the employee perspective. Your dilemma seems to be that you don't know whether to jump ship now or hang on to the time when you are possibly made redundant. They have to pay you off if they make you redundant. How much they will pay you depends on their redundancy policy. That may be harder to find out in some companies than others. There are statutory minimums they have to pay you though - and you can find that out. A good employer will pay you beyond the statutory minimum and may also let you take "garden leave" to allow you to look for another job whilst your contract is coming to an end. A good employer will also be transparent about their redundancy policy so that all staff can work out for themselves what % of pay they will get, based on years of service. Everyone's circumstances are different so I can't advise you what to do - but I can tell you what I did and what influenced my decision. It came down to weighing up whether it was worth hanging on for the payoff, or changing employment before then. In the first instance the firm I was working for took over another firm. All employees were offered voluntary redundancy. I'd been there about 7 years and I felt their offer was a very good one. It equated to about a year's salary, tax free. So I snapped their hand off and 6 weeks later was doing a similar job for one of their major competitors. I've been in this situation several times. If the payoff isn't worth much to you and a better opportunity comes up in the meantime I'd take that. But if you've got some serious dosh coming your way I'd hang on for it. One other thing you could do is start identifying other companies in your line of work now and start networking there - so your lifeboat is lined up when you need it. I have been self-employed now for about 9 years. I lose my job every few months - because I work on fairly short-term contracts. Unfortunately I don't get paid off for losing my job either! I do miss that about being employed! Not much else though!
  15. DerbyTup

    The will to win-the blades have it..

    Correct. There's no added pressure just because Leeds won last night. We will deal with Leeds when that time comes - in about 2 weeks. For now all we concentrate on is beating the team in front of us. And as you have said, we aim to win every game. We only have one way of playing in that respect. I do hope United can make up for not deservedly thrashing Wednesday earlier in the season. I don't think I can tolerate seeing the Wednesday fans celebrating another draw like they've just won the World Cup!

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