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  1. Yes I agree. My circumstances are different I suppose, in so much as I'm usually picking up my son in Sheffield after his shift at Meadowhall. I know what time his shift finishes and he texts me when he's about to board the train, so I can time it perfectly so that I arrive, more or less, as he's emerging from the station. Straight in and out. (Other traffic excepting of course). If he was arriving from London or further afield though it would be a different matter. On my last 2 trips to London in the past few weeks, my trains have been delayed or cancelled. There's no way I can say for certainty what time they'll arrive until I'm on the approach into Sheffield. When I picked my family up last year, on their return from Exeter, I got them to text me when they reached Chesterfield. Then I set off and parked up in the multi-storey, because I knew there'd be several suitcases and bags to store. My observations are that the whole traffic flow around the station is a mess. I've almost missed trains before now due to the approach to the multi-storey being congested with black cabs. The drop off area is very small and easily congested too. I would have thought there was enough land around there to structure a different traffic-flow for the taxi's and drop-offs/pick-ups, to make it work more efficiently? If I'm going by train from Sheffield it's about 20 minutes from home to the city centre, then I'd allow another 20 minutes on top for getting into the railway station car park and walking to the platform.
  2. There are some parking spaces there to wait for people. And as someone has already said, you can park for free for 30 minutes in the multi-storey. I have stopped there to pick people up, not drop off. I don't see anything wrong with that if I time it so that I arrive after they have arrived. It is selfish of people to just sit and wait though. However, if the trains ran on time...🙄
  3. I think the majority of pundits are very complimentary about us tbh. A lot have changed their tune since the start of the season - and rightly so.
  4. In that situation she would have been wise to get the number plate, even if that meant following him for a while to get it. No doubt she was so shook up that it all happened so quickly. I suspect the chances of finding him now are slim - but I hope she does. It's disgusting behaviour on his part. But, I'm sorry to say, it's not uncommon and it's a bit of a "male" thing too. It causes a male a particular problem if you sneak out in front of them, or even overtake them legally in some cases. They really don't like it. It is a blow to their masculinity and it can make them very angry. I've had it loads of times from other male drivers, never from a female driver. It's quite pathetic actually. I think I stopped getting angry with other motorists when I was maybe in my late 20's. I just came to the conclusion that it's really not worth it. Everyone makes mistakes when driving from time to time. A loss of concentration and ...there you have it. Of course some folks do drive like idiots as well and are deliberately inconsiderate. But you can usually spot those a mile off - they often have a sign saying "Taxi" on them. 😉 I think the thing that changed my mind about this "road rage" was that it made me feel awful for ages afterwards. And I thought..."why am I letting something so daft as that upset me?" because I was. If it's a genuine mistake then no one deserves to be shouted at, and if it's someone being a deliberate bottom, then why waste breath and energy on them - they aren't going to change, that's just the way they are. I'm not saying I don't mutter things under my breath, like when I'm behind someone at a junction and the road is clear but they sit and hesitate for ages. (Now this is usually a female thing!). 😍 That irks me a bit, and I've been know to say, "do you want it in writing?", but only to myself. Life is too short to let a careless person or an idiot ruin your day.🚗🚘🚙
  5. Are they making the parking spaces even narrower so they can get more cars in? What a disastrous design that place is. Constructed of High Alumina Cement initially and designed to maximise the number of parking spaces possible, without due regard for how people might actually get in and out of their car when parked. A few years ago my dearest took my car and parked up in there. Someone came and parked really close on the drivers side, so close that she couldn't get back in. On the other side, there was a wall. There was a slightly bigger gap, but again not big enough to get in. I had to lower the passenger side window and get my other half to lean through, let the handbrake off and put it into neutral, whilst I stood behind the car and let it gently roll out of the parking space. Lucky we were on a slight slope! As the car started to emerge and pick up traction she had to dive back in through the window and yank the handbrake on. Quite a dangerous manoeuvre! It was manageable with the sporty little number I had back then, but I'm not sure I'd fancy doing it with my Land Rover!
  6. I had similar. I didn't pay. I ignored all letters. They kept coming for about 6 months, threats of taking me to Court, etc. Then they stopped and that was the end of that. They could have taken me to Court of course. That may have turned out even more expensive because I'd have been liable for Court costs if I'd lost. But I was willing to take that risk. I've been in this situation 3 or 4 times and the same thing happened every time. They gave up chasing me. In your case you've responded to them. That may change the goalposts a bit and they may continue to pursue you. A friend of mine got caught in Berkeley Precinct. He was delivering something and was only there a few minutes but he got a "Parking Notice". He ignored it and it went away eventually. Of course, this isn't for everyone and I'm not suggesting it's right for you. There's some good advice on the moneysavingexpert website (a brilliant website for anything financial and it's independent). Link below: Good luck! https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/private-parking-tickets/
  7. I don't blame you! But it wasn't just me of course. This was not unusual behaviour in the village where I grew up. And it wasn't just about fireworks on Halloween or any other time of year. There was a gang culture, although it wasn't about drugs. It was about the grim desperation of bored youth with nothing in life to look forward to, apart from getting a job at the pit, getting married and having lots of kids, and eating, drinking and smoking yourself into an early grave. I found an escape route from that kind of society. It's called ambition. Believing that life doesn't have to be the same for you as it was for your parents, and grandparents, and past generations gone by. It's based on being forward looking and setting your sights on a better life, then working hard to ensure you get it - and treating people the right way, along the way, is key to it. I like where we live now, because we don't have gangs of delinquent youths hanging around outside the shops or on street corners, terrorising folks or just being a bloody nuisance - like I was a kid. The mold has been broken. Thank goodness!😶
  8. When I was a kid we used to take fireworks around with us on Halloween for "Trick or Treat" purposes. Anyone who failed to give us some money (because it was about money then, not about sweets, and we didn't used to dress up in daft "scary" costumes, we just had a turnip with a face carved in it and a little candle burning inside) got the "Trick". The trick was, shoving a lit banger through their letter box. I've also lobbed a lit "jumping jack" down someone's gennel aimed "Air Bomb repeaters" at folks's houses and set rockets off horizontally down the road to chase cars. These were common practices in the village where I grew up as a kid. It was great fun! Very wrong of course - but great fun all the same. I'm glad I have matured into a fine, upstanding, public-spirited citizen and a pillar of the local community. 😃
  9. Thanks for this mate. I drive down Abbeydale Road a lot and there seems to be an ever-changing scene of cafe's and eateries along there. Some of them look really nice and authentic. I'll look out for this one and maybe give it a try.
  10. Yes I agree. Tbh, I was thinking of one pub in particular, not far from Waitrose, who are occasionally poor at managing what turns up on the bar. They've got 6 cask pumps and on one visit, 3 or them were coffee porter. It's not an isolated incidence either. I;ve been in there when they've had 4 out 6 pumps with dark beer (i.e. stout or porter) on. This is fine if you like dark beers, and coffee flavoured ones especially - but I don't. And I prefer cask to keg - (although there are some amazing keg beers now and I will go for these if there's nothing on keg I fancy). Anyhow, it doesn't bother me. I'm not a big drinker. I might have 2 or possibly 3 pints maximum - I can't remember the last time I had more than that - must be 20 years ago. But I like quality and if I go into a pub and they've not got beer that I like I'll have something else instead, or just walk back out again and go somewhere else that does. I can usually find a good strong cask pale ale in Sheaf View, Kelham Island Tavern, Shakespeares or now, The Crow.
  11. I think it's a good addition to the local beer scene. I like the fact that it has a good mix of keg and cask and different styles and strengths of beer. And they seem to be able to manage the line up on the bar, so that there is variety. Never quite understood why some pubs fail to do this, but well done to the Crow for doing so. They do have snacks. Sausage rolls and pork pies and a few other things I think. Not that I've tried any. But I have tried their beer - both cask and keg - and it was excellent.
  12. Tamper coffee on Arundel street is pretty central and does good coffee. It's a nice ambience with an industrial chic feel to it. I don't know if you'd find it "amazing", because there's nothing very amazing about coffee shops or coffee. But if you're American I'm sure you'd find it "awesome". Here's a link: https://tampercoffee.co.uk/kiwi-cafe-culture/locations-2/
  13. On just about any other topic I'd totally agree with you about the parsimonious nature of local folk. But in this case, the local folks have a right to object to pay the going rate, because it's not worth it, simple as that. I don't know what Johnston Press's plans are for The Sheffield Star, but I doubt "survival" is one of them. The quality of journalism is staggeringly poor and the website is difficult to navigate because of all the pop-up ads. It is one of the most desperate online journals I've ever seen. One of the main stories the other week - "Man in BMW in argument with motorist". The story went on to say, that a man in a black BMW was seen arguing with another motorist, then getting back in his car and driving off. That was it! In an edition last year, on the sports page, there was a story about the footballer, Kieron Freeman, of Sheffield United. They posted a photo with, "Kieron Freeman - Sheffield United" - but the photo was of a King Charles Spaniel! 😂 The "Editorial checks" are not so great there, are they? Gone are the days when there was a good reason to buy the Star, in paper form, to: Get the very latest news updates on our local sports (football) teams Get the very latest locals news Buy or sell something in the extensive classified ads section Take part in a competition with good prize money, like "Spot The Ball" Find out handy local information, like what's on at the cinema, or where the late-closing pharmacies are Of course, the internet has changed the way we communicate and this has impacted negatively on the sale of newspapers. But we are talking about the online version of The Star here - and it doesn't do many of the above things - and it should, if it wants to survive. I occasionally read it as I'm keen on local football. I actually normally go to the webcrawler, "Newsnow" to find articles about Sheffield United, because this pulls in stories from all across the internet. Some of those are posted by The Star - so the link will take me to that site. However, since I now have to sign in to read them - and am restricted to 3 articles per week - I simply don't bother. There are other sources of local sports news, some of which The Star appear to get their ideas and stories from anyhow! It is sad to witness the slow death of yet another Sheffield institution.
  14. HSBC ground in Dore, or nearby on Parker's Lane for the Scouts bonfire.
  15. I like their self-confidence: "we do class ourselves as one of the best bars and grills in this location" 😃 😃 and depending in which direction you are going when passing it, it could be either!
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