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  1. I was there 61 to 65, Mr wilson was a top bloke !
  2. I used to play football inbetween some houses on Gloucester St in the early sixties
  3. I went there in 57, remember Miss Moseley, Mr Wiggott. People in my class were Neil Armstrong ,Malcolm Silverwood, Kath Foster, Helen Burgin ,Janet Morton to name a few. I was in Welbeck house, great times !
  4. My uncle Alf Timms worked there in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It used to be called Kenyon Brothers before Barworth Flockton.
  5. Hi there to any old pupils 1960/65. Does anyone know if they still hold a re-union any more ?
  6. When was London Rd/ Chesterfield Rd last re-surfaced, any ideas ?
  7. Used to go every Tuesday and Thursday 1967 onwards, good music and fantastic girls !
  8. Not in Sheffield but in Norwich called the Murderers Arms, top name !
  9. Deos anyone know if the Talbot is closing down ?
  10. Lease for sale sign up outside,this is the longest it's been open for a few years now.
  11. Is the Talbot on Stubley lane about to close ?
  12. I played with Kevin in the late 80s for Ecclesfield White Bear over 35s. Sorry I don't know his whereabouts now. Any other 'Bear' men out there ?
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