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  1. I used to play football inbetween some houses on Gloucester St in the early sixties
  2. I went there in 57, remember Miss Moseley, Mr Wiggott. People in my class were Neil Armstrong ,Malcolm Silverwood, Kath Foster, Helen Burgin ,Janet Morton to name a few. I was in Welbeck house, great times !
  3. My uncle Alf Timms worked there in the 50s, 60s and 70s. It used to be called Kenyon Brothers before Barworth Flockton.
  4. Hi there to any old pupils 1960/65. Does anyone know if they still hold a re-union any more ?
  5. When was London Rd/ Chesterfield Rd last re-surfaced, any ideas ?
  6. Used to go every Tuesday and Thursday 1967 onwards, good music and fantastic girls !
  7. Not in Sheffield but in Norwich called the Murderers Arms, top name !
  8. Deos anyone know if the Talbot is closing down ?
  9. Lease for sale sign up outside,this is the longest it's been open for a few years now.
  10. Is the Talbot on Stubley lane about to close ?
  11. I played with Kevin in the late 80s for Ecclesfield White Bear over 35s. Sorry I don't know his whereabouts now. Any other 'Bear' men out there ?
  12. Hi to all schoolmates from 60 to 65, I know this is a longshot but does anyone have any info on Myra Goodchild from that era. She used to live on Coverdale road. I hope someone will remember her.
  13. Hi Martine, All the people you mention I remember very well,Richard, Russ, Panch and myselfused to do the London Road run at the weekends.I have'n't seen Pauline in along time,I understand she's not too good these days. Hope you are well.
  14. Hi Martine, All the people you mention I remember very well,Richard,Russ, Panch and myself used to do the London Road run at the weekends. I've not seen Pauline for a long time, I understand she's not very well these days.Hope you are well.
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