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  1. Having a clearout and found what looks like a pretty much unused NetGem wireless keyboard - it would have been a peripheral for a very early smart TV set up, no idea what kit it might work with, sorry Rather than land fill it, happy to find it a new home
  2. Bit of a long shot, but someone on here might have bumped in to this Over recent years more contracts have gone inside IR35 (on "payroll") so a self employed contractor has to use an approved umbrella to do their PAYE - even though they could do PAYE themselves easily enough (a different story / grumble) But what happens if a company puts an employee in to a role inside IR35? They are already PAYE Reason I ask is we are looking at taking on our first junior, we are all geared up to run our own PAYE but cant seem to get a straight answer - it could make a massive difference to us as a small business
  3. to update, apparently this was not a one off. On that day a number of other identical thefts happened in (slightly) posh places. The police have been really proactive on this, which I didn't expect They reviewed quite a bit of city centre CCTV, the chap made sure to have anonymous clothing and mask. Nothing to see, this chap knew what they were doing The shops in Sheffield where the phones might be sold have also been great, but nothing came of that. Suspect the stolen phones have gone overseas
  4. unfortunately true, but she is only just a teenager and didnt know - painful lesson learnt
  5. hope its okay to post this here - just to give folks a heads up so it doesn't happen to you - my young daughter was just robbed of her mobile phone by a bloke pretending to have learning disability She so upset its horrible, but he's bound to try it again Basically he wandered in to a Costa with an A4 piece of paper pretending he didn't understand what was going on - pretended to stumble, put the paper down on top of stuff on the table, got aggressive and left. The paper appear to have something written on it but it happened so fast she couldn't really tell If anyone see the chap then feel free to PM me and I can pass to police. FWIW we remote erased and blacklisted the phone, but that doesnt get it back or heal the upset and violation
  6. Need an affordable phone for my daughter, she likes her old Moto G5 but its a bit beat up and really slow now Totally baffled by the model choice, Moto have 2 models at £160; G9 Power and G30. And two models at £130: G9 Play and G10. The G8 is a few quid less, but does seem slower / older Cant really tell any difference - anyone know? Is there a better deal in this price range?
  7. Like it says really, myself and daughter wanted to try something new now we are coming out of lockdown. There was a place where we went on holiday last year that did it. They made it sound fun, but was closed due to Covid Many years ago there used to be a clay pigeon shooting place out near Fox House, on the way to Hathersage (website not updated since 2007) - which would have been ideal, as we want to give it a go and it its fun we can go again, the corporate event type things dont really do that
  8. If I find anything will post here for others - if there is any affordable Sheffield made cutlery there may be other Sheffield folks interested FWIW this is on Ebay, its an unused canteen of Sheffield cutlery in a mahogany box, near a 100 years old and much cheaper than a modern equivalent. Not dishwasher safe alas, 1920s Viners Sheffield cutlery - unused
  9. hoping to spend a little less than the £500-£1000+ you need at the usual Sheffield sources, that's a lot for everyday cutlery Wondering if there is anywhere that still mass produces locally or maybe that is just too expensive these days- didnt think about auction source, thanks for that
  10. I know a couple of the "designer" cutlery folks are still manufacturing wonderful cutlery in Sheffield - we even have a Sheffield made Morton set for special occasions but I wonder if anyone has seen any "everyday" cutlery that was actually made in Sheffield? Its really hard to tell shopping online - and my Sheffield born missus wont have anything else in the house
  11. alas much of the data is old, in the 2018 King Edwards inspection didn't really call out the 6th form. And data doesn't tell the whole story of a school the other data sources we have using include Guardian Schools, where Henry Fanshawe appears to do better: https://www.theguardianschoolsguide.co.uk/schools/king-edward-vii-school-107140/ https://www.theguardianschoolsguide.co.uk/schools/dronfield-henry-fanshawe-school-112969/index.html
  12. not sure if anyone will be able to help on this, but if you dont ask . . . My daughter is applying to 6th form and is torn between King Edwards and Henry Fanshawe - but with all the Covid stuff going on you cant visit and recent performance / Ofsted stuff isn't being updated Obviously King Edwards is easier to get to and got a recent "Good" from Ofsted. But Henry Fanshawe got an "Outstanding" Ofsted (5 years ago) and seems to have changed Head since then Anyone have any views / info / thoughts?
  13. Meadowhead / Norton is nicer than Woodseats, got Graves park and St James retail close by, but not the quietest Greenhill / Bradway? Bradway has great little bunch of shops at the top of Twentywell Lane, couple of good takeways and surrounded by dog walks in every direction - heck there even a petshop in Bradway. Greenhill has some ok shops/takeaways too and easy access to the woods Close to Rivelin Valley might be worth a look too, lovely dog walking and the advantage of the tram nearby Dore is nice too, even better shop choice but likely more expensive. Lodge Moor, Stannington might be similar
  14. Bit left field maybe, but Wickersley/Bramley nr Rotherham is nice, not expensive and schools around there used to be good (may have changed in recent years). It is 2 minutes from M18 which gets you to Sheffield, Meadowhall and beyond quite quickly. Not so handy for train stations mind Second being near family if you plan to have kids, we did that and its saved our bacon many times having granny a few minutes away
  15. late to this conversation but my 2 peneth. We had so many issues with HSBC business banking we had to move (long story of amazing incompetence and dozens of wasted hours). We only really transact online, dont handle cash, dont borrow money - how hard can it be to run a business banking account?! Went round most of the banks to see what was available. Service seemed much the same so we were interested in "value add", we also wanted a human to talk to if we needed it Barclays offered some use of their city centre space for client meetings and regular events Lloyds, TSB and Co-op seemed un-interested, didnt get very far Handelsbanken interviewed us and then went never got back to us . . . Santander were very helpful, moved everything painessly. We had a named contact (and their mobile number) and are pretty happy with things. Had the odd issue, sorted professionally and quickly Got invited to a business networking event once, it was fun but not invited again, not sure why. The only time it got messy was when we needed a second business account
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