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  1. personally wouldnt use MDF, fumes indoors, bit soft, stability cf ply etc Decent ply seems stable and robust - built my daughters out of all 9mm in a ribbed / boxed style construction (so it is light and mobile). For a fixed install would probably go 12mm ply deck, 6 or 9mm surround and planed softwood framing (probably all from Lavers) FWIW just got 3 big rolls of cork off ebay for the undertrack, arrived yesterday, so busy prepping for new layout this weekend
  2. Was born in a council house in the 1960s, my mum scrimped every penny she could to get me tutored for the 11 plus. Got me in to the best school in the area and I mixed with lots of entitled kids. First of my family to Uni, done three Masters degrees now - changed my life. Sheffield doesn't offer that for my kids as your education is decided by your postcode, though I am hoping some 6th form college choice will come a close second
  3. We had an old mill stone stolen from our front garden. It had been outside the front door for years, I remember the kids used to sit on it to put take their wellies on when they we little Then some (presumably fairly strong) vermin pinched it I do hope they needed it (or the money from selling it) for something important, rather than just being too lazy to work for a living like the rest of us
  4. My eldest is really hard working, currently doing pretty well for sciences, English etc and wants to do Psychology at A level - but her school doesn't do that subject Other schools nearby do offer the subject, but looking at the application form they only seem to care about your address care little for student determination, ability or aspiration - we are out of catchment so I assume we are out of luck? Any thoughts / experiences
  5. Need about 30m of mild rod to made some plant supports - anyone know where I can walk in and get some? Parker Steel list this for £3.75 + VAT for 6m length which is ideal, but they are down south. With steel suppliers can you just walk in off the street and buy some just like Lavers?
  6. so now I am pondering some different cloning software, Aomei seems well liked
  7. Thanks Happ - I think you must be right, I have gone back to Samsung website and dug around - badly designed site imo - but downloading their migration software now finshed download and the .exe certificate is from Clonix not Samsung - investigating further before I run that methinks
  8. Got a Samsung Evo 860 SSD drive to put in a decent but slightly slow laptop, currently it has a 2/3 year old WD HDD which is the bottle neck Installed Samsung Magician software to laptop, which reports "drive is not suported", it recognises drive as WD BPKX-60HPJT0 - and gives no clue as to what to do next, fwiw HDD is 750GB partitioned into 325GB C / drive and 325GB D / data, SSD is 500GB and I only need to clone C So I have no clue what to do now, got an expensive drive and £10 USB to SSD cable and need to figure this - suggestions please
  9. not a lot of replies, mayne I should ask a slightly different question I already have a login for Nintendo.co.uk and a different one for Nintendo.com using email address and a password - not sure when I got those, had them a while With the Switch Nintendo it is asking me to "create new Nintendo account" and offered the optopn of using "Nintendo Network ID" - how are these differnt to the logins I have, which dont seem to work for anything?
  10. I am making an assumption the NAS has to be plugged in to the router, can it be elsewhere, like attached to a wifi connected desktop?
  11. fwiw the Plusnet router is about 5 years old, we have experienced very poor streaming and added a Coredy wifi booster at the TV, which helped I have a home office with a tower desktop with multiple drives, and find being in a Skype/Hangouts while someone is streaming doesnt work so good - the call gets poor, which isnt ok for work. Everything is wireless as the cable/box that comes in to the house is in a really awkward location My business is helping with some of the cost and recommended a Draytek ADSL router so I can have different channels for different stuff. My tech abilities are "adequate" so plug and play is where I am at One idea I had was to put 2 x 4TB in the desktop and use that as RAID, not sure that would work for streaming video - one thought here was to rip DVDs to disk and store the physical discs in the garage to get rid of clutter
  12. currently we have a plusnet router/modem and a plug in booster by the TV - we used to just surf internet on the odd device but now stream TV and have multiple devices do all sorts I really need to get some network storage (Sylology NAS 218 maybe?) for photo archive but guess updating the router modem makes sense (to what?) - the plan is to be able to stream HD Netflix to TV and be on internet and have a film / photo archive protected by RAID. Not sure 4K is needed but maybe sensible to work at that speed (maybe?) thoughts?
  13. I am confused, we got a Switch for the kids at Christmas, the kids have their own user profile on the machine (and me too) The device wants me to set up an account, which is says will not be changeable later - so I dont know what to do to ensure we can all get access to the games on the machine (it came with Mario Kart as a download, we want a couple of things from eshop) anyone know how this stuff works? thanks
  14. As per title really, got to get a train so needed to be in the station at 11. No announcement and felt like I was the only person observing two minutes silence Such utter disrespect
  15. Thansk rudds, Roadhawk seem good but pretty pricey - maybe we need ot up the budget, my insurance is due soon so if it gets us a discount might be worth spending a bit more tempted by the Motorola ones in Argos at £45 mind
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