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  1. Knew someone who worked in a kitchen equipment store They reckoned there was an increase in customers cutting themselves when checking to see "how sharp the knives were" at Christmas . . .
  2. Just idle curiosity really I wonder if Christmas is different in A&E - are there more accidents related to gifts than alcohol over the festive period? I am getting a Slackline for Christmas and hope not to end up n hospital, but guess there are other "dangerous" gifts
  3. I will be happy to walk along the thing, good for core strength and balance apparently - and good for getting muddy I suspect Kit on its way for Christmas EDIT - kit just arrived, only ordered it yesterday! Hopefully wont be in A&E on Boxing Day . . .
  4. thinking about getting a Slackline kit for myself for Christmas, it might be okay in the garden but I would love to go to the park with it There are many great trees in the parks around us that would work really nicely - obviously I would use tree protectors but wonder if anyone has done this, or been challenged by doing so? What about out in Derbyshire? Underneath Stanage Edge would be an ace spot
  5. Am looking for an EPQ (Extended Project Qualifiaction) tutor that knows how the programme works and what good looks like Its a lot of effort to study and if you dont get an A the Unis arent really that interested Alas, school has appointed a teacher who has never done EPQs before, and they seem pretty clueless
  6. My work desktop needs some extra memory, its has 4 memory slots and 2 have 4GB DDR3 memory (ID- HMT451U6BFR8C-PB) Can I buy 2 more 4GB DDR3 with similar spec (eg 1600MHz) and stick them in the other slots? Or do things have to match? Need at least 16GB for video editing and this is much cheaper route than getting 4 x 8GB all new (£160+!)
  7. Not quite photography but I wonder if anyone knows of any courses to help a beginner to develop their (documentary) film making skills It seems quite a tech heavy subject these days and I am struggling to know where to start Dont mind paying (or travelling a bit) but it would have to be weekends or evenings
  8. My daughter is looking for a pair of pet rats We want to look at a few to get a sense of colours etc, it would be good to go to a rat show (but I cant find any actually happening) or a dealer / shop with some variety (but we cant find any) Anyone point me in the right direction please
  9. Having a clearout and found what looks like a pretty much unused NetGem wireless keyboard - it would have been a peripheral for a very early smart TV set up, no idea what kit it might work with, sorry Rather than land fill it, happy to find it a new home
  10. Bit of a long shot, but someone on here might have bumped in to this Over recent years more contracts have gone inside IR35 (on "payroll") so a self employed contractor has to use an approved umbrella to do their PAYE - even though they could do PAYE themselves easily enough (a different story / grumble) But what happens if a company puts an employee in to a role inside IR35? They are already PAYE Reason I ask is we are looking at taking on our first junior, we are all geared up to run our own PAYE but cant seem to get a straight answer - it could make a massive difference to us as a small business
  11. to update, apparently this was not a one off. On that day a number of other identical thefts happened in (slightly) posh places. The police have been really proactive on this, which I didn't expect They reviewed quite a bit of city centre CCTV, the chap made sure to have anonymous clothing and mask. Nothing to see, this chap knew what they were doing The shops in Sheffield where the phones might be sold have also been great, but nothing came of that. Suspect the stolen phones have gone overseas
  12. unfortunately true, but she is only just a teenager and didnt know - painful lesson learnt
  13. hope its okay to post this here - just to give folks a heads up so it doesn't happen to you - my young daughter was just robbed of her mobile phone by a bloke pretending to have learning disability She so upset its horrible, but he's bound to try it again Basically he wandered in to a Costa with an A4 piece of paper pretending he didn't understand what was going on - pretended to stumble, put the paper down on top of stuff on the table, got aggressive and left. The paper appear to have something written on it but it happened so fast she couldn't really tell If anyone see the chap then feel free to PM me and I can pass to police. FWIW we remote erased and blacklisted the phone, but that doesnt get it back or heal the upset and violation
  14. Need an affordable phone for my daughter, she likes her old Moto G5 but its a bit beat up and really slow now Totally baffled by the model choice, Moto have 2 models at £160; G9 Power and G30. And two models at £130: G9 Play and G10. The G8 is a few quid less, but does seem slower / older Cant really tell any difference - anyone know? Is there a better deal in this price range?
  15. Like it says really, myself and daughter wanted to try something new now we are coming out of lockdown. There was a place where we went on holiday last year that did it. They made it sound fun, but was closed due to Covid Many years ago there used to be a clay pigeon shooting place out near Fox House, on the way to Hathersage (website not updated since 2007) - which would have been ideal, as we want to give it a go and it its fun we can go again, the corporate event type things dont really do that
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