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  1. apologies if this is on the forum somewhere, couldn't find it - and Google hasn't helped either with this one because it keep bring up out of date pages I need to get a Covid vaccination (vulnerable family member who doesn't live with us) but am not eligible for an NHS one. The local chemists seem to offer vaccination but only to eligible NHS folks, like over 65s. Is it not possible to get a vaccine this year?
  2. Been looking at getting a VPN, for more privacy / security etc, torn between Surfshark and Nord Are they really as easy to set up & use as the ads say? Do I have to install stuff on our router and TV etc. I am guessing phones are quite easy How many connections do I really need? For example Nord VPN allows 6 devices, is my router a device and my laptop? I assume the 6 is connections not devices Any advice / opinions welcome, thank you
  3. Interested in folks views of Aberystwyth Partly, how on earth do you get there? Google seems to offer many routes - so maybe there isn't one good way - welcome experiences What's it like? We stopped going to North Wales because of how unfriendly the Welsh can be - is Aberystwyth same/better/worse?
  4. brilliant idea, thank you - I shall pass this to her to do
  5. My daughter is looking for some experience working with animals, either farm or veterinary, preferably larger animals, maybe help with lambing, milking etc that sort of thing Have asked around the folks we know but we don't know any farmers or where to start really, any thoughts?
  6. Researching social history of Sharrow and keep coming across bdg type 1 and bdg type 2, no one I have talked to seems to know what they mean Fwiw we are talking post war
  7. Have some quite a lot of posh petite ladies designer stuff (size 6 / 8 ) I need to sell - who would be interested in that ?
  8. just on google maps trying to suggest how my wife gets home from work - all alternate routes look pretty much grid locked (again!), good luck if you are using Woodseats or Twentywell Lane Its crazy they dont need to close the road like they have
  9. it was (still is?) properly closed at the bottom roundabout (nr Hutcliffe Wood Rd) but no idea why Last night folks were driving round the road closed sign because it made no sense
  10. anyone had trouble moving around SW Sheffield today? If you have, its because some bright spark closed Bocking lane about 10 hours ago, its been utter chaos all day, still burgundy every which way in google maps - missus took nearly 3 hours to get home from work . . . no signs no diversions ! and no need !! because there is room to get past the little hole in the road what the !!!
  11. I used to get plug plants from Richard plants nr Chesterfield - great value but they have ceased trading Been to a couple of garden centres (you know the ones, they have more space for gifts and tea shop than veg) and the prices seemed a lot, eg £3 for 3 plugs, where I would have paid that for 12 at Richards. If I had known we would have started with seeds much earlier but its too late now Anyone point me at somewhere selling affordable plug veg please
  12. Police chase apparently, went through Totley to Derbyshire. Possibly
  13. Anyone know what is happening? Been circling for about an hour . . .
  14. Knew someone who worked in a kitchen equipment store They reckoned there was an increase in customers cutting themselves when checking to see "how sharp the knives were" at Christmas . . .
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