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  1. Bit left field maybe, but Wickersley/Bramley nr Rotherham is nice, not expensive and schools around there used to be good (may have changed in recent years). It is 2 minutes from M18 which gets you to Sheffield, Meadowhall and beyond quite quickly. Not so handy for train stations mind Second being near family if you plan to have kids, we did that and its saved our bacon many times having granny a few minutes away
  2. late to this conversation but my 2 peneth. We had so many issues with HSBC business banking we had to move (long story of amazing incompetence and dozens of wasted hours). We only really transact online, dont handle cash, dont borrow money - how hard can it be to run a business banking account?! Went round most of the banks to see what was available. Service seemed much the same so we were interested in "value add", we also wanted a human to talk to if we needed it Barclays offered some use of their city centre space for client meetings and regular events Lloyds, TSB and Co-op seemed un-interested, didnt get very far Handelsbanken interviewed us and then went never got back to us . . . Santander were very helpful, moved everything painessly. We had a named contact (and their mobile number) and are pretty happy with things. Had the odd issue, sorted professionally and quickly Got invited to a business networking event once, it was fun but not invited again, not sure why. The only time it got messy was when we needed a second business account
  3. Not been able to get hold of a pH testing kit but think our heavy clay is rather acidic, wondering what results other folks might have found Apologies,pH in SW Sheffield, darned auto correct
  4. eeek! thanks for the heads up - its not really snow any more, more like ice, so not as much fun as it was
  5. If anyone is interested we have a truly amazing English Tutor for our daughter - PM me for info. Posting here because (i) we are very happy with them (ii) they are growing the private tutoring provision, have capacity for more students and I offered to help spread the word Our daughter has gone from scrapping 5s at GCSE and not liking English, to it being her favourite lesson - the tutor is so enthusuastic its infectious Also, because the tutor helped her understand how to answer questions her grades in other subjects like geogrphy have improved
  6. SW Sheffield seems okay. Main roads and bus routes seem to have been ploughed and gritted round here. Stuff is melting fairly fast too, so mostly mush - admittedly quite thick (3 to 4") mush in places
  7. Got a Draytek router/modem thingy with 2 USB slots. Added a 128GB drive and changed settings to allow USB drive But dont see anything from PCs - is it not that simple to add some shareable network storage?
  8. got 4 inches of snow here already, no sign of gritters - wife works at Hallamshire but cant get in Why are there no gritters?
  9. apologies if this is in the wrong place, nor even sure if a post here will work, but you have to try dont you found a bunch of keys in the street in S17 - a long deadlock key, a yale type key and some padlock keys too If the owner can confirm more details we can get them back to you
  10. thanks folks, sounds like I got out of date - there used to be multiple versions, now consolidated. Will proceed with the upgrade over the weekend, fingers crossed I guess USB might be quicker, DVD is an old habit of mine having suffered multiple USB corruptions over the years (but no DVD)
  11. slightly off topic, but I stuck a cheap Samsung SSD in an old Win7 laptop and it fair whizzed along (for web/office/homework) added Win 10 recently and its like a new machine - still dusty and full of fluff mind . . .
  12. Hope the question makes sense? I have a Win10 ISO on DVD and used it to move my old laptop from Win7 to Win 10 - it was Win 7 Home device and upgrade worked fine I have an old desktop with Win7Pro on it - if I used the same ISO will it keep the "Pro" bit? FWIW the ISO was downloaded from Microsoft a few days ago, so it is the most recent (afaik) MS website tells me I will just move to Win10 - almost like there is no Win10Pro, so slightly confused
  13. as per title really, we need some building work doing the seem very professional - struggling to get a recommendation from anyone so found on Federation of Master Builders PM rather than post her if you like
  14. According to various sources if you erect a gate that is on highway (or on footpath facing highway) you need planning permission to exceed 1m high - so pretty much any normal driveway gate Like much of Sheffield we are on a hill and our house has a drive opening that slopes, the gate would have little "twiddly bit"at each side and be 98cm from the ground on one side and 106cm on the other. The height at the main horizontal wood would be 1m So will planning department really demand £206 if any part of the new gate exceeds 1m above the ground?
  15. Anyone know if you can film in a taxi, its just basic interview stuff - bus / tram folks want a tonne of paperwork (and money)
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