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  1. Have some quite a lot of posh petite ladies designer stuff (size 6 / 8 ) I need to sell - who would be interested in that ?
  2. just on google maps trying to suggest how my wife gets home from work - all alternate routes look pretty much grid locked (again!), good luck if you are using Woodseats or Twentywell Lane Its crazy they dont need to close the road like they have
  3. it was (still is?) properly closed at the bottom roundabout (nr Hutcliffe Wood Rd) but no idea why Last night folks were driving round the road closed sign because it made no sense
  4. anyone had trouble moving around SW Sheffield today? If you have, its because some bright spark closed Bocking lane about 10 hours ago, its been utter chaos all day, still burgundy every which way in google maps - missus took nearly 3 hours to get home from work . . . no signs no diversions ! and no need !! because there is room to get past the little hole in the road what the !!!
  5. I used to get plug plants from Richard plants nr Chesterfield - great value but they have ceased trading Been to a couple of garden centres (you know the ones, they have more space for gifts and tea shop than veg) and the prices seemed a lot, eg £3 for 3 plugs, where I would have paid that for 12 at Richards. If I had known we would have started with seeds much earlier but its too late now Anyone point me at somewhere selling affordable plug veg please
  6. Police chase apparently, went through Totley to Derbyshire. Possibly
  7. Anyone know what is happening? Been circling for about an hour . . .
  8. Knew someone who worked in a kitchen equipment store They reckoned there was an increase in customers cutting themselves when checking to see "how sharp the knives were" at Christmas . . .
  9. Just idle curiosity really I wonder if Christmas is different in A&E - are there more accidents related to gifts than alcohol over the festive period? I am getting a Slackline for Christmas and hope not to end up n hospital, but guess there are other "dangerous" gifts
  10. I will be happy to walk along the thing, good for core strength and balance apparently - and good for getting muddy I suspect Kit on its way for Christmas EDIT - kit just arrived, only ordered it yesterday! Hopefully wont be in A&E on Boxing Day . . .
  11. thinking about getting a Slackline kit for myself for Christmas, it might be okay in the garden but I would love to go to the park with it There are many great trees in the parks around us that would work really nicely - obviously I would use tree protectors but wonder if anyone has done this, or been challenged by doing so? What about out in Derbyshire? Underneath Stanage Edge would be an ace spot
  12. Am looking for an EPQ (Extended Project Qualifiaction) tutor that knows how the programme works and what good looks like Its a lot of effort to study and if you dont get an A the Unis arent really that interested Alas, school has appointed a teacher who has never done EPQs before, and they seem pretty clueless
  13. My work desktop needs some extra memory, its has 4 memory slots and 2 have 4GB DDR3 memory (ID- HMT451U6BFR8C-PB) Can I buy 2 more 4GB DDR3 with similar spec (eg 1600MHz) and stick them in the other slots? Or do things have to match? Need at least 16GB for video editing and this is much cheaper route than getting 4 x 8GB all new (£160+!)
  14. Not quite photography but I wonder if anyone knows of any courses to help a beginner to develop their (documentary) film making skills It seems quite a tech heavy subject these days and I am struggling to know where to start Dont mind paying (or travelling a bit) but it would have to be weekends or evenings
  15. My daughter is looking for a pair of pet rats We want to look at a few to get a sense of colours etc, it would be good to go to a rat show (but I cant find any actually happening) or a dealer / shop with some variety (but we cant find any) Anyone point me in the right direction please
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