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  1. Yes I have ,heard of pareidolia but without getting heavy,like I say just go on you tube type in mars anomalies, I just find the items too good just to be rocks , and why would nasa try to cover some items up by using filter lens mars maybe sandy rocks but not that red
  2. Sorry not sure how to post links but like I did just go on you tube plenty to look out some a bit wacky but loads of things of interest Mars anomalies2018
  3. I remember that was elvis driving it ,,, but seriously there are loads of pictures coming back from mars and loads of items on you tube to look at worth spending a little time ,and I think you will see not just rocks
  4. Objects been shown in my opinion have never been rocks ,I did not realise that the photos taken have a coloured red/ orange lens on ,so when these photos are given there natural colour it is amazing how more detail emerges take a look on you tube not sure what I think
  5. Been spending time on YouTube looking at photos sent back from Mars, I always keep an open mind on things that get posted ,but to be honest a lot of objects seen cannot be natural rock not sure why the USA ars trying to cover these things up what your thoughts on this
  6. Looking at a different Christmas period this year ,would like to help a charity something like take food for our homeless on the streets or anything really?
  7. If you owls keep ripping your manager to bits you will get him sack ,, Please leave him alone till after playing us thank you:D:D
  8. Going to be a tough game for united today,even though we had a good result last game we will need to play a lot better to beat Forrest, a win would be fantastic to get us in the mood for Friday night !!!
  9. Definitely not kids toys unless you want your kids to have knuckle dusters ,hand daggers and various other knives that strap to your leg ,to me they should not be for sale All on wish site for anyone to buy take a look !
  10. I know what you mean but still ,don’t think they should be for sale ,,
  11. Just been on a web site ,wish thats sells most things ,to my shock I can’t believe what they are selling daggers that you strap to your legs combat daggers Knuckle dusters hand guns supposed to be for children ,with all the problems Around at the moment this can’t be right ! Can it
  12. Thank you for. That info anyone know what sent for recovery 67% mean
  13. Like I say be very interesting to know the amount of rubbish in Sheffield is actually recycled
  14. The thing is it dose not matter how many bins you get,, what % is been recycled And most people don’t use the bins correctly anyway ,so not sure how we are going to be any better off with more bins taking more room up you know it was not that Long ago we had one bin for all collected once a week how easy was that
  15. Well here we go again we’ll done to the city council or Amey just had grass verges supposedly cut what a toatal mess grass all over my car all over path,my drive , then some moron comes along with a blower an blows it all over road so when you get in your car car grass all over and makes more mess , Seriously are we paying these clowns to do this work.?? And even more the person in charge of these fools wants to get off his arse and come round estates And see what’s going on
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