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  1. Pretty poor at the moment isn't it? Blade - You're struggling big time this season, you're going down! Owl - You're struggling big time this season, you're going down! Blade - Oh yeah... 😕 Owl - 😑 *banter ends*
  2. Not looking good, got to make sure we start beating the lesser sides, although you have to score to do that... Can't see us staying up this season, but one can hope.
  3. He could dress up as a Nazi and have a fetish for dwarves for all I care, as long as he carries on putting in performances like Friday night.
  4. Similar to last year really, the Blades were on another level though, and whenever I watch a Championship game no one plays nearly as good football as we did last season. It's similar to what it's usually like though really. It'll be funny if Leeds bottle it again in an almost identical manner to last season!
  5. Haha, Leeds starting their new year collapse early this year 😂 Well done Wednesday, glad you won that one, but still not particularly concerned about you threatening the play offs.
  6. Typical Wednesday fan logic 😂 When spending loads and bending the rules doesn't work, try bending them the other way!
  7. Those three losses really must have brought Wednesday fans back down to Earth with a bang! Very poor.
  8. Are we still talking about this? 😂 It was the biggest non event ever.
  9. Jos Owls managed two 0-0's against us in our own back yard!
  10. That's one way to look at it. Very scrappy, draw a very fair result. On we both go!
  11. Well, this is awful, we aren't playing at all. Why are our games always shocking? 1-0 Wednesday from a set peice or something this.
  12. Great result last night with Leeds losing. They play West Brom on Friday night so we could potentially still be sitting in 2nd come Monday, which would take a bit of pressure off. I'm sort of glad that Wednesday won yesterday too, they should come at us and go for the win this time, which would definitely suit us. I don't think the home crowd at Hillsborough would accept the tactics that were deployed at Bramall Lane last year!
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