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  1. Jury's inn and Novotel are definitely not high end hotels, not by a long shot.
  2. I disagree. Its the greed of the pubco's who dare to charge such a high price which are killing the pubs. If also can charge £1.19 and make a profit how the heck can you persuade people to pay over x3.5 times MORE for a similar drink. I appreciate there are extra costs in running a pub with staff and distribution but that gap is too large and people are voting with their feet.
  3. What a load of tosh- each to their own. Whatever motivates you to get outside running is what you need to do.
  4. Must be kinda nice knowing that you can take 6 months off work earning 15-25k a week and not have to worry too much about what you eat/drink. I'm sure he'd prefer to be playing but its a lovely position to be in isn't it.
  5. Amazon could absolutely wipe the floor with Sky and BT to drive people towards their prime service- id certainly subscribe if they got the packages. Facebook could also buy a package or 2 just to drive traffic to the site- it would work too. Its why Sky and BT are working together now, they are scared witless.
  6. I want us to absolutely hammer then as i think we won't have another chance like this in a long time. However its a derby so i think it will be alot closer than everyone expects. 2-1 united.
  7. South Stand, Gangway A- as usual. COYRAWW!!!
  8. I have lived literally round the corner from it for the past 3 years and have never been in, it just never seemed very ..... inviting. Much prefer the Dronfield arms.
  9. Well id prefer you to stop jumping to assumptions about my social status- How about that? I think you are trying to speak 'for' the low income households to make your point about the BBC because you obviously hate them so much. Why don't you wait and let some of them comment on here as i'm pretty sure they will do if they are that upset with the licence fee as you are. And if they don't- well, there is your answer if they are upset or not.
  10. It's worth the licence fee for DIY SOS alone IMHO
  11. Possible banana skin this one. We will have to get used to playing without couttsy and i think that could disrupt us a little. I'm saying 1-1 draw.
  12. South Barnsley?? can't really argue with that. The city centre is all red and white i'm afraid pal
  13. They already do in Italy, when its a corner or a throw in they run and advert that covers 1/4 of the bottom of the screen, its so so distracting.
  14. I have been in for a couple of meals and found them to be good quality plus they serve beer lao which is really difficult to get hold of in sheffield for some reason!
  15. wow, you really were ripped off- for that price you could have had so much more done. Ah well- live and learn- best get saving for the next lot!
  16. Think we could slip up here, madiene always plays well against us. Im seeing a 2-1 loss here.
  17. I doubt they would have been just crowns, at that price they are likely to have been full implants which aren't available on the NHS.
  18. Well that's going to kill it imho, Ponderosa was just about tolerable but hillsborough park is a long way from town.
  19. I am going through a similar procedure at the minute and although there are huge savings to be made you have to think what happens if something goes wrong when your back in the UK, you wouldn't be able to have it fixed on the NHS and would be forced to go private. Sometimes these cheap prices seem too good to be true and i agree, id prefer to bite the bullet (no pun intended) and go with a local and skilled dentist that will be there should something go wrong even if it does cost more. ---------- Post added 07-09-2017 at 13:16 ---------- To be honest after that long i would be looking at having dental implants put in, its pretty pricey (my 4 front teeth are costing around £7500) but they should last a lifetime.
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