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  1. petcharlie

    Wilder to leave?

    There's none left Bash we have eaten it all mate .We 've been feeding our faces for the past 3 years pal to such a degree we are getting a bit sick of it. sorry about that.
  2. petcharlie

    Wilder to leave?

    Thanks man in crete I did not know of the restrictments .Well as you say Henderson has to be one a good striker should be the other .
  3. petcharlie

    Wilder to leave?

    There is always the loan market which gives Wilder another avenue to go down besides splashing the cash .Being in the prem will be attractive to players and their clubs when loaning out their players.
  4. petcharlie

    George turton platts

    I know someone who worked there he was a turner or machinist called Frank.
  5. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    Do you mean you are an old git or that you agree with me Mooks๐Ÿ˜‚
  6. petcharlie

    Big Sheffield pubs

    thats blown it i am totally confused now.๐Ÿ˜•
  7. We all had knives in those days for carving wood ect never crossed our minds to use them as a weapon.How times have changed.
  8. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    Bring back the days when every club in the league had a equal chance of success and got to the top on merit rather than the size of the owners wallet.All clubs were owned by a fan and not an overseas billionaire who wants a hobby to pass the time of day.Broadcasters had no say when a match was played they had to dance to the clubs demands.Players often stayed LOYAL to just one club all their career and did not chase rainbows with pots of gold at the end of them.The F.A. and league Cups were the only major cups worth having and they had no daft names on them .I suppose I am an old git.
  9. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    I'll second that.
  10. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    You are right the wages are stupid thats why you will have the same clubs at the top year after year after year because only a hand full of clubs can afford to pay over inflated money but these top clubs do not always pay the wages they buy these so called great players and then loan them out so the other clubs pay them while they control the better players and decide where they play.We have a stupid situation where these players can not get in the their clubs side but they play for the national side mainly because such as Chelsea see what potential a player has and buys him only to stop any of the other big clubs from having them.Chelsea had 40 players out on loan last year that is more than most clubs have all together.All those players being payed by other clubs it's like a industry making money while retaining quality players and deciding who they play for.These budget busting wages are why relegated clubs need parachute payments because they are paying prem wages while playing in the poorer Championship.Players who might be on 3 year contracts which pay stupid money still need paying their inflated wages .These wages are not sustainable in the championship and end up dragging the whole club down mainly because they clubs spend parachute payments on anything but the wage bill.
  11. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    Dave I understand what you say mate they were bloody great last year all of them heros they do not deserve playing in a league that is so uneven I really do hope it as changed since we were in it last time.I do hope the refs are not as biased to the big guys and they know who the actors and cheats are after all most fans do so why not them?The big six price the other 80 odd clubs out of joining them when they are paying players 2 or 3 hundred thousand quid a week thus making sure no one else can join them so it will go on for ever and ever the same results and trophy winners year in and year out BORING.It's like watching the same film over and over again no matter how many times you watch it it has the same old ending every time BORING.
  12. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    Well Dave I am a Blade and I would much rather watch a season like we have just had than to watch us doing a Fulham or a Huddersfield.The prem is getting like Scottish footy it is so predictable you can name who will be in the top six next year and you can also pick who is going to win the Scottish prem to.It is so uneven it is NOT a competition at all.Just a money machine.
  13. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    It to me is like winning a competition but not liking the prize that's on offer.Just like it was with Bullseye on the box many years ago where you won a boat but lived 150 miles from the sea.To younger fans it is bound to be a puzzle to them when they can not remember us being in the Prem to listen to us who can remember.I think about all the play acting all the diving all the cheating all the dodgy decisions by refs who seemed to always lean towards the untouchable top six.Like one who gave Liverpool a penalty at the Lane because we were leading one nil because a defender THOUGHT about fouling Gerrard so you have to cope with mind reading refs as well as teams cheating playing players who do not belong to them.Yes I am really looking forward to it๐Ÿ˜‰.
  14. petcharlie

    Premier League.... We're having a laugh.

    I must be unwell because I agree with most of your comments.What are teams playing for in the prem?You have the big six and the others are just trying to avoid the drop.Well that is not exactly filling me with excitement .When the big guys can go out and spend 100mill on just one player it makes 20mill look a bit pathetic,not that it is pathetic it is not but it illustrates the gulf between the top clubs and the rest.It is to be honest barmy in my view to pay that money for a player and then pay him 100,000 quid A WEEK .The big clubs are quids in really they buy anyone half decent then loan them out so the other club can pay the guys wages and at the same time making sure others can not buy decent players.As it stands now it suits the top six very nicely.
  15. petcharlie

    Wilder to leave?

    Difficult to say being United I can not say they will throw money at it and I can not see them wanting to change the manager either.If they wish to throw money at it it needs throwing now because I feel they need to spend 30 to 40 million to up grade the team 20 mill I feel is not enough but we do have Wilder who is brilliant at getting bargains and managing money.He really gets his monies worth out of players but we are premier league now and maybe we are asking to much of him to turn the Blades into a premier league outfit for 20 mill.It is a fine line between spending to much like Fulham have done and spending enough to keep in the top flight.Having said that we do have a manager who I and most Blades fans trust and I feel even if we come back down Wilder would not be blamed.Personally I prefer the Championship anyway but I realise I am in the minority.

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