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  1. Yes that would do nicely toughest test up till now.
  2. Yes it is a pity a lot of fans are to young or were not born to remember it.To them the Owls have always struggled our young fans are living a dream .Not being in the Prem for is it 20 years must be in their eyes a feeling of failure they would have to be around 25 years of age for any of them to remember the top flight .In the mean time thier only enjoyment is listening to the old timers going on about it .A bit like uncle Albert in only fools and horses DURING THE WAR .No wonder their seems to be more and more youngsters turning up at the Lane.At last they are watching brilliant football at the very top level without having to listen to all the uncle Alberts out there and witnessing football THEY are loving so they in years to come can become uncle Alberts when talking to their kids and grand kids.What a pity the young'uns at Sheff 6 will have nothing to remember during the last 20 years.
  3. I think you will find we are top dogs in Yorkshire and soon in the whole of the north east and still going forward like we have done for the last three years.I do not think Wilder has finished yet. You are not serious are you ?The only thing wrong with the Lane is before not to long it will not be big enough.
  4. What a cheek Celtic hoping to get Boldock for 3 million it is an insult.If any one had doubts about this full back ask Zaha how much he rates him and if he was truthful Boldock would be top of his list.The Crystal Palace winger never got a kick thanks to Boldock and Basham not only a good defender but a good attacker to .There are not many full backs who could do a job on the highly rated winger in the way Boldock made him look like a card board cutout.You can not get a ball boy for that money never mind a first class premier league full back.Times 3 mill by 10 then may be and I mean may be the club might think about it.
  5. The man is a genius how many fans thought Lundstram would be playing such a big part for us this year?Well as usual Wilder saw something no one else did in him .He is now the most successful manager results wise in the league apart from the Man City manager in the last three years.No wonder his peers voted him the best.As for the game I can not think of our goalie being troubled he could have pulled up a deck chair I thought Boldock and Basham had their guys all tied up they were no threat at all. To think Celtic wanted to buy Boldock for COUPLE OF MILL you must be joking.
  6. It was a great result and Boldock had Zaha in his pocket as for 7 mins extra time it is the prem league you can expect anything .No VAR hold ups and not many stoppages either but as before in the prem when it involves the Blades you expect it.What also had me thinking was the card for our center back after just ten mins for and which was the first foul in the match and that was hardly anything.Anyway a good start to the season up to now.
  7. Need some points in the bag early in the season while we still have the winning mentality carried over from last season.We are more than capable against such teams as Palace the real test are yet to come .The Xmas holiday looks really tough but so what if we have points in the bag all well and good .I am not saying Palace will be easy it won't be but we need to exploit these type of teams even though their away record last year was so impressive .They got more points away from home than at home which makes them dangerous but all matches in the prem are tough but at home so are we.Should be a good match.
  8. Can not believe it is 20 years where as that time gone?Having said that it seems longer since the Blades were there strange really.Looking forward to the match do not know what to expect .Looking at Bournemouth on match of the day they looked really good which makes the draw we had look really good .Villa were chasing the game for most of the time and after spending all that cash you would of thought they should have won this one. NO WE WILL NOT They have a history of not paying it back.Ask the Co-oP.
  9. That is history it is the present and the future that counts .There is only one club playing catch up now and you know it.
  10. Have you been asleep for the last four years ?
  11. Well this is supposed to be an easier one it just shows you how tough this league is.Palace last year were really good away from home getting the majority of points they won away from London.This is a good test for us and will give us some idea about how we will frame in the top flight and what we can expect from our team come next May.To be still in the Prem next year we do need to pick up our points at home against teams like Palace ,it will not be easy because there are no easy games in this league it must be the toughest one in the world but we have one of the best managers in the world imo it is money we are short of compared to other clubs who are in there.
  12. Well it certainly is not common sense.
  13. My debit card is still pin only just the way I like it.No chance of anyone getting hold of it spending 30 quid here there and everywhere before you get the chance to stop it.Do not want contactless thankyou it is just another form of banking just waiting to go pear shaped.
  14. Hi Baron regarding how old you need to be for a debit or credit card I really do not know.As for the hot dog thanks for the warning.Do you think there was a bit of Owl in it?There was talk of the owls going into fish farming.😁as for the pork I shall leave that one.
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