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  1. My opinion - Campbell is unproven and crap. If Megson comes back i'm going to start supporting United. Cooks teams play dismal disappointing football. Pulis could do the job well but hes more defensive than attacking,but as we aren't exactly falling over decent attacking squad members he could work.
  2. Penny Dreadful - did 2 episodes and dumped it, Perry Mason made 3. Just watching the Reckoning which has hooked me for 7 of the 10 episodes. I started watching Prodigal Son but Sheen is an absolute disaster in it,so i'll see how it develops.
  3. Now TV is simply sky under another guise iirc.
  4. I use Jeyes fluid in a pump container, it also perfectly clear sup the smell of dog urine and the neighbours cat.
  5. Just a query for any techies really. I rang Vodafone as my broadband speed had dropped(still within their guarantee range though apparently),all my important stuff is ethernet so they did line tests,pings etc. However at the end of the chat the guy said -"I'll now help you imprive your wifi". I never said i had wifi issues - but i changed the channel,split the wifi,did th 2.4 and 5ghz thing. Now my question is - did they know i was having wifi issues(even though i didn't think i was) or was it just a general,lets do him a favour to keep him sweet type of customer servic ething ?
  6. Continuing the printing theme, i use Groupon on occasion and one of the restaurants i visit has no internet access,so it is a panic when the email won't open with the voucher on it.(i used to print them but the OH gets embarrassed at using a discount voucher). I've just had to pre book for some English Heritage tours and they now accept tickets on your phone.
  7. I've only ever booked one holiday online and that was fo an anniversary gift - one week before Monarch went bust who were the airline of choice at the time through Expedia. We were refunded for the flights but lost the hotel money. That was our first stab at going abroad in over a decade. I don't do digital music downloads or ebooks, i prefer a physical presence for my money. (My wife has found Wayfair.co.uk and banks online but otherwise has no desire to be online at all, she'd still prefer to take her passbook into the bank to be brought up to date if she's honest.)
  8. Its going to be devastating for the staff, but it won't bother the majority of holiday makers who always appear to be chasing cheaper online deals. I haven't had a "foreign" holiday for nearly 15 years though,so i could be to blame as well.
  9. If anyone does need anything in volume then try these guys - Green Mile Trees @ Retford. I've just bought 6 x Prunus in 10l pots for £10 plus vat each - identical shrubs in garden centre @ £39.99.
  10. I know everyone wants cheap but i'm after grower/nursery prices if possible. I've just ordered 30 hedging plants online which have arrived but i feel i'll need some more. So if anyone knows of a grower with 6-12 decent laurel shrubs (2-3ft) that i could collect tomorrow i'd appreciate the heads up. (Otherwise i'll have to order more from Norfolk and have them sent directly to Alnwick where they're required but have to wait another week)
  11. Totally agree - or if people are big babies STAY AT HOME.
  12. I wonder how many it took to instigate the ban in the first place.
  13. I jointly installed a fence some 20 years with my neighbour between our semi's. Due to the losses of previous fences due to wind we both took additional measure,they planted leylandii and we planted climbers and a couple of shrubs. My current neighbours came 10 years ago and chopped down the leylandii, i warned them they were a wind break. Consequently the fence has gotten worse although my climbers added another 2 foot to the height,they have supported the fence from blowing over. My neighbour decided to replace the fence this year with a combination of plastic stuff (i've done the other side of my garden in grey composite already which is the side i'm responsible for)and traditional fence panels and advised he was cutting the hedge, knock your self out was my reply. It is still only partly done from February,because its an absolute swine of a project,i've offered to help but he just cracks on when we aren't home. I've advised him i'm painting my side of the wooden panels grey to match the plastic stuff he's used - which is the legal approach to the matter, a)as i don't want wood fencing really and (b) i don't want green wood fencing. So the moral is - others replacing the fence doesn't always get you what you want.
  14. The fact that it hasn't affected me much just signifies how antisocial i really was before. I sent birthday gifts through the post - just like normal, i worked from home 5 days instead of 2. That may change as my customers get back to work but hopefully 2 out and 3 in could be the way forward. I still shop twice a week - the fruit we consume is unbelievable and availability has been sketchy. The things we have missed - chosen exercise, my wife is beside herself at the lack of gym. Shes got the home workout stuff but it isn't the same apparently. I'm missing terribly badminton both socially and competetively,that is going to take a while to get up to speed again. Coffe shops/eating out - it was a treat to pop out for coffee or a light lunch, hopefully we'll get back to that. Hopefully i'll continue not spending as much,although i have hammered the online stuff, but if we revert to coffee shops and eating out agian who knows.
  15. just replaced all mine with composite,well in 2018. we had put up with decking for years purely because it was a fancy shape and 5m boards in some places, but as it rotted i couldnt get the same profile or length so we landscaped the whole garden. Composite is a breeze to fit. I got mine from these guys https://www.rockwoodwpc.co.uk/
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