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  1. willman

    Box Packaging and Printing

    Try a packaging company such as Davpack - MOQ's for such a box could potentially be several thousand though.
  2. I noticed that throughout this post the remarks made that the victim at the age of 6 showed no signs of suffering or effects by his actions. Isn't that slightly like Jimmy Saville/Rolf Harris and the other fondlers, none of their victims exhibited signs of distress until later in life,when they became old enough to realise what had been done to them. I wonder if that decision is going to come back and bite someone in the arse.
  3. willman

    Valentine Days .

    Does it really matter if the couples involved are of the same opinion ? A friend of mine was sent a text saying that if she really wanted some flowers and a meal on Valentines she should just say so , instead of doing it days later(which they had discussed). Now the romantic and spontaneous parts of me would have at least presented her with a card on the day as she had obviously acknowledged that it is an occasion in her mind.(they are a "courting" couple full of young love I presented my partner of 40 years with a gift in a bag covered in hearts, as i buy her gifts most weeks the only additional cost for me was a card. I prepared her a meal (as i do most nights) with the only additional romantic addition being that i made heart shaped panna cotta.
  4. I had an external aerial removed about 5 years ago when i replaced all the tvs, the aerial fitter placed a new aerial in the roof space that was about 12 inches long and ran cabling to two rooms downstairs. I've since dropped a spur into a back bedroom for the grandkids. Fabulous picture and minimal cost in reals terms.
  5. Yet people on here get steamed up over incorrect spellings and what they think someone has said. Its not that easy i imagine to just ignore this sort of stuff.
  6. When offenders are caught the amount of effort to prove anything is often insurmountable, even in as far as the victim dropping charges or refusing to comment. We had a cop car chase near us a month or two back - the offender had "stolen" a car after assaulting his girlfriend,then with no license and insurance and cocaine and alcohol in his system led the police a merry dance. 4 cop cars wasted their time because the girlfriend "loves him" and now won't press charges for assault,she only allegedly reported the car theft so that she wouldn't found guilty of allowing him to take it. None of that comes out in court or police enquiries but usually does over a pint or two.
  7. Isn't that what a portion of the populace believe and blame everything on - thieving,drug dealing,knife crime, its never the offenders fault it's always the fault of society and the environment they live in.
  8. We had one, although i think we only ever used it for ensuring that our "segs" were safely knocked in place.
  9. But where do you stop classing it as being ripped off or thick? If i can get credit cards at 0% and someone else gets one at 35% - are they thicker than me or being ripped off more than me? Argos and John Lewis and M&S offer store cards at 35% are the users there being ripped off and being thick? I don't have any credit at all, but are the people who need credit to buy cars etc thick or being abused. I reiterate the point - some people think they have no other option and from a credit perspective have no other option, regardless of how safe and condescending some might be about other peoples situations.
  10. I still do - but i have used the equivalent of Brighthouse some decades ago, and i see many people still using them now. Someones desire for immediate gratification with the latest tech or furniture however doesn't diminish their mental faculties. PLUS whilst ever you're paying for something at Brighthouse its guaranteed not just the usual 1year etc.(not that that makes it worthwhile,just a consideration for the buyer). There's nothing that you HAVE to get from anywhere. Some people have little or no choice elsewhere, Thats why they borrow from the likes of Provident and not banks and Brighthouse and not John Lewis credit accounts.
  11. Or in a position where you have nowhere else to turn.
  12. Obviously it'll please the ones who have always moaned about the likes of Brighthouse, but no so good for the staff or the people who need the facilities they offer. The next thing for the charities to source will be wide screen tv's to pick up with your food parcels.
  13. willman

    Pretend Police Force

    Local councils have the the Governments guidance to raise £270 for policing by raising council tax - how many people on here would support local council tax raises. We may not have a choice but if we had would we support it? In my village people annual scream about the lack of support and activities for children and youths and then complain at the 50p a day charge on the council tax for a sports centre - they won't all be the same people moaning about the same things but some will be. I thought at least 51% voted for Brexit ?
  14. willman

    Pretend Police Force

    It can come from many areas that we as individuals don't want or see the value of, however others may want them.

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