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  1. The fact that it hasn't affected me much just signifies how antisocial i really was before. I sent birthday gifts through the post - just like normal, i worked from home 5 days instead of 2. That may change as my customers get back to work but hopefully 2 out and 3 in could be the way forward. I still shop twice a week - the fruit we consume is unbelievable and availability has been sketchy. The things we have missed - chosen exercise, my wife is beside herself at the lack of gym. Shes got the home workout stuff but it isn't the same apparently. I'm missing terribly badminton both socially and competetively,that is going to take a while to get up to speed again. Coffe shops/eating out - it was a treat to pop out for coffee or a light lunch, hopefully we'll get back to that. Hopefully i'll continue not spending as much,although i have hammered the online stuff, but if we revert to coffee shops and eating out agian who knows.
  2. just replaced all mine with composite,well in 2018. we had put up with decking for years purely because it was a fancy shape and 5m boards in some places, but as it rotted i couldnt get the same profile or length so we landscaped the whole garden. Composite is a breeze to fit. I got mine from these guys https://www.rockwoodwpc.co.uk/
  3. Simplest option is just do it. Several of my neighbours have had it done and i dont recall seeing the notices stuck to the gatepost. (I converted my garage into an extension with a conservatory roof. Neighbour reported it to council, Inspector came made sure i was putting guttering up and away he went,all approved and council officially advised. I was prepared with full drawings and building reg conformation.)
  4. it comes up as an option on yahoo -at the top of the page instead of deleting it. Sama on my iphone but yu have to selct the folder for spam.
  5. put them in spam - they will continue to come but you'll never see them.
  6. As this episode is directed at Germans then they're doing exactly that. I do have to agree with one of the viewpoints is that most often this type of comedy is directed at those who do behave in Basil's manner in daily life. A subtle nuance that is often missed by many.
  7. They aren't scared they'll upset people - they know they will.
  8. Where do start or draw the line? I think that it is the right thing to do in many circumstances. Many European Imperialist nations were heavily involved in some of these deplorable acts from centuries ago. Portugal,Holland,Spain,Belgium,Germany(who try to deny it) Some modern companies were supporters of modern slavery and the Holocaust yet aren't as persecuted as Winston Churchill has been recently. Hugo Boss Merceds Benz Volkswagen But i suppose its easier to pull down a statue than to make lifestyle choices based on history.
  9. How many times have you tried telephone banking during the pandemic ? I've spent 55-57 minutes trying to get through to Tesco banking on 4 occasions in the last month. If its important ,the speed of mobile banking is far better, i can have done all my banking before i could have speed dialled the Halifax. I can also do it whilst queuing in the supermarket - IF i was one of those people who struggles to know my bank balance day to day without checking (which i am). I couldn't tell you all what you can and can't do as i've never phoned them up, but on the Halifax app for instance you can get an overdraft, a loan,payment holiday,a breakdown of all upcoming payments, in seconds. I applied for a mortgage whilst sat in M&S having a coffee before the coronavirus.
  10. I stopped using phone banking sometime in the late 90's and went to an online only bank (who did have phone access) i think in 25 years i've called the bank on the phone banking line once and thats because we couldn't get access to online banking. As above - most of my banking now is mobile app and occasionally via my laptop if i need a print out or need to see the screen better. You can even scan cheques now and pay them into your account without having to physically deposit them - which is better than queueing behind the loose change depositers and people chasing an extra 1/4 % on their million £ pension pots in the Halifax.
  11. I think this type of scenario including that of Ikea queueing is that the selfish mentality fo the majority of the population hasn't changed one jot over the past 10 weeks. Regardless of all the pot clanging and desperate desire to make face masks from scrap clothing.
  12. I removed all my timber decking two years ago and removed it with composite about 65square metres. Its a bit slippy when icy but the rest of the time its perfectly fine i.e when raining , we wash it early in the year with a bucket of soapy water (washing up liquid) and thats the maintenance taken care of. No annual treatments need,no warping or rotting at all even where plant pots sit etc. It has made us realise when we see everyone installing massive decks how much money we wasted over the years ,but at the time we thought it looked great. If you can lay timber decking then composite is 10 times easier to lay, but the fittings are stainless steel (in my case) so more expenisve than decking screws for instance.
  13. Sky have already taken their pound of flesh for the last 12 days of June.
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