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  1. Metal are an absolute nightmare to erect - watched a family at the weekend take all day and 3 blokes to put a small shed up. I used these http://www.shedecks.co.uk/index.html last year for a summer house and it was a quality piece of kit.
  2. Some of us were in the mindset of why it happens and it isn't all down to money. I had membership to a small local theatre for an annual subscription, it got me early bird tickets or discounts. But it money into the theatre coffers to put plays. At the time i was unemployed and £16 was a lot of money to me.
  3. Where abouts are you? Firehouse fitness do 2 week freebies Which can include a small group PT (personal training) - small group as in 4 people so not a huge class. 2 weeks will get you moving and motivated and then talk to them about retaining group PT afterwards and classes or do it yourself.
  4. They don't have to be rich just regular/frequent theatre goers who keep the theatres afloat when most people only want headline shows. The " repayment" is priority bookings - no different to season ticket holders elsewhere for instance.
  5. Ideally it would benefit if you had a ground plan of what you want to do. Mine cost similar to Bash St but without the fancy furniture ,mainly due to the gear needed to level it off and i chose granite slabs,fake grass and composite decking. I've personally just done my daughters with sleepers,limestone slabs and fake grass onto a three terrace garden and it came it at about 1200 - 1500(with hire costs) for a 20 metre long garden by 5 metres wide. Landscapers i've used bandy around £35-£50 a square metre. A landscaper wanted £1220 for ONE terrace in fake grass at my daughters with nothing else.
  6. What you've said is that if i mentioned OAP's not getting stuff for free i'd get smacked. Thats being a thug and a bully and downright despicable behaviour which should result in criminal prosecution. You've agreed modern lifestyles provide longevity - so are people happier to have lived longer than there parents ? My dad is certainly happier to have passed the mortality age from when he was a child (45)
  7. And thats something to boast about is it being a thug, and we wonder why people resort to knives to defend themselves. Bully tactics and you should be ashamed of supporting them - wasn't that the whole policy behind the war to defend free speech or doesn't it count when you don't like or opinion. Lets just be clear - i don't think anyone who has the money should get this stuff for free. Age is irrelevant. When i was a child and we had black and white TV the average age for a male was 45 to 50 years of age. Modern lifestyles mean we're living longer many of us will live beyond 80 and our grandkids beyond a 100.
  8. The womens game will continue to be promoted by the BBC at the behest of those enforcing equality - until someone else takes an interest and outbids them. Just like the Champions League and the Nations League in the mens competitions. Not all license payers like football apparently and ITV has a waning interest in football completely.
  9. No one is moaning about OAP's per se - just the pathetic attempt to justify giving wealthy people free stuff just because they've lived a long time. They should be grateful that they've manged to reach 75 and not popped off at 45. My parents are like Tinfoils - comfortable financially, free bus pass(but they buy a new Lexus every three years, free TV (but they pay for subscription services), winter fuel (but they paid cash for a roof full of solar panels). Most of them aren't poor and they don't need the stuff - but they'll gladly take it if offered. Give free licenses to bed ridden and house bound, free bus passes to job seekers or 16-18 year olds
  10. The penalty for baiting fighting dogs with unwanted pets is probably not even that 'cos the protesters and animal rights activists don't care.
  11. Most modern sink traps now have a fitting for either the dishwasher or washing machine to empty through the same drain,they are on my daughters new build and also on new fittings that have just been fitted to my kitchen. Most smells should be removed/reduced by the trap in the sink drain or U bend which is why they hold a little water.
  12. Based on the number of dogs on facebook escaping without collars and dogs being mistreated or left for hours and my considerable experience in rescue and rehoming I'd say some of them are better off than living in a home with some of the morons i deal with.
  13. You do realise thats up to and not always and not every time for every claimant. There are also funds etc available to help if such things as eviction are threatened,and heating and many other things. Then on the other hand you have those that are happy to live at that level.
  14. Being short of money for 4-12 weeks for a claim assessment isn't living in poverty. Its being short of money for 4 -12 weeks. The unfortunate ones like my sister who have had to wait 12 weeks, probably wouldn't even make the statistical analysis that is used to illustrate relative poverty.
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