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  1. Watched Pennance on Five- quite good drama 3 parter. Just watched series 1 of The Sinner on Netflix - now that was very good at grabbing you. Just started series 2 and that look sjust as good.
  2. No - we have one account (well i have only ever had one) and post as ourselves.
  3. You could be right https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8154067/UKs-patient-zero-Sussex-worker-50-caught-corornavirus-Austrian-ski-resort-party-bar.html
  4. Patient zero supposedly brought it back from Austria in January accoring to Yahoo newsfeed.
  5. Really - i work for a company that supplies suppliers of the NHS - suppose you'd like to close us down and send home 100 staff. The lets see where the NHS get there sharps buckets from, hand sanitiser and wet wipe dispensers. Then further down the line to food services,chemicals for cleaning spills etc.We supply into the animal feed chain,oil/fuel sectors and almost every sector you can imagine. We aren't key workers - but in 2-3 weeks time we will be once they've run out of stock and need replenishing, once we're shut we'll be staying shut.
  6. Black bin bags will be the next shortage for when the hoarders clear out all the stuff they've bought is out of date or realised they don't like.
  7. Not good news about a very young chap,still in his prime(although not a s a footballer). " Former footballer Peter Whittingham has died aged 35, his former club Cardiff City have announced. The England under-21 international also had spells at Aston Villa, Burnley, Derby County and Blackburn Rovers over a 15-year career. Whittingham suffered a head injury after slipping over after watching England’s Six Nations game with Wales on 7 March and has been in hospital ever since. On Thursday he died from his injuries."
  8. I heard some guy in Sainsburys, saying that he didn't use the blue top milk he was buying,but thought he'd buy it anyway. Probably be poured down the sink next week.
  9. ditto the above, i've used them. Unfortunately they charge the tradesman if shortlisted so if they get no work they can be out of pocket. I often try to find them online as well following mybuilder referrals.
  10. As they've laid off some of their cabin crew for 12 weeks with no pay they'll be coining it in.
  11. If there was any of these slots then perhaps it would be for discussion, but as there are non in the area which the person was questioning its a moot point. Who will they be buying food from if you can only go out to buy food? I work in a food service sector - we have 86 employees directly involved with supplying the food services industry sector on a daily basis.
  12. They're elderly and vulnerable - you know the ones who should be socially distancing themselves. What good is a bus pass if you're on 14 day self isolation or worse.
  13. Why? What about the "selfish" people at shopping centres stood drinking takeaway Costa and Macdonalds ,before piling into Sainsburys and stockpiling. I've got some numpty on a local forum clamouring for bus passes to be valid before 9.30 for the oaps's to get out to the shops.(because somewhere in Kent has done it) The same oap's who are classed as being vulnerable and who should be socially distancing themselves.
  14. well if everybdy else has stocked up on sanitiser, i don't need to bother 'cos either they've killed their own germs off so i can't catch anything or they'll kill anything i have.
  15. I started panic buying on Friday = i bought salad and vegetables. Can't be too careful.
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