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  1. tbh it happens with a lot of medication my wife has been prescribed HRT meds, the meds work but she then gets pain everywhere and can't even lift a kettle of water.
  2. This has some interesting items on the area https://www.tinsleytimeandtravel.org.uk/industrial-tinsley.html
  3. I said no such thing and that is abundantly clear from my response. Their grandparents aren't in care and may not need to go into care. If you also check up on care home costs and ways to pay there is no one size fits all and no specific ruling saying they would put on the streets,perhaps its better to have a full understanding than to hype up Daily Mail style potential scenarios that may well not happen. If one owner remains in the home,the house won't be sold anyway and no one would be homeless.
  4. thanks guys.i have been reading the crucial site and it seems easy enough.
  5. My daughters is a three story house and theres trouble on the top floor so they put a booster in the middle floor . (@skys expense) The final solution would be again to run an external ethernet up to the top floor,but she can't be bothered to keep nagging at them to do it.
  6. why not speak to sky and see if they can improve the signal with a booster, they have at my daughters. When i moved to sky broadband they hardwired the ethernet externally (eventually) at their cost to ensure i got the speeds i should as the signal on the tv downloads kept dropping out.
  7. I think its wrong that grandparents expect a handout in old age so that they can give someone money that they have stashed away. I've written wills for a living i've heard every possible variation on the anecdotes you share and worse, yet the overriding reason is because people don't think they should pay for something when someone else is getting it for nothing.
  8. Why shouldn't his house be used for care? If you're fit and want a physio you pay for it,if you need a cleaner pay for them. If people want to buy anything they use their own assets to do so, why should it be different for care provision - not medical need.
  9. Its a lenovo G505 laptop - just runs a bit slow sometimes even after doing all the other fixes to it.
  10. IIRC several of the men had their phones checked,some on request and a couple voluntarily int heir own defence. It was at this point after viewing the phone evidence i believe that the Cypriot police encouraged her to change her statement.
  11. How easy is it to change to ssd? my laptop may benefit from a changeover.
  12. Ive got some unopened vax cleaner if you want some at some a very reasonable price - we've got loads (6 large bottles) when we bought our vax machine. We bought two aditional bottles not realising they were in triple packs. pm me.
  13. Does it matter who he is - surely that sentiment should apply to everyone including the one man two man enterprises that form phoenix like companies every other year stealing thousands directly from the mouths of many members of the public. My company is insured for such closures so we're not out of pocket and neither is the tax man (but then again we restrict our vulnerability based on the insurance) lots of companies just clamour for the money and the prestige and thats a business risk, most private individuals scammed by builders,plasterers,car dealerships don't have that saftey blanket.
  14. Bohemian Rhapsody - now im not a Queen fan and don't care one jot about the accuracy of the film. But this made me choke big time. (I've since watched some stuff on TV on Freddie and i have to say how won over i was by him.) 9/10
  15. How you feel and how we feel as outsiders will be different. Unfortunately we had first hand experience of exactly your scenario,my daughter divorced him and they both moved on with life. He never changed even with a new family and wife.
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