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  1. willman

    Blundells Dronfield Civic Centre

    I agree with you - the human interaction skillset is going to be lacking soon. "We" are too busy to pop into the bank , and i admit i don't, i bank online, yet my wife refuses to move from the Halifax as it has a local branch still. I've just done a mortgage app on line - the downside is that when it goes belly up i'm grasping for help.
  2. willman

    Blundells Dronfield Civic Centre

    Apart from the civic centre itself and the sports centre, why would anyone need to use the shops there except as they're at the leisure centre. Sainsburys close by has everything most people want. Now with the likes of Purple Bricks and online estate agents the need for such bricks and mortar agencies are on the decline,much the same as banks.
  3. willman

    Man U's racist fans...

    Its still rife everywhere, the comments about Asians not playing football in case they get a corner and open a shop are still rife in the puerile childish ways of old,they've never gone away. Its not a football issue,its a mentality issue. What about the "you fat bxxxxxx" when the keeper used to get abused - is that more acceptable ?
  4. willman

    The Victim

    We all agree, it was the usual elements in these type of things - she had a "good" job with family and credibility he was on a council estate with a difficult personal history. I did think the ending though was very much what you would want to come out of this scenario.
  5. willman

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    I'm getting that way especially this week.😉
  6. willman

    Badminton lessons/coach

    Whereabouts are you based? I may be able to recommend a couple of clubs where someone might be willing to give you some of there spare time.
  7. willman

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    and also tongue in cheek.
  8. willman

    The WORST drivers, which cars do they drive?

    At the moment i'm getting to agree with you - the number of pillocks in Mini's is getting my craw, U turning in front of oncoming traffic,driving that slow the car is about to stall,ignoring green traffic lights,14 attempts to park at Crystal Peaks. I don't know if BMW have had a special offer on for the elderly,infirm or incompotent.
  9. willman

    The Victim

    I quite "enjoyed" it although one could easily be drawn into some personal/sentimental/moralistic responses. But all in all much better than The Bay. We binge watched it although we had only planned to watch two episodes.
  10. willman

    Iron garden gate fabricators?

    tbh i struggled to get any one to bother coming out and measuring mine,they even cancelled 'cos it was raining. Eventually i measured mine my self and ordered from a guy in Wiltshire believe it or not.
  11. willman

    LGBT issues and morality

    And there could lie one of the most important issues with religious teachings. Your interpretation of that message could be different to that of someone else, as with many messages within the different Bibles (as we're discussing Christian beliefs).
  12. I'm sure thats the point - people don't just pick someone up. They have historically turned up 10 minutes or so early and sat with the engine running, i've done it in the dim and distant past and i've seen it loads of times when i'm collecting work colleagues. Manchester had free parking the last time i collected someone, may only have been 30 minutes i think and it meant walking across to the terminal but hey ho it isn't meant to be convenient just for me.
  13. Skoda are owned by VW - who also own the majority share of Audi.
  14. Thats because they can't afford the BMW they really want. (i drive a Skodas btw so i don't know what envy is)

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