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  1. When i worked in the steelworks the foundry guys tea was brewed in a big alumium teapot,it wasn't washed out for the 5 years i was there to keep the flavour.(allegedly)
  2. Nearly all of them are Canda Geese over Killamarsh from RV, many fly probably over to Poolsbrook although why they'd want to got into Chesterfield beats me ! The reservoirs at Pebley and Harthill are also a stopping point overnight.
  3. The last time i went to my local swimming baths it was all for one. Been to few different ones Barnsley Metro,Doncaster and local ones @ Clowne and Eckington some are and some aren't(integrated).
  4. It is actually illegal but yes they don't seem to be bothered.
  5. And no disrespect you keep assuming everyone is like you. So is the £600 flight only cheaper than a package holiday at the same time fully covered by ATOL? I've taken out individual policies as they were cheaper than combined ones forr the same cover. I've followed Simon Calders advise on that one. I've booked holiday insurance for UK breaks which have no relevance to foreign holidays but still different to what you have experienced. I've recently booked a flight only to Schipol it isn't ATOL protected with FlyBe. However i'm insured to be repatriated should they go bust on my personal insurance cover and i can claim the flight costs back to my credit card under Section 75. That wasn't my intention and i apologise unreservedly. But the interviews i've seen with politicians included comments from people about reimbursement for not being dropped off at their departure airport(when repatriated) not getting back home in time for work etc etc. Personal insurance can be taken out to ensure you get home or get your money back if you don't go - sounds sensible to me.
  6. Because some people assumed during the discussion that they were all covered in all cases just by using a credit card and SImon made it clear they weren't. He obviously stated that debit card payments weren't covered either.
  7. I'm not shouting about anything - i'm discussing a clearly very grey and very confused scenario which encompasses all aspects of the TC collapse and what part we should play in financing someone elses losses. To me it isnt as clear cut as just getting every one home,thats just one facet of the news reporting going on.
  8. I'm not getting mixed up with anything, if you book a cheap flight outside ATOL protection purely as a cost saving measure ,what are the chances you're going to pay private insurance for each passenger flying. Both of which offer protection to get you home should the the fit hit the shan. ( i know many book flights only so that they can build holidays,i've done it myself so it isn't always purely cost) You keep using yourself as an example of the correct way to book a flight only holiday - they aren't the type of people moaning about not getting home to their original destinations at the right time etc etc. or losing 9k because they aren't insured, or having to pay for a wedding they can't get to. Its all a mess and a debacle - but i even insure UK holidays and insured my daughters UK wedding in the event of some disaster. Thats funny he was the guy sat opposite them on the BBC sofa this morning - stating exactly what i've been saying since i came on here about repatriation for non ATOL customers specificaly flight only customers. He even said that unless its section 75 credit card companies don't have to reimburse anyone. Ok it my not be cheap skating but why would anyone select a flight only without any insurance of getting home ?
  9. Never thought of it like that. If anyone pays me by paypal i leave it sat there in case i need to spend it later via paypal.
  10. Exactly - but it wasn't. It was 19 flights booked on debit cards( to a tune of 9k iirc) and a seperately booked and paid for Las Vegas wedding. So who should help with funding that , if anyone. People choose OPTIONAL insurance, the ATOL cover is not always included in flights only - i copied a piece from the Telegraph earlier stating exactly that. Not made up but from a reputable media outlet. I keep saying i don't have an issue with how cheap it is or who booked what - i have an issue with people cheap skating and then expecting someone else to pick up the tab. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2019/09/23/thomas-cook-repatriation-everything-need-know-operation-matterhorn/
  11. No. But i don't have to be happy about bailing them out of what for many is their own mess? I mean seriously who books flights for 19 people and a wedding reception in Vegas without insurance cover.
  12. My point entirely - you knew exactly what you were doing and were willing to accept the consequences. There are thousands who may have benefitted from cheaper flight deals and not paying insurance and are now bleating because their free flights home aren't dropping them off where and when they want. I'm not being vindictive i'm being honest - a TC plane does cheap flights in the otherwise empty seats, and there is little cost you claim but theyr'e still losing money. My problem is people should be protecting themselves not the Government,talk about the nanny state bail out at every opportunity.
  13. ATOL protection generally only covers tourists who buy package deals. It also applies to some flight-only bookings, particularly when the tickets are not received immediately. But if you bought a flight directly with an airline it is unlikely you will be covered. Under normal circumstances, passengers who are not ATOL protected would be asked to find, and pay for, their own way home But in this case, the DfT said everyone on a Thomas Cook holiday with a return flight to the UK within the two weeks will be brought home free of charge, whether they are Atol protected or not and regardless of their nationality
  14. Being brought home at no cost to yourself is being bailed out. ATOL covered holiday makers according to the Minister for transport would be brought home exactly as they would as per their holiday. Non ATOL covered would be funded by the Govt and CAA.
  15. I understand in principle but the point made on BBC this morning was those booking package deals with TC had ATOL protection included,those with flights only didn't however they had booked the flights.
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