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  1. Buying somehwere is a doddle but check out the site rules. We;ve bought a cabin in the North East but we must have a residential postal address elsewhere and also vacate through the whole of February. ( Neither as a problem for us as we still live and work in Sheffield). As for work just apply for what you want - it isn't as easy at "holiday locations" as the work is often mainly seasonal.
  2. Its just a rehash of radio 1 old timers club. I stopped listening to radio 2 with the introduction of the ginger whinger and jeremy vine.
  3. youll be paying less tax - although not always perfectly accurate i always interpret K code as tax from the first pound you earn. everything else allows you to earn bit before tax. So you can earn 350£ before being taxed on it,so you save 20% of £350. A K tax code is when you owe more tax than a personal allowance- i.e company car decparations,unpiad tax etc. K104 would mean you owe 1040£ more than the current tax allowances. "The letter K is used in an employee’s tax code when deductions due for company benefits, state pension or tax owed from previous years are greater than their Personal Allowance."
  4. Have a look on facebook there are no end of idiots who can't keep their dogs in the house and they end up straying and people trying to find their owners. The pound is cheaper than a rescue and often come with a chipping and neutering voucher which easily covers the £95 fee.
  5. And a public transport user. So outside rush hour into any large conurbation such as Sheffield - whats the next biggest user of buses. Might not be oaps, but in the circumstance where i live its no one at all. Would we pay tax to keep a school open with no pupils in it, i doubt it - so why run buses that aren't paying their own way.
  6. Dogs should be restrianed in the car i believe,(Rule 57 Highway Code). https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/cars/1034825/Dog-car-pet-driving-UK-fine-harness
  7. No i dont believe they ever have or do, leaf sweeper is a little scarab type thing and gulley cleaners are probably contracted.
  8. The simple answer for me is probably not, but then again i've been a Sky customer for decades and am just moving some viewing elements over to Netlix and have cancelled the movie subscription,which i thought would never happen.
  9. We had the gulley clearers come on my road about a month ago followed by the leaf sweepers. I live close to the bottom of the hill. The grates and gulleys they really needed to get to clean were blocked by parked cars. So now we have a river flowing along the footpath.
  10. You don't need to be higly qualified to be a footballer. However experience in and around the professional games always offers more insight than being an armchair supporter like myself. People have opinions - i think Sharp isn't that much in reality, but then again i don't think much of others such as Richarlison and Benteke, yet fans and managers keep paying millions for them. The likes of Bobby Zamora was always idolised by fans and rated for England call ups - yet his team players such as Danny Murphy wouldn't pick him for a pub team some weeks.
  11. Surely the biggest volume users of buses in most towns and cities are pensioners - who if i believe correctly travel free paid from taxation. We're about to lose a bus through our area - although they are rejigging routes so that we are still serviced. However people want the opportunity to catch a bus every 15 minutes so are moaning about it, yet they don't get off their arses and use them frequently enough to make it economicallyviable. These are the same people that want to close the leisure centre because its losing money and they don't use it. A leisure centre run into the ground and running at a massive loss funded by council tax by a Labour run parish council for the past 40 years btw.
  12. My dealer did online tax front of me in my name and then sent off all the documents,although it wasn't exactly the same as your scenario. In reality you can try to get away with it but the truth is if you're stopped or ANPR'd it could become messy. You'd also have to park it on a driveway at home until it was taxed.
  13. When i worked in the steelworks the foundry guys tea was brewed in a big alumium teapot,it wasn't washed out for the 5 years i was there to keep the flavour.(allegedly)
  14. Nearly all of them are Canda Geese over Killamarsh from RV, many fly probably over to Poolsbrook although why they'd want to got into Chesterfield beats me ! The reservoirs at Pebley and Harthill are also a stopping point overnight.
  15. The last time i went to my local swimming baths it was all for one. Been to few different ones Barnsley Metro,Doncaster and local ones @ Clowne and Eckington some are and some aren't(integrated).
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