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  1. Many more people report doemstic abuse these days and the police take it more seriously than they did, however the people returning back to the abusive situation has hardly changed so the number of repeat calls is ever increasing.
  2. I liked the whit house murders too, but it was bit longish. Just watched all of The Bay, Marcella(poor), The Bridge (USA version).
  3. your laptop should have both, you may not need a mike but a camera is essential. i wss on webex last week and it found that my camera didn't work so had to get out of the meeting . you could install it on a smart phone. I have teams and webex on my iphone and smartphone jusy in case now.
  4. Yet HRH Prince Charles own loads of properties down south that are all leasehold - including Lords Cricket Ground i think i read this week.
  5. Ellis timber in Rotherham do 150mm x 22mm sawwn timber. At one time they did use to slice them up for you as well.
  6. i've got an iphone 6s 16gb for sale if anyone is interested. perfect working order it has a hairline crack on the screen but it is under one of those reinforced glass screens so you can't feel it and it has no effect on operation.
  7. thanks guys - he might retain the interest so it might be worthwhile buying somethign appropriate as a big present and not just a gift i suppose. He's been Martio fanatic for years and then he hits 7 and all of a sudden its minecraft and DanTDM etc all the time.
  8. He tried playing on a chromebook(that i bought him for school work at lockdown1 ) with disastrous results, he has it on the switch but again it has "glitches" as he keeps calling them. I don't want to throw lots of money at a game he might grow out of.
  9. My grandson is a minecraft addict (at 7) but he can't plat it on the chromebook i gave him, Ive been looking at an old Dell M170 for a couple of hundred quid. How would this perfrom?
  10. I query my insurance renewals and utilities every year - if im in a position to do so (you cant always change utilites if you owe your current provider) Inevitably every year i'm never any worse off, i don't always save money but i never have to accept any increases either.
  11. i can draw £400 out of mine, assuming i had it in the first place.
  12. It is true that they can get a grant BUT it might not always cover the full cost. its worth checking online and finding out. I had the wall things and extra loft insulation done many year s ago. https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/utilities/green-homes-grant/
  13. why should they be treated differently to the hairdresser who remained open through all the lockdowns and refused the police to enter her shop ? Who had to be stopped from reopening on Jan 9th by a police presence. Theyre no better and no worse than anyone else as role models,theyre just paid more and obviously better at football.
  14. and my defence is that they are in a suppport bubble and tested more frequently and therefore are behaving more safely than the general public - where its proven hairdressers have remained open and had member sof the general public as clients.
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