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  1. 40k (including performance related bonus) I wonder what the real salary is?
  2. It can never work whilst your 2 big competitors are A, A massive national with a manager and B, A freehold. They will be buying beer at around 80p a pint, you will be buying it at nearer 1.50. The rent now makes it look vaguely achievable for a family to run. I mean renting a 3 bed house in Millhouses is over 1k a month. Its all the other costs EI add on, and then the time you'd have to work achieve a nominal wage bill. Plus the fact that rent will be "introductory".....
  3. Page 4, my numbers break down. They didnt add up ! *They have since halved the rent to 10k , I should consult for anyone thinking of "investing" lol. Also adjusted their expectation of income by almost 100k Now.... Typical turnover: £290,000.00 per annum Average rent: £10,000.00 per annum Estimated Capital start-up: £7,800.00 (excl VAT) Then Potential turnover: £378,000.00 per annum Introductory Rent: £20,000.00 per annum Estimated Capital start-up: £25,250.00 (excl VAT)
  4. Sound technician at West St Live I doubt pays 75k a year + expenses. Id fully expect him to stay as long as possible. Lets face it politicians are in it for themselves as much as they claim to be a public servant. Just look at Fiona Asanaya, Kate Osamor and the raft of expense fiddling MP's. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/politics/news/101472/political-prisoners-mps-who-have-served-jail-time
  5. I do 25k miles a year for work. More at the moment than in the past. I have driven for 25 years. Along with 7 years driving in the US. No at fault accidents, no points. Speeding in the UK is entirely optional, when you drive with an awareness of whats going on around you! I have a Cheetah to let me know where fixed cameras are and Waze which highlights both fixed and mobile, as highlighted by other users. In between that you can pretty much do whatever you like within reason. I drove this week to Portsmouth and back, roughly 8 hours and 500 miles, not one police car (marked) at least. Rarely do I see Police enforcing speed on motorways, and local police have no time to do it other than mobile vans. You would have to be driving like you stole it to get stopped. Of my 500 mile a week average I see the odd van, occasionally leaving Sheffield on the Parkway (always the same spot) and near Ladybower in the lay bay at the end of the straight heading on to Snake. Very rarely at Norton heading towards Chesterfield past Morrisons and also just off the roundabout near the Hilton. On average the fixed camera coming in to Sheffield on the Parkway catches 15 people a day! 550k a year. How, I do not know, it has been there years and often you are lucky to pass it doing 5mph never mind over 40! It is the HADECS 3 that you now have to watch for, these are the fixed Gantry cameras that active when the variable speed limits are in force on motorways, I do see loads of these flashing, but people seem to ignore them! On the other hand in America it is enforced within about 3mph. Local and Highway police will happily stop people all day long. Many times I got stopped there (but got let go due to international licence). They don't tend to use cameras at all as they have much firmer enforcement from actual police. If we enforced like they do it would be a different story.
  6. Its issue is that it is massive! Too big for the area almost. Even if it has 20 people in it feels dead, unlike the Masons in comparison that would feel full. Hopefully Stancils have bought the freehold, look around Sheffield at pubs that have been "free'd" of their tie and floursihed, there are plenty of them.
  7. My thoughts are it is a slightly more sympathetic "Theme" Irish bar. No it isnt full of Irish old men drinking Guinness, but neither is it covered in Bright Green Orange haired Leprechauns as O'Neills/80's stye Irish bars were. I have been a few times now and it is always busy, the bands on the weekend are also decent. It seems to have attracted a fairly mixed bag of customers from 18-60! Pretty much a cross section of similar people that West St Live has. Either way it is a massive improvement on what was there before banging out bassline chav tunes!
  8. Closed after shifitng assets to their spouse.....hmmmmm
  9. You are still liable for council tax, on top of business rates. They also won't collect bins from business premises, thats another £600+ a year......The numbers still leave enough for 4 staff including yourselves....
  10. Its real issue is being on a lease that is not sustainable. It can't compete on price, the base of any business! https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/run-a-pub/pubs/pages/millhouses-sheffield.aspx They have removed the Rent amount and the "Potential Turnover" as they are usually laughable! But I had already used a while ago..... Potential turnover: £378,000.00 per annum Introductory Rent: £20,000.00 per annum Estimated Capital start-up: £25,250.00 (excl VAT) Note the word potential! £1600 a month in rent, plus business rates and utilities. And there is a note that they plan to increase it "This pub needs personal investment of time, effort and skills to realise its potential. Our vision for this pub is a business capable of sustaining a rent of £33,000.00 per annum." So they will want almost 3k a month if you start doing well. On a tied lease, so your GP will be circa 50% at best. (Most bars run nearer 80%). 378k is 7.3k a week, well there is not a prayer that business is taking a grand a day. 1000 a day at an average £3.50 a pint 285 drinks a day. I reckon it would do well to do 5k a week in its location. Maybe 260k a year, minus VAT leaves 208k. Half is profit. 104k. minus rent (at the lower rate) and utilities 36k ish leaves 68k. And you haven't paid any staff yet or taken a wage yourself! You can now afford to pay 4 people on NMW. Sorry but as with a lot of enterprise leases the numbers won't add up. Look at the Ranmoor also currently available. A pub with a much better reputation in a better area.... https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/run-a-pub/pubs/pages/ranmoor-inn-sheffield.aspx Potential turnover: £395,000.00 per annum Guide Rent: £30,000.00 per annum Estimated Capital start-up: £14,500.00 (excl VAT) They also want you to sign up to this (please allow 3 hours for a full read!) Which basically means you run the pub for them and are liable for a myriad of things. If that was the case and it made money it would be part of the managed wing and they would pay you 25k+ to do it. SEction 5 for those that get that far! https://www.eipublicanpartnerships.com/Documents/sample-5-year-rpt.pdf Maintenance Service Charge: £798.00 (Seven Hundred and Ninety Eight Pounds) per annum plus VAT Cellar Cooling Only: £309.00 (Three Hundred and Nine Pounds) per annum plus VAT Heating and Boiler Only: £489.00 (Four Hundred and Eighty Nine Pounds) per annum plus VAT Health and Safety Compliance Service Charge: £1,177.00 (One Thousand One Hundred and Seventy Seven Pounds) per annum plus VAT 5.4 Insurance Rent You must pay Us the cost that We spend in insuring the Property described in clause 37 (Our Insurance Obligations). 5.5 Deposit Your deposit will be £[XXXXX] (AMOUNT IN WORDS) and We may ask You to increase this sum under the terms of clause 5 (Deposit). You must pay Us the deposit when You enter into this tenancy. 5.6 Decoration Fund You must pay £[XXXXX] (AMOUNT IN WORDS) plus VAT per annum to be put towards Your decorating obligations and this will be applied.
  11. This has come around again! Rank Leisure and Grosvenor Casino Sheffield will be donating along with Birtwistles butchers... 40kg Potatoes 20kg Carrots 20kg Parsnips 20kg Sprouts 40kg Turkey 450 pigs in blankets 6kg of stuffing We hope everyone has a great day
  12. Re-opening as "Lost and Found", the new brand from Marstons under the Revere Pub company label. https://the-lostandfound.co.uk/sheffield https://www.thecaterer.com/articles/523530/revere-pub-company-to-open-fifth-lost-found-bar
  13. Not an argument worth trying to win. They will issue a PCN, you will spend hours fighting it. It is their car park, they can most likely charge what they like. And before all the people come along saying PCN are not enforceable see below, all change since the Barry Beavis case. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/nhs-nurse-hospital-parking-tickets-university-hospital-of-wales-cardiff-indigo-park-services-150000-a7845126.html https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-essex-34721126
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