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  1. DT Ralge,which road into Hillsborough is 50 limit please,Penistone Road is 30 from the bridge at Wadsley Bridge to the Parkway on Derek Dooley Way?
  2. Question was asked a little tongue in cheek as most drivers are not aware of the limits on both roads or simply choose to ignore them. The authorities appear to condone their speed as cannot remember speed enforcement vans on either road.
  3. Is it time to increase the speed limit on Sheffield Parkway to 60 mph and increase the speed limit on Penistone Road to 40 mph? Drivers seem to ignore the current limits on both these roads and the authorities appear to have little interest in enforcing them.
  4. Anna B,that is just the point,he is not a man of the people he is offered the mayor's role as a ceremonial office only with no political power ,please read tonight article In the Star.
  5. Maybe he will get the message and begin to treat the post with respect and act appropriately in future,thanks for your answer.
  6. Anyone know the outcome of the coumcil meeting last Wednesday?
  7. Find it amusing,someone complaining about lack of knowledge of taxi drivers then promply books a cab to Halifax road at WADSLEY.
  8. Donald trump was brought to the discussion by the lord mayor,as reported by bbc news on the 4th of july. The mayor tweeted majid majid lord mayor and first citizen of this city hereby declare that not only is Donald j trump a wasteman but he is henceforth banned from the great city of Sheffield. the council reply in the same article says he does not have the power to ban anyone from the city, whether you support trump or not is irrelevant to the discussion which is one of the actual power of the lord mayor verses his assumed power
  9. My only issue is that he gives the impression he has the right to speak on behalf of Sheffield and its people,he does not have that right.
  10. These people are mayors elected by the people to a totally different office,you seem to be confusing elected area mayors with the non elected ceremonial one
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