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  1. I need a large garden shed with a poly carbon roof, re roofing with hardwood and felt. Any recommendations ?
  2. Sorry to see this. I do feel that it was better before they moved the bar though. I wonder if this had any effect on trade.
  3. Tanks to fools and Ghozer for taking time to reply. I'll have to have some aerial attention once things return to normal.
  4. Can any of the experts on here help me? My bedroom tv will not tune in to ITV, Channels 4 and 5. When I re-tune, it picks up BBC 1,2 etc ok but not the channels above! Sometimes it shows 43 channels found, sometimes 62 but still no ITV. Picks up ITV 2 plus one, ITV 4 and ITV 5 though. I am puzzled, surely it should pick up ITV if it can pick up BBC!
  5. Are there still feeder buses running from the Old Mother Redcap at Bradway? If so, are they running all day? Also, anyone know if the OMR has re-opened ?
  6. I believe Pets at Home are moving to Norton also.
  7. Dogs allowed in the bar to the right but not in the restaurant side to the left as you go in front door. So if you want to eat without dogs nearby, go left!.
  8. Another recommendation for Stuart who came to sort out my plumbing issue last week. His number is as follows: Stuart Swan Telephone 07757028912
  9. That's 2 S.Smiths pubs now closed with the Old Mother Redcap also. That leaves 3?
  10. Was always going to be short-term in view of development. Have they been given notice by Council or is it just no longer profitable? Big Shame, as was nice to access Kelham Island Beers range in City Centre.
  11. Agree with last 2 posts. Was pleasantly surprised when I went in before Christmas to find decent selection of beer. Can take or leave oysters but found the Chowder/ Stew a great accompaniment to the beer and reasonably priced. A must for future Kelham drinking outings.
  12. Vicar Lane was the NCB Pensions building I think. Holly Lane was to be the headquarters of either the NUM or the Yorkshire NUM who were based in Barnsley. It coincided with the demise of Arthur Scargill so I don't think the move ever happened. My recall is somewhat hazy and I'm sure someone will know. What I do recall perfectly is that Sheffield Taxpayer's money was used, as previous poster says. I'd love to know the "ins and outs"
  13. I think the site was "gifted" by the Council to the NUM. I'm not sure it was ever occupied but has been an eyesore for years. I'd love to know what the actual details of the transaction were.
  14. Going out of the city, once past Broady and Heeley Triangle, then what ?
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