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  1. Started going here as they had good live music. Have just heard they have stopped doing the music as they don't want to have to pay bands!!
  2. This is amazing At least they could have taken Reg No !
  3. If it is the hairdressers wall she paid to have it done! The ownerepaid to have it done!
  4. I have a Haibike and it is brilliant!!
  5. Does anyone know how many men have been on moon surface? Answer surprised me!!
  6. I want to sell some denim Jackets Any interest
  7. Are there RED Light cameras on Traffic lights on pedestrian crossing Hanover Way? (going downhill towards town centre Ecclesall Rd)
  8. Noticed that the big hole has been cleared out What will be happening next???
  9. Where is a support group for PF? ---------- Post added 11-11-2018 at 09:15 ---------- Thanks very much BanjoDean
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