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  1. Went to New Cod on Block Commonside Didn't have cash so she trusted me to bring money later! Impressive
  2. Think they are doing testing at Alderson Rd Sharrow
  3. Yes I do the same Works out very cheap!
  4. I went through this the other day and somehow got onto tram lines (in car) tried to back up with tram hooting at me then went fprward to try to get out of way. Quite frightening. I am a cyclist but think this scheme is ridiculous
  5. Even though I am a cyclist tend to agree with you.Is everyone going to start cycling ? No. There needs to be an accurate count of how many people cycling .
  6. Good place on Ecclesall rd with a tube train logo
  7. In the past Hermes has just lost 2 items. Gave no apology
  8. Went walking at Grenoside and walked past 8 fire prevention vehicles. Much smoke drifting up from valley Hope this rain will put fire out!
  9. My GPs surgery closed What are GPs doing at the moment????? Dothey ? only deal with the Cvirus Many people have medical problems where they need to see a GP
  10. Agree -Liam is a <removed>
  11. Many people have put work into creating pleasant garden here Now big shutter boards have been put up- boulders and stones thrown onto flowering plants Empty postcrete bags left to blow around Anyone know whats going on? Presume building going up on site?
  12. Hallo OLd Boy he used to say Very sad Used to see him at Pheasant and Delaneys music bar where I used to have a chat with him Louisiana great song he used to do
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