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  1. Harry and Meghan And what do this fortunate pair truly have to complain about, in a world where so many young couples struggle to make ends meet, where the young, especially, battle to find secure and rewarding work or to afford their own homes? The whole country fighting Covid and family deaths. Prince Phillip in hospital. etc etc
  2. What drugs do people take to stop waking up 6 times a night to pee? Saw Palmetto has been suggested to me?
  3. Same for me. I had biopsy that wasnt half as bad as I expected! Have to wake up 6 times a night to pee so never have decent nights sleep. Try to drink lot of water in day PSA 4.6
  4. Have to get up 6 times a night to pee so getting very tired. Have people taken any drugs for this and if so does it affect sexual funstioning??
  5. Hermes have lost 2 of my parcels in past
  6. So will we need plastic barriers on all streets with narrow pavements???
  7. What do people think of the plastic barriers at top of Glossop Rd Broomhill? Any idea what they are for?
  8. Went to New Cod on Block Commonside Didn't have cash so she trusted me to bring money later! Impressive
  9. Think they are doing testing at Alderson Rd Sharrow
  10. Yes I do the same Works out very cheap!
  11. I went through this the other day and somehow got onto tram lines (in car) tried to back up with tram hooting at me then went fprward to try to get out of way. Quite frightening. I am a cyclist but think this scheme is ridiculous
  12. Even though I am a cyclist tend to agree with you.Is everyone going to start cycling ? No. There needs to be an accurate count of how many people cycling .
  13. Good place on Ecclesall rd with a tube train logo
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