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  1. My GPs surgery closed What are GPs doing at the moment????? Dothey ? only deal with the Cvirus Many people have medical problems where they need to see a GP
  2. Agree -Liam is a <removed>
  3. Many people have put work into creating pleasant garden here Now big shutter boards have been put up- boulders and stones thrown onto flowering plants Empty postcrete bags left to blow around Anyone know whats going on? Presume building going up on site?
  4. Hallo OLd Boy he used to say Very sad Used to see him at Pheasant and Delaneys music bar where I used to have a chat with him Louisiana great song he used to do
  5. On allotment Friday black police plane circled low 6 timed over me! Prison for me ? Is this good use of police time?? (Crookes)
  6. Mink voracious predators. Very bad for our native animals!!!
  7. nikki-red Thanks so much Do u know what music is?? Thanks again
  8. Just searched on Youtube but still cant find it!!!!
  9. Riff Raff Thank you so much I have spent hours trying to find this information Really pleased Thanks again !!!!
  10. Did anyone see a TV advert with man dancing outside front door with baby in a sling on chest joined by a dancing postman?? What was advert for and what was music? Thanks
  11. In the past Hermes have lost 2 of my parcels!!
  12. Started going here as they had good live music. Have just heard they have stopped doing the music as they don't want to have to pay bands!!
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