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  1. You seem to have failed to noticed morsi was Islamist scum. Which makes him and the rest of his gang our enemies
  2. So no proof but that is your proof because they then did killing. Silly little tit.
  3. Branches fall in the woods, it as likely that Mother Nature is dealing with the dirt bikes
  4. They would die. If they were reincarnated they would be less of a total dick next time hopefully.
  5. Martyrdom is a powerful weapon for Islamists. The lack of fear, or perceived lack of fear of death can make them seem terrifying and tip the balance of a confrontation in their favour. That can only really be effectively countered by getting on with it. Which General Sisi has and it seems to have worked rather well as there are less "martyrs" day on day. They are getting the message. Firm but fair.
  6. In which case complain. They likely will.
  7. People work and do very nicely for their families in the east. Lower cost of living and lower wages so decent people do fine. This lot are not poor, they are criminal scum exploiting our country to increase their criminal ill gotten gains. So why are you empathising with these roma criminals?
  8. If you complain they would probably just fell the tree and send it as biomass to the power stations.
  9. It's symptomatic of the foreign corruption we've let in to our country. See under attempted election rigging...we have had that, in Britain. The dogs were dragged to jail but they tried. Can you understand how this kind of behavior makes natives feel about these people? Corrupt deals to build mosques, millions go missing but the wahabis will fill the gap...how should a native feel about this being allowed in our country?
  10. Struggling to see what you're getting at here? You seem to be saying she was fine in the staged accident but then mysteriously was killed later? Yes?
  11. Worst "comedy" ever made. In terms of time to killswitch I'm faster than with the archers on that drivel monger.
  12. +1 for that, our mantlepiece is a big old hunk of wood over our woodburner, like you say just use common sense and make sure the dimensions are correct for the calorific output of the stove.
  13. Sweet, nice to see another bit of the corrupt third world rocking up in our city in such a traditionally corrupt and immoral way. Ain't multi-culti grand?
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