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  1. Hi All Just to let you know the Blake Hotel's first birthday is on Thursday 10th November. Come and join us for a drink and see how the Blake has been transformed into one of the best real ale pubs in Sheffield. We have over 130 whisky's to choose from which come from Scotland, Ireland, America and some from parts of the world you would not produce whisky. Come and join the team to celebrate a fantatstic year for the Blake and lets hope it long continue's. O yes and there will be some food laid on too. Thanks
  2. yes we do we have TT Landlord 4.3%. St edmunds (Golden Beer) 4.2% H&H Kimberley 3.9% and J Smiths Cask. Plus keg lager and beers too.
  3. Come join us at the Old Grindstone tonight. Live football Euro Qualifier England V Montenegro. drinks offers on all day everyday. VK bottles £1.80 double up on smirnoff gordons bells and bacardi for £2.50. IPA smooth £2.30.Carlsberg £2.30. more offers to come. Food served daily 12.00pm-2.00pm 5.00pm-9.00pm mon-fri. sat 12.00pm-9.00pm £3.25 menu home cooked food. sunday carvery only £4.95 adults £3.50 Children from 1.00pm. Curry nights to come. Real ales john smiths, St Edmunds 4.2% hardy and hansons kimberley plus guests. DJ's, Bands. karaoke playing different days. ring and find out whats on. poker and quiz nights soon to come. please call the manager on 01142660322.
  4. I see ppl are still placing stuff on here but why dont you come and speak with me at the grindstone. its ok to comment but why not do it face to face. I can then put ppl at rest. We at the grinstone have regulars young and old coming in saying its getting back to what it used to be so commenting on events that you think happen without actually coming in and having a beer or some food i think are out of order. dont get me wrong anyone is entitled to their opinion but we are trying to run a business both for are families and the public and slagging the old grindtsone off when in 8 months we have had one incident i think is below the belt. Do you all want to see yet another public house closed? i welcome your commets but come on speak to me in person as i ask again and not behind a pc. Thanks Christy Beardshaw The Landlord
  5. This thursday 19th August live band on. Then every third thursday each month live music. Every 1st saturday dj radi playing reggae. all the live premier league football playing plus a choice of live 3.00pm saturday kick offs. This Saturday Arsenal V Blackpool. Roast dinners on Sundays and priced at only £4.95 and Children £3.50. Veg option also available at £3.50. drinks offers all day everyday. Thanks The Landlord.
  6. Having read all the comments good and bad dont you think its would be a good idea to come and see the landlord and bring your questions and concerns to him. granted the pub as got more ppl hanging outside and is noisy because more ppl are going in. it has had so many mangers over the past few years and if it wasnt for the present landlord the pub would have had tin curtains placed on it. Im sure some ppl who live close would love that but we are trying to bring the whole of Crookes together. you may have guessed now that indeed i am the landlord of the Grindstone and have had one incident in the 6 months i have been there. I am also a local who was born around Crookes so i know what the area is like. Now one night a week which is saturday I have a DJ on. on the odd occasion there may be a live band or karaoke for which i have posted leaflets into ppl's letter boxes. I dont believe by making comments on here without speaking to the management team at the Grindstone is all that fair but as i take any comments serious these are the steps i have taken so far. The ashtray that was up at the side entrance before i took over is now been taken off the wall. I have placed signs up to ask customers to respect the neighbours when leaving and have also placed signs to say no drinks outside. The management team are working very closely with the Police to stop any anti social behaviour both inside and outside if it happens. Customers are aware that the only place they can take their drinks is in the area that we have cleaned and will use as a beer garden which is away from the houses. If they do not comply the police will take drinks off them and hand them a on the spot fine. if there is any thing else you would like to comment on then please pop in and see the management team. i will open a forum to all on a sunday between 1pm and 3pm at the pub itself. We cannot please everyone that is a fact but Im sure you will agree we are taking steps to try. thanks
  7. spur of the moment playing tonight from 8.00pm. come jon us for a beer or too.
  8. we have been addressed at having bands and yes we do have them now and again. come and see me at the pub and we can discuss. cheers.
  9. we are getting it back on its feet. people are coming back in and making it their local again. we have catered for weddings birthdays and funerals and all have said they were done very well. we now have more parties to do in the coming weeks. thanks
  10. Come and join us at the old grindstone at crookes. We have a dj playing every saturday night playing any tunes you ask for. traditional sunday roasts at £4.95. Veg option too. all parties catered 18th, 21st, 40th, weddings, funerals, etc.. just give us a call on 01142660322. we now have a darts board up plus we have two pool tables and a 3/4 snooker table. Plus we are showing all the world cup games. join us tonight for the friendly game on our big screen tv.
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