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  1. They have installed a salmon run in the don near East coast Road and juvenile salmon were seen in the river last year so i believe its been a success. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/salmon-spawn-after-rivers-leap-back-to-life-c902vjnjw
  2. Oh right, either way- calling someone a sex offender- that's perfectly ok then ?
  3. Well that's what i heard on the grapevine, its not like Billy is a 17yo kid getting riled up, he's an experienced professional.
  4. If you think that people shouting things about your deceased son is "banter" then i think you need a good long hard look at yourself.
  5. Gonna be a tough one , they are playing well with their tails up. Im going for a 2-2 draw.
  6. Do you only have your cabs for 5 years? Seems like a very short lifespan for that type of vehicle. Would seem more sensible to use them for at least 10 years, £450 a month is much more manageable.
  7. Sheffield still produces thousands of tonnes of Steel every year, they just don't need 2000+ people to run the lines anymore. Companies such as ATI Allvac and others are still going strong. As for the OP's enquiry, for a small quantity try these guys - https://www.westyorkssteel.com/
  8. Seen loads of people doing this out and about and never seen anyone challenge them. As you say as long as you use tree protectors then i'd go for it.
  9. Oh good, more tickets for responsible members of society then 😃😉
  10. I always use these guys in Handsworth, quick and reliable- https://www.fonefunshop.com/
  11. If we get offered 30mil I can't see how we can turn it down, thats a good profit in a year and will ease the financial pressure on the club that relegation inevitably brings. That said, do i want him to go- of course not.
  12. My tickets arrived yesterday, looking forward to seeing them in action.
  13. Can highly recommend this group, great bunch of friendly people who all have a good laugh whilst playing 😀
  14. No, unless im forced to, in that case ill follow the rules.
  15. 5 years old staying up till 10pm, not a good idea IMHO.
  16. Rubbish, My little boy was really excited to go to his first match but he won't be able to go for a few weeks now - F*** Sky 🤬
  17. I'd give Acclaimed Family Law a call, they are great in dealing with stuff like this.
  18. I'll be honest, thats going to create a HUGE backlog of cars all the way from west bar upto university roundabout. I get that they want to make the city more cycle friendly and i totally support that, but this will make large sections of the city into total gridlock at rush hour. Unless thats the plan, make the city so car unfriendly that people decide not to come into the city centre for work.
  19. Loads of time yet, no need to panic! Glad social media wasn't around in the Dave Bassett era, we didn't win a game until Christmas and still stayed up!
  20. So that means we currently have Ramsdale, Moore, Verrips and Fotheringham on the books, plus Eastwood who is out on loan. I think we have enough cover! 😂
  21. I went to the common room on wednsday, you can just walk in but to guarantee entry you need to book. all table service.
  22. Had table service at the Coach and Horses in dronfield, plenty of outside seating, forms on the table to complete for traceing, no hassle whatsoever!
  23. Hi All, Does anyone konw if you will need planning permission to put a proper roof on a conservatory and then knock though into an existing room? Some places say yes and others say no, im jusr not getting any joy from the council because of Covid. Ta
  24. Hi, We are thinking about adding a 4th Bedroom to our house but im not sure if we should go for an extension (The house already has a single story extension that they could add to) or to extend into the roof and put a dormer in. Cost is a big factor so could anyone tell me (Generially speaking) which is more expensive? We would like the dormer to have a bathroom if possible which i know will add cost. Thx
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