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  1. More and more poober are flooding the city from cars licensed elsewhere and yet the council are asking us to get into debt for 60k ,what planet are they on?.
  2. Taxis use to be able to go at platform E (and pay for ranking there) but,since the SYPTE sold the bottom bit for the digital buildings ,then it's a NoNo even for them.Cabbies do rank up there (but,don't tell the digital owners!)
  3. No taxis can't technically but they do.As per usual the authorities that be never think of the disabled or Joe public with heavy bags.great idea eh?,
  4. Sheffield city council make Their own disruption they don't need a few middle class yuppies helping them!,haha
  5. Don't worry be happy.im dreaming of a £60k taxi.maybe the council will somehow miraculously help me (I'm in bed asleep!)
  6. The council have no idea of cab drivers low incomes compared to previous times .
  7. Maybe the city centre will move out of town,just like parkgate' 'IS' Rotherham !.
  8. I think I'll just refuse to drop in the city centre.i suppose it could be a spur to get a proper job after 30 years of putting it off!. I suppose We could also create a virtual city centre on the tinternet?,maybe that's a way to get round it,drive a virtual taxi from my bedroom!,wow who says I'm not MODERN!.
  9. I've had the letter from council saying they propose to charge me £10 per day to enter the city centre unless I buy an electric,hydrogen,or LPG black cab But,BUT buses ,coaches can enter with the cleanest STANDARD petrol or diesel??!. Where is the equality in that?. All by 2021. They will give me a grant (believe it when I see it) to help.at the moment there is only 1 electric black cab £60,000 . I will buy 10 with my minimum wage(oh yes)!.
  10. Ps remember uber are loosing millions of £ per day. I can't compete with that!
  11. I will be retiring in 4 years time and will not be buying or leasing a 60k electric cab in the meantime .idealy yes,realistically no.with uber going round charging 20 year old prices then the job is dead
  12. Remember a lot of the councillors live in Derbyshire and ride push bikes (hehehe).if something works 'make it not!
  13. Maybe the council were collectively stoned when they approved it,certainly they look totally out of place in my opinion
  14. Not sure but, possible end of term blow out before the students go home .
  15. Them very odd stones outside the monstrosity at the junction of pinstone st and furnival gate(top of moor) now there is a joke!
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