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  1. We have been giving each other germs for 600.000 years ,why are we in hysterics now?.I think I might start smoking again and take up alcohol.why not?
  2. You are talking about private hire cars,not Taxis.They will have paid £20k for the super dooper ones.That is a third of an electric /hybrid black cab.Yes resident maybe I should go onto private hire and pay at least £100 a week radio rent ,.but,then I would be beholden to a company(their jobs) and my regular wheelchair customers would be left in the lerch.At the last count(2 month ago) black cabs have reduced from 857 to 610, I am sure it is less now.Our only options is to give up or go onto private. Council's throughout the land are pricing us out of the Hackney carriage Business.
  3. That's correct.obviously December maybe different but, just go to a taxi rank And see how long it takes for the last cab to get to the front of the rank.Follow an empty cab through the city centre and see how few flag downs he gets.He could possibly get more by joining a radio system but,that would entail £100 per week radio rent.It really is a poor man's job these'last 15 years.
  4. In Sheffield we are allowed to keep them until they are 15 years old.In London they mayor has just reduced that to 14 and then only 12 years old.sheffieldinvariably follows suite (always wanted to be London).So even if we could afford the £60k cabs the council will probably follow London.Owning a black cab is a very expensive business (always was).If the money was there like it use to be then it may be a different story but,alas it is not. £7 profit per hour does not = being able to afford £900 a month plus other expenses.
  5. I personally proposed £5 extra per trip.Yes it is ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous but,so is the council's push for us to buy £60k cabs = £900 per month before any other costs.We are probably on £10 per hour before costs equating to probably £7 in actual earnings.Anyway don't worry the council has postponed the meeting which would have considered the 3 proposals.
  6. It would be interesting to know if the person who has died with Omicron had any underlying illness.Boris also mentions that there is also hospitalisations.how many Boris?. 1 -2?
  7. The council and government are insisting that we go green which means buying £50K-£60K cabs, which means £800-£900 per month for 5 years.Are you Joe public willing to pay extra ?. For those who say they will just use private hire cars ,then I would state they are not cheap to buy either for a hybrid or electric so their fares will have to go up too.
  8. Isn't it strange that we in the western world got to where we are because of fossil fuels and now the developing are told to hold the horses.oneupmanship as per usual.
  9. Checkout prof Patrick Moore, Canadian co founder of Greenpeace.They won't have him on main stream media!
  10. Can't help thinking of the poor little kids in the democratic Republic of Congo being used to mine the cobalt So,we can drive around being Green.Plus where is All the Electricity going to come from?.
  11. If I buy a Euro 6 hackney (ford transit custom or Mercedes) then you are still talking 35k 40k and then after you have bought 1 the council will change the goal posts again and insist on all electric.Cant trust me!
  12. Wasn't the world coming to an end in biblical times and every era since ,and before?.The hypocrites love a good Bash,Rock on!
  13. Sheffield has been fully wheelchair accessible Taxis since 1994 approximately.As I have said before Black cab drivers will not run for wheelchair jobs until you are able to charge more than meter rate.They never get used to doing it and realising that it can be swiftly completed.ironically private hire companies with black cabs on their books do charge more than meter rate,they receive the extra (on credit work at least).Also ironically the majority of wheelchair uses are quite happy to be charged more,so long as they receive the service. All black cabs throughout the country are wheelchair accessible and have been since approximately 1994
  14. I think the pandemic reccesion will kill a lot of construction.working from home will lead to less office space needed.
  15. Ah back in the day took many a customer down there in my cab late at night .it always infuriated me that the majority would request Effingham Rd please ' rather than literally saying Rockys please '.There was nothing else down there at that time of night!.Thankfully times have changed.
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