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  1. That's because your council made it patheticly easy a while ago .now you see the consequences!
  2. Didn't know there was a computer test .good luck,you will never be rich but you will always be able to buy a loaf of bread.
  3. Sorry I meant the wheelchair cabs electic(hybrid) they want us to buy are 60k ,90k with interest.have to be wheelchair accessible black cab in Sheffield .
  4. Yes but the leafs are not wheelchair friendly and they are not £60k,probably £90k with interest !
  5. That's why TFL has revoked their license in London because people are downloading their photo onto the poober driver app
  6. I believe it's 14 thousand trips. ahh such is progression!(not)
  7. Cos that would be too logical for the council as would be a bobby directing traffic
  8. Most beggars in Sheffield are not homeless (it's been proved many times ).
  9. More and more poober are flooding the city from cars licensed elsewhere and yet the council are asking us to get into debt for 60k ,what planet are they on?.
  10. Taxis use to be able to go at platform E (and pay for ranking there) but,since the SYPTE sold the bottom bit for the digital buildings ,then it's a NoNo even for them.Cabbies do rank up there (but,don't tell the digital owners!)
  11. No taxis can't technically but they do.As per usual the authorities that be never think of the disabled or Joe public with heavy bags.great idea eh?,
  12. Sheffield city council make Their own disruption they don't need a few middle class yuppies helping them!,haha
  13. Don't worry be happy.im dreaming of a £60k taxi.maybe the council will somehow miraculously help me (I'm in bed asleep!)
  14. The council have no idea of cab drivers low incomes compared to previous times .
  15. Maybe the city centre will move out of town,just like parkgate' 'IS' Rotherham !.
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