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  1. Ps remember uber are loosing millions of £ per day. I can't compete with that!
  2. I will be retiring in 4 years time and will not be buying or leasing a 60k electric cab in the meantime .idealy yes,realistically no.with uber going round charging 20 year old prices then the job is dead
  3. Remember a lot of the councillors live in Derbyshire and ride push bikes (hehehe).if something works 'make it not!
  4. Maybe the council were collectively stoned when they approved it,certainly they look totally out of place in my opinion
  5. Not sure but, possible end of term blow out before the students go home .
  6. Them very odd stones outside the monstrosity at the junction of pinstone st and furnival gate(top of moor) now there is a joke!
  7. Bramley shell garage has been robbed 3 times the exact same way smashing thru the glass door,one time with the police going passed .they only took fags ,left everything else
  8. Bramley shell garage has been robbed 3 times the exact same way smashing thru the glass door,one time with the police going passed .
  9. Don't forget that if it's on surge your uber will cost loads more than you thought,oh and the driver might be from West Yorkshire so might get a little confused!
  10. My dad had a stay there in the late sixties,does anyone know how to access his records?.would be interesting to know what the docs said,thanks ray
  11. There is only one race 'the human race ',everybody is a mixture of everybody else,it's just that some people like to create division.all boils down to power and money
  12. I will always remember years ago when a business man pulled along side me pleading with me to show him where aiselwood mill was (nursery st)he would pay me even though he was in his car and I was in my cab and he was very very near at west bar . 'Please please,I've been driving round for an hour!,just take me!).ah the joy of driving in the city centre!
  13. I try and avoid the city centre cos you can't turn right,you can't turn left, you can't go forward ,all the council wants is for you to cause congestion!.then they complain!
  14. Poober/uber is the new licensing authority (my opinion),your licensing authority has no arms or legs anymore.the government has allowed it to happen,now let us all reap the consequences of it.
  15. For years My cabbie mate Bazeer and I exchanged Xmas cards even though I'm an atheist and he is a Muslim. I tend to think this thread is another one of those thought up by those who wish to cause division where there is none.
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