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  1. Isn't that more of a trade centre, with the exception of Costa and Aldi?
  2. Still looks like it's fun out there! Plenty of buses diverted/suspended and even the trams can't run beyond station up towards Gleadless. https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-gb/newsupdates/Disruptions
  3. Its been badly designed from the outset. Same as Kilner Way retail park in North Sheffield. From what I've seen it's also how traffic signals are timed at the access road and also Dyche Lane junction.
  4. A full list of alternative services during the strike period is available: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/en-GB/LandingPage/service-changes
  5. Parson Cross/Shiregreen are probably going to be your cheapest, yet safest bet. Close to Barnsley Road and M1 J35 for access to Barnsley, and close enough to Sheffield also. Parson Cross seems to be an upcoming area at the moment, with the large scale regeneration and new build houses that are going up.
  6. Not looking like it's going to be the best few weeks ahead, as Stagecoach buses look to be going on strike from Saturday 27th November, at the same time that Stagecoach Supertram look to be "reducing the frequency of its services by up to 50%" from Sunday 28th November. Information regarding the Stagecoach bus strike - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/service-updates/serviceupdatesarticle?SituationId=ID-23/11/2021-14:46:04:790 Information regarding the Supertram service cuts - https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2021/november-2021/supertram-service-changes-from-28-november Sheffield tram service to be reduced by 50% due to driver shortage
  7. Generally almost everywhere in S6 is pretty decent, there are a few exceptions and I make no apologies for saying it - avoid Fox Hill and lower parts of Stannington around the tower blocks (Roscoe Bank estate). Avoid S5 altogether, though parts are undergoing regeneration and becoming a lot better such as Parson Cross. New build 3-beds are going for between £200-220k which is surprising, but just shows what regeneration can do! Adjoining areas such as Grenoside and Burncross are pretty decent and great value for money - as is Oughtibridge and Wharncliffe Side. The latter two areas seeing plenty of new housing developments along the riverside. All depends what you want really, but have a drive around and see what you think. You will know when an area feels right - then you can narrow down your search. Hope this helps!
  8. Personally I find the S.W. of Sheffield over priced for what it is. Yes there’s ok schools and close to Derbyshire/Peak District - but the road network is a nightmare, usually constantly grinds to a halt. You also end up paying over the odds. Look more to the North of the city. Decent transport network (including tram out towards Hillsborough/Middlewood), still easy access to Derbyshire/Peak District, with decent schools but a much better road network.
  9. Only thing I can’t quite comprehend is why the inner ring road is included. Surely this will just create rat runs on the local side roads and cause further congestion on the ring road, which in the North East of then city is just restricted to a single carriageway between Brightside and Owlerton. Guessing SCC haven’t seen the news on the mess and rat runs/additional congestion that has been occurring in Bath, since their CAZ launched…
  10. If you don’t mind travelling, North & Eastern Sheffield are generally cheaper, out towards Rotherham. Rotherham is pretty cheap in comparison to Sheffield too, so you get more house for your money and there are some decent areas. All dependant on yourselves. If you want South & Western Sheffield you’ll be looking around £200k for a 2up, 2 down terrace; where as North & Eastern Sheffield you could get a 4 bed semi for the same price. With travel in mind, set an area search up on Rightmove and go with the right house; then look at the areas after you’ve found a decent one If prepared to travel further out, Barnsley and Rotherham are generally cheaper too. Rotherham is a lot closer and some areas of Rotherham are less than 4/5 miles into the city.
  11. 83/83A changes are a complete laugh, so First keep their half hourly service on the 83, but Stagecoach decide to reduce their half hourly service to a 40 minute headway… so every few hours there will probably be 2 buses on the 83/83A following each other around. Great joined up thinking… pathetic from Stagecoach yet again!
  12. The sooner people realise that most of these "homeless" people aren't actually homeless, the better. The amount that get dropped off in cars in town is staggering, before starting their "work shifts" assumingly to pay for spice and other drugs. Call me heartless, but I never give any money. If they ask for a coffee or food I happily oblige. Rarely they do however!
  13. Thought it was already openly stated in many trade press, that SYPTE are taking back the reigns of Supertram from March 2024? Just an example: Source: http://www.passengertransport.co.uk/2020/04/sypte-plans-public-sector-operation-of-supertram/
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