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  1. Stops the rat running from Park Square to Hanover Way. Forces everything onto the ring road. However, you will still be able to use Arundel Gate > Eyre Street. However, the Bramall Lane roundabout is erm, interesting to get onto from Eyre Street at the best of times shall we say. Probably the reason why most folk tend to turn up Furnival Gate and Charter Row.
  2. There can be some bargains to be snapped up on the "better" end of Parson Cross. Examples: Holgate Ave - 3 bedroom end of terrace house for sale in Holgate Avenue, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S5 (rightmove.co.uk) Rokeby Rd - 3 bedroom semi-detached house for sale in Rokeby Road, Southey Green, Sheffield, S5 9FW, S5 (rightmove.co.uk) Generally, anything north of Deerlands Avenue towards the Holgate/Colley areas are deemed the better areas of Parson Cross. There are also more 3-bed properties on this end as these are post war builds. House prices are reflected by this.
  3. Quick search on Rightmove does tend to show why. Large semi/mid-terraced housing, either 2 or 3 bed with driveways and large gardens. The area isn’t as rough as it was, the nicer parts towards Ecclesfield/Grenoside tend to sell for more. Some of the ex council stock now selling for £200k+ so must be attracting the more “wealthy” people it seems. Good transport links too.
  4. Not looking so rosy over the big hill in Manchester. Many people apparently not happy over the fares increasing “stealthily” overnight with the introduction of Tranche 2. https://www.theoldhamtimes.co.uk/news/24200472.oldham-bee-bus-chaos-passengers-pay-tickets/
  5. From what I’ve been told from a reliable source; it’s directly funded by Sheffield City Council, but as they can’t procure bus services directly, they have asked SYMCA to manage the process. Apparently it’s part of a funding pot to improve access to the city centre. Shame they can’t also provide SYMCA cash to remove the bus shelters and re-install new ones on Arundel Gate.
  6. Good old Sheffield Council strike again. Guessing nothing will change come the May local elections, we know the average typical Sheffield voter…
  7. But what they fail to state is, although 25% of the current bus network is contracted (an increase mainly due to the remnants of the pandemic etc.) where is the extra funding going to come from? Will the 4 local councils agree to a large increase in the local transport levy that, will to you and me, be an increase in local council tax payments. Barnsley and Doncaster councils have already openly said they want franchising, but with no increase in cost to taxpayers... Well I'm afraid you can't have it both ways! So the main question should be - would you support up to an additional 5% increase in council tax to fund the proposed local bus/tram network across SY? Not to mention - Oliver Coppout is up for re-election in May. So we may just see a new mayor taking the reigns of SYMCA.
  8. Personally I don't get why they haven't just done the bus gate between set hours... Leeds is a prime example of this where it is put to good use.
  9. Confirmed as reopening on Good Friday (29th March).
  10. Perhaps because they look like bread vans rather than actual buses?
  11. It will be gaining the 52A service back again from 8th April. It's a simple case of use it or lose it. Frequency will be increased by 50% of what is currently in place, but if no one uses it - it will quickly be cut back or culled altogether.
  12. Looking at the proposed network map for Fox Hill / Parson Cross, the only change to the 32 route is between Wadsley Bridge and Parson Cross to run up Halifax Road, rather than divert into Fox Hill. Map of services: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/getmedia/4174c1cc-f8b6-4636-a6ce-a3be6daaea34/Fox-Hill-Parson-Cross-consultation-April-2024.pdf Proposed 32 timetable: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/getmedia/b0e8f563-53ea-4f55-965a-668289218c5b/TM-Travel-32-Timetable-from-8th-April-2024.pdf Looking at it from an outsiders perspective, it seems like a sensible change. Speeds up the journey time on the 32 to make it more reliable, while having the 31 cover the Wadsley Bridge, Fox Hill and Parson Cross sections of the 32.
  13. It's been confirmed that the 1st new store in the north will be at Parkgate shopping park in Rotherham. Scheduled to open in "Spring 2024." It will be located in the same store location. BBC press release: Wilko store to reopen at Rotherham's Parkgate Shopping Park - BBC News
  14. Parson Cross seems to have improved massively in the last 10yrs or so, now has a new district centre with the ASDA supermarket and community centre close to Deerlands Avenue/Wordsworth Avenue. House prices are surprisingly quite expensive too - but they're big 3 bed semis or blocks of 4 terraces, generally ex. council housing stock. Surprising how many are now privately owned... Woodseats just seems to becoming more "gentrified" of late and the traffic situation with Chesterfield Road would put me off personally. Depends on what you're wanting and looking for. Both areas have their pro's and con's. North Sheffield is very different to South Sheffield in most aspects though and it's quite apparent when you scratch the surface.
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