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  1. Car overtook a tram on the pedestrian crossing, realised it was red, shot in to the left and hit the kerb. Wheel axle looked snapped as the wheel was totally bent.
  2. Michael_N

    Fitzalan square regeneration

    Maybe one for Planner 1, but why has the scheme been designed to pedestrianise the eastern side (where the bookies/Cooplands is) of Fitzalan Square rather than the western side (where the taxi rank is)? I ask, as now it seems to be causing more traffic congestion and problems since the road was closed last week. All vehicles now have to turn right, and then left rather than continuing straight across towards Flat Street. Sheffield City Council in their wisdom have repainted the white lines on Haymarket indicating that 2 lanes of traffic can turn right, but this just leads to 1 lane on Commercial Street. It will become even more fun when buses start using the western side and want to access Angel Street, as you are not going to be able to turn left and right immediately in a large vehicle without blocking Commercial Street and that's if the lights will be synched. So my question would be, wouldn't it have been easier to pedestrianise the western side of Fitzalan Square where the current taxi rank is and the works to Esperanto Place will be taking place? That way Haymarket would remain 2 lanes of traffic and therefore not cause the amount of backlog and congestion that has been seen so far this week. Hopefully it is just teething troubles but the new road layout/markings on Haymarket are certainly an accident waiting to happen!
  3. Orgreave Road? https://goo.gl/maps/NHdtyZEScNQ2 Just have a look on Google Maps, where the city boundary is and there will be plenty to chose from. Presumably more scenic on west side of city out towards the peaks.
  4. Michael_N

    Buses on New Years Day morning

    The following services ran with a gradual start from 8am onwards from the outer terminus for a 8:30-9am arrival into city. 1A High Green to Herdings via City 3 City to Meadowhall 24 Woodhouse to Bradway via City 52A Woodhouse Station to Hillsborough via City 56 Wybourn to Herdings via City 75 Shiregreen to Batemoor via City 81 Stannington to Dore via City 83 City to Ecclesfield 97 City to Totley 135 City to High Green SL1 Middlewood to Stocksbridge There was also a half-hourly daytime service provided on Blue (Halfway to Meadowhall via Cathedral)/Yellow and Tram Train services.
  5. Remember, the people of the 32 boroughs of London pay for this through their rates. So if you're happy to folk out an extra £500+ per year through your rates then I'm sure you'll be in the minority rather than majority. Hence why a de-regulated market has worked throughout the country for the last 30+ years. Transport for London are also cutting staff/routes etc. They face an increasing £1bn deficit and thus, bus routes are starting to be chopped/cut back. Have a read here: https://www.ft.com/content/920ad418-5929-11e8-bdb7-f6677d2e1ce8
  6. Michael_N

    M1 north meadowhall, traffic lights

    There are some junctions that require traffic lights, just to let traffic onto the roundabout, due to traffic flow. But the vast majority don't and roundabouts as a general rule seem to work better than traffic light junctions. There are some exceptions of course - but I do know of one roundabout which has been left without lights as the modelling that was done showed it would make things worse. That is Parkgate Roundabout at the A633/A6123 junction in Rotherham (DFS/Aldi/ASDA). Thankfully Rotherham Council don't appear to be like Sheffield Council and stick traffic lights up in every possible location.
  7. Michael_N

    Nunnery square tramstop

    That's fair enough. There are further plans for changes to the bus network from February 2019 which would see a more frequent service along Parkway Avenue. Have to wait and see if A) this gets implemented from the bus consultation process and B) it becomes a more reliable service than the current 72.
  8. Michael_N

    M1 north meadowhall, traffic lights

    Have to admit the traffic has been flowing much better since the lights have been off. Shame we can't trial it at many other junctions across the city, to see if it improves traffic flow and congestion at these junctions too.
  9. Michael_N

    Nunnery square tramstop

    Wouldn't it just be easier using the 72 bus that goes to Parkway Avenue?
  10. Michael_N

    Coal Aston/Dronfield boundary

    Don't worry, we Yorkshire folk don't want Dronfield or any other place in Derbyshire. Should be a mandatory passport border check into god's own county LOL
  11. Michael_N

    Congestion charge in Sheffield

    I wouldn’t get too worked up about it, as the government have today rejected the Leeds CAZ plan, on the grounds that it’s too costly! Can’t see Sheffield getting one anytime soon! As for charging buses and taxis - absolute joke!
  12. Michael_N

    Tram Trains thread

    X1 or X78 bus it is then. At least they’re more frequent than the tram-train anyway!
  13. SYPTE are currently holding a bus consultation between 29 October 2018 and 9 December 2018 for proposed bus service changes around the Rotherham/Sheffield area from February 2019. You can view the proposals and have your say at: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/Feb2019/ Main changes for Sheffield appear to be: 22A/22C City to Wath upon Dearne / Manvers - More journeys provided between City and Rotherham via Waverley and Sheffield Business Park at peak times in both directions to cater for workers. Also revised to serve Parkway Markets as a partial replacement for service 72. Will show service X74 between City and Rotherham, with through tickets provided for services 22A/22C beyond Rotherham. 27 Crystal Peaks to Rotherham - Services extended beyond Rotherham to Parkgate, Monday to Fridays only. 31 Meadowhall to Rotherham - Service withdrawn and partially replaced by service 208. 32 City to Firth Park - Revised route proposed around Fox Hill and Parson Cross. Change of terminus point in City from Interchange/Arundel Gate to Angel Street. 36 City to Kimberworth Park - Extended beyond Kimberworth Park to Rotherham. 72 City to Meadowhall - Service withdrawn and partially replaced with services 74/74A/X74 and 208. 74A City to Rotherham - Service re-routed away from Manor Top/Richmond Road to serve Parkway Markets and Handsworth, before returning to current route at Handsworth Top. Richmond Road therefore only receives 1 bus per hour. 208 City to Dinnington - New service running via Attercliffe, Meadowhall Way (Argos/Primark bus stop), Tinsley, Brinsworth, Whiston, Thurcroft and Dinnington. A1 Meadowhall to Waverley - Service revised to run hourly at off-peak times. Service remains every 30 minutes at peak times to cater for workers. M17 Dore to Jordanthorpe - Extended to St James Retail Park and proposals to change the timetable and route further, in order to serve Chancet Wood. X1 City to Maltby - Revised to run every 15 minutes rather than every 10 minutes between Sheffield and Meadowhall. Service to be increased between Meadowhall, Rotherham and Maltby to 7/8 minutes. X5/X55 City to Dinnington - Minor timetable changes to increase reliability. X78 City to Doncaster - Increased to run every 12 minutes rather than every 15 minutes Monday to Friday. Remember these changes are not definite and you can have your say on the proposals at: https://www.travelsouthyorkshire.com/Feb2019/
  14. Michael_N

    Tram Trains thread

    If this becomes the case more regularly, I can see many not even bothering with the service. It's already an half-arsed attempt anyway, why could a 20 minute service not have been planned? It's been years in the making and plenty of time to change the train/tram timetables to fit around a 20 minute service, rather than 2 within 10 minutes then nothing for 20/30 minutes! It's also appalling how they just cancel runs, rather than run them. How are people at Cathedral supposed to know the tram service has been cancelled on an already infrequent and irregular service with no announcements or visual aids unless you have Twitter? It is interesting to see the majority of people are pass holders (OAP/Disabled) as they can travel free, where as fare paying passengers tend to be sticking with the train, which only takes 10-12 minutes from Rotherham and even with a connection in Sheffield onto the Blue/Purple service, can still beat the TramTrain service to the Cathedral. Between Parkgate/Rotherham and Meadowhall loadings seem pretty light too, yet the X1/X78 buses are still standing loads. Frequency/convenience vs. speed/reliability maybe?
  15. Michael_N

    Tram Trains thread

    Well by all accounts then, should we rename Meadowhall to "Sheffield Meadowhall" since it's in Sheffield as you say? :hihi:

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