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  1. Sheffield City Council have now launched their latest consultation, on proposals for a Low Traffic Neighbourhood scheme for Neepsend and Kelham Island. This generally focusses on walking and cycling, with buses getting a quick after thought. What ever your views, make sure to have your say. Consultation will end on 3rd March 2021. Full details, including local maps available at: https://connectingsheffield.commonplace.is/proposals/neepsend-kelham-city-centre
  2. That's it sorted then, let's push for 80mph. Less time in the local area, means less pollution doesn't it
  3. Do recall seeing something mentioned about a number of councils taking TfL and Khan to court over the introduction of some of these new schemes. Remember Croydon mentioned?
  4. Rotherham Council have launched a section on their website, outlining the plans and time frames for the works. These will start in February and take approx 18 months to complete. Full details at: https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/parkway-upgrade
  5. As far as I'm aware trams are not covered by the traffic commissioner so therefore run to their own rules. I also imagine it's pretty difficult if running ahead of schedule to wait time at most stops, as they will call for signals, block the carriageway etc. Much easier on to do on a bus with bus stop laybys etc. Sorry but that's a little contradictory. The reason Stagecoach buses are so reliable and remain to be, is because they give their drivers enough time on the route. This is why when they reach a timing point (stops listed on the main timetables) the drivers have to wait until the departure time window to then leave to the next stop. The traffic commissioner states this is a window between 59 seconds early or 5 minutes late to be classed as on time. As you will appreciate traffic congestion can vary in normal times, so it's a fine balancing act to please everyone. I'm sure the drivers would much rather be sat at the terminus for longer on their own, rather than with customers onboard mid-route waiting to catch up on time as much as you and the rest of the passengers onboard.
  6. Remember to have your say on the website above. Closing date is Thursday, 7 January 2021. Also of interest, some of the works that form part of the Transforming Cities fund that are being undertaken in Rotherham will include: - Parkgate Three schemes: a new access into the Parkgate Shopping Centre from Aldwarke Lane (£5.13m); widening the southern entry and exit to the five arm Taylors Lane roundabout to improve capacity (£3.0925m); A 300 space Park and Ride facility for the Tram Train stop at Parkgate (£3.33m) £11.55m - Magna Tram Train Stop A new stop on the Tram-Train line at Magna with associated [150 space] park and ride facility £5.4m - Waverley / Advanced Manufacturing Park (AMP) to the town centre A fully segregated cycle route along the A631 Bawtry Road between Brinsworth and Tinsley / Meadowhall (includes Wood Lane) £1.5m - Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District to Sheffield Three schemes: Development of core active travel route connecting city centre to AMP corridor, including spur to Olympic Legacy Park (£10.25m); Development of core active travel route linking Meadowhall with Rotherham Council's proposals on Sheffield Road (£2.8m); Bus priority measures through Attercliffe, Darnall and around Meadowhall (£3.7m) £16.75m - A6178 Sheffield Road On-road, fully segregated cycle lane; around 2.2km as segregated from Blackburn Meadows Way to Ickles then around 1km segregated from Ickles to the Rotherham town centre £5.57m - A631 Rotherham to Maltby Bus Corridor Around 1.2km bus lane along A631 Rotherham Road, Maltby towards M18 J1 with bus priority pre-signals £2.25m - Manvers Way Provision of safe, direct attractive walking and cycling route, including crossings between Manvers Way and Wath town centre £0.4m - Doncaster Road, Dalton Extending the two traffic lanes exiting the roundabout on the A630 Doncaster Road towards Dalton by around 250m £1.2m - Rotherham town centre Two projects: Contribution to the replacement of the existing footbridge between the Forge Island development and Corporation Street (£1m); Cycle infrastructure improvements along Fredrick Street to provide a bi-directional cross town-centre link (£0.4m) £1.4m Probably the biggest news is the fact how Tram Train looks to become permanent, running between Parkgate and Cathedral. It will have 2 new stops, a new terminus with a Park & Ride site close to the A6123 Aldwarke Lane with either a 250 or 300 space Park & Ride, and a new stop located to the western end of Magna, which will also have a 150 space Park & Ride site.
  7. It's a big puddle if that. Doesn't even stop the trams running through.
  8. What is lacking at Sheffield Interchange is footfall, as it's too inaccessible to the main shops and since the majority of the shops have moved from Castlgate to The Moor, this is even further away for bus users. If more accessible and safer walking routes were provided, this might encourage customers to use the main interchange. This should be much better served and catered for, but if there's no passengers wanting to go there, the bus operators wont want to serve it, especially when they have to pay 50p per departure, where as Arundel Gate etc. is free. The changes and opening up of Esperanto Place and further development near the old post office on Flat Street could help regenerate the area and make it more accessible, in turn bringing more people to the area. It would be a real shame to sell of the site for some more "student" developments, especially when it has so much potential...
  9. The roundabout isn't a problem, neither are the lanes. It's the drivers that switch/cut lanes and don't know how to drive properly that is. The roundabout is far better than it previously was.
  10. For me personally, I'm in favour of most aspects of the scheme, although it is a shame to see buses removed from Pinstone Street, I do believe the new bus stop facilities along Furnival Gate and the top end of Arundel Gate will better cater for this, plus with bus services from South & West Sheffield already running solely along Arundel Gate, most people will become quickly used to it. My main thoughts are: - Arundel Gate should have the bus gate in the opposite direction to the one proposed. This is due to there been the extensive full width bus lane already in place for northbound traffic, along with more road capacity on the approach to Park Square. Access to the heart of the city from a southbound direction could then be undertaken from Sheaf Street/Matilda Street to the current Furnival Gate roundabout. - Why the need to remove the roundabout on Arundel Gate/Furnival Gate? This works ok as it is currently, and would allow car park access etc, without having to drive around the ring road/make u-turns and other rat-runs on back streets to gain access. - Left turn from West Street into Rockingham Street is a must - this could then create a city circular route, so most bus routes could become circular routes, serving all of the city centre. - Better bus stop provision is required for South & Western bus services along Arundel Gate, ties in with the bus gate switching above (provides more road-space and allows more bus stops to be built without impeding general traffic flow). Also worth noting, while not released in full detail yet, there is a map of the proposed corridors across the city: https://connectingsheffield.commonplace.is/schemes/proposals/provide-comments-on-our-interactive-map-about-whats-important-to-you/details These schemes will be: - Sheffield City Centre to Rotherham or Handsworth via Attercliffe (bus & cycle) - Sheffield City Centre to Neepsend via Kelham Island (bus, cycle & walking) - Sheffield City Centre to Parkhead via Ecclesall Road (bus) - Sheffield City Centre to Beauchief via Abbeydale Road (bus) - Sheffield City Centre to Nether Edge via Sharrow (cycle)
  11. Following on from the closure of Pinstone Street due to Covid-19, Sheffield City Council are now running a consultation on a draft of changes, mainly affecting Pinstone Street/Charter Row & Arundel Gate. This would involve the permanent closure of Pinstone Street to all traffic, with bus routes and stops re-located across the local area. This will run until 7 January 2021. The main details of the changes are: 1: Pinstone Street would be closed permanently. Bus routes that previously served this road would remain pretty much as they are now. 2: Rockingham Street would become bus-only in a southbound direction with new bus stops located here (replacing the Carver Street stops). 3: New segregated cycle lanes are introduced along Arundel Gate and Charter Row. 3: Arundel Gate roundabout would be removed, becoming a 3-way junction 4: New bus stops would be added on Furnival Gate and Arundel Gate. 5: Arundel Gate would become bus-only eastbound (travelling towards Park Square). The full details, including maps and consultation can be viewed here: https://connectingsheffield.commonplace.is/schemes/proposals/city-centre-proposals/details
  12. Interesting to see that SCC are now looking at making the closure of Pinstone Street permanent, especially when this has caused so much disruption with bus passengers, making travelling by car more accessible than public transport which should be promoted! Sheffield Star are running with this story - Bus passengers 'not addressed' in plans to close busy Sheffield city centre road | The Star What is even more interesting, is some councils like Rotherham that took the leading way of pedestrianisation in the early 90s are now looking at reversing this, and actually opening up roads in the town centre to traffic. They state "Rebalancing Pedestrian Priority and creating Traditional Town Centre Streets The core traditional shopping streets in Rotherham Town Centre have largely been pedestrianised. This pedestrianisation has been in place for many years and has brought about both positive and negative impacts on town life. In High Street and around All Saints Square the pedestrian priority and high quality environment has proven to be beneficial and supports an attractive street scene. Excluding traffic from these areas has helped develop town life and vitality. Elsewhere the wider exclusion of traffic has created a precinct-like feel within the main shopping ‘circuit’ and has served to undermine vitality especially out of retail hours. In the evening large parts of the Town Centre are effectively cut-off from passing movements of people and motorists. We conclude that the balance of pedestrian and vehicular access in several parts of the town is out of balance with the functionality of the town and needs to be reconsidered. It is proposed that the road traffic regulations be reviewed with regard to access along / around the Howard Street / Effingham Street (between Howard Street and College Street) and College Street loop. In core shopping-hours this street would remain pedestrian only but outside these hours cars would be permitted. This would facilitate on street parking in those periods. It is suggested that the one-way flow of traffic be reversed." Full details on the Rotherham scheme can be viewed here: https://www.rotherham.gov.uk/downloads/download/257/town-centre-masterplan So if a compromise is to be struck, would Pinstone Street need to be fully pedestrianised, as surely a scheme such as on High Street in Exeter City Centre where only local buses are allowed to travel down a mixed shared street, with a speed limit on 10mph, could be an overall better solution?
  13. Parkgate or Moorgate is the better local areas to the town centre with more frequent bus routes. Parkgate - 8/8A/9/22A/22C/22X/218/218A/221 - roughly 20+ buses per hour throughout the day, Mon-Sat. Moorgate - 19/19A/20/26/27/29/29A - roughly 10+ buses per hour throughout the day, Mon-Sat.
  14. Actually, apart from the town centre and Eastwood, Canklow, East Dene and Ferham - most areas are pretty decent and very affordable compared to Sheffield's housing market. Eastwood is getting better, at one stage it was worst than Page Hall, but RMBC have turned the area around in recent years, a lot of the population have been allegedly deported and due to the new housing licencing processes, most houses are now empty. Still an area I would personally avoid however. Most areas in the inner eastern areas of Rotherham, are mainly council estates with high unemployment and crime. Doesn't mean there bad areas to live, just not the best. You get good and bad anywhere. Personally speaking, with close proximity to the town centre, I'd suggest either: Parkgate, Kimberworth, Greasbrough, Brinsworth, Moorgate or Broom Valley.
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