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  1. Quite simple, we're in the middle of a pandemic with resources and money been used on much better things. Doubt after this, that the country can even stay afloat, let alone try and take control of buses with public (tax payers) money.
  2. That is because in previous years Supertram have paid for the replacement buses. This year, Supertram refused to pay and after a few weeks with no bus replacement at Halfway, the PTE stepped in and provided funding for the BL2 service, which Powell's won the tender for.
  3. Was notorious years back, one of the worst estates in the country. However, since the early 2000s, most of the former council housing has been demolished, problem tenants evicted or shipped out to other areas and generally speaking, from driving up Prince of Wales Road most days, it generally doesn't look too shabby now. Certainly choose to live there, than other neighbouring areas such as Darnall.
  4. Let’s hope you never sustain any impaired mobility problems. Talk about a selfish attitude...
  5. I suppose at least he stopped at a red light! 🤣
  6. Here is another typical example from yesterday that has been widely shared on Facebook. See this new cycle lane is being used very well! https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157470908440592&set=a.10150474809880592&type=3
  7. They’re called timing points and are listed clearly on published timetables for each route. No different to trains or trams etc, buses can’t leave these stops early and they are there to regulate services. Stops located between those listed on the main timetable are only estimated arrival times.
  8. Another council seeing sense. New traffic restrictions in Gateshead are being scrapped after two days following a backlash from motorists. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-tyne-53574236?__twitter_impression=true
  9. How long before Sheffield scraps their schemes? https://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/news/environment/pedestrianised-wakefield-city-centre-road-set-be-reopened-scheme-scrapped-2921396
  10. It's included here: Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District to Sheffield Three schemes: Development of core active travel route connecting city centre to AMP corridor, including spur to Olympic Legacy Park (£10.25m); Development of core active travel route linking Meadowhall with Rotherham Council's proposals on Sheffield Road (£2.8m); Bus priority measures through Attercliffe, Darnall and around Meadowhall (£3.7m) £16.75m
  11. The Sheffield to Rotherham via Attercliffe route has already secured funding. It's tied in with the 2 new tram stops at Parkgate Park & Ride (not the shopping centre) and Magna/Templeborough which will also have a Park & Ride. Info: http://www.rothbiz.co.uk/2020/06/news-7385-millions-for-rotherham.html
  12. Another Costa Coffee drive-thru will be built beside Catcliffe Shopping Centre (Morrison's/Boundary Mill). Reported on RothBiz - http://www.rothbiz.co.uk/2020/07/news-7405-costa-confirmed-for-new.html
  13. Cars will be flowing freely now through Shalesmoor, as most will have made new rat-runs elsewhere, namely Netherthorpe and Neepsend. Just moved the traffic problem from the main inner ring road, to side roads...
  14. Surprised the local businesses and residents opposed to this just haven’t simply moved the cones out the way. This recently happened on Broad Street/Rawmarsh Hill in Rotherham when RMBC blocked off parking bays outside the local shops in Parkgate. Within less than 3hrs local people (business owners/customers and residents) had moved all the temporary cones/barriers out the way onto the pavement, less than a week later RMBC turned up and took all the barriers away, due to the backlash. The only remaining thing is a red sign attached to the lamppost warning of a new road layout.
  15. Personally speaking, the most dangerous ones I’ve seen are those on Abbey Lane at Beauchief and Mansfield Road at Frecheville where traffic islands are. Fair enough they’ve painted them to mark the lanes for cyclists just through these obstructions - but they’ve made the lane more narrower than a car - so no one takes any blind bit of notice. One of the most decent schemes I’ve seen locally is on the A618 Moorgate Road between Rotherham and Rotherham Hospital. Compulsory cycle lane (solid white line) and wide enough it actually gets used. Very rare you see any cars parked up within it either.
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