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  1. Looking at the house prices around the area and how they've shot up, it seems to be the place to buy at the moment (alongside most of S5). 3 bed and with a drive, you're looking at between £170-200k now from looking on Rightmove. Crazy to think this time last year the said houses we're selling for between £110-140k! You might be on to a winner, especially with the new developments that they're building throughout Parson Cross that look to be increasing the house prices in the area.
  2. More like they've run out of cash or have just simply given up and are ready to walk away. Appear to be getting ready to asset strip it, like they did with East Midlands Trains before they lost the franchise. When is it the renewal of the system is up again, 2024 isn't it?
  3. Does the tram use the bus station = no. Not sure how you’re finding this hard to grasp. It’s a tram replacement service. If you want the bus station - catch the 120 or any other local bus service.
  4. Bus stop is at side of the tram stop. Why would it stop at the bus station which isn’t close to the tram stop? It’s a tram replacement service, not an additional bus service.
  5. Probably because it’s a “tram replacement” service and not a standard bus service. Clue is in the title 😉
  6. And a small team that clearly can’t maintain what they currently have, since the overhead has fallen down 5 times in 12 months. We’ll not count the Glossop Road incident as that quite clearly wasn’t the fault of Supertram. The incident at Waterthorpe (and Hollinsend a few months ago) was apparently the tension wires simply snapping. Clearly someone is not doing their job properly!
  7. There was, the 64 that was withdrawn around 10yrs back? Been plenty of services over the years and all have failed to attract any passengers, so have been a waste of time.
  8. Overhead wires fell down again. Only the 5th time in the last 12 months across the system. Must be poor maintenance!
  9. Seen it mentioned that it will be in May?
  10. Would’ve been better off directing them to the Parkgate “megastore” as it’s the only decent one in the Sheffield area. One at Meadowhall Retail Park is poor in comparison for choice and size/amount of stock.
  11. Meadowhall also serves Rotherham and has (alongside Parkgate) pretty much killed off Rotherham town centre. Sheffield city centre is still pretty vibrant but if the current trend continues, it won’t be long before it’s following Rotherham! Now that really is depressing… The only national chained stores soon to be left in Rotherham are B&M, Home Bargains and BonMarche. Even Costa has had enough and closed down!
  12. A week to the day, another section of the overhead wires have fallen down again. This time at Beighton. Blue line services are currently terminating at Donetsk Way. Surely heads should be rolling at both Supertram and SYPTE who own the infrastructure. Major questions also need to be raised as to whether the system is safe to travel on!
  13. With regards to the trams, maybe some questions should be asked why over the last 12 months, there has been 4? Instances of the overhead wires falling down? More recently this week at Valley Centretainment. Shows poor maintenance. Also, has any part of the overhead wires been replaced as part of the rail replacement schemes?
  14. Should be free to start with anyway. Look how well the Leeds Park & Ride schemes have done in just a short few years, not to mention the system in York. Nunnery Square is the most pointless of all. Needs one out near Catcliffe, not on the edge of town!
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