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  1. What about Dennis Skinner? He was savagely betrayed by the folk in Bolsover he'd devoted his life to helping. He even gave a years wages to Miners Welfare Funds to support the strikers.
  2. I've already explained (twice now) that I understand where you're coming from, why you're wrong but my posts have conveniently been deleted. Or was that the right wing press too?
  3. What about Dennis Skinner? He designated his life to helping folk in Bolsover, he even gave up his wages for miners wife fund during strikes, and the folk he'd represented for decades savagely betrayed him.
  4. Yes you can, see above ^^ We have enormous power and with FB campaigns it is easier now than ever. eg If majority of SC residents cancelled their council tax direct-debits, and all council tax benefit recipients closed their claims, SC would have no choice but to listen and meet its residents demands. Other cities and towns would see this method works and follow suit. In France the school teachers went on strike, the teachers baby-sittered the kids and taught nothing. The the parents and kids are happy, The teachers win support from kids, parents and general public, teachers win!
  5. Mass disobedience. Don't pay parking fines, TV license etc etc Do absolutely nothing!
  6. No it isn't, Politics is the new reality TV. Just enjoy the show. Oh thanks for detailed explanation of why I'm wrong.
  7. I think all our freedoms and rights should be abolished in case they inconvenience and upset someone.
  8. It makes no difference its just pantomime. But they dug their own grave, in a nutshell the 'metropolitan elite' turned round to its core voters and said ; you voted for bigotry, therefore we don’t need / want you anymore. This created a sense of urgency amongst its core voters who probably thought, right now we’re definitely voting and “ we’ll stick it to you”
  9. Yep and once folk make that switch it can be incredibly difficult to win them back. I find UK & US politics hilarious. We have an Eton educated buffoon actor connecting with ex-mining villagers, and the Labour Party spending their days obsessing about trans bathrooms and such like issues. You couldn't make it up!
  10. Thanks but you forgot to mention tactful )
  11. We build a new system which works for US and not THEM. Just start with the very basics such as something worth voting for , and MP's been accountable for their actions (or lack of) I'd prefer administrators with legally binding contracts to deliver XYZ for the electorate..... We'd also need a voting system with - Proportional Representation and a None Of The Above option. And we need an intelligent informed electorate which can only be achieved after a few generations of folk been sterilized and poor genetics removed from the gene pool.
  12. No., A vote for any party is just a vote for the system. It is only by stopping voting do we invalidate THEIR system. We can't change something by adhering to it.
  13. No you haven't. You just BELIEVE you're getting democracy by voting.
  14. For most people reasoned debate is a thing of the past, we're too dumb, divided and emotionally charged for any democracy or compromise.
  15. How are you planning on getting any sort of democracy, if you do vote? Because the fact is we just have an illusion of democracy and participating in this illusory democratic system only keeps it alive. *Can't see picture properly?
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