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  1. Good to read Sheffield Planning Dept respects the concerns and wishes of its residents. The council tried to polish a turd like The Moor then demolish a splendid Tudor and Victorian block which you call a success?
  2. The council won't stop until they've stole all the money they can from its residents.
  3. CPZ’s are just a self-perpetuating cash-cow. Parking Services operate a racketeer which charges motorists for roads they’ve already paid for. You reduce car usage with integrated, reliable, safe and cheap or free at point of use public transport. Along with segregated cycle paths and associated infrastructure, not by fleecing motorists. Sheffield Council planning are an absolute shambles, I know this town has suffered more than most, but the council should be grateful anyone is willing to visit its centre. If anything the council should be paying motoristst to park there. Sheffield needs all the help it can get, it is not major, and shouldn't be called a city. Even small towns like Luton put it to shame.
  4. Sheffield City centre is on life support and has little to no character. I don't visit Sheffield City centre unless it's an absolute necessity. A few days back was one of these unfortunate rare occasions. But was shocked to see that Tudor style building on Charles Street and others in its vicinity been demolished. Whom approved this and why was there no backlash? https://www.google.co.uk/maps/place/Pinstone+St,+Sheffield/@53.3789051,-1.4711046,3a,75y,5.23h,111.56t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sVmq9Q_UP7RZSLk_OZk5-aQ!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m5!3m4!1s0x487982819af83d53:0xf5964a5c5791489b!8m2!3d53.3791901!4d-1.4706147
  5. Exactly. Defending someone's right to freedom of expression does not mean you agree with them.
  6. He's a hero and worth more than any amount of any countries tax payers money. What is an absolute disgrace is that Julian Assange is being persecuted, vilified for telling the truth and exposing the war-mongering criminal scum in the US government.
  7. Like many cases the devils in the detail, and me, nor you know the exact details.
  8. Or maybe you should be concerned about how perfect their passionate arguments are, it's like they'd had adult indoctrination and rehearsed their lines, like this whole protest could be a result and influence of their teachers..?
  9. If mother is no longer be gender specific, then we'll need another word for the womb in which, you, I and future babies are born from...?
  10. The French knew what to do about it!
  11. Or maybe most girls naturally prefer dolls and most boys naturally prefer trucks...?
  12. I should've probably explained a bit more in my OP instead going off on a bit of a tangent. Long story short...My daughters mum died when she was 2 years old. She came from a big loving affectionate family and they have every right to see their grand daughter/ niece/ family. My girlfriend is great with my daughter and they gelled straight way, too well. My daughters been calling my girlfriend mum. I've tried to hide it as I 'sensed' predicted my daughters mum's family would object. I don't want to ruin their relationship and upset my daughter, but can't find the courage and right moment to tell her, but I also know it can't continue... There's different degrees of everything. What one person finds unbearable is another persons walk in the park. Eg I used to work at heights and never found it an issue. I know other people who would die of fright been forced into said situation.
  13. Yes removed from this forum. Yes fear of expression is a huge problem. If people fear speaking about something they will self-censor and therefore issues affecting many people will not be addressed. These will manifest into much more serious problems, like the growth of the far-right and religious extremism. As we’ve recently seen a rise of in last 10 years. The UK censorship ‘hate’ laws have also create a whole host of other issues, almost anything you say, someone, somewhere could decide to be offended by it. So now everyone is subject to a criminal investigation, prosecution, and possible imprisonment, just like nazi Germany.
  14. I do, I dread this time of year. I believe (not diagnosed by any professional) I have a part introvert schizoid type personality disorder. I've always hated most social gatherings and have often gone to great lengths to avoid them. I've always struggled developing close relationships, I hate crowds, hugging type people, shaking hands, public transport or any form of of 'personal space invasion' Avoiding these situations is becoming increasingly difficult but no more bearable.. My daughter aged 6 'is so cute and adorable' and whilst its flattering she receives so much loved attention I cannot bear it. I feel really uncomfortable and angry when 'well meaning folk' invade my home, try to hug me, making pointless small talk, tell me to 'cheer up' how to feel and how we're somehow obligated to attend their annoying social gatherings.
  15. I'm a so called 'moderator' on Voat. https://voat.co/ and we've had trolls call me and others nonces, threats and everything else you can think of. We don't delete any of these posts, trolls thrive and live off attention so we deprive them of it. SF doesn't need to delete posts either, you do it because you have an agenda, which is fine. But forums are supposed to be part of the solution to addressing many issues, not the problem. Forums don't need moderating, they just need ignore buttons.
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