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  1. Nobody really knows that's the great mystery... It appears to me Kier Starmer is to politics what Fred West was to patio laying...
  2. Anyone know what all the Palestine flag waving, car-revving and horn beeping celebration noise is about on London and Abbeydale Road?
  3. I often wild camp in the peaks, of late the rangers seem to be locating wild campers using thermal image drone equipment. Once located they're then 'forcibly' moving campers off the land. I know wild camping is illegal in England but AFIK rangers cannot 'force' anyone to leave the land without the Police. During the lockdown this activity appeared to me becoming more popular. Some chav's would have fires and leave a mess but 'regulars' like myself are always respectful of the environment and leave no trace. My problem is the rangers are not just targeting the obvious chav's who are treating the peak environment like their housing estate. They're targeting anyone and treating 'hippy types' and us nudists with the same condemnation. On the plus side it does to the thrill of going undetected... Your thoughts on wild camping...? Anyone bothered if like me they leave no trace
  4. I would agree that all SCC planners are either ignored or an absolute disgrace. But why should they save a middle-class Debenhams ?
  5. No bus service needs improvement. Buses like high-street shops now firmly belong in the dustbins of history. Subsidized electric bikes and segregated bicycle lanes with other required necessary infrastructure is what we need to plan for. And state-run taxi services for the obeast and disabled.
  6. Yes exactly. As you and your racketeer chums know.
  7. Your are simply wrong. The LSE and other academic institutions have continuously shown the NHS, veterinary services, various service industries, fruit and veg picking, construction industry and so on...has only kept going because of migrants. The northern heartlands are most dependent on migrants who offer these services, but they 're also the most likely to resent migrants. Like you've just shown in your post. You stated poor housing , GP waiting times is due to migration, when its migrants who've actually saved these industries. You're blaming migrants instead of Govt cuts. Boris & Co know how to harness your resentment towards our saviours to win elections. Corona death toll, PPE contracts, corruption, nurses pay is irrelevant when it comes to winning elections.
  8. Boris won the heartlands by scapegoating Muslims, Migrants and the EU. He won by a landslide. He knows solutions are irrelevant. The evidence speaks for itself. Even a blindman can see it.
  9. Many great EU tradesman living here but unless you can vetted they don't prioritise natives because of the discrimination they face.
  10. As already explained all the northern heartlands need is scapegoats such as Muslims, migrants etc. Solutions to various problems and fairer pay for nurses don't mean jack. Remember Boris jibe about Muslim woman looking like letter-boxes? He'll do something similar again nearer election time to cement himself as one of the 'lads'. Election won.
  11. Poor planning, punitive parking regulations, Julie Dore, Amey contractors and their Rosendale / Martson Bailiff interests have all decimated Sheffield.
  12. Me too. The more bitter, resentful and angry a region is the more nasty and patriotic it will become. Therefore northern England will suffer the most.
  13. Reliable good honest tradesman are always busy and are mostly found in the EU migrant communities. And understandably they don't prioritise folk who actively discriminate against them.
  14. A total waste of tax-payers money. They don't need money for votes, all these constituencies need is a scapegoat.
  15. No in the north you are alone. This Tory govt could have cut nurses pay by a further 10% and the Tories would still win the 'red brick wall' As explained the Tories know what the 'Labour Heartlands' wanted and they've offered it to them.
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