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  1. Sheffield lags so far behind many other UK cities and towns in almost every measurable area, planning, innovativeness, transport, museums, urbanism, pocket-parks, architecture, new businesses start ups, street-art and so on.... Whom, why and what do think makes this town so far behind other places? On the plus side though Sheffield City Trust appear progressive, Sheffield's westerly suburbs are interesting and it's close proximity to the peak district is appealing.
  2. Its impossible to prove where beggars money is actually spent. However, I do believe almost all beggars are begging for drugs. I'm not judging them, but whilst ever you are facilitating an addiction there is little motive to seek help and get clean.
  3. They're are plenty of apps which can fake bus-payments. I don't see the point in keeping the current Sheffield bus-service. It isn't fit for purpose. Disabled folk should have subsidised taxi-fares and everyone else subsidised bicycles. And to encourage more cycling bus lanes could easily become segregated cycle only lanes.
  4. Even a blind-person can see Sheffield parking Services was causing obstructions. Explain how parking on double yellows, over a curb, on a dangerous corner and in a cycle lane does not endanger peoples lives? Why do you think we have such road infrastructure? There are no grounds for parking so dangerously and inconsiderately. This applies to all motorists, even Sheffield Parking Services! You mean like most other motorists do?
  5. OMG You MUST ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Wear your mask’ Your common sense approach to life is responsible for millions of deaths.
  6. AFIK Parking Wardens do not issue PCN's to themselves.
  7. Their vehicle isn't causing any obstruction? So no consequences for other folk who park on this corner, over a curb and block a cycle lane? If you believe this then just like those Parking-Wardens - you're not safe to drive either. The Q-Park regularly has ample parking spaces. Just checked on their website. But even if it was full. It isn't a justifiable excuse for Parking Wardens or any motorist. As the video demonstrates. The only folk who need enforcement are the Parking Wardens. The Police (usually) do not burgle homes, just like the fire-service do not usually start fires. Both will force entry for emergencies such as saving lives or for arresting dangerous criminals. Totally different circumstances. Try harder next time.
  8. Sneaky traffic warden caught framing motorist by moving cone - Daily Mail https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDQ73vDYaBo https://www.appealnow.com/scams/ Traffic wardens issue 'dodgy' parking tickets to meet 'targets' https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-24194533
  9. The only vehicle in the video dangerously parked on a corner, in a cycle lane, over the curb causing obstructions to pedestrians, mobilty scooter users and other motorists is SCC Parking Services! And you defend this behaviour by the very people who are supposed to be leading by example! The Police do not have to burgle your home in order to catch burglars. The fire brigade do not have to start fires to put out fires. And Parking Wardens do not have to dangerously and obstructively park to deter other motorists from doing the same. Leading by example and moral decency should be a given. And therefore like you say, they’re fit to serve us. Thankfully the majority of motorists are not Parking Wardens, they’re not even measurable as a percentage of all UK motorists. In less than a 10 second search on YT you can see hundreds of Parking Wardens demonstrating dangerous, corrupt, unruly behaviour. Here are just few >>> TRAFFIC WARDEN ADMITS PARKING FINES ARE A CON ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=728hictiu6w&list=PL4lPQXbCPpsxFF9OFi-Hn3RWncBN7NJCB&index=7&t=37s Council parking warden refuses to ticket Marstons van on double yelllow lines https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqcsJeEZEys&list=PL4lPQXbCPpsxFF9OFi-Hn3RWncBN7NJCB&index=16 Tales of the Car Park: Taking an Old Man's Car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhclgMxDgZE&list=PL4lPQXbCPpsxFF9OFi-Hn3RWncBN7NJCB&index=1 Joe Lycett CHALLENGES Council’s Outrageous Fines | Joe Lycett’s Got Your Back https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0ooxIHXvj4&list=PL4lPQXbCPpsxFF9OFi-Hn3RWncBN7NJCB&index=23 ?? Who says it has to be 10 floors up? Even if it was 10 floors up, I’m sure most Q_parks have lifts, and parking wardens usually have legs. Just like MOST other motorists. Yes Youtube and Pepipoo have thousands upon thousands of examples. And Parking wardens are not even measurable as a percentage of all motorists.
  10. Yes just like everyone else has to. Lots of people have business, shopping and jobs to do in city-centres. Thankfully most motorists are considerate of others. It is mostly only Parking Services who obstruct cycle-lanes, pavements and cycle paths.
  11. So you agree, and confirm Parking-Services clearly are not fit to serve us. The law should apply to everyone, especially those who we pay to uphold the law. Having exemption from dangerous, unnecessary selfish obstructive parking, is no excuse or justification for this behaviour. Leading by example and moral decency should be a given. Thankfully it is not common practise for Police Constabularies to be stealing cars whilst arresting others for stealing cars. I'm not from Sheffield and do not know the city-centre particularly well. But if I have the location correct, it is Charles Street and there's a great big Q-Park! If there wasn't any car-park, like you've stated, their selfish obstructive behaviour would not be excused.
  12. So you agree it is acceptable to park over double yellows, on a corner, over the pavement and block cycle paths. Some might say therefore Sheffield Parking Services are not fit for service....
  13. You may remember the pandemic? He stood up to the UK Govt because the package offered was not enough, maybe this is something you and your cronies could try one-time? So you're not one of 'them' because 'you drive semi-regularly' I see. But endorse theft from motorists with no viable alternative...
  14. Not all tools can be hacked, like cash for example. So the loss of any anonymity means nothing to you? Supposing you do or say something the Govt disagrees with, all they'd have to do is freeze your money. Now you can't buy groceries and you're 'locked out of society' Following a person from home to work to shops is very costly, but when you're leaving 'digital crumbs' everywhere, it is very low-cost easy way to track you. It's also easy for shops to adjust their prices so you're always paying the maximum for their products and services.
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