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  1. Lowering the infected is not the goal. The goal is to allow the virus to spread and wipe out the weak which will produce a stronger more productive Britain.
  2. But we need more migration to produce a stronger productive Britain. Turkeys voted Christmas and Boris is delivering their wishes. It's democracy in action, I don't see the problem?
  3. Thats the plan. Boris is covertly using Corona to cleanse the gene pool for a stronger Britain. The unproductive, unhealthy and costly hindrances will soon be gone.
  4. No Govt will let a good crisis go to waste, of course they'll use this Corona to go above and beyond 1984.
  5. Money is a none issue. It is simply an IOU. The Bank of England can create as much money as the govt wishes. But I would I agree for the future of our productivity I have to admit that Boris, purely from a pragmatic perspective is doing a sterling job. His stealth strategies are cleansing the gene pool. If the UK is to carry on been competitive nation it cannot carry on supporting unproductive hindrances . It drastically needed all those dead and dying branches pruning to let light in for new ones to prosper.
  6. And 'hate-speech' is a trap. A tool to eradicate speech others disagree with. We should repel it.
  7. Long story short I first came to Sheff in mid 90's to a dodgy tower-block Norfolk Park to flog some pirate radio equipment. I find it unusual but didn't hear any openly racist xenophobic anti-Islamic views. Fast Fwd to 2009 and we first settled Parson Cross. We was truly shocked how openly bitter, resentful and nasty folk was towards to migrants. Despite these folk been the most reliant on migrants for their everyday survival. I'm more suited to Sheffield because of my hobbies such as rabbiting and fishing which I partake in and around ex-mining villagers. All the folk I've had conversations with really hate Muslims and foreigners. Obviously it could be argued the recent election results reflect this. I don't understand why living in a city = you must not comment or reveal your observations about the place, and 'go back' to where you came from? I'm ginger so could be a ethnic? I was raised on the notorious Broadwater Farm estate. (Predominantly Afro-Carribean) Same kind of resentments was commonplace there but more towards Police and authority.
  8. You must be trolling but I'll bite anyhow. Even New Labours bible could not defend its erosion of civil liberties. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/revealed-the-full-extent-of-labours-curbs-on-civil-liberties-1627054.html " the enormous number of new criminal offences brought in by Labour. Between 1997 and 2009, 4,289 new criminal offences were created, approximately one for every day the party was in power; and the number continued to increase, rising from 27 new offences a month under Tony Blair, to 33 a month under Gordon Brown. Several of the new laws were ridiculed for their absurdity; for example it was made an offence to offer for sale a game bird killed on a Sunday or Christmas Day; or to swim in the hull of the Titanic without the permission of a Cabinet minister." https://www.politics.co.uk/reference/civil-liberties
  9. Too many to list but GCHQ surveillance, data-gathering, CCTV, hate-speech, harassment of photographers, section 44 and so on was New Labour.
  10. I would agree the Tories are no different, but the rise of totalitarianism peaked under New Labour.
  11. UK & US Politics in general is very entertaining! Until 'we' are ready to progress I just sit back and watch the pantomime.
  12. We're in a totalitarian state. The state is getting CCTV well prepared for the civil unrest which will inevitably happen.
  13. I'm a Londoner who has 'sorta' settled in Sheffield. I miss the vibrancy of my home city, it's markets and diversity. Whilst folk here have been fine with me I've found Sheffield folk very resentful towards foreigners which is obviously holding the city back. However my daughter is settled in school and the rugged landscape of the surrounding peak district is such a fantastic asset.
  14. What about Dennis Skinner? He was savagely betrayed by the folk in Bolsover he'd devoted his life to helping. He even gave a years wages to Miners Welfare Funds to support the strikers.
  15. I've already explained (twice now) that I understand where you're coming from, why you're wrong but my posts have conveniently been deleted. Or was that the right wing press too?
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