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  1. Hi guys. So as I highlighted in earlier enquiries, I recently moved to Sheffield (2 weeks ago now). I had a metal triple bunk bed when I moved but because of the configuration of my new property, it just won’t fit and a few pieces decided to break in transit. Now I have since dismantled the whole thing but have no idea what to do with the pieces. I have all of them (pieces) and the screws, bolts, nuts and allen keys to go with them. If anyone wants it, by all means, they can come pick up for free. If not, please advise on where I can dispose of these here. Thanks in advance… NB:The mattresses don’t come with the frame.
  2. Thank you all who responded. Took me a few days to get used to chucking it into the household waste bin but I now just shove it in with a smile on my face!!!
  3. Thank you guys and yes, the 4 days I have been here have been quite pleasant. A little cooler than Swansea (snow is quite rare down there) but good all the same!!!
  4. Thank you Hackey and yes, the two days I have been here have been quite pleasant.
  5. Hi guys. So I am new to Sheffield, moved from Swansea where garbage collection works differently from here. Question, how do we dispose of food waste? In Wales it’s collected in a separate food caddy for composting, however I have tried to look on the council website and it’s not clear how this is done here. Kindly assist and thanks to those who will help. Stan.
  6. Hi guys. So I just moved to Sheffield but my stuff is in storage. I meed a van to transport the stuff to the new house tomorrow 6th of January, around 13:00hrs. Any recommendations and possible contacts would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you. Someone also recommended, in addition to these, Stannington and Hillsborough. I will put alerts on these as well. Getting a tad bit worried, the housing market is not as forgiving.
  8. Thanks Michael, getting a house that suits our family is turning out to be a nightmare in the highly recommended areas, especially S7, S10, S11. I understand they have very good schools. But if I’m going to be consistently late for work because of traffic then it ceases to make much sense anyway. So I now have to widen my search area. Other than Hillsborough, any other areas of S8 that can be recommended?
  9. Thank you all for the kind responses. Some have asked me to give more info to narrow down the search. I’m looking for a 3 bed minimum, preferably semi-detached or detached. I can spread my budget up to about £1150pcm. Has to be in a good school district preferably, I have three girls in junior school. Hope that helps.
  10. Hi guys, Stan here. I’m new here. I’m relocating from Swansea to Sheffield this December but having a hard time choosing a location to live in. Please advise on the best family friendly areas. My job is in the middle of town and will be driving for the most part so an area with good schools, safe and spacious would be top of my list. An ethnically diverse area would be a bonus but not a deal breaker.
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