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  1. Everyone needs to stop accepting gongs i.e MBE,OBE etc etc from them while ever people are still accepting these they will carry on with all their shenanigans they make the MAFIA look like boy scouts..... They are only figureheads and not needed in modern society... He is totally deluded for him to think for one minute people would believe in the answers he gave in the interview were a true account of what happened,it just proves they think the general population are stupid and would swallow what he said.60 years ago he would have got away with that interview but the world is a totally different place now everyone knows how things work and to question what is being put to them!!!! There needs to be a public inquiry into what he knows or did while he was in the company of Epstein and "Madam" G.Maxwell..... I fear all of this will go quiet very soon and not to be mentioned again that's the usual in these cases... Yet again another Royal has got away Scott free without being held accountable !!!!!! And stepping down from Royal Duties is not being held accountable !!!!!!
  2. The interview he gave reminded me of LINE OF DUTY (TV program aired on BBC 2)..... His facial expressions and body language totally gave him away and he kept on saying I have no recollection of her at all but could remember taking his daughter for a pizza he's a liar like I said I thought I was watching LINE OF DUTY..... He will never have to defend himself in court unfortunately the Royal Family are untouchable and he is fully aware of that....
  3. Your welcome FrancescaBax as I have said he was a true gentleman and my friend who I mentioned who told me of him worked for him at his nightclubs back in 2001 speaks very highly about him and say's he was one of a kind..... You should feel very proud to have had a father like him I know I would have.... Remember Francesca we never really lose anyone they are with us always.......
  4. What a breath of fresh air listening to Becky Measure slot on RS hope she gets that slot.... Keep up the good work BM your brilliant.
  5. Thought steved32 was on about another presenter I agree with other's on here BM is a very good presenter.... She is far too good as a stand in she should have her own permanent slot maybe she should take PE slot and have her filling in... That's my take on things.
  6. Thought you was on about another presenter steved32 BM is a very good presenter... Personally I could listen to her all day.
  7. Yeah you're right lil-minx92 let's hope she gets a regular slot...
  8. Yeah I agree BM is doing a excellent job can't understand why she hasn't got a slot of her own instead of filling in.....
  9. Your right Lazarus.... It's as if PE is just turning up with no effort at all to me her heart is not in it at all... Like I said and you Lazarus BM is the better presenter by far.
  10. Paulette Edwards V Becky Measures For me there is no competition BM is a very good presenter and should be in that slot 10am-1pm.... I find her far more easier to listen to than PE..... I have a very good friend who has been through alot in his life which many wouldn't experience in a life time many people who are in a certain click in Sheffield (Mentioning no names but guess who) tend to ridicule him my friend of many years owns three houses has his own business and even though he has had much to deal with in his life time gets on with life and enjoys it to the full I have never heard him moan not once in fact he state's he has had a good life and he gives those that moan and complain about every little thing a wide berth.. He state's these kind of people will only bring you down and will make you just as bitter, hateful, jealous and bad minded as they are.... So back to what I am proposing Becky Measures in a permanent slot and improve Radio Sheffield for the better
  11. Jemson, Are you having a laugh.... The sauce or source show is absolutely shocking there's one on there who works with the youth in the community so I've been told and certain word terminology he uses are shocking and who cares about "BACK IN THE DAY" like I have said before no wonder there is so much crime with the youth today when they have mentors like that.... People on here are only saying that certain presenters need replacing due to their own unprofessionalism not all of them I'm sure some of them can cut the mustard and act accordingly over the airwaves.....
  12. Your so right Pattricia....... And that is so strange there are millions of topics to talk about and debate over but all we get is the same programmes week in week out its as if its on a loop..... Try listening to radio 4 Pattrica you won't be let down.......
  13. I agree totally the presenters need a total overall..... It's supposed to be a local radio station there's alot more they could be reporting... Certain presenters love to talk about themselves I was always taught that "anyone who does their own promoting are not worth listening to" I stopped tuning into this station a while ago but I tried it again to see if it had improved but it hasn't.... Nevermind back to Radio 4....
  14. Bang on PRINCE AL....... If youth workers are promoting the idea of DOING DIRT(DRUG DEALING).......... as normal then what else are they telling them I dread to think,the person who is running RS needs to sort this radio station out and quickly it seems anyone can get a slot as a presenter these days without any training at all....... COME ON RADIO SHEFFIELD GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BEFORE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY GENUINE LISTENERS LEFT !!!!!
  15. I too fear for this radio station listen to The Source on a Monday night 9-10pm my god they were saying that doing dirt(DRUG DEALING) was fine as long as you invest it into something good I couldn't believe what I was hearing one of them works with the youth(IN THE COMMUNITY) no wonder crime is rife with mentors like this ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS !!!!! Who is running RS........
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