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  1. Box11

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Bang on PRINCE AL....... If youth workers are promoting the idea of DOING DIRT(DRUG DEALING).......... as normal then what else are they telling them I dread to think,the person who is running RS needs to sort this radio station out and quickly it seems anyone can get a slot as a presenter these days without any training at all....... COME ON RADIO SHEFFIELD GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER BEFORE YOU DON'T HAVE ANY GENUINE LISTENERS LEFT !!!!!
  2. Box11

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    I too fear for this radio station listen to The Source on a Monday night 9-10pm my god they were saying that doing dirt(DRUG DEALING) was fine as long as you invest it into something good I couldn't believe what I was hearing one of them works with the youth(IN THE COMMUNITY) no wonder crime is rife with mentors like this ABSOLUTELY LUDICROUS !!!!! Who is running RS........
  3. Box11

    Steve Baxendale

    What a Sheffield legend in my eyes you have to have maximum respect for anyone who can build something from nothing into something that is truly gold....... Niche had its problems but who doesn't the original Niche on Sidney St was well known all over the country I knew someone who worked there and Steve's other club Capital as a bouncer back in 2001 and he said he loved working there with Steve Baxendale this bouncer I know as worked all over the uk and abroad and said you couldn't want for a better boss than Steve Baxendale one tale he told me and there were many that outside Capital he used to park his car there and one night the all place went up not thinking of his car at time at the end of the night on leaving the club his car was smashed up by the guys that got kicked out of the club.......... He told me that Steve Baxendale just told him to take it to a garage and that he will foot the bill........... To me that speaks volumes on what kind of man he was......THE GOVERNOR RIP.......STEVE BAXENDALE 'IF YOU SIT BY THE RIVER BANK LONG ENOUGH ALL YOUR ENEMIES WILL FLOAT ON BY'
  4. Box11

    Liam Neeson Interview.

    I don't believe it happened at all Liam Neeson is a actor not a hard man as he likes to think of himself lets just get what he is AN ACTOR A PRETEND HARD MAN he is not or never has been as he is portrayed in his movies of late...... He had a movie coming out based on REVENGE....... do I need to say anymore don't be fooled or conned by these actors as the term says they are actors....... 'IF YOU SIT BY THE RIVERBANK LONG ENOUGH ALL YOUR ENEMIES WILL FLOAT ON BY'
  5. Box11

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    I shall be watching it again seems a very interesting programme just to see what they go through on a daily basis.... Sad in so many ways !!!!!! IT'S NOT HOW YOU START........ IT'S HOW YOU FINISH !!!!!!!
  6. Box11

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

  7. Box11

    60 Days on The Streets.(C4) Last night.

    I watched it too its sad to see that some people in our society would want to choose this way of life........ They need help and constant guidance to bring them back into society to make them realise there is so much more to life than living on the streets........ IT IS EVERYONE'S RESPONSIBILITY TO LOOK AFTER ANOTHER HUMAN BEING......
  8. Box11

    BBC Radio Sheffield

    Your right TF is all self I heard him some time ago now and is show was about Page hall some guy was living there (POOR MAN) and as been for some years he stated that the area was now <removed> and all TF could say is that he spent one morning there and said it wasn't that bad his he having a laugh I thought,the guy who lived there said you need to spend more time than just one morning to see how bad it is he continue and told him to move out to another area the guy said its hard just to pack-up and move and TF continue to say well move.How about saying to the poor guy that the all area needs urgent help in a clean up and the help of the police to sort out all the antisocial behaviour that goes on there day and night in-short many of these presenters on RS.......... RR,PE AND TF are very smug to say the least and I don't for life of me know why!!!! That's why I stopped listening and switched to BBC Radio 4 it is after all for grown ups and the presenters are way more professional !!!!!
  10. Box11

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    HA,HA,HA,HA........ Let him keep on with his stupidity he is obviously a comedian and enjoys the general public laughing at him like we have all said....... The man in question is a TOTAL FOOL...... No-one can help individuals like this once they get something in their heads that they are in the right no-one can tell them any different even when its the TRUTH....... This is my last post on this matter I have a feeling that he will go on for ever disputing that he is right and Camelot are wrong when its clear to everyone their not......
  11. Box11

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    Your right 'RESIDENT if he hasn't got the common sense to see sense then he probably will end up 'BACK INSIDE' saying that characters like this find prison life easy and are very comfortable 'BEING INSIDE' because they haven't got a good standard of life on the outside that's why prison doesn't hurt people that are bad minded............... Very sad indeed !!!!!!!
  12. Box11

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    I also agree he hasn't got the sense to say ''RIGHT ENOUGH IS ENOUGH NOW'' he has to be totally deluded to carry on protesting that he's in the right and Camelot are in the wrong!!!!!!!! He's so out of touch and not living in the real world at all people do win on scratchcards all the time take it from me the giant jackpots do exist out there my advice to this individual is TO STOP PURSUING THIS..... HE IS MAKING HIMSELF LOOK A TOTAL FOOL and if he's not careful could be looking at court action if he doesn't.
  13. Right read this.......... The main problem with this whole homeless situation and this is a fact......many of these people on our streets are the product of the care system!!!!! Back in the late 70's all children's homes rules changed where the children in the care of city council's homes were allowed to do what they wanted ie smoking,coming and going when they wanted,staying up at night till the early hours of the morning older adults coming to the homes without being challenged by anyone basically these children were allowed to run amok. They have got so used to doing the wrong thing from an early age that it has become normal to them and to them doing anything different to what they are all ready doing would be alien to them in-short they are feral and this is not their fault because from an early age they have had no one to reign them in to tell them that their behaviour was wrong Childrens homes before the late 70's were very strict on how children behaved there have been thousands of children passing through this care system before the late 70's and even though they still had their problems the children that left the care system were not living on the streets of our many towns and cities. Children before the date mentioned were taught MORALS,LIFE SKILLS,MANNERS,HONOUR, and to RESPECT THEIR ELDERS. (There have also been many children in care after the late 70's that have done very well for themselves and good on them but we should all think of the ones who haven't at the end of the day we are all human aren't we..............).
  14. Box11

    'winning scratchcard' dispute

    The guy in question has got to be a total fool......... doesn't he think that the lottery has all the winning codes to all of the winners that are for sale up and down the country...... The both of them are chances who have not thought it through I read the police are now involved to investigate if that's the case they will have to hand over the evidence to the police so they can investigate the matter further..... It beggars belief there are children that have these bought for them by their parents and not any of them have tried this like I said they both have to be fools......
  15. Box11

    Haye v Bellew

    Boxing as a sport is dead there are too many gyms too many managers,trainers and promoters..... That's why the boxers are not of good quality anymore they are not being trained by top class boxing trainers anymore.... For a start no boxer should look like a bodybuilder ie CUT they should be supple that's the reason why many of these fighters cant get their shots off and by looking and being built like they are they are rigid with their shots...... Its sad to say and I fear boxing will never be the same again... Sad...

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