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  1. They are having a great FA Cup run.... I have said that it seems the players aren't playing for CW seems I have that wrong the problem seems to be that the players can't cut it in the Premier league or preform at this level.... I would rather Sheffield United survive in the Premier league than have a great FA Cup run.....
  2. Ha ha I like that Baron99... Trust me there will be no danger of me joining the Samaritans... But saying that look at the results... Not scoring goals not gaining points results in relegation the table speaks for itself.... I would love to be upbeat but about what I'm going on what I'm watching and it's terrible.... Remember this thread is about Sheffield United v Relegation not Sheffield United staying up !!!!!
  3. Another game lost... Looking like doom and gloom for the rest of the season....
  4. Seems normal service resumes....
  5. He is a total idiot he laid down with the establishment.... And now they are done with him they will hang him out to dry like they do with everyone.... All these people that bed down with the establishment will never learn once you have made your "millions" or "billions" in some cases you should be self sufficient and set for life and live the quiet life not be hungry for more that's greed and the establishment love men that are so they can tear them down and pull the rug.... I have no sympathy for trump at all he deserves everything that's coming his way....
  6. If they do it will be the greatest escape to survive relegation...
  7. Yeah tough games ahead... Just need to play as one like last season and pick their heads up it's time to crack on and get points on the board.... Could be right "Kelvin Phlats"..... Maybe too late....
  8. Did any protesters get arrested ????..
  9. America = LA LA Land..... Absolute craziness going on in that country.... If the law and armed forces don't get a grip on this quickly it will spiral out of control in other cities right across America.... Trump and the ones behind him that we won't ever see or hear from are destroying democracy and for what chaos.... Someone needs to hang the American flag upside down because that country is in distress...... China and Russia must be rubbing their hands together in glee....
  10. I couldn't believe what I was hearing on BBC Radio Sheffield some months ago CW was being interviewed and he mentioned Moussett and others enjoying themselves driving lambos up and down " "eccy road"(Ecclesall Road).... Absolute bunch of idiots I don't mind footballers driving flash cars but come on do the business on the pitch win games and get points on the board before acting like superstars !!!!!!
  11. Don't hold your breath Thirsty Relic.... Football players get away with murder.... Just look at what Jamie Carragher did he spat at a little girl because her dad asked him a question.... Sky suspended him only for him to be back as a pundit....
  12. No-one is questioning his loyalty to the club we all see that he is... It's his ability to cut it as a Premier league manager that's in question.... As things are it clearly shows he can't no-one should be bigger than the club the best interest should come first no matter what period.....
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