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  1. It pointless putting anything on Sheffield Forum without users over analysing the topic of discussion.... Your way too deep Annie Bynnol... Take a deep breath and put something positive regarding the footage released....
  2. Cause it's ground breaking!!!! it was leaked yes I agree on that but the USA authority aka PENTAGON have confirmed it as real footage your also right that it has been discussed on many platforms but they have no credible authority the PENTAGON does to me that speaks volumes.... So if a organisation such as them confirms it's real footage then that is groundbreaking.... You claim to have seen better with your own eyes ghozer to me THAT'S NOT PROOF OR CREDIBLE.....!!!!!!
  3. What do people make of the UFO video.... And that the pentagon confrims it's real footage..... Truly amazing I for one will be keeping a close eye on any further information on this matter..... Interesting to say the least.....
  4. The best car wash in Sheffield by far is located at the bottom of Halifax Road if you head up Penistone Road towards Halifax Road it's on your left hand side I make a special trip to go there the hand wash is second to none and the tryre black they use lasts all week.... It's open now....
  5. Ants,cows,dogs,mice,rats, lion's, or any other animal or species on this planet has no idea that we humans go to work,watch tv,sit on a leather suite,wear designer clothes,talk on mobile devices basically they have no idea at all but yet in a way they are intelligent in Thier own world it's the same with us humans we can't understand or reason what is around us so we make it up as we go along to make ourselves feel more comfortable the general public 3 thousand years ago thought so differently to how we do now just as they will 3 thousand years in the future in fact when they look back on us they will probably think we weren't intelligent at all..... Just a thought......
  6. With everything going on in the world today does God care enough to help us if so what is he or she waiting for...... Just a thought in these very trying times.....
  7. To our wonderful NHS keep up the fantastic work you are doing and continue to do to keep us safe and well... To all the Doctor's, Nurses right down to the Cleaner's I know I'm not alone in saying You're Brilliant especially in these very trying times.... Thank You.....
  8. Yeah you're right chaddamp the BBC we're very corrupt and still are to this very day..... I can't understand why anyone would want to be a presenter on the BBC saying that people will do anything these days for 30 pieces silver...
  9. I don't know why people are still interested in Radio Sheffield it's absolutely awful there's always someone on there pouring their heart out poor me poor me looking for sympathy on either PE or RR show... There was someone on PE show from a community place on the Wicker and the the topic was opinions and he said Hitler had a right to have an opinion absolutely crazy..... I don't know where he gets his information from but he needs to take a hard look at himself..... I'm glad I don't live in his community or PE they are totally delusion to say the least !!!!!
  10. That's why they need to be strong through the rough and try their best to get back on track once they do they should never look back.....
  11. Very good statement "Minimo" it is a very deep issue...... There are many young people that are forced out of their family circle to be left to look after themselves.... To me that is disgusting behaviour from their parents these young people will have a very very hard time trying to come to terms with rejection but once they do they should pat themselves on the back and remember those that drove them to the streets and never forgive them for that... They need to be strong and believe in themselves stay off drink,drugs and to keep a wide berth from those that can cause them hurt and distress they will then realise that they never needed the ones that turned on them !!!!!!!
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