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  1. No its definitely not storing plant, there are plenty of white vans with different trades there and a white fence stopping anyone wandering onto the site. Very mysterious.
  2. Every day i go past and i see loads of white vans and workmen parking in the driving area then walking into the site- does anyone know what's happening there?
  3. Opening tomorrow apparently - might have to nip in!
  4. Great performance. With adkins or clough i think we would have lost that game. The positive football that we play now is a joy to watch, onto the next game!
  5. Walked passed again yesterday and had a good look in and they are still some way away from being completed, bare brick on the walls and no lighting apparent. I think its going to be the end of November at least.
  6. massive game but im going to go for a sneak 2-1 win.
  7. What a surprise, another dangerous breed that has killed a child even though the owners protest that 'its never done anything like this before' Tell that to the children that are dead because the owners insist on having a status symbol. The sooner they ban these types of dog the better IMHO.
  8. The clubhouse is all boarded up and the windows have been smashed. A real shame but it couldn't have been used by the local community.
  9. We went a couple of weeks ago and contrary to the earlier poster they had a landline and i could pay by card. I thought it was ok for the prices they charged, its a good, solid family american style diner. Reasonable prices, fairly large portion sizes plus the kids food is excellent value and you could see it was freshly cooked (the meatballs were beautiful). We will be going again for sure.
  10. Opening in October according to their Facebook page. They are advertising for staff. Also the old hub cafe on dronfield bottom has had an application submitted for it to be turned into a wine bar.
  11. I'm afraid i totally disagree with you Victoria, i recently did the opposite move and have found the Dronfield surgeries far easier to speak to and to book an appointment with. For me the sheffield surgery (Broomhill!) is way behind what im using now.
  12. My wife used to work near there and the firm give her a rape alarm just in case she ever had to park in there. They really should make it more secure like some of the car parks in town.
  13. They integrate well? By what measure are you judging that- from what i can tell they keep entirely to themselves and only eat and drink in a very few chinese based/themed shops and restaurants.
  14. I just don't see what they get out of this deal unless they are going to own all of the properties and collect the rents etc etc, or is it effect a large loan which we will have to pay back? As always with these things the devil is in the detail and both of those articles are lacking in it.
  15. Does anyone know where the free stages are in the city centre, Im only heading into town on Sunday for a few hours with the family so its not worth buying day tickets.
  16. I work next door and no-one has said anything to us about a bomb.
  17. The ones that have taken up residence in my loft definitely aren't dead!
  18. Every time i walk past there is a different pile of rubbish outside the back door so stuff must be happening inside. Not seen one tradesmans van yet though.
  19. Walkabout has the biggest screen and will have a good atmosphere. The common room is full of screens too.
  20. Still nothing happening unfortunately, its all gone suspiciously quiet.
  21. They are making the gardens shaped like a pair or decks to honour the fact that crasher used to be there.
  22. Yes for me, for the simple reason is i don't trust him to rebuild this team. If Dean Hammond is an example of the kind of players he wants then we need someone new.
  23. I have eaten at the broadfield and its some of the best pub grub i have had in sheffield- if thats the standard the fox house is aiming for then count me in!!
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