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  1. Thank you for your answers. She's been referred for an assessment, we suspect she might have inattentive ADHD (formerly called ADD). And yes, we were in touch with her teacher about this. She's just moved into secondary school and to be honest, the transition is going much better than we thought. But her issues are still there. The idea of getting her some sort of counselling or therapy is so she can learn to manage her emotions before she gets her assessment done. Thanks.
  2. Hi, My daughter is 11 and she has quite low self-esteem. She finds academic work difficult and struggles to makes friends, which upsets her. At home, she can be quite aggressive with us and it really is starting to impact our family life. I think some sort of counselling might help but I'm not sure sure where to find the right professional for her. Do you have any recommendations? Thanks.
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