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  1. Another shout for Dronfield, the classes are pretty big but they shout loud and my daughter is coming along well.
  2. We moved here from Broomhill/Crookes and i must admit compared to those areas it takes a bit of getting used to!
  3. Some upgrades to the lane going on too, new floodlights being installed, permanent TV boxes being installed inbetween the south stand and the kop, possible upgrade to the big TV screen so it can show VAR replays. all we need now is those machines that pour 10 pints at a time and we'll be set! BTW, if we do manage to stay up for a couple of years the plan would be to develop the south stand before doing the kop, it would virtually double the height and add in another level of seats- plus they woudn't need to close it while the work is carried out. So you don't want wednesday to go up? and if they did would you go to the games?
  4. To be fair you can't call it Dronfield, its definitely Holmesfield. Dronfield has got a good few pubs now, its a good night out. At the bottom there is the Arms, the newly refurbished Swan plus smiffys wine bar is getting an upgrade, then you have the Manor house, Green dragon and Blue stoops- all within walking distance of each other.
  5. Its been closed for quite a while unfortunately, no sign of it opening up elsewhere yet- shame as its the only place around S18 that did a half decent green curry.
  6. Your right, they have capped the season tickets at 24 or 25k. Bramall Lane lower will be exclusively for the away fans which leaves Bramall lane upper tier for 'pay on the day' fans (which is somewhat of a misnomer as they won't be available on the day - you'll have to be registered on the sheffield united system with a local address to avoid away fans going in there). There is no requirement for us to leave ANY tickets available for pay on the day, clubs like Newcastle have been all season ticket sales for years.
  7. My charity (Children with cancer UK) had 1200 runners and raised 1.77million which is a staggering amount! I wish i could have run a 2.54!! I did a 4.34 and that nearly killed me!
  8. I'm also running this years marathon so ill see you down there! (Can't believe im missing the blades game though )
  9. Its nothing to do with the police IMHO, its Wednesday refusing to give united the tickets because we only gave you the lower tier for the return leg at derby. Plus imagine the noise from that stand if it was full of blades, i guess they have been petty and decided that they didn't need the extra revenue.
  10. We have a great lady who sorts our mortgage out- PM me for her details.
  11. Id get onto your insurers ASAP, i think you only have a certain amount of time to report an accident to them.
  12. You can for a little bit near the nature reserve but there isn't an established path that follows by its side as far as I'm aware. If you find one please let me know.
  13. Plumbers- does anyone know any that aren't busy for the next 6/8 weeks? Its not a big job - I just want a sink and a radiator moving but everyone who I'm calling are saying they are full until December Anybody know anyone?
  14. Id love to say we would win this one but i think it will be a draw. Its going to be a good test of where we are against one of the top top teams in the division.
  15. How experienced do you need to be? I have played at a good level but not for a while!
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