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  1. If we get offered 30mil I can't see how we can turn it down, thats a good profit in a year and will ease the financial pressure on the club that relegation inevitably brings. That said, do i want him to go- of course not.
  2. My tickets arrived yesterday, looking forward to seeing them in action.
  3. Can highly recommend this group, great bunch of friendly people who all have a good laugh whilst playing 😀
  4. No, unless im forced to, in that case ill follow the rules.
  5. 5 years old staying up till 10pm, not a good idea IMHO.
  6. Rubbish, My little boy was really excited to go to his first match but he won't be able to go for a few weeks now - F*** Sky 🤬
  7. I'd give Acclaimed Family Law a call, they are great in dealing with stuff like this.
  8. I'll be honest, thats going to create a HUGE backlog of cars all the way from west bar upto university roundabout. I get that they want to make the city more cycle friendly and i totally support that, but this will make large sections of the city into total gridlock at rush hour. Unless thats the plan, make the city so car unfriendly that people decide not to come into the city centre for work.
  9. Loads of time yet, no need to panic! Glad social media wasn't around in the Dave Bassett era, we didn't win a game until Christmas and still stayed up!
  10. Hi Saffy- remember me? Hope you are all ok, i do keep an eye out for M when i visit the big blue shop in sheffield- not sure if he still works there!
  11. So that means we currently have Ramsdale, Moore, Verrips and Fotheringham on the books, plus Eastwood who is out on loan. I think we have enough cover! 😂
  12. You mean that pink kit with a premier league badge on the side of it?
  13. I went to the common room on wednsday, you can just walk in but to guarantee entry you need to book. all table service.
  14. Had table service at the Coach and Horses in dronfield, plenty of outside seating, forms on the table to complete for traceing, no hassle whatsoever!
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