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  1. scottf

    The derby!

    Its nothing to do with the police IMHO, its Wednesday refusing to give united the tickets because we only gave you the lower tier for the return leg at derby. Plus imagine the noise from that stand if it was full of blades, i guess they have been petty and decided that they didn't need the extra revenue.
  2. We have a great lady who sorts our mortgage out- PM me for her details.
  3. Id get onto your insurers ASAP, i think you only have a certain amount of time to report an accident to them.
  4. scottf

    Running by river in Dronfield

    You can for a little bit near the nature reserve but there isn't an established path that follows by its side as far as I'm aware. If you find one please let me know.
  5. Plumbers- does anyone know any that aren't busy for the next 6/8 weeks? Its not a big job - I just want a sink and a radiator moving but everyone who I'm calling are saying they are full until December Anybody know anyone?
  6. scottf

    Blades v Villa.

    Id love to say we would win this one but i think it will be a draw. Its going to be a good test of where we are against one of the top top teams in the division.
  7. How experienced do you need to be? I have played at a good level but not for a while!
  8. scottf

    Round Sheffield Run 2018

    Yes, i did it again. As always such a lovely race with lots of chatting to people inbetween stages. Defo the hottest once since its started but i managed to post a time that i wasn't too unhappy about. Roll on next years! (which i swear im going to train for!)
  9. FlyBe Manchester to Southampton BE860 or BE862 are usually always a Dash 8 prop plane, takes around 40 minutes.
  10. scottf

    Poundstretcher Dronfield Civic Centre

    I completely agree, some of the roads in Dronfield are an absolute disgrace, the corner near dominos and cemetery road are shocking. It wouldn't surprise me if people started having punctures on them soon and asking the council for payment, as you say its so close to the offices i can't believe that they haven't sorted it yet. ---------- Post added 28-03-2018 at 13:12 ---------- I agree its so sad that they are all shutting but what can they do, I'd love a decent butchers to move in and maybe a greengrocer but would they get enough footfall? Maybe now that Coop has gone it could be viable?
  11. scottf

    Poundstretcher Dronfield Civic Centre

    Why? They all seen to be busy and doing well. Its better than an empty shop front.
  12. scottf

    Poundstretcher Dronfield Civic Centre

    I have heard they have taken over the remaining years lease on from Coop so its not guaranteed that they will be there long-term. Its a shame that those shops have closed and i fear that a costa or sharbucks will come in and take the old HSBC site over which would be a disaster for the excellent independant coffee shops that we have in the town. I wonder if a wine bar would do well in the Civic Centre, with the Blue Stoops and the Manor House so close it would make a decent night out.
  13. Jury's inn and Novotel are definitely not high end hotels, not by a long shot.
  14. I disagree. Its the greed of the pubco's who dare to charge such a high price which are killing the pubs. If also can charge £1.19 and make a profit how the heck can you persuade people to pay over x3.5 times MORE for a similar drink. I appreciate there are extra costs in running a pub with staff and distribution but that gap is too large and people are voting with their feet.
  15. scottf

    Bradway or Fulwood

    Id say S10 any day of the week.

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