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  1. Loads of time yet, no need to panic! Glad social media wasn't around in the Dave Bassett era, we didn't win a game until Christmas and still stayed up!
  2. Hi Saffy- remember me? Hope you are all ok, i do keep an eye out for M when i visit the big blue shop in sheffield- not sure if he still works there!
  3. So that means we currently have Ramsdale, Moore, Verrips and Fotheringham on the books, plus Eastwood who is out on loan. I think we have enough cover! 😂
  4. You mean that pink kit with a premier league badge on the side of it?
  5. I went to the common room on wednsday, you can just walk in but to guarantee entry you need to book. all table service.
  6. Had table service at the Coach and Horses in dronfield, plenty of outside seating, forms on the table to complete for traceing, no hassle whatsoever!
  7. Hi All, Does anyone konw if you will need planning permission to put a proper roof on a conservatory and then knock though into an existing room? Some places say yes and others say no, im jusr not getting any joy from the council because of Covid. Ta
  8. Hi, We are thinking about adding a 4th Bedroom to our house but im not sure if we should go for an extension (The house already has a single story extension that they could add to) or to extend into the roof and put a dormer in. Cost is a big factor so could anyone tell me (Generially speaking) which is more expensive? We would like the dormer to have a bathroom if possible which i know will add cost. Thx
  9. Soil being dumped in green belt is a bit of a misleading title, they are wanting to improve and extend the driving range to add on more driving bays and to make a new 9 hole course so its hardly like its going to be an eyesore. Plus i echo what other people have said, 1 per hour- hardly the M1 isn't it.
  10. As expected it was business as usual on the south stand, i think united are just paying lip service to it due to the PL 'rules'
  11. You missed quite a few in the village- across the road from the town precinct there is a lovely cafe in the old barn, plus a little further down that road there is a great cafe in the forge shopping centre that's definitely worth a visit.
  12. Would make my walk to the shops on Sunday afternoon a hell of a lot shorter!!
  13. I don't think that anyone said it was wrapped up, especially when they said that no clubs had bid for him, i agree- 20m is far too much to pay for Sheffield United. Those are the kind of signings that get you into trouble if the worth happens and we are relegated. Osborn has just signed from Forest, another shrewd sighing IMHO, Forest's player of the year last year and has bags of potential. Typical Wilder signing.
  14. i cant guarantee that people won't stop smoking down the side of the south stand at half time. During the game there are hardly any vapers using but at half time its totally different.
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