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  1. Reducing the number of seats available does not make for a better railway. Increasing the cost of travel does not make for a better railway. Removing choice of services does not make for a better railway. Decreasing flexibility does not make for a better railway. HS2 will remove the pressure on the current "intercity" services and will have its own fare and reservation system. Passengers will then have a choice. Some will choose the non-stop premium service. Some will choose the no frills stopping service. On a more local level the Government need to continue to reverse the cuts to the infrastructure, routes and capacity they made in the 80's.
  2. The safety record of passengers on Britains railways is unequalled by any major railway or transport system. It would be even better if everybody was locked into a seat for the whole of their journey- but is that practical? Most European systems were rebuilt after 1945, some are the cause for national pride, some built new lines years ago and some continue to do so, some are cheaper, some are overcrowded, a few are faster and most are slower.
  3. Between Sheffield and Chesterfield there are 2 London trains, 2 Birmingham to Newcastle trains, 1 Liverpool Norwich and 1 Leeds Nottingham trains an hour. Consider the traveller between Sheffield and Chesterfield: Which trains will have compulsory seat reservations? Will the public understand what is allowed/not allowed and exceptions? How will you stop people boarding? Cramming commuters and shoppers onto fewer trains is not a good idea. On a wider scale: Is preventing people travelling from Birmingham to Newcastle because seats have been reserved between Chesterfield and Sheffield sensible? Who pays for the loss of revenue caused by people not taking up reserved seats? What are Season ticket holders supposed to do, make a reservations twice a day every day? Do you re book your seat again if your train is late? How do you force people to use the seat they have reserved? Who is going to resolve these conflicts on short journeys? I hope we realise that there is nothing more the Government would like that to regulate people into paying more.
  4. ...quickly followed by a 1E73 XC HST from Bristol to Leeds (according to Traksy) at 22.23 platform 5
  5. Off Peak and Advance are two very different types of ticket and in any case has nothing to do with the issue of compulsory reservations being applied to long distance trains in the UK. and has been debated for decades. So staying with compulsory reservations being applied to long distance trains in the UK-view that has a lot of support. -the argument for is that you get a seat. -the argument against is you don't get a train. Much of the argument is exemplified by the situation on Cross Country trains between Derbyshire, South and West Yorkshire, where the needs of long distance travellers conflict with short distance travellers. Short trains, short distances between stops, inadequate local services which cannot meet demand. With a very different geography, Italy, Spain, France or Germany have always had different classes of train. In the UK a walk up and on service has always been what the public wants.
  6. Anybody who has a valid ticket can board any train between Sheffield and St Pancras-it does not matter what their final destination or what time they are travelling. I predict you have bought Advance tickets which because they are cheap require reservations between Sheffield and London but you cannot reserve between London and Brighton. This is not the same as compulsory reservation for all passengers. Anytime singles and returns are expensive and can be reserved if you want. Tickets Some ticket are only valid on certain trains at certain times, eg Savers, Super savers, Off peak, Super Off Peak etc. Reservations can be made. Advance tickets are sold in limited quantities and prices and are valid only on a specific train and a compulsory reservation comes free. There are also Season tickets, Day rovers etc which allow you on the train at all/certain times. On many trains you will see seats marked as reserved- when it is clear that nobody is using then- use them.
  7. Compulsory seat reservations would not work or be acceptable in the UK. Currently only Sleepers and some Christmas/New Year services have compulsory seat reservations. Consider journeys between Sheffield and Chesterfield where there are four "inter city" services and two "regional trains" an hour. During peak the "two regional" trains could not cope. On all services day return, open return, season, rover, combined ticket holders who often pay a lot more have the freedom to choose their return journey. There are no facilities or workforce to control access to trains from open platforms. The geography of countries like the UK means that unlike that "intercity" trains often become "local" trains eg Sheffield to Doncaster, to Leeds, to Manchester. The current set up is not perfect but the solution is not compulsory seat reservations.
  8. The last EMR 125 trains will be running today, Saturday.
  9. The last EMR 125 might have run today (Friday 14th) , it could run again tomorrow -there will be no announcement until the last one has ended its run.
  10. Learning from tragedy, keeping patients safe is the Government response to the Shipman Inquiry. A good place to start.
  11. The chicks are now in the visible corner of the box after being hidden for a few days,
  12. Don't forget to thank those who are protecting you by overcoming their worries and concerns and having the vaccination thereby reducing your chances of contracting the virus.
  13. If you are working, have caring responsibilities, wanting to travel, insuring life, health or possessions and many other aspects of life you may have to choose yourself whether you use legal, illegal or legalized drugs. I would not employ anybody directly or indirectly, who uses currently illegal drugs now or in the future. I would also expect any company or organization I deal with to have a no-tolerance policy toward use of currently illegal drugs now or in the future. I would not expect the benefit system to cover people who choose drug use over work.
  14. Boris Johnson will not be accountable for three years for his part in creating the Covid highest death rate in Europe. The Public Inquiry will start next year and take two years to complete. The results of the inquiry will not be released until after the next General Election. In the meantime the Tory will hide behind the Inquiry, avoiding questions.
  15. Nothing wrong at all in "...pitching a tent in some lonely spot and enjoying the solitude...". But it is not your "...lonely spot..." so you need to ask permission. Landowners see campers(and others) on their land as a threat to their livelihood and amenity and do not want to encourage unregulated use. It has taken decades to build up trust enough to create the areas of Open Access we can now enjoy, these agreements are fragile. As for the "...Country is going PC daft .", that makes no sense to those who remember the activities of landowners and their agents and factors of previous generations.
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