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  1. Post 530 You: "But how IS Joe doing?" Post 531 Me: "On what issue?" No rambling-just one issue please.
  2. "On what issue?" Singular. It appears that you intention is to repeat a list, now edited* with bias toward a political opinion - and not a genuine attempt to open a discussion. If you want the OP statement discussing, stop evading the question and choose one issue/aspect of Joe Biden's first year in office. More and more lists that reflect your political opinion do nothing to help evaluate a fascinating 12 months of American politics. * "He gets his best grade for Handling the Coronavirus Outbreak 51 49" no longer appears.
  3. If finding it difficult, park up and walk (in 9 minutes) or get a taxi. If unsure, or new to a city centre you plan ahead and remember all City Centres change regularly. Streetviews are great but often out of date so double check with the AA etc.
  4. Charity Auction - Bears of Sheffield by Sheffield Auction Gallery at the Crucible. Over £400 000 at hammer. Best price £30 000 for 'Thank You Sheffield Children's Hospital' bear - Artist: Pete McKee - Sponsor: Sheffield Hallam University
  5. Similarly I have been visiting homes over the last 5 years Having permanent pets is not possible for health reasons. Having 'visiting' pets is an excellent idea-with many homes encouraging relatives/friends/staff to bring in animals. Manicured laws are deadly for wildlife-a bit of a wilderness and holes in fences encourages everything. In Hampshire the home had chickens and visiting sheep, school children showing off their pets. One of the fences was cut down so that the residents could see people!
  6. My reply was to ask: "On what issue?" An 'issue' would be something of national/international importance and how it being dealt with by the President and his Government. Reproducing lists of public opinion polls is irrelevant in an answer that requires one and only one 'issue' from you.
  7. The bill is made up of three parts: 1 Usage 2 VAT on usage 3 Standing charges The first two will go up by 40% but the third will not. Even more complex is that you will be paying more than most other British Gas users as you will be put on the base (highest rate). Even more complicated is that the bill will have a higher estimate because of being a new customer and we are entering winter Read your meter. Pay for what you use. Look out for offers. Read Martin Lewis on gas prices.
  8. What percentage of the population are "terminally thick"?
  9. Not for everybody but may be useful to some: If you are over 60 you can get from Sheffield station to the terminal door for £6 70. Travel at or after 9 00 by train to Derby then frequent (every 20m or less) Skylink bus from outside the station. Ask for a Senior Derbyshire Wayfarer at Sheffield Station or on the bus on the way back.
  10. Is it not "childish" to use Conspiracy Theory 'speak' like "Scamdemic"and remarks implying that a person maybe "insecure" when accusing others of being "childish? What is a "Pro jab/mask type..."?
  11. Again I ask specify the issue -you keep repeating lists of results of opinion polls.
  12. Kimberworth is excellent birdwatching-especially renowned for raptors. Other inexpensive areas with good birdwatching are Charnock and White Lane, Handsworth and Woodhouse where the estate butt onto Derbyshire.
  14. The vast majority of people with Parkinsons or chronic kidney disease have no genetic indicators at all or ones not yet associatedwith or not yet tested for. Many who have positive genetic indicators will never develop those diseases. Family tests should not be used to self diagnose. Any result should be read by medical experts first. In the future far more specific and accurate medical tests will become available, however a user needs to consider the effects of results on employment, driving, life insurance, mortgages, health care, confidentiality etc.
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