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  1. Direct trains ran to/from Kings Cross, Marylebone and St Pancras. There were far fewer through trains. Some journeys involved shunting carriages onto other trains. Fastest "Master Cutler" at 2 hours 45 minutes (First Class + supplement only) Fastest second class trains over 3 hours 15 minutes. There were overnight trains in both directions taking around 5 hours
  2. Yes it is, and this is what you would expect to see. This appears to be the image of the hills and not exaggerated by atmospheric conditions.a m The blue/grey silhouette is normal as are the indistinguishable peaks. In winter, snow is (used to be?) a permanent feature above 3000' along the Glyder and Carneddau tops and this help would pick out lower slopes, cymoedd and ridges. This looks to be happening in this second photo. Helsby and the oil refineries along the Mersey are very visible. The North South arc is more to scale (still exaggerated by foreshortening of the camera lens) Above the Clwyd hills and in the clouds it is just possible to make out the longest 3000' ridge in Wales between Pen yr Ola(u) Wen and Foel Fras. At this distance Tryfan, Glyder Fawr, Glyder Fach would be merged as would Y Garn and Pen yr Ola(u) Wen (all 3000'+). All these peaks are within 2 miles of each other. Snowdon itself would be behind the Tryfan-Glyder Fawr ridge. From Carnedd Llywellyn you can make out the Liverpool the Lancashire Coast (including Blackpool Tower, Heysham PS and Black Combe. The Pennines are more difficult to distinguish as the 2000' flat plateau merges with the horizon. The Forest of Bowland and the Lake District are visible as are the IOM and Wicklow Mountains in Ireland but Ringinglow is impossible. I have not seen The Mourne(NI) and Galloway hills in Scotland as they are below the horizon but have been seen when atmospheric condition refract the light. The best views are always in the evening and in my opinion the widest range of views are from the most isolated 3000' Elidir Fawr.
  3. For ordinary folk you should transfer of any assets to other individuals or set up trusts now. Any tax or care liability falls away over a seven year period if allowed . It has to be shown that it is not a way of avoiding tax and care bills. The tax office and Council will ask for details of financial and property transactions and if they do find that you are avoiding your dues, they can recoup the money. The simplest thing to do (for ordinary folk) is to set up a Trust so that if one partner dies half of the house goes into a trust which is for the benefit of the children. This allows the surviving parent to live in the house and the Trust will guarantee that the children get at least half the value of the house. From April there is a £72000 cap for care but this excludes food and accommodation. A person with mutiple medical needs can apply for Government support. Get expert advice. Do not trust companies, banks, charities etc. who will sell you to a sales team who will then try to sell you an expensive financial product.
  4. Although hills can be seen over great distances, and even further than curvature of the earth would allow. Most "long distance" records are mirages. This photograph exhibits some problems, some explained by foreshortening effect of a mirage. Tryfan and Y Garn are in line when viewed from Kinder Scout. As are Moel Siabod with the much higher Snowdon behind. Tryfan would not stand out as a separate peak as Y Garn, Glyder Fawr and Glyder Fach are in the background and higher than Tryfan. The heights of the mountains v. valleys, the width of the valleys and the massively exaggerated North South arc distance. It takes less than a day to walk from Snowdon to Foel Fras up and down all 14 3000' peaks. Missing in the haze are the following: Manchester, Stockport, Liverpool, the hills at Helsby and Frodsham and Chester The industrial complexes along the Mersey e.g.Widnes, Ellesmere Port, Runcorn, Fiddlers Ferry power station. The have and the foreshortening indicate that this is a photograph of a mirage. On another note. From Black Combe above Silecroft near Barrow you can see Scotland, England, Ireland, IOM, Wales and Yorkshire! "the amplest range of unobstructed prospect may be seen that British ground commands."William Wordsworth. At less than 2000' it is an easy day or night walk with an easy last 1500'
  5. Ferrybridge has only three cooling towers left and they will be gone soon. With the closing of all the other coal power stations on the Trent and Aire the days of the cooling towers are numbered. Looking east from highground in Sheffield, the warning lights on the Trent power stations are clearly visible on most clear nights (30+ miles ) as well as those of the Belmont transmitter nearly 70 miles away on the Lincolnshire Wolds. On cool but sunny early mornings in spring the mast and cables can become 'visible'. The illusion is caused by the temperature difference between the air and metalwork causing a lens through which the dawn light behind is refracted.
  6. I sympathise, you fell foul of the rather aggressive CrossCountry( yes an Arriva company) people. They would have argued that you could use a Northern services to Leeds and the then on to Sheffield on a Northern connection or a Northern arranged bustitution to Leeds. Technically they were correct but normally most TOCs would overlook this, particularly in the evening. The traditional excuse appears to stems from their short trains being so busy in Yorkshire that they need to challenge everything. CrossCountry have infuriated me in the past regarding Derbyshire Wayfarer travel to Burton, Disabled ENCTS pass between Doncaster and Sheffield and being abandoned in the New Forest
  7. Please do not edit my quote by omission. By selectively removing the central section without acknowledgment implies a different meaning to my post. To be clear: my reply was to a post which referred to a cancelled service between York and Sheffield and that it was unlikely to have been a Northern service at that time. that the new(2016) Northern and it's predecessors have been dogged by Government intervention and control. and that Tory vision, (in their own view) of the current franchise system has failed. What point you were trying to make by linking a minimal Northern service between York and Sheffield and a Failed Tory policy and the size and history of the TOC is unclear.
  8. Northern only operate 2 or 3 very underused trains a day between York and Sheffield and only one evening service a week (arr. 2203 Sunday). There are other operators, other routes and faster trains that your ticket would have been valid on in the event of an unplanned cancellation. Nearly every other direct services (two an hour) are operated by faster CrossCountry trains. Unless there was engineering work or fault on the line, Northern would tell you to travel on a direct CrossCountry/EMR service or Northern/TPE change Leeds or LNER to Doncaster. Any major fault needing bustitution would have been organised by LNER. Northern (Arriva) have operated the routes since 2016. The Government promised new trains. The Government promised new routes, electrification, signalling and track enhancements. The Government promised a new working timetable. The Government forced them into a fares hike. The Government forced them into a dispute with the Guards. The Government imposed a "NO Growth" policy 20 years ago. The Government has used a "blame the TOCs and PTEs for 20 years". Nobody will take on this toxic franchise without massive Government concessions ie Money. This will result in nearly half of the railway network being Nationalised. Total Tory Failure
  9. Renewing ENCTS disability pass for Autistic person The process has taken a lot longer than expected. Having applied online in October we will not get the pass until January. To renew I will need another letter of entitlement. Getting a new one proved to be a lot harder than expected because: 1 Whoever reads the online application claims to need a CASE registration to proceed. 2 No attempt was made to review the original application. 3 Reply referred to ' psychosis' and driving license. 4 Appeal 'lost' due to technical problems. 5 Appeal reinstated but no contact made. 6 Got through to a sympathetic receptionist. Appropriate dept. phoned back -very helpfull. Took documents down. Sorted. Now waiting for SYPTE. Estimate 25 days! Apply early!
  10. It is likely that your relative was given the lanyard for a very good reason. The lanyard can be used by a person or carer who feels that things would be easier by showing it in appropriate situations. Your relative does not have to prove entitlement and is free to do with it what they want.
  11. As you had never heard of this scheme until today, I cannot understand how you can pass such profound judgements on it. We have never used this system, but there are a wide range of similar systems. In Sheffield the train companies have a card system which enables users to present themselves to staff explaining their difficulty. In London two of the largest hotel chains employ staff who do use the Sunflower Lanyard. One drawback of the system is that it could 'identify' vulnerable people to exploiters and to some it will be an invasion of privacy. It does have that 'wiff' of patronage. That said for some it will enable a less stressful journey to work, social situation, workplace interaction etc. No two people are the same, no two sets of needs are the same. It does work for some.
  12. Most certainly not 'fake news'. It is a scheme that makes 'hidden disabilities' visible and enables others to react or respond in a helpful manner. It is for those adults who find situations like travel, work, appointments, social situations etc. potentially difficult and/or stressful. What are "...special needs people..."? Do "...they..." not have individual needs? Should we "... treat everyone the same...", without regard to their situation ?
  13. The Environmentalists have stopped similar proposals in Sheffield by the Environment Agency who are, not SCC, responsible for our catchments. The Council could facilitate matters and have supported the EAs work since 2007. However the Environmentalists policy of regarding our man made rivers, lakes and drainage as Green Corridors will continue to periodically create havoc to wildlife and property
  14. Depends- both single and weekly tickets on my three routes (51,52 and 120) are considerably cheaper than in 2012. They are also more frequent. However it is the competition on potentially very profitable routes that drives this better than average service. SCC cannot in reality intervene in how private companies operate as per Government legislation. There is very little SCC can do which they have not done already within the Law. Tendering would present real problems with unmanageable consequences. Cross subsidy is illegal. Things are also not going to get better. The continuing reduction in the number of Senior bus passes being issued will mean fewer journeys being taken.
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