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  1. No contracts for any work have been drawn up for a Hyperloop in India. In railway parlance a point to point service means dedicated trains on dedicated track. Hyperloop also means no stations or junctions along the route. Even India Railways refer to their brand new Vande Bharat Express as Semifast, which at 100mph route speed is a good description. Exaggeration is also a feature of the Politicians that run the railways in India Guardian video where people who know pointed out that a video of the Vande Bharat Express at double speed ie HS was shared by the railways minister.
  2. They have not completed the first part of the feasibility study of the first phase of the demonstration track which will be built in the USA. Hyperloop is a point to point system and so is useless in the UK.
  3. If it's sunny beware that your location might cause you see only a silhouette or the planes to be lost in the buildings in the background.
  4. Annie Bynnol

    Finland and the Basic Income experiment

    That analogy does not work. It describes a stagnant company in a stagnant economy, in which the workforce does not get new skill and unable to adapt to technological change, competition and customer demand and eventually fold without Government protection -Detroit. In reality there would be are several companies in which 10 men make 10 cars. 10 cars are sold, 10 people are paid. The company makes a profit. To keep making a profit the company must use some of its profits to research, develop products, retool and market new products thus creating jobs. Controlled growth is an essential component of any business model. From the original 10 men there are now 15 people involved in manufacturing and another 10 involved in support, product development, R&D, marketing etc. Robots replace some workers because they are cost effective and accurate and make up for lack of skilled people. Of the replaced people some will reskill to operate, maintain, make and train the robots and receive higher wages. The company now employs more people than it did at higher wages, to buy the cars. The only fly in the ointment is that you can move robots to another country when the Government of the country changes the rules.
  5. Annie Bynnol

    What is OATH all about?

    The Provider(s) of the service you pay for are now required to tell you in detail what they have been doing for twenty years. They are also telling that you have very little choice in the matter. If you think thats is bad remember that the same data is also being collected by the your employer, bus, train, hospital, hotel, satellite and subscription TV, pubs, BT and town centre 'free-wi-fi" providers. And many, many more websites, postcodes, address, telephone numbers, what you buy and sell from, how much you spend and on what, how you are paid, what you drive, when you buy insurance, wether you own rent or buy, your life style, your family size, you aspirations, your debt, your level of education, your politics etc. They create a Profile Nearly all of it is sold to agencies that provide profiles of you that is sold to marketing companies who then sell on your information to "third parties" over which you have no control.
  6. Annie Bynnol

    Laptop- dead battery - mains not working.

    Great-the battery gave an hour of heavy usage after its first full recharge. Sad- it has now has gone back to being dead or more accurately now shows itself to be fully charged after 5 minutes and drains in one minute.
  7. Certainly not the official reports, but press releases fed to the media and the name "High Speed" was jumped on by the popular press. Millions were spent by local authorities and Golf Courses in the south on campaigns to discredit the project included bombarding Northern and Midland media with false information- and some swallowed it.
  8. Annie Bynnol

    Bus pass on train.

    The information I have given was wrong. ENCTS issued in South Yorkshire get half-fare travel between stations on the South Yorkshire between 9.30am and 11pm Monday to Friday Any time at weekends and on Bank Holidays. Costs more if your return is between 1601 and 1829 on weekdays. You don't use your Bus Pass to buy the ticket, just buy the ticket if the selection under Railcards shows SY Concessionary fare. If it isn't get a Promise to Pay ticket. You are entitled to purchase the discounted from the Guard- but approach the Guard or pay at the next station-theoretically Meadowhall
  9. Annie Bynnol

    Bus pass on train.

  10. Annie Bynnol

    Bus pass on train.

    Wrong information from me
  11. Annie Bynnol

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    At last some figures: £100 000 to enable a some road users to do a half mile at 50 mph on the Derbyshire border. Cost of protecting drivers from each other: @ from "£16 per metre" * for plain Armco the charge would be £50 000 for car park standard barriers(totally inappropriate to prevent 100 mph collisions) Cost of Armco to protect sides. Cost of Armco protecting other users from drivers at crossings. Cost of Armco at junctions. Add cost of: planning installation plant hire concrete labour road closures, diversions, delays VAT? etc., etc., etc. Even if it was £100 000 to enable a some road users to do a half mile at 50 mph on the Derbyshire border, the cost would be a ridiculous use of resources for a project that delivers no improvements in terms of capacity or safety. At a £million??? *Armco Barrier Prices
  12. Annie Bynnol

    Bochum Parkway speed limit

    So Liverpool did not "... manage to scrap their bus lanes.", they managed to Liverpool scrap some of their Bus Lanes. After careful evaluation and taking everything into account, which Sheffield ones would keep?
  13. Annie Bynnol

    Laptop- dead battery - mains not working.

    Thanks: Removed battery - no change. Just tried the supply and it was intermittent, break in cable on the low voltage side. A temporary fix has shown that the laptop will work without battery. Next step is make up new cable. Before I buy a new battery I might try to re install the old battery to see if it will hold any charge. Acer Aspire V
  14. Laptop battery has finally failed and presumably needs a new one- fair enough. However it will not work off the mains charger. Is this normal?

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