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  1. Annie Bynnol

    Power pin replacement required

    Thanks glitterballs that will do the job. The photo does appear to show a much larger plug but I am assuming at the moment it has been photoshopped.
  2. Annie Bynnol

    Power pin replacement required

    I call the power pin the bit at the end of the cable at the low voltage end of the adapter/charger. The power pin goes into the socket/jack/port in the laptop. Universal chargers have a range of them but not the one I want.
  3. My Acer Aspire V3 371 needs a power pin replacement. I am fairly certain the dimensions are "1.7 x 5.5 x 11mm", it is very narrow. It does not need a charger, just the pin which I am happy to solder myself. I do not want an expensive service fix either as the battery has expired and I might just get a new laptop. Are the dimensions in the right order? What do the dimensions signify? Is their a local supplier? Is their a good online supplier? I can't find any solderable ones, only ones that come with a charger or tips that attach to a multicharger. Ta.
  4. Annie Bynnol

    Punch Bowl Crookes 2019

    Yes, but it will be run as a Stancil pub- like the Grindstone
  5. Annie Bynnol

    Local elections 2 May 2019

    Would that candidate be an Independent Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative, Green, UKIP, BNP or other unknown brand? Do they have independent values or philosophy or religious doctrine or maybe they are convinced that only they are right? Will they belong to the Independent party or group in that Council. At least a candidate who is associated with Labour, Lib Dem, Conservative or Green or UKIP has responsibilities associated with that party and can't stray too far away from those values.(usually) Independents often have their own agenda or single issue and all too frequently hold Councils to ransom over it. In a Council election I do not know enough about the candidate and how they will vote on specific matters so I rely on the philosophy of the Party and that Party's Local Governments policies. There are numerous examples of candidates in Sheffield who have stood as candidates for more than one party/ or as independents.
  6. Annie Bynnol

    Moving to the right neighbourhood

    Crosspool. S10 Walk(15minutes) or cycle(5minutes there 15minutes back or get a Brompton) to the University. Frequent bus service (51) to the University or the moors. Buses into Derbyshire. Ladybower 5 minutes from open country. Children's Hospital Annexe Ryegate NHS centre for children with disabilities*. Gets gritted in winter. Golf course. Oldest football ground in the world. Ample playgrounds, parks and adventure walks. Woods, moors, lakes, cliffs with views over the city and 3/4 counties. Nowhere better in Sheffield. Farmland, allotments, horses, sheep and llamas. At a mile away, St Marie's primary and Notre Dame Secondary (one of the two)Catholic schools on route to the University* and two other Secondaries and several primaries all highly rated are even closer. Several public schools as well. Active Catholic church. Some shopping, takeaways and plenty of pubs and eateries around. A favourite area with NHS and University staff but not with Students and has a stable population. Journey to Chesterfield not good but there are routes that avoid the City centre and are not too busy outside rush hour. Rush our starts earlier in the afternoon because of the school children. A large range of houses but 4+ bedrooms are very much at a premium anywhere in the city- either old houses or extension- full survey therefore essential. *Regarding disability. Contact the education service now. They will advise on the schools which are most suitable and how to apply. For example a child who will be re-assessed at the Children's Hospital Annexe at Ryegate and will most likely attend a mainstream school of your choice. The are specialized units and a few special schools. St Maries' primary and Notre Dame Secondary Catholic schools provided a "safe" environment for autistic children. Some units involve long bus journeys so contacting the education service first is essential in deciding where in the City you will live. Crosspool Clarion is online and will give a very good impression of Crosspool.
  7. Annie Bynnol

    o2 network

    Yes, many are and will for the next few days. Many customers in the area have received texts to that effect.
  8. Annie Bynnol


    Winners and losers but also swings and roundabouts. You have benefited by at least £25 000 by being able to get your pension through the old system at 60 ( 6years X 52weeks X £80) A 59 year old woman will have lost up to £30 000 since the 2009(not the 1981) changes (4years X 52weeks £150.) A difference of £55 000. That that will take about 800 weeks ie at least 16 years before the 59 year old catches up with you and passes. (fag packet reckoning).
  9. Annie Bynnol


    The new £168 only applies to people with 35 years of NI contributions AND have not contracted out at any time AND came into the scheme after April 2016. Every week you were "contracted out" reduces the amount. You are on the pre May 2016 scheme and so you are getting a lower maximum and the "contracted out" weeks do not count. Had you been in the new post April 2016 scheme, if you had been in "contracted out" jobs for 35 years e.g. teaching you would also be about £25 a week short of the £168 on the new rate. So you have not lost out as much as you think. It is a sliding scale. Many people on here who are "more" on the old scheme paid into a State Earnings-Related Pension Scheme (SERPS) from 1978 and from 5 April 2002 the State Second Pension i.e. "contracted in".
  10. Annie Bynnol


    The full amount of £168.50 is only available to those who: are of pensionable age from April 2016 i.e. currently below 70 and have full NI class one contributions for 35 years and have not 'contracted out' i.e. have never been a teacher, NHS worker, BSC steelworker, NCB miner, council worker, government worker, soldier, firefighter etc. (Check they have counted your contracted in service first if you have 35years+ contributions.) People over 70 will be on the old system but can get an Additional Pension if eligible. Everyone else will be on a sliding scale- use the link provided by Mike10. Also, the NI records are can be inaccurate, for example for students who worked or signed on during vac., or maternity leave, temporary jobs, or jury service etc. Women in particular need to know if they, or husband for them, paid the full Class 1 National Insurance particularly if either or both were self employed or if widowed. It is taxable.
  11. Annie Bynnol

    Speed Limits

    Who is "they"? DfT, DCC or SCC? Was the report about the Derbyshire or Sheffield section? Why have two councils' highway departments responsible for this section come up with the same conclusion? Political? Was this "report" written before or after 2013? There are hundreds of serious accidents and deaths logged on Crashmap. There are at least 12 sets of corners with multiple chevrons and advanced warnings and many times more "bends". There are even signs warning of sharp bends for x miles ahead. You have identified "several long straight sections" (which which most often end in wooded glades with repeated warnings for the multiple corners ahead. The increase in cycling along the route has aggravated the problems. Being a tourist route it attracts drivers unfamiliar with the sharp bends. The side roads, farm gates, drives, overhanging woods and access roads. The Crashmap reports repeatedly indicate hotpots on the dozens of sharp corners and the many high speed head on collisions on the few straights. Many sections are "narrow" which cause passing HGVs and buses to decelerate rapidly particularly on the dozens of sharp corners. The road attracts the type of driver behaviour were once the city is left behind feel they need to "open up" on the "open road" and are frustrated by normal traffic.
  12. Annie Bynnol

    Speed Limits

    A marvellous example of cross party cooperation or have you exposed a political conspiracy? "... the A57 to the ladybower." is managed by Conservative Derbyshire and Labour Sheffield. Perhaps they will cooperate further in the future and not change the tarmac or bus stops? Actually no, both are following Government guidelines set in 2013 for speed limits in rural areas which state "Lowering the speed limit to 50mph can be considered where there are a high number of bends, junctions or accesses and a high level of injury collisions"
  13. Annie Bynnol

    Science Fiction

    Energy, plain and simple. Any process, activity, observation etc. that is made by has to be explained through the laws of thermodynamics. Nothing that happens in the universe is free of these laws.
  14. Distribution of electricity around houses has remained pretty much the same for a hundreds of years and remains the only conductor found in all rooms. It may be replaced in part by low voltage or some form of inductance. Either way systems transferring information along these wires is likely well into the future. More sockets! Has anyone invented a WiFi light bulb?
  15. Annie Bynnol

    Looking for a decent Care Home

    Do not rely on what other people say. Things change rapidly from bad to good and good to bad in months. Do your homework first with Carehomes UK website. This has all the links to other sources. The Care Quality Commission reports on standards within the homes There were ( recently ) about 39 care homes in the Sheffield area. All are private except three very specialist NHS ones. Each "patient" is different. Each Care Home is different. So you will need to make a list before you start visiting. Start with the type of care required. Then what level of care is required. How much they cost? £650 + pw Is the patient eligible to funding? Will the "patient" meet the assessment criteria - eg dementia is not enough. Will the home accept patients without funding? Does the funding have to be in place beforehand? What happens to the patient as their condition changes? My tips are to get to know the jargon- and that there is no standard. You will make many visits unannounced all over the city. Purpose built modern homes are generally ahead of the old mansion types. East is better than west, Location sadly, becomes the least important factor. Don't be put off by things like first impressions even smell. Good luck- I visited nineteen homes

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