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  1. 84% and rising of Care Homes are privately run as the Conservatives planned for with Councils focusing on the un profitable section of the Care Market. The three(2016) Council Care homes in Sheffield are for people with very complex care issues and are not considered suitable only for people with greatest caring needs. The three NHS (2016) homes deal with very complex medical and care issues. Remember this Tory trick-Dementia does not count as one of the TWO or more criteria for needed for funding.
  2. They are private because the Conservative forced Councils and NHS to close all the care homes that were not part of the statutory legal requirement. These closures were so rapid and uncontrolled that many of the private companies that replaced the closed homes were unregulated by Council or Government. Many of these small operations have gone and a few very large companies/charities run Care Homes now. The Conservatives closed the homes for political reasons, they are responsible for the failures then and now.
  3. The Conservatives have been in charge for a decade and have failed and ig our seniors. Now their leaders and advisors are responsible for "Nearly 30,000 care home patients have died during the coronavirus pandemic". Daily Mail They failed to fund. They failed to plan in oh! so many ways. They refused to share the results of the exercise. They instructed the NHS to empty the hospitals of seniors. They obliged Homes to accept untested returning seniors. They diverted sources of PPE away from Homes. They avoided informing the public of the avalanche of deaths happening in the Homes. They ignored the pleadings of those who work and run the homes. And now our leader "Boris Johnson has pointed the finger at care homes for not protecting patients." Daily Mail whom he failed to fund, support, protect, inform, advise through inaction and deliberately ignoring their pleas. Thank you to all the workers, managers, owners, volunteers, cook, cleaners, people who do things who have had to deal with this tragedy.
  4. What links the English village of Llanymynech with a Bristol and Cardif football match, both about 130 miles away? None of these places are linked to Dyfed Powys Police.
  5. Hope you got there Google causes us a problem in that deliveries and taxis as they are directed to a shared private back yard 10m away from us off on another road. There is no access to this car park for us. Also when travelling from MIA back to Sheffield our Stockport drivers are invited by Google maps to divert via Thornhill between Hope and Ladybower. Not an ideal route in the dark in a minibus for an unfamiliar driver. Never, never, never use Google Maps on Anglesey as you will be directed back onto the A5 to complete this shortest of journeys unless you are towing and the happy farmer will greet you with familiar greeting "Well I was on my way to Llangefni but I suppose..." and an open hand.
  6. Trump says on Fox Business News that wearing a mask makes him look like the Lone Ranger.
  7. Once planning permission is granted the neighbour cannot prevent only delay and cannot thwart the process but can demand costs. The Party Wall Act is to enable construction with reasonable adjustments for neighbours concerns. They may agree to a letter outlining your respect for their property and mitigation of nuisance. A reasonable response, a reminder that if no response is made you will start in X days. If your or both are leasehold they must be informed and can act as mitigator(s). Anybody can act as a mitigator if you both agree. If not a solicitor can if you both agree. If not you will have to pay for two solicitors and there is a timeline for resolution. Best solution is to agree to all reasonable requests on timing of work, noise, dirt, access or not, radios outside, swearing, parking, damage to property and verges etc- all agreements signed by builder, neighbour and you. Worst case scenario, our neighbour used aspects of the Party Wall Act to delay our extension by twelve months and £2000 in 2002.if your neighbour (long gone)is a very long term friend of very influential local legal people you may find it difficult to find a local surveyor, surveyor walks off, difficult to find a solicitor who is local, not going away at inconvenient times, blaming juniors for errors, delays in posting, clarifying etc, etc. Eventually found a solicitor from another County who with the help of the Law Society settled all matters quickly. Our increase legal costs exactly matching a contribution from their Company for unforeseen delays due to unplanned staff holidays. Unfortunately the building costs were not covered. Probably out of date but your builder will know and will have examples of the documents you need.
  8. The 25 original trams on the Sheffield network have far outlasted all other modern trams in the UK already and by most parameters are a very good design. The future of all seven tram trains is not certain, as is the any future replacement of the original trams. There will be no decisions until the result of the tram train trial, who the new operator is and the nature of the contract will be and Government permission. As to frequency, the possible and unreliable availability of lending of 3 tram trains to Supertram was always meant that they could only be used to provide cover for the original 25 as they needed increasingly lengthy timeouts for maintenance. The TT timetable has been greatly effected by the failure of Network Rail to double track all of the route between Meadowhall and Rotherham . As TT timetable is governed by the railway, the operation of the whole tram system is now based on maintaining times at the Cathedral. Increasing the frequency is possible but is undesirable as it increases the number of delays and cancellations across the rail, tram train and Supertram systems. This will be a major part of report on the trial.
  9. There have been many, many proposals and variations. At the moment the building of the HS2 line to Birmingham has started and the detail contractual work from near Birmingham to the WCML and and Manchester is well in advance. The eastern arm is way behind in planning and the current plan is not at a stage where changes cannot be made. This re-hash is all about Manchester and is from Manchester and sold as a benefit to Manchester. It is a crayon exercise by architects hoping to get money and backing from Burnham to throw at Boris.
  10. Of historical interest only, there were significant changes along the original planned routes and the order in which stages were constructed. Some of these changes were driven by practicality, some by funding some by planning decisions but mostly by all three.
  11. And the link between posting on here and vitamin D is?
  12. I try not to use the term "supplement" as it is gives legitimacy to the quackery of the "health" business. It is true that humans can get enough Vitamin D3 through exposure and diet but the argument is that neither can maintain a sufficient and reliable source in these latitudes.
  13. The skin make a maximum amount on even the brightest day. Once reached no more Vitamin D3 is made. This amount of Vitamin D3 has a half life of hours and is used to manufacture other chemicals -classically for bone synthesis and maintenance over time. Whats new is that Vitamin D3 has other functions including anti-inflammatory and immune system functions over much shorter time spans. If this is the case maintaining the recommended levels of Vitamin D3 is more important. As we do not eat or make enough to maintain a daily level, additional amounts are now recommended.
  14. You cannot rely on enough Vitamin D3 chemical supply from your skin on most days of the year. Exposure to sunlight needed could increase skin cancer risk. Warmth is not the factor, it is the length and intensity of exposure. Sunbathing in January in the snow works. Unless you eat engineered food fortified with vitamin D3 chemicals you have no control over your daily input of the correct vitamin D3 chemicals our body needs. The point is that to get the right level of the correct chemical you need for at least 6 months a year you need to take vitamin D3 and because there is a limit made each day in the skin, during the rest of the year as well. The contribution of the anti-inflammatory properties that Vitamin D3 makes is still being assessed and the damage caused by Covid19 through inflammation is also known to be significant. If the rheumatics specialist says I should take Vitamin D3 at £4 a year -I will. Diet and exposure is insufficient in these latitudes .
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