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  1. He is one "people" who wants money, just like normal humans. He spends time and money on his website and wants to make money from his efforts. To make money, he, his "shocked" readers and messengers create an environment of fear which endanger ordinary lives.
  2. Are Tram substitute buses, registered bus routes? If they are not then they can operate their own timetable to suit the arrivals of trams at Hillsborough ( and be able to bring people back to Hillsborough to meet the tram. As do buses that replace trains (with a few tweaks). There are also registered bus services that meet trains at many locations throughout the country. And dozens more that buses that meet buses to transfer passengers. Sometimes a Taxi service is used instead of a coach/bus. All a bit late now as the RR comes to an end
  3. Who will pay for all the names and addresses to be checked off on our electoral register? Who will pay for the referendum?
  4. Northern trains are offering singles at 10p on their trains in a Flash Sale. Journeys in September onlyAs it started today some have run out. Returns at 20p to places like Lincoln Hull Nottingam Retford etc are still available.
  5. There is no such thing as 'retirement age'. This was abolished for most jobs years ago. You can 'retire' at any age you choose and plan for. 'Retirement' for some means entitlement to a state pension-at an age which is continually changing. For others its an appropriate age at which their non-earned income, together with life-style changes, is sufficient for their needs. One element of your income will be the 'state pension'- and no matter how its clothed, its a very expensive drain on Government spending, which they will continue to need to reduce to pay for tax cuts.
  6. The link is very strong. Historically, Mountbatten wanted to promote himself and his family and have influence in Government through next generation of Royals and in particular saw an opportunity through his nephew Philip who was very much a minor Royal. Mountbatten was aware that the future queen, Elizabeth was keen on Philip and it is extensively written about that Mountbatten used every means possible to smooth the objections the family and Government had to Philip. Having never known either of his grandfathers, Mountbatten made sure he was around to fill that role for Charles and thus creating for himself a bigger position in 'society' and politics than he merited.
  7. All day line closures on Saturdays and Sundays on dates in October, November and December for electrification, junction, bridge, station work. Diversions fewer trains via Corby so less capacity so fewer Advance tickets and significantly faster journeys via Doncaster Saturday 31st August - Sunday 1st September Sunday 8th September Sunday 29th September Sunday 6th October Sunday 13th October Sunday 10th November Saturday 2nd November - Sunday 3rd November Saturday 16th November - Sunday 17th November Sunday 1st December Saturday 21st December - Saturday 28th December No assumptions-facts.
  8. There are line closures right up 'til Christmas for electrification work south of Loughborough on the MML to St Pancras. Mainly late/early/weekends. Check here Through trains will take a lot longer and sometimes buses replace the trains. The 'booking engines' tries to book you the fastest routes. Or use Trainline to plan (but don't buy as they are always the most expensive) and buy at the station. At these times EMR will not offer Advance fares. At these times use the LNER website, join (not essential but you get offers)and book tickets Doncaster KingsX There are now 2 tph from Sheffield to Retford so services from Retford to KingsX are an alternative.
  9. Congratulations on your centenary. 10 decades have passed since WW1 so it's way, way too far back for most of us know anything about. Which group(s) was the subject of most abuse then?
  10. The term "bullying" has evolved. I would use it to describe repeated behaviour which is intended to harm someone emotionally or physically. We at some time, called people names, made comments about their appearance, their apparent weaknesses or differences, snide remarks, ignored, ganged up on, and joined in deliberately to make someones life a misery at some point. Didn't we share the jokes and observations and giggle about the difference, caricature of races and religions or the misfortune of others? After all we were just repeating what was in the media, on stage or said in the pub. When did you last tell an "Irish joke" or its Canadian equivalent? Expressions of the type "In my generation...", "One of my best friends friend is..." (not quotes) should no longer be acceptable as explanations or absolve us of past deeds. Whats done is done, move on, it's our actions now that count.
  11. I am so angry that people see it acceptable to excuse all manner of bullying on the generation they belong to. Can we drop the "One of my best friends friend is..." stuff and move on. We of our generations, bullied people for their weaknesses and differences-no excuse, I was part of that. I don't want understanding or forgiveness, I was wrong-we were wrong. I can't go back and change that but I can stand up now. On the bus, street, pub, forum, politics, whatever, do not accept the bullies or those who create bullies.
  12. It just goes to prove that its not what is on the outside(of the bus) that counts, it's what it is on the inside (driver).
  13. Sign if you want to spend £500 000 on a referendum.
  14. ...a lot. Distributing a lot of meaningless, confusing viewpoints and graphics from dubious sources does not help in making a point. What is your point?
  15. They were never supposed to pass on all the money on to bus companies. The Government announced in 2012 to reform the way in which they directly support the bus market through the Bus Service Operators Grant (BSOG). SYPTE like all other similar Authorities were obliged to retain initially 20%(and rising) of the subsidy Government gives to private Bus companies. to improve all aspects of bus transport. SYPTE were the first to trial this and their plan was accepted by Government. The award was an increase funding for bus transport in Sheffield by £530,000 in 2013/4 this financial and just under £1.6 million in future years to total £18 000 000. It was something SYPTE had to do, did it well according to the Government. For a some of plan see Better Bus Areas.
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