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  1. All true but irrelevant. Manchester is an international/domestic/holiday airport now. The only comparable airports in England are Heathrow and Gatwick. With domestic mainland GB air travel is officially discouraged, eastern European demand falling and uncertainty of freight demand and direct competition from the much better located East Midlands, Doncaster will find it difficult to expand. Travel to Doncaster Airport barely supports a service bus.
  2. All 'legal' drugs are controlled by hundreds of laws. Some are local, some are national some are international. If the 'illegal' drugs were made legal then the we would end up with hundreds of new laws to control them. This would not make the job of police, health and social services any easier and introduce drug testing for all in the workplace.
  3. Never expected this. My bulb orders have been cancelled. My Dutch bulb supplier has cancelled my (insignificant )bulb orders. They cannot guarantee delivery and they have decided to ignore the UK market until our Government is able to come up with new import/export and bio-safety rules. More seriously they are ending their UK growers contracts as the produce they import are only profitable as 'backloads' and contracting EU growers to fill the gap -permanently. They have already ended their UK driver contracts and are using DHL which would cost significantly more to UK customers.
  4. In northern Europe urban home ownership can be significantly less than in the UK. Many local companies/banks/trust/pensions/charities engage are actively involved. Their interest is in long term stable contracts and far more time and effort is put into the suitability of applicants. It is viewed as a 'highly respectable business'. In return for very long term contracts and legal responsibilities for maintenance the tenants have many more rights, guarantees against eviction and price regulation. The tenant provides long term financial return for the landlord and pays less . Sounds great. Ordinary working retired families, singles, pensioners can look forward long term stability. It would be far less likely for a landlord to want to evict a long term tenant going through a period of hardship. Still sounds great? In this same northern European country there is also some people living in atrocious blocks of high rises and tenements. They cannot escape because they have have not got the capital for the deposit, advance payments, insurance etc. They are not in stable, long term and continuous employment so are not 'suitable tenants'. For those who want to buy the houses are far more expensive relative to here. Is this system better than ours?
  5. Doncaster/Leeds/East Midlands are not going to provide the range of global non-holiday destinations that Heathrow/Gatwick/Manchester provide.
  6. There are a lot of comments on the number seats available on trains to Manchester. As a regular user of the trains to Stockport these comments are dated. Nearly all services are now "doubled". All the class 158 EMR trains are rostered as 4 car trains which split at Nottingham. All the class 185 TPE trains bar 2 turns, are now 6 car services. The replacement Northern stopping trains cannot be lengthened because of the short platforms/door operation. There will be a change in operator and rolling stock soon. Most of the cancellations, late and short trains are due to the congestion problems in the Manchester area with a knock on effect at Doncaster and Nottingham. It is these issues which the "plan" is trying to solve. Separately the Liverpool Norwich trains are planned not to extend past Nottingham from December. York will control all trains as far as Hope. Dore Junctions/station and Bamford work should have started. It is likely that Airport Cleethorpes trains will terminate anyway at Doncaster in the future.
  7. Timetable options to improve rail performance in the north of England "Proposes options to improve train performance in the Manchester area and beyond by altering the north of England rail timetable. This consultation closes at 11:59pm on 10 March 2021" The Council will need to think this through before jumping in with both feet. For example many more Sheffield residents would benefit from a faster and more reliable train service to Manchester than would from a hourly train to the the Airport. The start on the new Dore curve and station, the Bamford loop, the junctions at Hazel Grove and Stockport and another plaform at Chinley The failure of Government to fund platform 15/16 at Piccadilly and associated work after the completion of the Castlefield Curve is the root cause of Manchester awful train performance. Many other places including North Wales, Chester, Liverpool and Hull could loose their Airport connection. Sheffield needs allies and a well planned response.
  8. We as a country cannot ignore if men consistently/institutionally mistreat girls and women in any country in the world Perhaps the Queen should ask her friend about what is really happening and if he doesn't have him put in the tower for kidnapping. Alternatively we should use international law to establish if kidnapping has taken place. People should not ignore what happens to Emirati girls and women and girls and women and of all nationalities before they spend their tourist money. Your privileged and protected status as a tourist is envied by the Emirati women and girls who you will never see.
  9. The Volunteers are not expected to die. They will experience different 'viral loads' and types of exposure, levels of concentration of vaccines etc. It will help to answer you question as to whether "... its a deadly ilness and should not be allowed, or its minor(illness)..." A "...deadly ilness..." is an illness which kills a significant number and harms many others. A "...minor..." illness is one that is unlikely to kill or severely harm somebody by itself. These are the extremes with all transmittable illnesses falling somewhere in between. In the case of Covid the virus causes a huge range of variation in response in different groups. "Lockdown" has been used for thousands of years because it was known that isolation reduced the spread of infectious diseases. Deserted islands, transportation, ghettos, murder, starvation and prisons have all been used to prevent the spread of infection. By the last century we used hospital and the law to enforce isolation. Now we are so nice we educate and inform which works for the vast majority. Sometimes and for whatever excuse, fines are used to remind a tiny minority what they need to do for other people. Some criminals make huge amounts of money and are justly given massive fines for encouraging others in breaking lockdown.
  10. There is a small and growing number of healthy and young people volunteering to help all of us, by being tested on their reaction to vaccines, the virus and potential treatments regimes. The results of these tests will produce data from which the scientists can produce vaccines and treatment programmes for people who currently cannot access them. These volunteers really do put to shame those who choose to ignore or promote a negative view of the vaccination programme. To all those who have never been thanked for their unrecognised work/extra effort/risk taking/support/kindness/smile -thank you.
  11. Springer Nature are not in business of 'general reading' that you would find in a newsagent or bookshop. They are for "... today’s academic and professional communities." and neither of us are that in the area of vaccines. One of their sixteen sections is "Medicine" with over 300 Journals at a cost from £70 a year per each and individual articles at £20. They do release some articles for editing by publications like Scientific American, Lancet, New Scientist etc and sometimes those they think are of major public interest/benefit.
  12. B-lymphocytes and T-lymphocytes are the basics of how the body protects itself from viruses and how vaccinations work and any study or trial would be based around their appearance, stimulation by vaccine and production in the body, effectiveness and longevity. Not sure why you have selected theses two Springer Nature articles from the dozens of available articles on the progress of early vaccination trials from this and other publications. Is there something significantly novel about these two trials? The estimated study date for completion of the trials are March and August so any approval for use in the form of vaccines is months away. Springer publications like Nature and Nature Medicine are not aimed at users like us, nor are they aimed at health professionals they are for researchers to publish their progress/findings.
  13. On Hannover Way as illustrated or Penistone Road into town if you using the glorified footpath you give way at every side road and business entrances and forecourts. On the road you don't- cycling into town is safer unless of course you come across angry amateur drivers.
  14. Cycle paths are a rarity in Sheffield. At best we have "routes" along which people can pootle along, they do not cater for the commuting cyclist. I hope you are not confusing cycle paths with bits of footway with lines painted or two foot wide gutters full of rubbish. Where they do exist they disintegrate into shared footways and underpasses and become blocked by road sign and street furniture. For example do I cycle responsibly down Hannover Way(Google Maps) ont Moore Street or divert off the roadway onto the lovely cycle way until the parked and lorries parked outside the Department for Work & Pensions and then illegal turns by through traffic immediately after and then into the abyss of the roundabout and then a near 90 degree drop onto Moore Street-and that is on a Brompton?
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