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  1. Are you saying that a Gypsy can't "...listen to any reason or change their anti social selfish behaviour"? Will the"... traffic wardens, parking enforcement people and the police who have the powers to give car drivers spot fines if they park illegally." be given a chance to do their job before you decide they are a Gypsy and therefore do not "... listen to any reason or change their anti social selfish behaviour", and send the Army in?
  2. Why are you picking on Gypsy van drivers? The British Soldier, unlike you, does not have the skill of being able to detect a Gypsy. You could lead a special forces unit that detects Gypsy in car parks. You could then move on to only allowing "normal people" to use car parks. And you get to decide what a "normal person" is. Lovely uniform.
  3. Please feel free to enter your own masterplan in the brackets: I want the army to act as a deterrent for (car drivers) invading public (grass verges). At the moment (car drivers) know they can get away with invading public (grass verges) which is why they do it. If the (car drivers) knew the army will remove them on day one of their (grass verge) occupation then they would stop invading public (grass verges). This is not intended to be funny. Using the Army against British people is usually deadly. Subjecting a whole ethnic group to military intervention without recourse to the Law is illegal and racist. The British Law has evolved over centuries to protect people. Let it do its job. .
  4. The Army is totally unprepared to deal with British civilians. Their methods, equipment and training is totally inappropriate and impractical. Use of the Army against British people in Northern Ireland was an absolute failure. The Army does not want to appear to be in confrontation with the British civilians, it does not want to expose its soldiers to the trauma of violence against their own people. In this case the OP is specifically asking for the British Army to be used to target a British ethnic minority. Why not against Roma, Travellers , Scottish, Welsh and English Travellers, Show People, New Travellers, Holidaymakers, caravaners, camper vans, lorry drivers, car owners illegally parking on other peoples land?
  5. My sentence in full: "You should of course help your elderly neighbours with the priority being that you do them no harm. Show them how to keep safe." Your edit has changed the emphasis rather: "Snipped You should of course help your elderly neighbours Snipped " You have edited the post to create common ground. You have edited my post to change the meaning. The priority is still that you do them no harm.
  6. The "...maskless hospital workers..." know where masks need to be worn and where masks are not required. You on the other hand are wandering around along corridors and wards clueless of the level of protection the patients, the staff and you need. You should of course help your elderly neighbours with the priority being that you do them no harm. Show them how to keep safe.
  7. Working people have the right to work in a safe environment free from having to deal with individuals who think of them as "creatures". Patients in hospital need to know that the environment they are in is as healthy as it needs to be and need to know that they safe and secure. All staff are trained, up to date with the latest procedures and very aware that infection can delay recovery, harm, or even kill. You do not. What gives you the right to go wandering around a hospital? You have no clue of the risk you are posing Why are you putting people at risk from infection?
  8. Did you want to be challenged, did you really want to waste peoples time with your arguments, which they have all heard before? Would you calling the medical staff "...creatures..." help? Did you consider that you presence in a hospital was a risk to vulnerable patients and to the "...frail and elderly neighbours...", their "...family or friends..." and "... "some local homeless.. "? I would be absolutely furious if someone turned up at an elderly or vulnerable friend/relative/neighbour of mines house without having taken the necessary precautions to ensure their safety. Particularly if they had been wandering around hospital corridors and wards. I don't think even you, who have already admitted several times that Covid kills elderly, frail and already sick people, would deliberately endanger peoples the live lives of your "...frail and elderly neighbours..." and the the sick, frail and elderly patients you find in hospitals.
  9. Nice to see friends being made on SF. The Conspiracy Theorists seem happy to share their anecdotes, perhaps they might consider becoming pen pals and leave the rest of us alone and free from being an unwilling audience to falsehood and dangerous lies.
  10. The Welsh and Scottish Football (men's)Associations do not want to give any excuse to FIFA or UEFA to exclude them from future international competitions. Northern Ireland is the same with the added complication of Ireland/Great Britain/United Kingdom issues. Together with England they are the oldest International Associations in the world with the longest football heritages. The London Olympics involved other problems including sponsorship, broadcasting and other costs
  11. The former ten minute frequency on the Blue and Yellow meant that the Cathedral crossover is occupied 24 times an hour by passing trams and another equivalent 4 longer occupation by the Gleadless. The TramTrain planned another extra equivalent of 6TT long movements and at fixed times meant was just too much to provide a robust timetable with enough slack to deal with everything else. The timing of all the crossover movements must also be spread out to avoid congestion so this impacts on the Blue route timetable which causes the different gaps in the services. If they could they would but they can't.
  12. A couple of other considerations: Up to 21 more passenger and freight trains are pathed to use the single section between Tinsley North and Tinsley East junctions just beyond the M1 viaduct. The TT route trams are allowed to travel to and reverse at Shalesmoor and Spring Lane. You need to use the Network Rail Working Timetable. You would need to know the acceleration/deceleration properties of sections of track the trams and trains. You would need to factor in extended dwell times in the City Centre at busy times. Staff change overs will also increase dwell times. Conflicting movements at the Delta. NR Signalling properties. etc. Commercial software is extremely expensive to hire/lease/buy, that there are no good amateur version and that Excel is used by enthusiasts. Using Excel is a poor substitute. Other programming tools are used for one -offs. It is possible to use scrolls of time-distance graph paper This is an example of a simple section of a branch line in Wales by Dave Plimmer.
  13. There is no effective cure for HIV. Any control of the virus is done by the treatments available in that country, what treatments the patient can afford, the State can afford, the charity can afford and the legality or otherwise of the treatments. Multiple treatments are required by each person. Globally many different treatments are used. Therefore hundreds of different antiretrovirals are used. Of these hundreds of antiretrovirals there are many with known side effects and are regarded as toxic including kidney damage, digestive system damage, cell damage, skin damage, gastrointestinal symptoms, weight problems, heart disease, hypersensitivity, skin damage, brain bleeds, insomnia, psychological emotional issues etc., etc. "Clinicians who provide care to persons with HIV should have an understanding of the basic toxicity profile of antiretroviral medications, keeping in mind that the potential adverse effects of most antiretroviral medications are less toxic than the effects of untreated HIV." The National HIV Curriculum is an AIDS Education and Training Center Program and led by the University of Washington. "Studies from England and South Africa have found that the risk of dying from COVID-19 among people with HIV was double that of the general population". UNAIDS Be happy.
  14. We did, just a different technology, and it was a bumper time for Conspiracy Theories and Theorists of all flavours. The political variety of Conspiracy Theorists had it down to the CIA, Big Pharma, China, in labs etc. The religious variety of Conspiracy Theorists had it down to homosexuality, vengeance, wrath, etc The population control variety of Conspiracy Theorists who said it was an attack on racial groups. The anti vax variety of Conspiracy Theorists blamed polio, smallpox and Hepatitis B vaccines. The other 53 varieties were also busy with their crayons. The 1980's Conspiracy Theorists would turn in their graves if they could here their views being turned over by the new batch of Conspiracy Theorists. Nothing new about Conspiracy Theories except the subject.
  15. I am not prepared to step into the closet, lock the door, put on my earphones, switch on the computer and type into the search engine 'covid vaccination -evidence, -science, -reason, -nhs'.
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