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  1. When was the opening of windows on trains banned?
  2. When was "... banning of opening windows on trains" introduced?
  3. The Council do not take any responsibility. The Council do advise that the owner take out insurance.
  4. I have just spent nearly £80 on planters(barrels) to stop drivers using the grass verges to park and drive on (and destroying the kerbs and guttering in the process). Sadly driving standards are so low and enforcement so lax they must be persuaded at my 'expense' to stick to the road. If vehicle owners were considerate there would far less need for "...paint, camera's, signs, bus gates,...". Yes the "...old street scene has long gone, taken over by"... cars, whose owners follow each other like sheep. If drivers had the skills they could increase parking availability by at least a third, reduce journey times, improve everybody's environment and safety. It is easy- park inline on the outside of the curve of the road. Sadly more paint is going to be needed to help the average driver avoid having to think.
  5. Monkeypox rife? It is not new having been isolated and identified in the 1950s. Monkeypox is transmitted by direct contact and the current cases are suspected to be associated with close physical human-to-human contact. Its biology is very different to that of coronaviruses and does not kill. The American Far-Right have not yet jumped on the bandwagon and have not yet provided our resident Conspiracy Theorists with anything to copy. As evidenced by their ridiculous attempts so far.
  6. Who is "...us..."? I am confused as your group sells itself as an 'outraged' rate payer group and the next minute taking the credit for causing the tree debacle.
  7. This petition was started in March and had 512 signatures by last Friday Another mockery of local decision making. Loud activists influencing local decision making by parachuting in the opinions of outsiders. This taxpayer business is a red herring, everybody including children pay tax which goes to central government which is the biggest part of Council spending. Some of this expenditure, like this, is ring fenced. Let locals decide!
  8. So much for local politics. Let the locals decide. I hope the Council know how padded this petition is. You are allowing he car owners from Dore, Nether Edge, Crookes etc, to override the needs of residents. This should be a local issue not one decided by outsiders.
  9. Are you asking residents of Park, Arbourthorne, Darnall, Manor Castle and Richmond only?
  10. What I think is that you are confused. No mention has been made by me regarding "... facemasks are no longer legally mandated any where(sic)...". I'll repeat that the recent two letters from the RHH and NGH refer to mask wearing as being "requested". My latest appointment letter for a specific NGH clinic actually says "needed". Like most people I do not want to wear a mask but thanks to you and your 'public duty' I can with a clear conscience lie to the health workers and my fellow patients about having an "exemption". On second thoughts...
  11. Does the amateur "....vital public service" you two provide include encouraging people to lie to health workers? Does the amateur "....vital public service" you two provide include discouraging the use of protection provided by vaccination? Seeking Martyrdom and now recognition for carrying out a Public Duty! Wow! I can think of several hundred thousand, if not millions, who actually did something to help who are deserving of recognition and the tens of millions who just got on with what they needed to do to protect themselves and others.
  12. When we applied for a closure for the silver jubilee party we had to maintain access for the engineers to the telephone exchange throughout the event. This just meant no parked ice cream/hot dog vehicles, stands, displays, benches etc. on 10% of the street. It is all very simple. A named person applied. The Council did the signage and dropped off the cones, road closed and diversion signs. BT coned off their bit and gave is £50. The Police checked once before, once during and once at the close to check that the road was cleared.
  13. I am suggesting that your way of dealing with medical matters is much easier and avoids taking responsibility. Remember when you said "You do not have to wear a mask in a hospital, even if you are asked you just say you have an exemption and it is dropped instantly no problem. I'm talking from experience." You could suggest to the Government that they sign the agreement and then lie and say they have an "exemption". Then any challenges by the co-signers would be "...dropped instantly no problem."
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