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  1. Six Labour MPs voted with the Government on Saturday against Letwin. Up to fifteen Labour MPs will vote with the Government on the Johnson deal. This will provide a majority for the Johnson deal. Politics is indeed a dirty business but necessary activity.
  2. Try the much more popular and older and established Bury market, much closer than Fleetwood -it has trams and steam trains for the bored! Cheap train fares using a Sheffield to Grindleford return and a Greater Manchester Wayfarer(available on the stopper- non-stop on return). The tram fare from Piccadilly to Bury is included.
  3. You can now doe a re-install from the Cloud -instructions here
  4. There are some changes coming for TV reception on FREE VIEW in this area(all of the S postcode area). In March we will all need to retune and if you have not got a HD set you may lose some channels eg PBS, Freesport. Signal strength from some of the big transmitters may weaken to the point where you may choose to use the Sheffield transmitter rather than Emley Moor, Belmont or Waltham. Ask your aerial fitter if you are planning to have a new aerial soon.
  5. Chesterfield transmitter had problems on Tuesday. Emley Moor is under long term repair but is working.
  6. Science does not move forward by quoting a coauthors work, which is also undewhe justlmingly praised by real professional scientists. I think it is a dreadfully sad act to bring in a long dead engineer to support your denial of CRB. It was not his fault that he worked in the Soviet era 25 years ago, only one source for his statement, that his work is unrepeatable because his data was collected on a device that was quickly abandoned, should not detract from his achievements. Association with repeatedly disproved table top maths sadly will.
  7. Stopped -as in no work being done. Review to be started that may lead to cancellation to parts or all of the projects. No timetable improvements now until at least 2023/4. The proposed use of pairs of Class 185 to Liverpool and the Airport will mean that Dore passengers will not be able to get on or off three of the carriages when it stops at Dore. They will have a 50 50 chance of using their seat reservation. All passengers will only have a 50 50 chance of getting a cuppa. No free tea for half of the first class passengers. Which part will the Guard be in? With no ticket checks it will be free journeys for many between Sheffield and Dore. Many of us who travel regularly along the route would prefer 4 car 158s than 6 car 185s.
  8. All the planned work has been stopped on the Hope Valley Capacity scheme. The master plan to improve train services to Dore, Hope Valley and Manchester has now been stopped. Lengthening and adding a platform at Dore has been stopped. Passengers to/from Dore will have to be very careful as they wont be able to get off from one half of the train. The 1892 signalling will not be replaced. A large increase in the number of freight trains at Chinley and Hope will go ahead causing increased delays and cancellations. The promise of three (originally four) fast and one stopping trains an hour to Manchester won't happen.
  9. National Rail Latest travel news "All lines have been reopened following heavy rain flooding the railway between Chesterfield and Sheffield earlier today. Services may be cancelled, delayed by up to 30 minutes or revised. We anticipate disruption will continue until 14:30."
  10. It is not at all a brick wall, it has opened a lot more doors and a lot more work. It is not that common for actual named people to appear on your Ancestry test results page. It is not required for that close relative to have done the test for you to progress in your identification of them. You will share DNA with common relatives of their generation, the previous and subsequent generations. However you can begin to build a picture. Although actual documents are the best and only real guarantee of accuracy, you can get a lot of "possibles" from many sources and eliminate them( it's not good practice and don't put these online- it will confuse future reseach.). Try FreeBMD Where are the Harrisons? You can search areas/streets on the 1939 register. Odd or geographical middle names. Naming patterns. Telephone books. Great War and WWII service, pensions and medal records. Employment records. School rolls. Newspapers, Apprentice, union, guilds etc. Good luck.
  11. The link that I made was not an example of the 65 departing from D2 it was to a ' live' departure screen which refreshes and which will not show any departures after the last bus has gone. I did not realise that myself!
  12. Am I wrong in thinking that a failure by one observer using one Soviet era set-up 30 years ago establishes that there is no CMB? Am I wrong in thinking that none of these observations can be replicated? Am I wrong in thinking that the CMB has been observed and measured by thousands of times by hundreds of observers on different equipment over fifty years? Am I wrong in thinking that you a have not replicated any of his CMB observations? Am I wrong in saying that there is only one source for Professor Herouni's comments on his observations of CMB? Given the choice putting my head in the sand to avoid your recommended "...video lectures..." in order to focus what real scientists are doing and saying-send more sand.
  13. D2 from the Interchange is what it says here
  14. There are too many unknowns. EMT(Stagecoach) no longer exists. It is EMR(Abellio East Midlands Limited) who operate the station. As it may well not be a car parking matter it is more to be dealt with by their own prosecution service. Wait for the letter which will state who is prosecuting, under which part of which act, who to contact etc. or use the Display & Prosecutions section on RailUKforum
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