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  1. If repeated nationally one measles death of a school age child per class would be a huge number, particularly if the pre-school children who died were added. The TB bacteria and polio virus were considered the biggest threat when "I were a lad". We were in a TB hotspot and we still had annual TB checks although. The 'herd immunity' of the polio vaccine had already kicked in. We had an isolated case of typhus was mistakenly reported nationally as typhoid which meant we needed medical letters to travel abroad
  2. There is no "alleged connection with autism". There was illegal activity, there was unethical practice and there was fraudulent and misleading practice. There is a continuing effort by extreme political and religious groups to discredit science and medicine. There are, understandably, some who seek a reason for their childs' illness or disability. "As was done years ago"? It is more than 25 years since MMR was standard and we now have "6-in-1" vaccine and "4-in-1" vaccine and "3-in-1" vaccine. To "inject the vaccines separately" to children would mean 50+ vaccination from the list below, it is neither sensible, practical, medically effective not to give them in groups or as combined. diphtheria hepatitis B Hib polio tetanus whooping cough (pertussis) Pneumococcal (PCV) vaccine Rotavirus vaccine MenC Measels Mump Rubella MenB Flu vaccine (every year) HPV vaccine MenACWY Source: NHS vaccinations and when to have them
  3. Could it be because there are two private bus companies competing (most of the route) for the high number of passengers and neither wants to lose the battle by offering a poorer service? All is fare(£2 00) in love and capitalism.
  4. Many "oldies" can change a plug but very few can put in the correct fuse. So to to prevent "oldies" setting fire to themselves and their homes, plugs are now sealed to be replaced as a unit. Light bulbs last 10 000 hours. Washing dishes is still the norm, have you seen the size of modern flats? No room for dishwashers. Practical skills evolve and are acquired as needed. We as country dwellers were amazed at our urban cousins being so inept at surviving without a shop, deliveries or tradesmen. Who on Earth would go and buy a recipe book? Weren't they for urban folk to cope with rations or rich folk to maintain the their homes whilst their servants supported the war effort? The poorly skilled city dwellers had to be educated on a national scale by the Government from 1939 to the end of rationing. People learnt from all kinds of institutions, publications, films and radio. Newsagents for decades after were full of magazines that people bought for betterment, economy and even enjoyment. In the days of old, there were many, many fewer skills needed- particularly in urban areas. Granted they probably needed more practice and physicality but that's evolution.
  5. Attempts by the Environment Agency, supported by the Council to reduce flooding in Sheffield are continually thwarted by the Environmentalists. 1)Opposition to using the former natural floodplains to reduce peak flow. 2)The disastrous effects of the 2007 flood compounded by environmentally friendly pressure groups. None of the rivers in our area are natural. They need managing properly for the benefit of all and everything- not loud single issue groups of wannabe politicals.
  6. Which bus stop is this? Let me know so I can record the chant, a capella, etc. My record is thirteen 52s before a 51 turned up. They are profitable commercial operations, moving a lot of people and having to deal with traffic, so the normal peak of a bus every 5/6 minutes can become disrupted.
  7. As I managed to foul up the OP -thank you for correcting me, just thought I'd add a little more. From December 2020 EMR train timetable proposals. A quick scan: More late night services from London. Faster peak time trains to London. No direct service from Sheffield to stations south of Leicester. Luton Airport requires two changes(or one at St Pancras). Fewer direct service from Dore via Sheffield southbound to Chesterfield Nottingham. Saturday Scarborough(via York) ends. Liverpool Lime Street –Norwich becomes Liverpool Lime Street – Nottingham and Nottingham – Grantham – Norwich. There will be one or two trains to/from Sheffield and Norwich
  8. Crookes is very popular and full of people who work in the hospitals (inc. SCH) as are nearby Crosspool and Walkley. The majority of housing is older and smaller terrace. Buses every few minutes(£2) Walk downhill in 15 minutes. Uphill 20. Cycleshed available. Plenty of amenities /access to countryside. Student population in the area is reducing so more properties available. There is an Annexe of the Children's even closer to Crookes at Ryegate. This deals mainly with child development.
  9. S10 to Manchester Airport is 1h 15m (+ parking time) via Castleton, A6 and A555. S10 to Manchester Airport is 2h by frequent bus and through train. If the Airport is the breaker consider the north of Sheffield and the more reliable Woodhead route.
  10. The vast majority of people are foot passengers so the system is designed for this. Next are the taxi users which have their own area. Next is the car pick up and drop off is also suitable for the vast majority. Apparently some drivers want to sit in their nice warm cars whilst their elderly parents struggle with directions, luggage, lifts, rain and snow. If they need to help then properly, park the car in the Car Park and meet at the platform and help with luggage and directions, avoiding the rain and snow as it covered all the way except for the zebra and the car can be loaded in the dry. Disabled people can make arrangements with the station to be conveyed to the best place to be picked up from- more than one solution-ask. Lots of luggage from Manchester Airport? Stay on the train as the next stop is Meadowhall(5 min and same fare), you can park in the warm for free next to the platform(2) whilst waiting- no steps. Consider this when going as well as there are ramps to platform 1 and a better chance of a seat.
  11. Just upgrade to Windows 10 is the safest, easiest and fastest solution for mortals. Many will notice a considerable performance improvement. If you get a warning saying that your Computer is not capable of running Windows 10, you should have replaced/upgraded your hardware years ago. Back up as you do regularly. Find the Keys for Office etc. Office 10 still works fine. There is a free Widows compatibility programme for old software. Some programmes will be lost- a folder will appear telling you which ones. Windows games will disappear but you can get them from Winaero You can download the Windows 7 style layout if you wish.
  12. The planning process does take into account the hydrological surveys of the Environmental Agency not the Council. The guidelines set by the Government prevent Councils from denying planning because of the 'possibility' of flooding. They can and do raise concerns with the Government. Thats where the brown envelopes would be.
  13. The area around Fishlakes has seen water management activity since Roman times. The Don has had several routes to the sea caused by human and natural changes. The Romans created fisheries in the area and probably cut a drain north to the Aire. The monasteries also created and managed fisheries. The Parishes were so wealthy they were fought over by Selby, York, Lincoln and Cambridge colleges for income. The current outflow northwards to Goole replaced the many eastern routes to the Trent including Adlingfleet (one of the richest parishes in the country in its day). Vermuyden might have been a successful hero in many parts of East Anglia- in this area he was regarded as creating a financial and agricultural disaster and a villain with violent backers (qv Idle Stop) The border of South Yorkshire with West, North and the East Riding Yorkshire still follow the courses of the once great River Went The historic border with Lincolnshire and course of the Don south of Thorne and north of Crowle then through Fockerby where you can tell the width of the original river as the two approaching roads from the south west follow the original embankments.
  14. I object to paying the £ billion subsidies paid by us to enable free or subsidised travel just for London citizens, the cost of new railways trains and stations for the benefit of the even more commuters. Examples include: We pay for their unlimited over 60 and under 18s free travel. We are paying for the political bus policy of Boris Johnson which is costing us £722 million pounds a year. We are paying millions parking dozens of brand new never used London trains in Worksop. Year after year pay and infrastructure costs are "hidden" by transferring losses to the national debt via Network Rail.
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