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  1. Don’t understand a word ,put it is English pal.
  2. Lee Anderson is very much like Jeramy Clarkson A big mouth bully To me the mayor off London is doing a good job His salary is much less than Johnson got , They say Anderson is joining another as been Truss .Well she is going no where , Come on Axe or who ever you are let’s hear it .And by the way The Troops won the war Not Churchhill
  3. Teresa May had to get DMP to help her out Old Saying cross my palm with silver Ring any bells
  4. Bunny’s opened a shop at the bottom off the moor for a short period right hand side off road, Winstons was at the bottom off snigg hill ,they would not exchange goods in that shop Lou Bergin barber was on ally off high street Dove and Rainbow at end off ally Fred Burns tailor on high street just above same ally ,chip shop on Howard street name Mary Gentles Elmambo went in their a lot when l should have been at school Tattooist Charlie Johnson Broomhall forgot road, first one on fingers 3pence old money I bet I could name 30 tailors in Sheffield in late 50s easy..old Nelson pub You could get chips and fish in their
  5. Surprise surprise why not now Iwill answer that my self ,they would loose hands down .and you know it They are trying to think up more SNIDY TRICKS
  6. What’s betting the same crew went after Bercow ,Axe or Westy who ever you are or not .They are now trying to blame Starmer for some off this mess ,And it’s for sure before the election loads more will come from this gang By the way what’s your job a traffic warden I am sure that would suit you ,
  7. Is Lindsay Hoyle on the brink off loosing his job for making a judgment ,This will be mostly down to our quickly clean government ,wanting to bring in a yes man to support their misgivings Let’s have a general election NOW .The country does not need a bench off get rich quick , shinny facei no goods running the country Let’s do something for the low payed For a change
  8. Just a point a bet it is mostly conservatives who say they have no confidence in the speaker Such as the Pleb .Do you all remember him, what a piece off crap
  9. About the vote last night,Most off the shouting was about scoring political points Israel will only stop the bombing when they re good and ready All that childish booing it sounded like kids at school
  10. Let’s wait and see how it all turns out I hope they keep digging come what May , I think someone will grass to save their own skin.
  11. More is coming out off the wood work on the post office enquiries Cameron seems to be involved in the cover up and a yes man called Parker , who will end up being the fall guy This gang have had 15 years the sort this lot out ,Usual from some on here trying their best to put some off the blame on labour Surprise Surprise The woman Keni Bradenock had to apologise to Harriett Hartman for telling potties pies Just a few other names who moved up the conservative ladder Who l think the power went to their heads Lizz Truss. Sue Braverman Pritty Patel Ambwr Rudd And Queen off them All Evil come Evil THATCHER .
  12. You could not have put that any better Thank You So Much
  13. Same old crap every day Axe or alias. Westy spouting rubbish , Oh H seems to be getting slightly disheartened Can we all meet up and have a game off snakes and ladders
  14. You defend this lot for any thing They can do no wrong in your eyes wake up man , If a labour minister didthe same thing you would want to hang him . To me you sound so stupid no wonder you get so much stick . I expect some abuse for writing this But I try to tell the truth as I see it .
  15. Do we really need the bunch off royal hangers on ‘In what way do we benefit They Cost Us Millions
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