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  1. True, it's got a way to go before it gets as bad as Twitter though! 🤮
  2. The truth is no one really has a clue where we'll go from here. This is why I don't make wild predictions. 😂 It gets me when people make claims like they're so sure. No one has a clue about stuff like this. I'm staying well away from social media at the moment, I've been informed that it's a real **** show.
  3. I agree, I'm just staying away from social media for a few days! A lot of overreactions.
  4. I agree, they're not fans, how many chairmen are these days? I agree that McCabe had the best intentions, but it was mistake after mistake until he brought Wilder came in, which was probably pure luck.
  5. Quite happy for us to move on, despite having the best Intentions, McCabe has made so many mistakes over the years. Whichever way this went, both wanted to sell, and to be honest, how can anyone still trust McCabe's judgement? Going to be interesting to see how it all goes! I'd do some research, it seems like you've just read the odd headline. The Bin Laden family are an extremely wealthy and respected family in the construction industry, they deal with many US and UK companies. Osama was disowned by the family very early on after he declared his extremist views.
  6. True, if Wednesday don't win the league from here you should be very disappointed.
  7. Poor result, awful finishing and again, an individual error cost us. We need to sort this out or it'll be a very long season. Thankfully, I think we will.
  8. Monk, probably the least worst option out of the names mentioned to be fair.
  9. You have to remember, whatever league the Blades do well in is always 'the weakest the league has been for years.'
  10. Do you though? 😂 Nah, we love the past too! We beat you 7-3, what a day that was! Also, who could forget the FA Cup win in 1925, and winning the first division title in 1898! Those were the days.
  11. The sky is blue. The Earth orbits the sun. Wednesday fans live in the past.
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