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  1. We are all going to be killed.
  2. Looks like the points deduction might not be needed to ensure relegation the way you're going! One thing's for sure, you absolutely can't afford having points knocked off at this point, it'd be a few huge nails in the coffin.
  3. Dominated the first half, we could have been two or three up. Second half Norwich came into it, however 90% of their play was just tippy tappy rubbish around their defence. They made two chances though, and should have really scored one. Lucky for us, we have the best English keeper around playing for us. We always looked dangerous on the counter, and I can't wait for us to strengthen at the top end of the pitch in the summer, we should be scoring more.
  4. Oh aye, the game away against Liverpool was very poor. We offered virtually nothing in that game.
  5. Weird comparison, considering that the prize for losing 1-0 in the cup is getting eliminated, whereas losing 1-0 at home in the league isn't a terrible result, as the goal difference wasn't damaged too much. We actually played well and created chances in that game though, and were genuinely unlucky not to get something, unlike Wednesday who never even tried to attack in a must win game.
  6. Reasonable scoreline, dire performance.
  7. Should have been 4-0, and City never got out of second gear. Wednesday out.
  8. Dreadful performance, great result.
  9. Grab a ticket in the Bramall Lane Upper Tier if you can, best view in the ground.
  10. Don't think it'll be a hammering. 2-0 Man City.
  11. At the moment, where they are now is probably the average of the last 25 years. I guess he means the Premier League though, about half a dozen Championship sides say the same thing because they had decent spells in the top flight a few decades ago.
  12. Could the Blades get European football? Seems crazy, but there's a chance there for us, considering how many 'top' sides haven't performed this season, it could be the best opportunity we'll ever have. Don't wake me up!
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