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  1. I'd expect no less! Why do you feel that it's not the club's fault?
  2. I hope for your fans sake that Wednesday are as innocent as you think they are.
  3. Good point, didn't play as well as we can, which makes it even better to still come away with a point. UTB!
  4. Two of the toughest games possible coming up, both away, starting with Man City on Sunday. They're far from invincible, but it's obviously going to be an extremely tough game, but if anyone can set us up in a way to maximise our chances of getting something, it's Wilder. I hate to sound small time, but an on form Man City, and especially Liverpool will be too much for us. We just have to hope for a bit of luck, and we can't afford to make any stupid mistakes. I'd take a point from them both now, and again, it sounds poor, but coming out of them without having our +6 goal difference destroyed wouldn't be awful either. Hoping for the best, but it's difficult to expect too much from these two! UTB!
  5. It'll do, relatively content with that.
  6. Stoke are a shambles with no fight about them. 2-0 Wednesday.
  7. Another brilliant result, 5th at Christmas. Bloody incredible. There's no way we can drop McGoldrick. He's the best player on the ball in the team and the most creative. One of my favourite players.
  8. Just walked past the Bankers Draft and got asked for twos by Barry Bannan.
  9. Brilliant result after a shocking first half. Makes up for Thursday! Still unbeaten away which is crazy for a newly promoted side.
  10. Bitterness? That post stinks of it! 😂 But I'll leave you to never think or speak about the Blades like a true Wednesday fan! Oh wait... 😂 It's really hurting isn't it?
  11. No, sorry, you can't post in a Blades related thread for this means that you are obsessed.
  12. About as predictable as they come! The standard auto response when a fan of an opposing team dares to comment on their rivals. Anyway, I've not been keeping up to date with this, when is your points deduction?
  13. Grim match, we missed chances yet again but Newcastle's gameplan worked. **** happens, onto Norwich on Sunday!
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