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  1. Another very late goal conceded. Relatively amusing.
  2. Another very good result. Yet again we were the better side in a game against one of the 'top' teams. Unbelievable start to the season. UTB!
  3. Unlucky Wednesday, hilarious way to lose though.
  4. Brilliant result! I remember when we came up from league one and got told that it was a very difficult league, and that we wouldn't be able to cope in the Championship. Look at us now! UTB! What a time to be a Blade!
  5. Sounds like an extremely productive day! 😂
  6. Did I touch a nerve with my comments about Wednesday or something? 😂 You're right though in more or less everything you've said though to be fair! But unlike you not watching the Blades, I did watch the Owls V Leeds, an hour and a half of my life I won't get back!
  7. Another good result on the road. Still unbeaten away, and Mousset continuing to impress! Both sides had chances, and we were unlucky not to score more in that second half! 7th in the table after 10 games and good value for it! UTB!
  8. Alright you were excellent and hammered one of the top sides in the league! Jeeeeeeez 😂
  9. I disagree as a neutral, poor football but Wednesday had the better of the chances and would have been value for a narrow win.
  10. Alright result really, but a really poor game yet again, and still no win for Wednesday against a team currently in the top half. Still, you can only beat what's in front of you, and they're still up there. Leeds look much poorer than last season, as does the league as a whole, big opportunity for Wednesday this season.
  11. They'll do well to get anything against Leeds, although it's about time they started beating some of the better sides. Still not won against a team above 17th or something?! Still, 3rd 🤷🏻‍♂️
  12. Promotion is nailed on.
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