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  1. An interesting discussion I heard lately was which league is better between League One and the Premier League? In my opinion it is the Premier League as it has far better players and teams, also you get far more money which can help you attract far better players. League One is good though due to away days at places like Shrewsbury and Fleetwood which can be good days out. Which league is better?
  2. Haha, in hindsight this thread is funny as Darren Moore has failed at Sheffield Wednesday.
  3. This is an entirely different question for a different forum section bud
  4. Being 4-0 down you'd think it would be difficult for Wednesday to win this one now.
  5. It's really disappointing to see jealously like this. If the tables were turned and Sheffield Wednesday had been superior to Sheffield United for many years I'd feel happy for them.
  6. If we take into account where both Sheffield clubs find themselves at the moment, it would be accurate to say that Sheffield United are in a better position than Sheffield Wednesday. This is just my opinion, however when you consider that the Owls are a League One side and the Blades are a Premier League team, it becomes harder to debate otherwise. This gap has existed, in varying degrees, generally in favour of the Blades for the most part of the past thirty years. So, do we think the Owls fans or the Blades fans are happiest at the moment? I would say the Blades fans, if I was a Wednesday fan I wouldn't be happy at all.
  7. Brilliant stuff yesterday. UTB!
  8. Awful stuff. Must be a really painful time to be a Wednesday fan.
  9. If it's just players I've seen then it'd be a full United 11. I'm 30 too, crazy to think how superior the Blades have been for more or less my entire living memory.
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