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  1. Seems absolutely fine to me. 👀
  2. Aye, every team goes on a losing spree at some point, we're just getting ours out of the way early. 👀
  3. 19th! At least we're not bottom! Wilder felt like giving everyone else a head start before we turn it on. 👀
  4. Not even played yet and we've moved up two positions to 18th. What a team!
  5. A continuing trend from last season.
  6. We're 100% going down if we don't sign a striker who's going to bag us around 15 goals.
  7. Very poor first half, average second. Deserved to lose against a very good Wolves side. The worrying thing for me is the strike force, Billy shouldn't really be near the starting eleven, and when paired with McBurnie, there is next to no mobility there. Hopefully the Brewster rumours are true, as we need some quality at the top end. Mousset being injured is another blow, he's not always at it, but he's the only striker we have with pace and the ability to beat a man and create on his own. Berge however was quality when he came on. I can see him being influential this season. The Villa and Leeds games will tell us much more about where we're at this season.
  8. Very good win but still 12 points behind Rotherham.
  9. I voted for Corbyn, I'm just stating what I've observed. I agree, a Corbyn led government would likely have done a much better job. This doesn't change the fact that his campaign was a disaster and failed spectacularly. Anyway, right, back to the Tories!
  10. In your opinion what Corbyn represented was positive, however obviously for a large percentage of the population it wasn't. I know a handful of people who have voted Labour their entire lives, but absolutely wouldn't vote for them whilst Corbyn was in charge. Clearly this was widespread, as shown by the embarrassing, yet predictable loss in the election.
  11. Fair enough, I'd personally look at my own campaign and assess how I failed to win enough votes before putting the blame on anyone else.
  12. There's the problem. The left have alienated a large number of their voters, and those on the far left continue to push those who maybe more centrally positioned further to the right by labelling anyone with an opinion that deviates even slightly from their own as an idiot, or even racist or sexist. The candidates the left have offered up, again, both here and the USA have been nothing short of abysmal. This video in regards to Trump being elected basically sums up everything.
  13. Those who feel that the best way to debate is to sling insults at anyone who has an opinion different to theirs. I haven't voted conservative in my life, but the left are responsible for the clowns in charge of the circus here and across the pond.
  14. It's a much needed lesson for a lot of people.
  15. A big part of me absolutely loves that he's president.
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