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  1. Bobby Craig, Tommy Craig.....love to see both these playing tomorrow.
  2. I thought the fruit & veg shop was Heffords & Claytons was a wet fish shop , Hadfields newsagents in between. Could be wrong though.
  3. I worked at Oxleys 69 to 73 & knew Gene quite well. He was a lovely fella & I really got on with him.I seem to recall my mate telling me about Eric after I had left. Knew all the people you mentioned and have some great memories of working there.
  4. I had cataract surgery three weeks ago at N.G.H. eye centre. I had to self isolate for 3 days & also had to provide a covid test 72 hours before surgery. I should have had the op. last january but had to cancel.Then it was november before i rescheduled, but i had to ring for appt. Perhaps this may be the best way forwad if your mum still wants the op.
  5. Saturday matinee at the Ritz, a blind man playing the accordion & ironlungs screaming down the mike...."lay that pistol down babe". Happy days.
  6. Probably due to Ripley Street being closed due to resurfacing.There is no access from Langsett Road.
  7. I am sure they were used in 1967 but cannot remember them in 66, could be wrong though.
  8. Yes Doreen, I remember you all. But Iv'e only ever seen Linda on the very odd occasion down Hillsborough.Iv'e spoken to Elaine but only on a facebook local history site.
  9. Right first time Doreen, but Ray lived next door but one. He would sometimesa be seen with a bird on his arm, usually a kestrel.I think he predated Billy Casper by nearly ten years.
  10. Hi Doreen Mac. I knew Yvonne Wood very well as i lived next door to her for over 20 years.She passed away in August 1988 aged just 40.She had a daughter only a few months old when she died.The last time i saw Yvonne was at a football match at Highbury in the early eighties as she was a staunch wednaysdayite. She lived in London at the time of her death but the funeral was in Sheffield.
  11. Is that Keith Ellis top right 1st picture.Scored a hat trick in a cup replay at old trafford about 1960.
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