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  1. That sounds a really useful option if it indeed leaves all other data / files untouched, anyone actually used that and can confirm ?
  2. I have considered DSA on my last few holidays, only to find the cost is always £100's more than EMA or MAN for same holiday, dont know why that should be but maybe explains limited take up ?
  3. Hi, Just wondered if you found anyone decent to fit worktops ? Need the same thing. thanks.
  4. Was kind of thinking that a surveyor would have insurance cover so that even if they missed an issue I would have some comeback to get it sorted ? Guess thats really what I'm paying for.
  5. House buyers survey, looking for a competant and reasonably priced RICS surveyor, any suggestions welcome. Property is in High Green. thanks.
  6. Got to say I put an ssd into my Dell i3 laptop and its not made it a ball of fire ... only 4GB ram so maybe shouldn't expect too much.
  7. Hi, Anyone know of a garage (prefer north Sheff) who can pressure test for coolant leak, its going down sooo slowly and no obvious signs of leak so a bit stuck ... thanks.
  8. Another thing to consider, if you wish to make changes / improvments you may need landlord permission which will likely incur costs.
  9. The car wash at Law Brothers - Leppings Lane has an underbody wash option.
  10. The original discussion was about bus services, and so a route terminating in the town centre and returning would work, would second that the 61/62 service is very good, shame its only hourly as if more often it would be even more useful.
  11. Having bus routes that cross the city rather than terminate and then return from the centre simply compounds any issues that arise from the double (or more) chances of congestion either side of the centre. Will give bustimes.org a try though, thanks.
  12. Thanks for your views, will maybe stick with W10 for as long as its supported.
  13. Sorry to slightly hijack this topic, but has w11 that much to offer over w10, I ask as my laptop wont pass the tpm / cpu requirements mentioned, so before trying to get round those issues, I'm trying to decide what advantages I would get.
  14. I was with Avro and have been moved to Octopus, they have sent several e-mails, the latest saying the actual transfer should happen in the next couple of weeks, updates from this web site https://octopus.energy/avro/ I have made two direct debits to them so hopefully no big extra bill coming down the line.
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