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  1. Yes that would seem about right, also looking at the possibility of getting an exchange cylinder head but cant find any locally, any suggestions welcome !
  2. Thanks, can they do valve reseating etc though ? Would imagine i need machine shop facilities.
  3. Hi, Got a Audi A3 1.6 petrol thats down on compression on one cylinder and looking for garage recommendations to investigate and fix, realise it could also be the piston but hoping its just a valve ....
  4. Interesting to view that photo, seem to remember so many of those buildings around the Salutation having already been demolished when we drank there.
  5. Do remember the landlady of the Salutation, closing the doors after time and saying help yourself to more beer and to leave the money owed in a tatty cardboard box ...
  6. Thanks, Just need doors as cabinets are fine, will give your mate a call but not everyone will just sell doors.
  7. Thanks, have you actually used the company ?
  8. Any recommendations for replacement Kitchen cabinet door suppliers ? thanks.
  9. Anyone else have limited O2 coverage - S6 area, even Malin Bridge which has a mast nearby, contacted O2 but they said no issues ....
  10. Anyone know if there's a way to check for upcoming VM installs ?
  11. I'm with Plusnet who have pretty good CS (but with long waits at the mo of course), actual service has been reliable with only the odd time when broadband seemed slow, my package includes Youview TV inc basic BT sport and unlimited calls and was by far cheapest all in deal.
  12. Anyone know where horse manure is available, only a few bags needed, ideally S6/ north Sheff area.
  13. The ones parked up were all marked cars, probably about six parked just past the bridge heading toward town.
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