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  1. Hi, Wondered if anyone has experience of fitting a dry verge to concrete tile roof, had mortar replaced a few years ago but its blown off in a couple of areas so was thinking the continuous dry verge strips fitted below tiles but covering the mortar strip might be a better alternative ? Any advice welcome. thanks.
  2. Some of the girls scared me 😉
  3. Yes do remember the off licence that we called Coldwells but I suspect you named it correctly, and again now that you have mentioned it I do recall the goats in the field around the blood transfusion building, would also add the two general store cum sweet shops on Springvale Road that we used to visit occasionally on the way to Western Rd school.
  4. Visited Wortley Arms, seemed well organised, served at table outside but no contact details taken, 3 or 4 cask ales, Bradfield Blonde went down well.
  5. For me McGoldrick makes the difference, he's always available, holds the ball well and brings others into the game, never really understood the long ball game, as McBurnie battles well but rarely manages a flick on to a teammate, so ball is back with opponents .... Good to watch last night !
  6. Is it just mine or are outdoor plants growing as well or better than those under glass (and they have had a couple of feeds ...)
  7. If you are really stuck try Steve Jones Ltd, Barnsley, vast stock and very helpful.
  8. It might be the i pad wanting its own password, they do this from time to time, cant you transfer e-mail to another device (phone say) and try to print ?
  9. So reading between the lines, it seems you are saying planners are going through the motions of insisting affordable housing is included in the initial design, knowing full well they will be dropped before building commences with the developers suffering no come back ?
  10. The point is the blatant disregard of what was previously required to obtain planning permission happens time after time, so makes a mockery of developers agreeing to comply with requirements, when will planners take a stand against this deception.
  11. a bit like when plans include affordable housing to get the required permission only to be quietly dropped before a brick is laid ...
  12. Sounds like your friend has a fascinating job ?
  13. Not sure that can be always the case, as many machines suffered a recent ransomware attack due in part to outdated software.
  14. But the council have to give planning permission and should ensure whatever affordable housing is proposed is actually delivered.
  15. Will this be another site where the plans state affordable housing to get planning permission only to be dropped after generally due to cost reasons (like they didnt know the costs in advance). When will the council planning dept wake up ....
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