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  1. They do have olives stuffed with garlic or chilli so your other half is sorted 😀
  2. There is a stall in the Moor market with a wide range of olives / peppers / chillies etc, a little pricey but good quality.
  3. From Sheffield council website: Changes to our IT systems over the next few weeks may cause delays in processing changes to Council Tax accounts, requests for Council Tax support and hardship schemes. So maybe delaying collection also ?
  4. Same situation, no DD taken yet, but strangely no DD taken for energy payment so maybe something more general with the DD system, though I would have thought it would have made the news by now.
  5. Update - Used Arnold Clark, £52 for 4 hours, very well organised, almost new Transit size van.
  6. Try Paul Craig, Effingham Rd, recently used to rebuild cly head, which involved reseating valves.
  7. Thanks, will give those a try.
  8. Hi, Anybody got a decent deal on a half day hire for transit size van ?
  9. thanks for reply, sorry dont follow where to find his number, that maybe just me tho !!
  10. You might expect these sites to have some protection, most online ordering requires card and contact details, so if they can be easily accessed as you state, that's quite a weakness.
  11. Hi, Looking for reasonable priced carpet supplier and fitter prefer north Sheffield, any recommendations please ?
  12. Not sure its open yet, saw scaffold / ladders in yard ...
  13. How does a card get scammed in these contact less payment days ? Just asking to try and avoid ...
  14. Can only say that dan2802 offered me what seemed very fair advice and I will certainly ask him to quote on any future roofing work i need.
  15. Have just used Paul Craig, based on Effingham Road, reasonable costs and seemed very through.
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