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  1. peteh1

    EPC inspection

    Many thanks, will give him a call.
  2. peteh1

    Electric socket

    The old wiring colours were, green - earth, red - live, black - neutral, always worth testing to confirm whats actually live though ...
  3. Hi, need an EPC survey, North Sheffield, so looking for recommendations please.
  4. peteh1

    "I want to buy your house" leaflet

    Hi, Is it still the case that an EPC is not required for a house sale that is not on the open market ? Would mortgage companies require one before lending against the property ?
  5. Hi, would like to get some current / recent mortgage broker recommendations please. thanks.
  6. peteh1

    Wanted Acer Tree

    Well no new shoots so I seem to have done for it, it wasn't in direct wind but it does get v cold up the top of Stannington, so could the young plant have been too tender to cope ?
  7. Would that not be the same with any service ?
  8. Howells solicitors did offer that service, and very worthwhile in my experience.
  9. peteh1

    Wanted Acer Tree

    Hi, tried to grown a couple of small Japanese Maples's last year and both looked great for a while but have died over winter, should these be sheltered over the worst weather ?
  10. Hi, tried to message you but the system says you cant receive them, just needed to know where you are and when I could collect a couple of bags please, thanks.
  11. peteh1

    The old Grindstone Crookes

    Been in Masons recently, little changed so once is enough .... also just passed Grindstone and there were lights on in the front windows, so still not sure if its actually closed or not.
  12. Hi, Anyone know of free (or cheap) horse manure, only a few bags needed, Stannington area. Can pick up. thanks.
  13. peteh1

    Problem with yahoo mail

    Might be totally unrelated, but my Outlook email is also acting strange, can log in fine but often no items show in the inbox / sent / deleted folders, also any composed mails wont send without lots of attempts ... strange, gmail is fine.

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