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  1. Anyone else have limited O2 coverage - S6 area, even Malin Bridge which has a mast nearby, contacted O2 but they said no issues ....
  2. Anyone know if there's a way to check for upcoming VM installs ?
  3. I'm with Plusnet who have pretty good CS (but with long waits at the mo of course), actual service has been reliable with only the odd time when broadband seemed slow, my package includes Youview TV inc basic BT sport and unlimited calls and was by far cheapest all in deal.
  4. Anyone know where horse manure is available, only a few bags needed, ideally S6/ north Sheff area.
  5. The ones parked up were all marked cars, probably about six parked just past the bridge heading toward town.
  6. Lots parked up near Neepsend bridge, car and a van had been pulled in and from the Police cars positioning looks like they will be stopping more.
  7. Hi, Worth checking all detector covers are firmly in place, also check the alarm user panel door is screwed shut, walk test unlikely to show a tamper fault, if panel battery has not been renewed for a few years its worth doing.
  8. As has been already said, its most likely a failed element but should you need to swap out the oven and its hard wired (ie not plugged in to a 13A socket) then ensure you tighten the hard wired connecting terminals firmly, loose connections can cause arcing and possibly a fire.
  9. It gave an implied open boarders message that was seized upon by the many desperate people and chances alike.
  10. If their situation was so dire once they arrived here, I'm sure the word would get back and there would be virtually no one making the crossing, unless France / Germany offer much worse conditions ?
  11. Hi, Wondered if anyone has experience of fitting a dry verge to concrete tile roof, had mortar replaced a few years ago but its blown off in a couple of areas so was thinking the continuous dry verge strips fitted below tiles but covering the mortar strip might be a better alternative ? Any advice welcome. thanks.
  12. Some of the girls scared me 😉
  13. Yes do remember the off licence that we called Coldwells but I suspect you named it correctly, and again now that you have mentioned it I do recall the goats in the field around the blood transfusion building, would also add the two general store cum sweet shops on Springvale Road that we used to visit occasionally on the way to Western Rd school.
  14. Visited Wortley Arms, seemed well organised, served at table outside but no contact details taken, 3 or 4 cask ales, Bradfield Blonde went down well.
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