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  1. How nice to read reasoned opinion about a delicate subject without any nasty remarks.
  2. I didn't have a solicitor, I was simply wanting an idea of the likely cost, and I guess engaging a solicitor to get a price would have been similarly expensive.
  3. Agreed, I was charged £90 just to get a quote, which turned out to be ridiculous, but how do you know that without paying for a quote ?
  4. Many cars simply park on the grass verge, which just ends up ruining the grass, but no point in debating laws if no-one is going to enforce them.
  5. Was open Friday, but very few customers ...
  6. Many thanks to the both of you, is just down from ASDA going toward Handsworth or over the roundabout toward Darnall ?
  7. Hi, Can anyone suggest a sensible price phone repair shop, prefer north Sheffield.
  8. I attended Stannington college one day a week for electrical installation with Vernon Duckworth (instructor) sticking in my mind, and one evening to do basic electonics / TV repair with Mr Madin as instructor.
  9. Has anyone moved from plastic sheets to glass in a conservatory, presume it needs a new (stronger) roof ?
  10. Anyone got the stream working ? Just timing out for me.
  11. This has now become the Spice Garden, not sure if its the same owners, has anyone used it yet ? Well can answer my own question as I tried it last night, sadly very average, some kind of processed slices of chicken that had little taste which spoiled an otherwise tasty sauce, looks like its back to the Rajput .... Still be interested in any other reviews though.
  12. Worth trying a battery swap, can be picked up pretty cheap and a failing one can cause issues, as an S4 mini user I have had similar issues.
  13. Yep going down the route of getting one to avoid any hassle later in the process.
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