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  1. *Chuckle* - and on that note, I am off for my 40 winks ... old age and all that
  2. Have to say, I was only laughing at your comment, NOT the article. Well aware of this, as I live very near where the fox was ripped to shreds - the video does not make pleasant viewing, especially as you see the fox close up. The Barlow Hunt are having their ‘ball’ on Saturday 25th January at The Casa Hotel in Chesterfield ... if anyone wishes to join, I am sure the Barlow Sabs will appreciate you coming along and laughing at them from 6pm. Indeed - I am a member x
  3. Sooo, the dogs mistook the scent of the alpaca and the fox for the scents laid down by a man or did he have ‘any kind of thing that moves’ scent? 😀 Also, why have terrier men on a scent hunt? I’m puzzled?
  4. Wow. This has been covered up.at the time, the man whose alpaca it was, was on TV UpNorth. It all went quiet and I can only imagine the man was paid off. Barlow Hunt ran after and killed a fox on December 17th 2019 ... they say they use scent trails, but why would you need terrier men if you were only following a scent?
  5. My thanks to all that replied. I really do appreciate it. I’ve been using my I Phone this last year and whilst I’ve taken some pretty good photo’s with it, the zoom is useless. As I spent a lot of time in my house at present, I’m quite keen to catch this little wagtail that keeps coming to see me every day. I’m not a serious photographer, but I am good at composition and just want something with a zoom to get that little closer. I was looking at the following ... Psst. I agree ... all my previous cameras have been kept immaculate. https://m.johnlewis.com/sony-cyber-shot-wx350-compact-camera-hd-1080p-18-2mp-20x-optical-zoom-wi-fi-nfc-3-lcd-screen/p2095238?sku=234524782&s_kwcid=2dx92700024319619959&tmad=c&tmcampid=2&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI88DSu8TB2QIVQrHtCh0jwgzEEAQYAiABEgIpZ_D_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  6. Hi .. as it’s been a while since anyone posted asking about a compact digital camera ... thought I would do so now. Looking for one with a good zoom - around £200 and under please.
  7. For nerve pain ... you can’t use Naproxen recreationally, it helps with back pain, so she could have been bringing them in for him for his back pain. Trouble is, she did t read the rules of the country.
  8. Exactly. Me too! Am in a wheelchair and I found the majority of the room sets fine to get around ... the odd couple, not quite so. Can I mention the toilets?!! The Disabled Toilet with the shower, hoist, changing table, the sink that is height adjustable. Just love it!
  9. It's an amazing store ... the thing is, these people,who are saying it's bland just doesn't any imagination as to,how you can dress it up to make it look only more stylish, but individual too. Great store for affordable furnish.
  10. The Care SYstem in this country is blooming well dire, full stop. Not the fault of those who care ... it's a job. For some it's a vocation, for others, just a job.
  11. It's damn well ridiculous, but I'd go if I were you. I'm so sorry about this. Hopefully there is someone on here that can direct you to a support group x
  12. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas. I just love Christmas Eve; reminds me of so many others from my past. Smiling away here and sending you all every good wish. X
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