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  1. Ladies and Gents ... @LABH2000 are holding another demo on Owler Bar roundabout on 31st October 2020 from 10am until 1 pm ... everyone is welcome to come along ... and if you are passing, please give us a toot!
  2. Hi everyone ... NEW TIME for tomorrow ... we will be demonstrating on the roundabout at Owler Bar .... we decided that as there will be children at this Fund Raiser for the Barlow, as much as a demo outside the kennels would seem bold, we really didn’t want any children to get upset if things turned nasty. Therefore a unanimous decision by the LABH was decided to keep the demo a little away from there but we are also hoping it is in a spot that could possibly get more attention from the public. If you pass us, give us a toot ... if you want to, come join us! Sunday 27th September 11 until 1pm
  3. Challenge Smeekley Fun Ride is holding their event at the Barlow Kennles on Sunday 27th September from 9.30 am ... protestors aim to be there from 9am for a peaceful protest against “illegal fox hunting” which we know Barlow love to do. (Google ‘Fox killed by Barlow Hunt December 17th 2019) Everyone is welcome to join us and show support for those battling against illegal hunting .... please bring your own water/drinks/food and hand sanitiser ... remember to keep in group of however many we will be allowed in on Sunday - it seems to change every flippin day. This will be a light hearted demo, but will show them that despite recent vandalism on a sab’s car a few days ago (No, we can’t prove it was them, but smoke and fire etc) , we will never give in. We WILL be watching them and we will pick them up on every illegal thing they do. We are now armed with a variety of cameras and doojameflops and are set for the coming season.
  4. Many thanks x. Ahh and they were causing hassle on the B6051 at Owler Bar this afternoon ... stopping traffic. I ask - if you ever come across this, could you please, please, let the police know - we’re not going to get anywhere with stopping them ‘trail hunting’ (pfft) but we can cause problems if they are causing a nuisance on the roads. Thank you ... x
  5. Hmmm, yes I agree. I actually wrote to my MP about ‘Illegal Hunting’ and she had the audacity to say that ‘well, some people would call it tradition’ ... Whatever, I shall continue to help fund the @LABH (Twitter) Locals against the Barlow Hunt (on Facebook), and provide them with a cuppa should they need it.
  6. Yup, on course .. the Barlow will be exercising their Hounds on Saturday from 2pm (Kennels at Barlow) ... of course we all know that exercising means bringing in the the new hounds to see if they make the grade. Not sure what they do if they don’t - would be interested to know) ... Am sure it’s nothing to do with ‘cubbing’ that goes on at this time of year ... am sure it’s just exercise.
  7. Heh ! Hello all ... of course I remember you Scott! How are you doing now? Yes 2003 ... long time ago now.
  8. Woah! Why hasn’t your hernia been operated on? That’s appalling.
  9. Do you know, I’ve got nothing against farmers shooting foxes - clean kill, but a bunch off toss pots hunting them and chasing them down? I don’t think an decent person can agree that that is sporting in any way.
  10. Ah, they’re already out and about ‘exercising the hounds’ Hunt speak for ‘cubbing’ https://animaljusticeproject.com/2016/08/30/fox-hunting/ - in fact they were out on Wednesday 26th August and their pa MP Lee Rowley joined them for a well deserved can of pop and beefburger, before mentioning that he would be talking to Senior Police Officials to see what can be done with the Riff Raff that come and protest. (Because we’re supposed to doff our cap’s to the big Mesters)
  11. Ha! From the old days ... yes, I remember you too! Hi :)
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