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  1. You're inferring a level of consciousness that the offenders are unlikely to possess. If a 110dB siren didn't expedite them in their plundering, a neighbour isn't likely to have. Truth is, they'll have burgled any number of properties before, alarm or no alarm, and thus won't be fazed by it. Not your fault, and not for you to worry about it. It is a (sad) fact of life.
  2. What brand is your dSLR? I have a Nikon and have used officials and aftermarket batteries without issue, although I will admit that the aftermarket batteries tend not to last as long.
  3. "she thinks she should be able to claim something" Wow. Why didn't she just not step on the piece of fruit?
  4. FW Collins offer the best value for money in the city, in my opinion. Customer service is exceptional.
  5. In 2060 I am sure the estate's current residents will romanticise about how free and safe they felt in 2018. Nostalgia is a funny thing. Read my comment above regarding how the media portray a different reality to the one we are living in where the vast majority of the population are free to go about their business without fear of trespass. The last decade of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century were the safest times in history for us and fellow Western Europeans.
  6. Open at 9am. No turning into Lowedges Rs.
  7. Let's not ignore the role of the media in this. It is the media's hot topic and a disproportionate amount of airtime and newspaper coverage has been given over to it when compared with, for instance, murders in previous years and car accident fatalities. It is an inescapable truth that blood sells papers and their stories then become a self-fulfilling prophecy. Coverage suggests that every child and his dog carries knives in London, Manchester, Leeds and other metropolitan places. Ergo any child with a perception formed by the media coverage is convinced that his first are armed and thus arms himself. Suddenly there is a ubiquity of weaponry on our streets and, in that environment, what was once a punch up becomes a stabbing and we have what we have at this very time. It is not the only causative element but it is one. We are experiencing with stabbings of young people what we previously experienced with acid attacks, moped crime and other criminal phenomena/trends. By sensationalising the extent of knife possession and knife crime, it generates more of the same and widespread media coverage normalises the use of weaponry as a means of dispute resolution. The real tragedy is that what lines on man's pockets lines another man's coffin.
  8. This lady worked for a car sales company. She should be "interested" in cars. Circular argument time.
  9. Exactly, "under the skin". But they look absolutely nowt like one another. Anyway, I digress...
  10. Works at a car dealership but couldn't say whether the car was a VW or an Audi?
  11. We've all seen the S17/S10/S11 game of top trumps and I'm not trying to start another one up but I just wanted to canvass views from people on here as to these two areas (preferably from someone with experience, even if not living there directly, of both). How have you found living/being in these areas as compared to each other? They don't seem a million miles off from one another in terms of prices for 3 bed semis so our choice of areas could end up being between Wollaton in Bradway and Crimicar/Winchester in S10. I would welcome any and all experiences or comments. Thanks in advance.
  12. Beauchief Tennis Club on Cockshutt Avenue has a short tennis court.
  13. So last night, circa 10pm, there were some glowing lights reflecting off clouds visible from S7 in the direction of town. They moved, they danced and they changed in number from one to four. Any ideas if/where there was a light show? Photos can be uploaded tonight.
  14. Some useful recommendations on here, particularly for the local outlets. Bumping to see if anyone else has had some good experiences of late? We're after a king size ottoman and Dreams' offering comes in at a nudge over £500. All options considered.
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