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  1. He's started taking crack at 20 and various other drugs but used to only go binges. Last year he started taking it again stop for a couple months and start again but since he got the inheritance, he just went out of control. He has Bipolar Disorder and one of the symptoms is reckless spending when manic. He has ordered loads of ebay, clothes, electronics but when it comes to drugs such as crack it's a whole new ball game. I hope he gets better with meds, I've spoken to him about rehab and he says he's not spending all that money. It cost 10k for 3 month privately.
  2. He got 50k inheritance in August and he has blown 9k. He has been diagnosed with type1 Bipolar and ADHD, he's waiting to the mental health team for his meds.
  3. My brother is 38 and lost 4 stone in weight. He's taking strong drugs (Crack). He looks like a skeleton i want to help him but he doesn't seem to want to get help. He's spent 9000 pounds in 2 month. He got 50,000 but now has 41,000 left. Is there any other way I can help. Get him into rehab before he blows all his money?
  4. Right, this is getting really frustrating. Ebay item dispatched by royal mail first class signed for on Friday 15th and still no show. When I track it it says they have the item and its on its way. Usually I receive 1st class next day but this is just getting beyond a joke. Has this happened to anyone else? And is it quite normal for this to happen?
  5. My brother hasn't driven in 10 years because of addiction. He's now clean and wants to buy a car. Do you think he should take a couple of driving lessons to get used to the roads again?
  6. Just been quoted £10,000 - £25,000 for a guard dog. Jeez!
  7. Why would it be a wind up? I have to watch my back when I leave the house because of these toss*rs, don't have a car atm, afraid to leave the house, I have loads of my own problems and these retarted no hopers are trying to stop me from feeling safe in my own area. I've contacted victim support! It's really affecting me. I feel like smashing there heads in but then I'd get in trouble. They'll not get away with this. I'll see what victim support have to say.
  8. I've told the police there names when I phoned 101 5 times. I have reference numbers but all they've done so far is knock on the door to see if anyone is home. No crime has been committed yet so police can't/won't do much.
  9. No people I know are sending there friends (who I don't know) to knock on my door to make it look like it's not them.
  10. No, these are smack rats and crack heads! Looking for a fix because they're a disgrace to humanity with no education and will never find jobs.
  11. Yes, definitely thinking about that. I don't feel safe here anymore.
  12. Do you think its worth hiding laptops, pcs and valuables in the loft whenever I leave the house?
  13. Thanks a lot mate going to do exactly this! And this! Definitely this!! Believe me I know. Not yet and I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen. The thing is there's nothing to take. They're wasting their time for a possible prison sentence. I know full well they're trying to burgle us! I'm not going into details but I know and I'm going to secure our home with alarms, better doors, cctv. The police know about it but can't do anything until they've actually stole something.
  14. They've knocked on our door 5 times since August pretending to be milkmen, council guys etc . They normally call when I'm not in but other family members are. The cops won't do anything. Our house is not secured. No alarms, weak doors. What should I do?
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