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  1. I don't think SCH has ever been part of this scheme. Why would they when their staff only work in one main site at the west of the city? I believe this bus scheme came into existence in the 2000s as part of several ways to help with the staff parking problems. They were planning to build a massive multi-storey car park at the NGH but the locals objected to the building so it never got built. This bus service was to allow the central staff to park at the NGH multi-storey and take the bus to central. No doubt the size and frequency of the bus would have been different if the Car park had been built.
  2. Well there is no shortage of hotels being opened in the City. Hilton must have been in the wrong place or uncompetitive.
  3. Space travel is massively wasteful to the earth's resources, especially manned space travel. If humans can survive another thousand years, by then we "might" have the means to travel to other planets where it would be possible to make a home, but this kind of thing is way beyond our technology today. The only way space flight is even possible now is when it is directly supported by a national government of a wealthy country or several wealthy countries. It is worth reminding everyone that George W Bush promised that his administration would put a man on Mars, but this was later "dropped" when it was pointed out to him that this adventure would cost the whole of the USA's annual budget for 1 year at the time. Extinction is an important part of life on this planet it always has been and it always will.
  4. I watched this and thought it was awful. I saw it on twitter and basically a hundred people also saying it was awful. The set up and writing is terrible in my view. The emergency services were not behaving like they should. The plot seems to be idiotic written by someone who is very poorly informed. The Welsh accents were not a great idea and on Twitter there are lots of Welsh people quite offended as the accent seemed to drift around different regions of Wales. I've seen several of Sarah Lancashire's shows over the last 5 years or so and all of them were more believable than this. A very poor effort.
  5. Great Idea. Fireworks are nothing but a nuisance. Every year I hear them going off for weeks. Often it sounds like kids setting off the odd one that they have managed to get hold of. I'd happily ban them tomorrow.
  6. They don't do CAT scans any longer. It is CT scans now, which are slightly more advanced.
  7. Survive in terms of evolution means only getting old enough to be able to reproduce, this is not necessary very long. Adaptation of immune system is unlikely to happen while we have medicine to treat people to prevent them from becoming infected. The same genes perpetuate to the next generation and no significant evolution occurs, unless mass gene editing becomes ethically acceptable and effective. I still maintain that people in the developed world have stopped "evolving" as many medical issues can be overcome. Although it will be interesting to see what effect people having children into older age will do to the genetics of their offspring. I agree that Eugenics is a poisonous subject and I have always noted it interesting that so many people who advocate that certain people have less worth, are not particularly glorious specimens of physical humanity themselves.
  8. Exactly correct. The average journalist and person on the Clapham omnibus has no concept of the vastness of space. Our species will be extinct long before we can work out how to successfully travel a distance as big as that without dying. Buck Rogers and Star Treck is never going to be reality. This planet "Earth" is where the entirety of the story of Homo Sapiens is going to be acted out. From emergence to extinction. We will be very lucky if humans finish up existing one tenth of the duration of the dinosaurs. Most species are but a blink of an eye to this planet.
  9. Our species has evolved in the past, But no longer. For evolution to work we would need only the strong and most healthy people, or those that were the most impressive in terms of leadership, intelligence or other measure to have children. Nowadays with medical advances, people with health problems and lack of fertility can also have children which can be supported by healthcare to maturity. Essentially if everyone can choose to have children, then evolution has stopped.
  10. what Team did you play for ?
  11. The last few posts are very telling. Here is how the far right wing divides the lower classes. It is totally acceptable for people from the elite to be born abroad and settle in the UK, but the working population and poor people are seen as immigrants and required to achieve difficult targets to be allowed to stay A short list of "British" Elites that are not born in the UK; Prince Philip, Boris Johnson, Joanna Lumley, Princess Michael of Kent, Cliff Richard, Spike Milligan, Freddie Mercury, …..
  12. According to sources on twitter he has been arrested again. When I saw him speaking on a video with a microphone I was surprised he didn't have an Irish accent.
  13. There is very little evidence that Humans have become more intelligent over time, indeed there are contemporary findings that Neanderthals may have been capable of higher intelligence than humans as their average brain capacity by volume ratio to bodyweight is thought to be higher than modern humans. The advances you see around you are more to do with our current (and temporary) long peaceful climate on this planet allowing mankind to develop complex technology and culture. The earlier comment about sending human DNA into deep space curated by robots, for replication in other habitable planets, bears no feasible scientific reality. We can't even replicate Dinosaurs or extinct Dodo birds on our own planet. Some of the notions written here are too ridiculous even for someone with the shakiest understanding of Physics and Biology. I suggest some science classes.
  14. Most People have a false sense of how impossible sending humans to another planet is. Basically it would take decades to reach the edge of our solar system with the fastest man made craft ever built. Getting to a suitable planet at another star would take thousands of years and we will all be long gone by then. If it were possible to send humans for a trip that would take 10 years, they would probably not make it due to personal mental torture and possibly radiation poisoning. Humans would definitely deteriorate physically for long periods in space away from Earth.
  15. Well this is obvious. Humans have only lived for a tiny fraction of many of the most successful species.
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