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  1. I understand that in the 1980s?? it used to put on very expensive jazz sessions. Some kind of Sheffield "Ronnie Scotts". I know someone who used to go and he says he used to spend hundreds of pounds there and could not have afforded to go nowadays. I recall it was on several times a week.
  2. If you post the url of the website, then we can give you a technically accurate answer instead of just philosophising about it and creating a thread that runs to 11 pages.
  3. If it is a picture or other type of document that doesn't include plain text then no computer would be able to recognise the text or copy it. whereas if the text is html like in a standard web page text then it will copy and paste just fine. Nothing to do with windows 10.
  4. Surely if you are doing a fun run or a half marathon, the point is not to come first but to maintain or improve your personal time? I've never been any good a sport as my body wasn't made that way, but I can still have personal fitness goals such as 10,000 steps a day, swimming 20 lengths in the pool and things like that. If you are teaching children how to be competitive, then the target has to be realistic. It is no good comparing them to the school champion as it will end up in disappointment for most of the cohort. It would be much better to compare them to their "class of achievement" such as aiming for the fastest of the slowest half, if that is all they can hope to achieve. Realistic goals should be very important.
  5. Thanks for that, I might go along for my free bike, but that's all I have to be at work by lunchtime. At least I can go on a bike from now on.
  6. They are resurfacing the main road overnight and putting it back to serviceable during the day so that the hospitals are not unduly affected. Apparently the road surface needs a deep strip which is more time consuming than average.
  7. The Garrison Hotel in the old Hillsborough Barracks would have been ideal. They do excellent food and it is really good value and they have parking.
  8. Why would I need a TV license to hear a programme that I could have written myself. I haven't got time to experience the dummed down BBC I'm too busy making phone apps and IOT gadgets from small microprocessor devices. Far more interesting.
  9. Can you give a summary. I can't legally access this content because I am license free.
  10. I've told you the reason already it is a private company that has to make a profit. Clearly they don't want to employ enough staff.
  11. The AMT Coffee shop is located in the Main Hallamshire Building at the back of the B floor public entrance behind the lift lobby. However it is not an NHS operation but a private company. The staff are probably hard working minimum wage people and they probably don't have enough time to clean everything to your standards Basset One. Whenever I go past during the day there is often a long queue. If you would prefer to have a coffee served by an NHS employee and with cleaners cleaning the tables, walls and floors you could go up to D floor where you will find the main canteen and reasonable coffee. You will also see housekeeping staff cleaning the area.
  12. what do you mean by "top building" ? That's not a building I am aware of.
  13. The Woodseats Brewmart has been in Woodseats for Decades. The people that used to own it told me that they once had three or four shops open in Sheffield at once. They eventually retired and now Brewmart is owned by a new guy, he must have had it for 7 or 8 years by now. He moved about 20 doors down in Woodseats to a bigger unit on Abbey Lane.
  14. Hots on, you are confusing "content providers" like for instance "The Daily Express" with "The Internet" which is a means to transmit data. Even politicians do this. The internet is a bit like "the Post Office" in my view. If someone sent you an offensive letter you should blame the person who sent it not the post office.
  15. I'm amazed how people are finding this an issue. I have a spare room where I hang all my drying clothes on a clothes horse. If it is the winter and I can't use my washing line, bedsheets are hung over the stairs from up in the landing. As long as you have enough undies and socks to last what's the problem ? As for towels, they dry anywhere that's the point. Their texture and surface area enables a quick transfer of moisture. This happens when you dry your skin and when they are hung up to dry.
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