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  1. Why the hostility toward wasps? Have you got stang off a wasp, to use the Viz parlance ?
  2. If you need to splice a new cable in, Midnight would seem a good choice to me when the load is vastly reduced and most people are in bed.
  3. One of my colleagues was waken up with a big explosion up the hill from Woodseats, somewhere below Derbyshire lane. It could have been something to do with an electrical fault maybe? Also some workmen are laying new electrical cables across the area, Down Cobner, along Chesterfield road and up Holmhirst. It is a big trench with new cable ducting in it. Not sure whether this is a standard upgrade or renewal or something more urgent due to lack of capacity/fault.
  4. My understanding of the issue is that to preserve the Battery and make it last for as many years as possible, the battery is charged more gradually overnight and not to 100%. So there wouldn't be a massive peak evening demand, the charging demand comes through the middle of the night, but it is spread out over many hours depending upon the charging profile.
  5. Sadly I have been expecting this for some time. He had part of his tongue removed some years ago and I heard that he wasn't well enough to have a hip operation at least 10 years ago. I have been a fan of Van Halen since the late 1980s when my music choices were vastly increased by being a full time student with people from all over the UK. The Early Albums were truly ground-breaking and a showpiece of brilliant lead guitar innovation. Many people are only familiar with their more Commercial hits like Jump and the other great tunes on the 1984 album. To understand what made Eddie one of the greats, I believe you have to listen to the VHI, VHII, Diver Down and Women and Children first. What a sound the band had. What innovation from Eddie's Guitar and his finger tapping technique, now a mainstay of lead guitar playing.
  6. Yes and four of those 7 resulted in a Democratic President.
  7. I've been watching the recent Trump stuff with great interest. All the channels I have seen reporting trump speeches and comments portray him as an unhinged psychopath with dementia symptoms. The fact that he has given prominent positions to his own family members is frankly bizarre. The BBC politely report that his use of the White House to deliver Election Speeches as Unconstitutional and possibly even illegal. While Biden appears to be a safe and sensible prospect. The BBC radio have Republican speakers interviewed to put their side of the story, but they don't come across as normal. It would be easy to conclude from this side of the Atlantic that Biden will win easily. However I don't believe it. Trump did have the support to win last time although it was close and I just don't believe that we are being presented with an unbiased view of the situation. I think we should expect that Trump will probably win as that is what normally happens to an incumbent president. Whether we like it or not.
  8. Having listened clearly to scientists about this matter, it seems that the test is only partly reliable with so many false positives that it is not usual to test people who don't have symptoms for Covid-19. Even people who work in hospitals can't get a Covid test unless they currently show enough of the symptoms. The only way to prove you are Covid Free is to isolate for 14 days.
  9. They have always run up there as far as I remember.
  10. You might find that some projectors and TVs have several models with the same plugs and hardware. The cheaper versions could have different firmware installed which doesn't access the extra ports but the more expensive has all features working. This way manufacturers can have models available at 2 or more price points and get more of the market while only requiring 1 manufacturing facility.
  11. Please hand in your driving licence. You clearly are not competent to be driving a vehicle if you cannot negotiate the very simple traffic system in Sheffield city centre. And what ever you do, don't be tempted to drive across London or Leeds.
  12. 2.4 Ghz wifi channel is normally fixed and set by the person who sets up the router. So there is a chance that several neighbours are running on the same channel, and this means that they all have slightly less performance as they are using the same frequencies. If you get a network scanning tool like inSSISer Or one of several available on android, you can scan your area and find the unused channels. This enables you to set your router up with 2.4GHz in a less crowded space and increase your wi-fi performance. 5GHz works really fast by joining up its adjacent channels so it selects channels automatically, you don't set anything. However the advantage of 2.4 GHz is that it reaches further like out to the car or down the garden. whereas 5 GHz goes much faster but you have to be fairly near your access point,
  13. why would anyone "improve" a sports stadium now we have moved into the era of pandemics? Life has changed now and I believe there is only a slim chance that events with big crowds will happen again.
  14. What internet Browser are you using ? It works much better now on an "up to date" browser like Microsoft Edge, or the latest Google Chrome or Safari if you use a mac. YouTube is under global pressure to sort out its platform as there has been a history of people posting dodgy content. Such as harmful conspiracy stuff and religious radicalisation content. In a similar vein Twitter now does not work on Internet explorer. It is annoying but it is just good housekeeping to update these platforms to provide better security, screening and performance.
  15. It's blindingly obvious when you walk down the moor as the café is in the window. Was always well used.
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