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  1. muddycoffee

    Best breakfast near NGH

    The Garrison Hotel in the old Hillsborough Barracks would have been ideal. They do excellent food and it is really good value and they have parking.
  2. muddycoffee

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Why would I need a TV license to hear a programme that I could have written myself. I haven't got time to experience the dummed down BBC I'm too busy making phone apps and IOT gadgets from small microprocessor devices. Far more interesting.
  3. muddycoffee

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Can you give a summary. I can't legally access this content because I am license free.
  4. muddycoffee

    hallamshire hospital cafe in top building

    I've told you the reason already it is a private company that has to make a profit. Clearly they don't want to employ enough staff.
  5. muddycoffee

    hallamshire hospital cafe in top building

    The AMT Coffee shop is located in the Main Hallamshire Building at the back of the B floor public entrance behind the lift lobby. However it is not an NHS operation but a private company. The staff are probably hard working minimum wage people and they probably don't have enough time to clean everything to your standards Basset One. Whenever I go past during the day there is often a long queue. If you would prefer to have a coffee served by an NHS employee and with cleaners cleaning the tables, walls and floors you could go up to D floor where you will find the main canteen and reasonable coffee. You will also see housekeeping staff cleaning the area.
  6. muddycoffee

    hallamshire hospital cafe in top building

    what do you mean by "top building" ? That's not a building I am aware of.
  7. muddycoffee

    Java Lounge (ex) Holme lane

    The Woodseats Brewmart has been in Woodseats for Decades. The people that used to own it told me that they once had three or four shops open in Sheffield at once. They eventually retired and now Brewmart is owned by a new guy, he must have had it for 7 or 8 years by now. He moved about 20 doors down in Woodseats to a bigger unit on Abbey Lane.
  8. muddycoffee

    Censorship and the inter net

    Hots on, you are confusing "content providers" like for instance "The Daily Express" with "The Internet" which is a means to transmit data. Even politicians do this. The internet is a bit like "the Post Office" in my view. If someone sent you an offensive letter you should blame the person who sent it not the post office.
  9. I'm amazed how people are finding this an issue. I have a spare room where I hang all my drying clothes on a clothes horse. If it is the winter and I can't use my washing line, bedsheets are hung over the stairs from up in the landing. As long as you have enough undies and socks to last what's the problem ? As for towels, they dry anywhere that's the point. Their texture and surface area enables a quick transfer of moisture. This happens when you dry your skin and when they are hung up to dry.
  10. muddycoffee

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    Agreed with all AndyC says. For even a slow walker 10 minutes is reasonable. However if you are starting at Sheffield Train Station, I would recommend walking up to top of Howard Street alongside Hallam Uni and look for Howard Street Bus Stop (AG10) on that side of Arundel Gate (As AndyC Says) where you can catch the 25 to Bradway or 24 to Low edges or 43 to Chesterfield and wait 9 stops (8 for 43) this should take around 10 minutes in light traffic.
  11. muddycoffee

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    Incidentally there is plenty of insurance if Pour is not exactly to your taste as there are 4 excellent pubs very close by. The White Lion, The Crown, The Brother's Arms (originally The Old Shakespeare) and The Sheaf View. All four of these pubs have a great range of real ales. It is well worth a night (or afternoon) out just to visit this area.
  12. muddycoffee

    Pour, Chesterfield Road

    The Venue is next to the White Lion Pub on London road at Heeley Bottom. There are no Trams in the vicinity, however the road is the Main A61 linking Sheffield to Chesterfield. It is Easily walkable from Bramall Lane and the following busses stop outside; 43 to Hallowes, 20 to Hemsworth, 25 to Bradway, x17 to Chesterfield, 24 to Low Edges, 44 to Chesterfield
  13. muddycoffee

    A new influx of boat people from france.

    Yes it will increase immigration as we will cease to have the assistance of neighbouring countries to the same degree to help manage it. Up to now we have had a fraction of the percent of immigrants as France, Belgium and Holland. Apparently the UK possesses only 2 ships to patrol 4,000 miles of coastline.
  14. I was interested to find out that the Legion have amassed £350 Million in a bank account which grows bigger each year. It seems that there are many homeless veterans who are not getting help due to other reasons rather than a lack of funds. Another issue worth pointing out was that Tony Blair was stood with a poppy on in pictures today. A man who lied about a weapons threat that didn't exist then pushed us into a war that was unwanted and was protested about by millions of people in every country in the western world. His actions led to the Deaths of Millions of innocent civilians in Iraq and the death and disability of thousands of British Troops. I'm certain all he will remember is how he has got away with it.
  15. muddycoffee

    Former Norton Aerodrome

    It was never an aerodrome. Just an RAF station. One of many places in and around the region that had air defences in World war two.

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