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  1. Please hand in your driving licence. You clearly are not competent to be driving a vehicle if you cannot negotiate the very simple traffic system in Sheffield city centre. And what ever you do, don't be tempted to drive across London or Leeds.
  2. 2.4 Ghz wifi channel is normally fixed and set by the person who sets up the router. So there is a chance that several neighbours are running on the same channel, and this means that they all have slightly less performance as they are using the same frequencies. If you get a network scanning tool like inSSISer Or one of several available on android, you can scan your area and find the unused channels. This enables you to set your router up with 2.4GHz in a less crowded space and increase your wi-fi performance. 5GHz works really fast by joining up its adjacent channels so it selects channels automatically, you don't set anything. However the advantage of 2.4 GHz is that it reaches further like out to the car or down the garden. whereas 5 GHz goes much faster but you have to be fairly near your access point,
  3. why would anyone "improve" a sports stadium now we have moved into the era of pandemics? Life has changed now and I believe there is only a slim chance that events with big crowds will happen again.
  4. What internet Browser are you using ? It works much better now on an "up to date" browser like Microsoft Edge, or the latest Google Chrome or Safari if you use a mac. YouTube is under global pressure to sort out its platform as there has been a history of people posting dodgy content. Such as harmful conspiracy stuff and religious radicalisation content. In a similar vein Twitter now does not work on Internet explorer. It is annoying but it is just good housekeeping to update these platforms to provide better security, screening and performance.
  5. It's blindingly obvious when you walk down the moor as the café is in the window. Was always well used.
  6. You had me worried then I thought you were talking about BBC radio 4. I didn't even know there was a BBC TV 4
  7. The problem here is that the great majority of people and especially leaders had a very different view of ethnic origin that we do today. I know one of my grandparents had a very old fashioned and fairly offensive viewpoint in the 1970s and 80s which became far less bad before they died in the 1990s A few years ago in Hungary, I visited the communist statue park. This was an out of town museum in the open, out of town full of communist era statues that used to be in prominent places in the region. There was information and pictures explaining what they meant to the people at the time and where they stood. Some were plain and others elaborate and vast. It was informative and enjoyable. There were also souvenirs and a visitor centre. Instead of destroying or storing old statues out of view, we should consider this kind of thing, making a feature out of them and giving students and interested people a place to see and study them.
  8. j4wm, In respect of your enquiry about "duff bombs". I believe that the bombs dropped on Sheffield during WWII were not all the same type. As well as large bombs there were also incendiary devices; http://www.ww2airdroppedordnance.com/incendiary-bombs.html These were not for blowing buildings up, they were used to start fires. I know of sites around Sheffield where these bombs were dropped and caused damage to property and this was later repaired.
  9. Yes. The Lines were long gone (15 years?) before Tesco was built. If you look at the Southern Railway Bridge of Archer Road. It is Adjacent to the old Station building. The distance between the Current lines and the Station Building is where the old pair of Local Lines are missing. Next there are two blocks of Industrial units before Tesco all built on the track bed. As to why was this allowed. Most of these new buildings have been there over 20 years, when the UK had had 30 years of neglect of the Railways. It probably wasn't considered likely that they would expand again. The 1980s was still the motorway age when it was assumed everyone was better driving cars, this only came to a slow halt in the 1990s with the protests against M40 and Newbury Bypass signalled the change in public and political mood.
  10. The most obvious question is why did people do this in the first place. Hard labour for the sake of it.
  11. HS2 was/is set to skirt the edge of Rother valley. Maybe the land is now reserved for construction.
  12. It depends how you count being "a Millionaire". (Assets value + Lifetime earnings) would put quite a proportion of the Local population in that bracket. £25k (Average) x 40 years means most people now will earn that anyhow over a working career.
  13. The Main stumbling block to this plan is that local trains can't share the same rails as express trains because they would hold them up and cause delays. In 1903 the tracks were quadrupled so that local and express trains could operate side by side. In the 1980s the tracks were reduced to just a pair again after the local stations had closed in 1968. These slow lines now can't be reinstated because the large Tesco at Abbeydale Road is built across that part of the track bed. The bridges and most of the rest of the track bed is still there, between Dore and Midland Station.
  14. Not at all. You are just moving the problem 50 yards, but probably increasing the costs massively . The whole point of a recycling centre like Blackstock Road is that is isn't just a "Tip", but a system for getting local householders and their vehicles to enter in a orderly fashion while making sure no dodgy people dump builder's waste or industrial waste there. It is run by a private company so the staff are adequate for what is required and not just hanging around. If you don't like it hire a skip.
  15. As the virus molecules are deactivated by UV light anyhow. It would be unlikely to be viable outside for very long and to ingest enough viral load to catch the virus from a pavement you would have to spend quite some time sniffing a particular spot on the ground.
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