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  1. Cummings is clearly Johnson's Brain. He's nothing but Worzel Gummage without his thinking head in the absence of him. My impression is that Cummings is only interested in clearing Brexit and some of the papers have reported that he has said he'll step down in 6 months anyhow, which is timing for just after the no deal happens. Cummings will be keen to move on to his next venture after he has set the scene anyhow, as a well connected elite person like him can make much more money after a "public" office. He currently owns a £1.6M townhouse in Islington. In 5 years time I predict he will have luxurious houses in several countries like Tony Blair does.
  2. The Main stumbling block to this plan is that local trains can't share the same rails as express trains because they would hold them up and cause delays. In 1903 the tracks were quadrupled so that local and express trains could operate side by side. In the 1980s the tracks were reduced to just a pair again after the local stations had closed in 1968. These slow lines now can't be reinstated because the large Tesco at Abbeydale Road is built across that part of the track bed. The bridges and most of the rest of the track bed is still there, between Dore and Midland Station.
  3. Not at all. You are just moving the problem 50 yards, but probably increasing the costs massively . The whole point of a recycling centre like Blackstock Road is that is isn't just a "Tip", but a system for getting local householders and their vehicles to enter in a orderly fashion while making sure no dodgy people dump builder's waste or industrial waste there. It is run by a private company so the staff are adequate for what is required and not just hanging around. If you don't like it hire a skip.
  4. We haven't had any from the UK government. In my view what we are living through is a political and national disaster. The UK government had plenty of warning and was too scared and slow to act and this has led to thousands of extra deaths. No Matter what stripe of politics you prefer, this pandemic response can't be regarded as successful when we are vying with Italy for the worst in Europe and the World as the major state with the most deaths per million of population. Even more unbelievable was a conversation I had the other day with my Neighbour. He was saying he thinks Boris is doing a good job and one of his friends says that Boris is the Best PM we have ever had?!?!?!?. I told him that the current situation is an utter shambles and we are one of the worst countries in the world for management of the epidemic.. I just don't understand how my neighbour could have formed such an opinion. I don't know if it is because he is a bit racist (constantly complaining about other nationalities) and a massive fan of Brexit and as far as he is concerned it is the best thing that has ever happened.
  5. Interesting that today the Chief Medical Officer admitted that we are basically going to be locked down for at least the rest of 2020. I have talked to several people at work who seem to think they will be able to go away on holiday in the summer and I've told them to forget it. There won't be any holidays abroad. Is it any wonder people vote for idiots if they don't care to take any notice of anything they actually say even if their health and the lives of their loved ones rely on their actions.
  6. As the virus molecules are deactivated by UV light anyhow. It would be unlikely to be viable outside for very long and to ingest enough viral load to catch the virus from a pavement you would have to spend quite some time sniffing a particular spot on the ground.
  7. Well that's ok if you have a large property. If you are living in a typical smaller UK property with people nearby hanging their washing out and possibly sick people in bed with a window open having a barbeque is potentially very antisocial. I used to get woken up by some awful neighbours nearby who insisted on having a barbeque quite late on any summer night that it wasn't raining. I'm a meat eater, but the smell of the burning food used to turn my stomach when I was trying to sleep. Also as they were in the garden having some wine their voices got louder and louder the later it got.
  8. Yes this is not an essential item you are not supposed to be buying it or having barbequeues.
  9. Poseidon Chippy is open at Woodseats. Very busy every evening. You have to queue outside though as it is one customer in at a time. They do lovely massive portions.
  10. As the busses appear to be on Sunday service and it is possible to use car parks for free when going to work. Does anyone know if side roads with permit schemes (that run Monday to Friday) are still operating that scheme? .. as the car parking there is like a weekend all week long at the moment and there does not appear to be any parking wardens so far.
  11. I think that the council would have to spend thousands on an expensive router and have staff to manage the service for public access and with all the cuts to council's grant from the central government over the last decade of austerity, there is no way it could be justified. If anyone has the money to sponsor the operation I'm sure it could be done.
  12. If you call the main switchboard, they will put you through to the correct people 0114 243 4343 They don't use fax anymore as the Government has made them remove fax machines on a programme to remove paper.
  13. This story about making Ventilators in the UK by companies that are not medical device manufacturers is total political misinformation. This is not the 1940s. Such a device would never be passed as safe and no Doctor would prescribe its use on a patient. Manufacturing of vents is a complex and time consuming path which would require years of testing and legal approvals. The only way we are going to get more vents is to buy them from existing suppliers who are mostly in China, USA and Germany. Or refurbish old ones that have been sold off to Vets or stored. I suspect this story has been pedalled by government advisors as a "were all mucking in" type of story to fool the public. Especially as they ignored the advice they were receiving from China months ago.
  14. I've seen people complaining about the Conservative governments that we have had in recent years miscounting the unemployment figures to make it sound like more people are employed. Apparently someone who works one hour every fortnight is classed as fully employed. If this is the case then maybe people who have been made redundant and receiving redundancy payments are not counted either.
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