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  1. I agree its like anywhere good places and not so good
  2. anybody no where the loud abba music is coming in crookes?
  3. a place in Hillsborough think its called helens
  4. is there a new kfc opening in broomhill? was passing trough Friday and saw people with the jackets on
  5. anyone no wear the fireworks were last night?
  6. im the low life you speak of i enjoyed the sun in the park had some food and beer i didnt leave any litter
  7. where would you says a good place to go if you were meeting someone for the first time?
  8. anyone been in the brewdog? if so whats the prices like?
  9. long shot but someones tabby tom keeps coming into my home and peeing nearly every night. so if i catch it im taking it to a shelter
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