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  1. Good to see highly respected TV presenter Sue Cook is making her voice heard for the "forgotten" vaccine injury victims, also a petition to open a public inquiry into Covid vaccine safety has reached nearly 78k signatures. Both quite impressive for something that a large group on here claim don't exist.
  2. The opening scene of Goodfella's is cinematic genius, RIP Sir.
  3. I'm not painting them as anything like Derby County, everything I've said about them can be easily checked and is right, snitch is probably the worst poster on the site for insults and inflammatory posts. I'm replying to the quoted post here, you call it bile I call the uncomfortable truth.
  4. Haha why would I want to remember when an absolutely ludicrous, nonsensical and useless rule came in (that made your ilk "feel safer") it's something I'd much rather forget and anyone who backed it (your hero did I'm sorry to say) should want to remember it even less.
  5. You boys were fully in support of them as they kept you safe from us lepers who might pass a cold onto you, look back in your diary to when you cowering away in your home and only venturing out in a mask that doesn't work, should help you pinpoint it.
  6. I've absolutely no idea, probably about the same time those ludicrous and useless vaccine passports came out, another total sham, ask you hero I'm sure he'll be able to find it then you can put love emoji's under his post.
  7. You will have been, your special, unfortunately not everyone lives in clownworld.
  8. Like I've said before this thread has 734 pages if I go back and pick one of your posts at random and ask you when it was I'm sure you'll be able to tell me 100% the time and date when you said it, except you won't, not at all, so does that make what you said false?
  9. Snitch claims they're a model of financial stability, the rest of the fan base totally disagree.
  10. So nothing to do with people not being able to see a dentist for two years then, were you listening to Childrens Hour? Dr Charles Levinson - "The collateral damage from lockdowns was so immense I'll doubt we'll get anywhere near to understanding the full extent of it, I just hope that it never happens again". Oh well it stopped the London Bridge buyers on here from being ill for a couple of days so well worth it 🙄
  11. Except that might have not been one of the exact words but the implication was there. Can you search for "who adhered to all the ridiculous rules and still caught the virus" in the search, I know one name it'll throw up (literally) 🤣
  12. Morgan Gibbs-White was a great success at United so if old snitch's comments about them being financially viable are correct I'd expect to see him signing a deal in the next few weeks.
  13. I've already gone through this, it was either on this thread or the one when idiots were advocating vax passports at football games can't remember which but it was said, if I had hours to waste I'd find it.
  14. Good to see you bowing to your master yet again, there were more games stopped after the winter booster roll out when the gullible claimed that the rules had been changed to stop games (they hadn't) have the rules that hadn't been changed before been changed back again now 😆as I've said before your only convincing yourselves. Evidence and facts, you've been taken in by the biggest load of absolute nonsense ever foisted on the human race and believed the two biggest lying entities in existence (politicians and the MSM) for the last two years, look back on some of the absolute ridiculous rules that were put in place and how the MP's you were listening to had absolutely zero fear despite having access to more information than we'll ever see, you've been stitched up like kippers.
  15. He meant he hoped you'd abandoned ship as their narrative collapses more each day there's not a lot really worth discussing anymore, I said ages ago these people will cling onto what they've been conned by forever and a day because to admit so is far too big a hill to climb. Just booked a short notice long weekend in Barcelona, not bad for someone who would be "spending holidays in this country for the foreseeable" 🤣🤣 Good how you make can light of policies that have been an absolute disaster to fight a minor virus that your somehow terrified of, strange behaviour.
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