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  1. I don't really see what all this was about, were the journo's making it sound more serious than it was, there are financial issues in Asia at the moment so the fact that he couldn't get his hands on the money could be true, it was bizarre asking fans to cough up but the hacks at the Star linked this to him saying he was not putting any more extra funding into the club and making it sound like we were about to fold. DC doesn't need the sports guys a the Star to make negatives up he does enough his self. A sorry mess yet again.
  2. I think what DC has said is disgraceful, I also think it's all bluster and hot air, apparently players and staff have been paid on time, he does really need to get out of the club before things become even more toxic, the authorities really should be stepping in right now.
  3. Be a good test after Rotherham were so poor, not sure how BC's players will respond to the managerial situation.
  4. We've seen improvement in each of Rohl's three games in charge, today was the best yet (albeit against a v poor Rovrum side) this could have been embarrassing for the away team, Iorfa made up for his errors in the last game and whilst still a bit raw Musaba could become a great player. That leaves only one team in the entire football pyramid without a win this season 🤣
  5. News like this isn't even a surprise anymore, get him gone.
  6. Dominated the first half but wasted opportunities, gifted Plymouth's pacy forwards two goals at the end of it and game over.
  7. Most supermarket workers are certainly NOT relatively young, we were told this "deadly virus" was indescriminate were we not? Why did politicians not fear it either, despite having access to far more information that we could ever hope to see? Why did Neil Ferguson who was predicting hundreds of thousands of deaths not heed lockdown rules but spent the time shacking up with his bit on the side?
  8. I can't answer any clearer than I already have 🤣 Like I've said before, its a pity you didn't take as much effort to question every detail of the bullcrap your Tory friends and the media were feeding you with, quite bizarre. Any views on the excess deaths scenario?
  9. The answer is obvious is you apply a little logic to it. You are allowed to attempt two questions at once so: What about the excess deaths since March last year?
  10. Think about it, you can at least try for once. What about the excess deaths since March last year?
  11. Care homes were used as cannon fodder, what about the excess deaths since March last year?
  12. L1 was a very poor league in terms of quality last season.
  13. Not special at all, why would I trust a media and ministers that have lied through their teeth my entire life (and yours). They were very few and far between, most people in hospital contracted covid whilst in hospital with the far more serious illnesses that eventually killed them. I've seen someone who'll spend the rest of their lives being pushed around in a wheelchair because they had a vaccine they didn't need.
  14. Listen you keep believing the Tory muppets and the MSM, I (and others) have spent this whole thread highlighting the obvious nonsense we were being fed, you chose to believe it. I don't need to justify anything, we were right all along.
  15. I can make an informed opinion on what I see happening in front of my eyes and act on it, you needed Boris Johnson to wipe your ass.
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