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  1. I haven't used Owlstalk for about 10 years, its the home of the demented, sort of makes sense. I'm surprised you wern't in the treatment room with a clipboard when he was in Walter Mitty. Incidentally I read The Guardians L1 preview on Twitter, its even worse than the serious garbage they churn out.
  2. No idea how bad he was, you'd have to ask him. What are your views on Midazolam and care homes, if there's any truth in it then it blows the excess death stats out of the window.
  3. Was the vaccine around when Moore contracted it or did his immune system do what its been doing in humans forever?
  4. Is he fine now and back to doing his job? I forget that for the Covid cult no other illnesses exist and no one got ill or died before March 2020.
  5. He'll probably say he had quite a bad illness but got over like we used to do before the media scared the gullible to death.
  6. The only people that suffer seriously from Covid apart from the odd isolated incident are the following People over 80 People with pre-existing conditions People who are obese You've more chance of being struck by lightening that dying from it if your not in one of those categories. I don't think its "all fake" its just been manipulated beyond belief.
  7. No, the MSM are telling you its young unvaccinated as thats the target audience for their propaganda, its an amazing virus this, didn't affect the young in any way for over a year until it became their turn to be injected with the poison, what a coincidence. I can't believe that intelligent people can't see through this nonsense.
  8. One word to consider when thinking about this sham - Midazolam.
  9. The vaccine has helped the only people that needed it, the elderly and vulnerable (as does the flu jab) this insistence on bullying everyone to have it is total and utter nonsense and should be protested at every turn. It's that time again, workers bedtime, I'll go bravely out and join the people that are keeping this country on its feet without death or serious illness, carry on quaking in fear on your pensions. Buonanotte
  10. You're wearing a useless piece of cloth over your face, might as well be a muzzle, I saw a woman enter a post office last week clearly without a mask pulling the collar of her cardigan tightly over her mouth in a death grip, this is the sort of lunacy project fear has instilled in some people. Haha touche.
  11. Can you name any other vaccine that needs two boosters in less than a year, how many are you prepared to have next year say, what if they decide they won't be free anymore and make them £500 each, then even more the year after etc?
  12. No thanks, the mugs can have all the doses.
  13. Oh is this another past job you've had, whats this one a university lecturer, Walter Mitty is alive and well and living in Sheffield in a muzzle.
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