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  1. Lets not forget if Floyd hadn't been the criminal that he was and a particularly loathsome one at that he'd probably still be alive today, Chauvin has got what he deserved but lets not be idolising criminals.
  2. Chauvin got what he deserved but lets not make martyrs out of vile people like Floyd, justice has been served.
  3. Hello, its April and we're back 😀
  4. Really enjoyed Narco's and the fact that its based on true events is staggering.
  5. I predicted in August when we started with a 12 point deduction and didn't sign a striker that relegation was almost certain, the season has played out depressingly to the script.
  6. The previous owners were far too over zealous, there were probably more people on the banned list than actual users, if it was a life ban you couldn't even read the forum either which seems a little self defeating.
  7. I found on the football forum there used to be a lot of United bias where SUFC fans could virtually say what they want and SWFC fans saying similar were kicked off.
  8. I got banned due to comments on the footy section of the forum but having a joint page for fiercely rivalled fans will always throw up a few strong words, I think as long as it doesn't resort to personal insults and threats it needs to be seen for what it is, I'll argue in favour of the blue half for ever and a day but then go out and have a pint with United fans (when we could).
  9. 😆 True, have you been here all along or re-instated?
  10. Yes mate, better be have myself this time, although the previous admins did get a little overzealous I think, still they have a job to do. I've had a read of the posts now and again but its not as much fun when you can't contribute. I'd better change the Jos Luhukay photo haha
  11. Talking of lifting embargoes, I'm back 😀
  12. I think they are just the ones out of contract Alan hence there being only a few names. Jos has said he wants to keep Venancio and I agree with you on that one.
  13. Been an improvement these last few weeks but agreed, an awful season, one of the worst for a while, a total dead rubber of a game but be nice to go out on the back of another win. Looks like Ross Wallace has been released first - good player who stood up when it counted and scored some memorable goals, really got under uniteds skin in the Lane derby as well :hihi:
  14. The saviour, the messiah, he’s one of our own, first sniff of unrest and Warnocks better :hihi:
  15. 50/50 split both equally to blame. ---------- Post added 30-04-2018 at 20:52 ---------- You clearly don’t understand the game, we’ve bought loan wingers in like McGeady and McManaman this has lead to upturns in performances by Wallace who virtually single handedly got us to the play off final. Like I said, more than one way to skin a cat. Madine won’t ever be solely responsible if Cardiff get promoted be he could turn out to be a catalyst to it happening.
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