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  1. To be fair the Birmingham one only opened in 2015 at a retail site called Grand Central that hasn't had the expected footfall that the developers wanted, the Sheffield one was a long standing institution.
  2. You're a fantasist I'm not surprised, you have strategically placed operatives in place to cover your bases in any argument. Time to ignore again, you've too much time on your hands.
  3. If ever a full independent audit was done on the NHS and made public there'd be no more clapping.
  4. This rumour has been doing the rounds for 30 years it still hasn't happened, I think Labours PFI contracts privatised more than the Tories have. I've already mentioned the German system as being an example of what we should be aiming for.
  5. You have no idea who we work for or who pays the bill, we're doing very well though. Bitter old man. Excellent post and sums it up well.
  6. Discussions about changes to the NHS seem to fall into two camps: We keep the creaking, wasteful and failing service we have now (our record on Covid has been very poor) Or We adopt the US system which is prohibitively expensive for the majority It doesn’t have to be this way, the US spends more on medical research and development than any other country in the world hence the high costs, there are far, far better systems than the NHS in European countries (Germany, Italy for example), Germany has a semi private health service that’s streets ahead of the NHS.
  7. "No ill informed criticism" then you follow it with that last line 🤣. A bitter old man.
  8. So claims would point to incidences where the claimant thought it was justified and either way £2.3 billion is still a huge number, its a dreadful service.
  9. It absolutely doesn't, more funding will just go into the huge blackhole that already exists, its shambolic, the Germans operate a semi private system which is superb, the clapped out NHS is a spent force. A good service doesn't have an outstanding compensation bill of £83billion pounds. Why is acceptable that large organisations are wasteful, it certainly shouldn't be.
  10. The NHS is poor, wasteful and totally mismanaged, its held together by the its superb frontline staff a major rethink is needed.
  11. Pathetic, played for 10mins out of 94, garbage.
  12. The people defending our awful city centre need to have a trip to Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham or Liverpool, yes all city centres have problems but these are absolutely light years ahead.
  13. You can easily spot them next time you venture out into the great wide world, they're wearing useless rags over their faces.
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