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  1. Robbie Loving

    Blades v Villa.

    What was good about this result is that it should have been more. What a win, what a performance and moves us up the league. Albeit a loss in the next game may take us to 9th ha h. Norwood for 2.5 million is just unreal. So far looks to be potentially the signing ofnthe summer for this league.
  2. Robbie Loving

    SWFC transfer rumours summer 2018

    I'm happy to answer your question even if you don't wish to answer mine I'm interested in the Owls, I have family members who support them, they're our city rivals, this is a forum for both sides. So why was you taken aback by the Hector signing?
  3. Robbie Loving

    Blades transfer rumours summer '18

    If Coutts hadn't been ready to come back, I may have agreed. But Leonard wasn't going to get much game time now. Oh and you forgot Brooks out
  4. Robbie Loving

    Blades v Villa.

    I've changed my mind. 2-1 Blades
  5. Robbie Loving

    Conor Washington in for the Blades

    And Johnson in from Boro. Another signing that.... Well. He's here and he gets my full support. Apparently had a medical at hull before coming to Sheffield to sign for us. Looks like we got mugged off with the Hogan signing, but who can blame Bruce for doing this?
  6. Robbie Loving

    SWFC transfer rumours summer 2018

    You're taken back by the signing of Hector in a positive sense? May I ask what brings you to the conclusion it is a good signing?
  7. Well we have been in need of pacey forward, but I don't think anyone would have seen this one coming. I hope he does well and he gets my full backing, but I just can't see what else he brings to us apart from pace.
  8. Robbie Loving

    Blades v Villa.

    I see this being a draw, Villa are decent but I think we will match them. Hogan meant to due to signed, but I imagine it will be on a gentlemans agreement that he doesn't play.
  9. Robbie Loving

    Bolton vs Blades 25/08/18

    And to think a small minority was on Hendo's back after 2 games.
  10. Robbie Loving

    Bolton vs Blades 25/08/18

    Supposedly a fantastic performance. Reading the post from Bolton fans, it would appear the majority agree there. Fantastic result against a team who where it is normally 1-0 one way or the other. 3 in a row now. Who'd have thought?
  11. Robbie Loving

    Sheffield wed v ipswich town

    Games like this should be your easy 3 points. Ipswich are poor
  12. Robbie Loving

    Bolton vs Blades 25/08/18

    Bolton have started very well this season, so as it stands you'd have to consider a draw a good result. That said, Bolton are Bolton and we should be going for the full 3 points.
  13. Robbie Loving

    Seasons predictions 18/19

    The Bristol defence is shambolic. They are going to struggle this season
  14. Robbie Loving

    Blades v Norwich

    Billy proving everyone, including myself, wrong again this season. He just never stops scoring. Important 3 points. Keeps us in the mid table section having played a game more. Norwood is key to us turning things round, and if we can get a pacey forward in, then it will have been a fantastic transfer window.
  15. Robbie Loving

    Wednesday in Embargo since April.

    Do you reckon the owls will bring anyone in before the deadline

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