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  1. I just don't see what they would get from administration. Points deduction. Assets (very few) sold off. For what? He could just sell the club at a knock down price.... but he clearly has visions the club is worth more than it is.
  2. Well Bournemouth wouldn't sell him £12 million.... The academy can be argued about what it is for. But it has more than paid for itself and therefore it is a benefit to SUFC. Which, is fact.
  3. I think he has done so much for Wednesday that he believed would help, but he has been badly advised and made bad decisions after the losses started piling up. But, he is now treating fans with contempt if he is withholding refunds.
  4. So a player isn't good enough for man City, a club who have sold many prospects for plenty of money without playing a game for them, for free and joins a team in league one because he wasn't good enough to be picked up by a championship or premiership team. He was only good enough to be picked up by a league 1 youth academy team. Fast forward a few years in the academy and a number of games in the first team and he sold for around £12 million. And you think him being in our academy didn't bring him along as a player? As for players last season? It is hardly surprising barely anyone got a chance. Wilder wasn't a fan of using youth. That doesn't mean it isn't producing- after all the team won their league at a canter and I think they may have been unbeaten
  5. Best run clubs? Man City? If it wasn't for them sponsoring themselves ridiculous amounts, they would be massively in debt. They're debt free as they are bank rolled - not because of how they are run. And quite right, those who are in the international teams, it is because of their form for their current teams. We helped in the past - but they progressed. Just like brooks massively progressed in our academy.
  6. He was at the club for 2 years before he was given a chance in the first team. He was at the club a year before given a professional contract. He joined the Sheffield United academy when he came here and is therefore a product of the academy. That can not be disputed as a fact.
  7. I'd agree with most of this and let's face - he can move on. Not that anyone will take him. But dangerous driving invariably ends up with no crashes or injuries, occasionally it does though and when it does it can be fatal.
  8. Be interesting to see how muvh match be match prices will be.
  9. I wouldn't worry about those things too much. It won't really affect day to day life down at Hillsborough You should be happy that you can enjoy an indefinite season ticket. League one football is better than the other leagues too. Better grounds to attend, less of a queue for your beers, you should win more games. Put 6 seasons there was fantastic. Can't wait for the double relegation to be back
  10. On a serious note, cuttsie, is everything OK?
  11. If I'm honest, most on here are OK. But there's some that love to hide behind their keyboard and slag anything off of the rival team. Didn't realise the forum had been bought out to be honest, and it's good to see some banned posters back. It's been around 3 years since I came on here, but little has changed in attitude from some. Also, I assume you've never been banned nervy, which speaks volumes about you as a poster I'm being fair to both sides.
  12. Did I? I'd love to see that post. I never hated all things Wednesday. Still don't. Don't let me being a Blade cloud your judgement of what I posted about the owls.
  13. Must be nobody about to kick you off ha ha. I haven't been on for some time. Thought I'd come back out of interest to see if I they'd removed me as a mod, they have. I cried. I'm over it now though. Saw this thread and thought I must be seeing things.
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